Friday, November 12, 2010

Brother Talk 4-27-10

I have shared my faith in trail upon this blog because I am not ignorant to the way of this life. For most absent any spiritual sense my comments are a waste of time. For a few it has been fruitful and that is to our mutual benefit. Consider this difference between those of the world and yourselves. Every calendar in every society goes from day to night except the Hebrew. God’s spiritual truth is from night to day. This allegory is not perceived by a world spinning toward an external night but should not be missed by those who bear a cross first. Jesus is the morning star. Life is dark full of suffering. But as Psalms 30 makes clear weeping may last for the night but joy comes in the morning. Fixer one may be suffering unemployment and trials that exceed human fortitude, but joy comes with the morning star. What a joy it is that creeps into our night with divine strength. Blessed men go through their valleys of weeping (Ps. 84) who find their strength in Him. My hope for victory seems so foolish to those absent a spiritual calendar in their life. They know nothing of victory yet are wise judges. They enjoy the day without a cross but how long will be their night without the morning star? Our way is from loss to provision, from death to life, from battle to victory, from night to day. Every other opinion is a lie and not the way of God or His children. They judge by prolonged circumstances that night will contain us. But they know nothing of Christ and His resurrection. No other fact need be mentioned though John says if all was written of Christ the world could not contain it. We have all we need to exceed and excel in every circumstance. The night has no power over us. When Egypt was is a darkness that could be felt they heard God’s elect functioning in the light and were glad they did not use this advantage to avenge their evils. Our walk confounds this world as it should. They seek the power of judges, the wealth of Bill Gates, the lust of Hugh Hefner, the advantage of bankers, and the peace of God’s children but as their own god they cannot deliver themselves their desires. God gives us His desires and has the power to deliver them. Likewise He has conjured our night with every promise and joy is our portion. So when you’re weeping look to the morning star as I have and boldly profess the truth about His radiant joy. Much love my brothers and keep the faith.

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