Friday, November 12, 2010

Jesus Is Still A Carpenter 4-15-10

Of all the professions available to a man I am not surprised god as a man chose carpentry. A God of love by His character would seek the edification of the beloved other. That building up of a spirit is well typed by our master builder. God was faithful to dwell in tents with His creation but only for a season. An unforgettable season. So much so that one of His mandated holiday remembrances is the feast of tabernacles or booths. During the millennium this celebration is obligated under threat of plague. God is serious about us understanding He is a builder. One who loved us enough to dwell in our wilderness tent but not contented to leave us there. When He had Solomon build His temple it was a type of the work He would do in each man’s life and with His church as a collection. (Eph. 2:20) The temple had 3 courts. An outer court, an inner court, and an Holy of Hollies. The outer court represents the outward peace He gives His children from their enemies in this world. The inner the peace He gives us in spirit and the Holy of Hollies the eternal peace He gives us with Himself. We are living stones in this temple still being built, His hands of carpentry are still laid upon us. Sometimes heavy and sometimes light but always with masterful intent.

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