Friday, November 12, 2010

Detailed Love 4-08-10

It is very easy in the contemplation of God to arrive at awe towards His majestic greatness. I was at this place when reading a Psalm talking of His power over the tempest. How He split the lightening and spoke through the thunders. Likewise I’m amazed at how the hand of God moves to deliver His elect. Faith seeing this character substance of God can have no fear of tyrannical federal judge or wild corrupt prosecutors. Does anyone really believe that Jesus delivered us from death? Death and all it’s cancerous tentacles that reach into every aspect of our lives has to be the greatest foe anyone can face. Yet, we tremble at inferiors. In the same Psalm it talks of God’s care to make sure the hinds calve. This point to me is the most startling aspect of God’s character. No matter how much awe is inspired by the vast look upon God it is this miniscule detail not missed by His love that overwhelms me. This fact alone makes me feel the safest and most assured. My need is not missed in all the machinations of deliverance. Dorean, foreclosures, and the spiritual welfare of every individual involved absolutely has a place intended in the love of God. All complaining is vanity and ignorance. Even when I speak of victory I know I am short-sighted because I have not yet grasp the fact that nothing is too trivial for this magnificent love.

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