Friday, November 12, 2010

Appeals 6-09-10

On May 10 we had oral arguments. It is fair to say we get smashed. The only arguments before them were the 3 prepared by the lawyers forced upon us. I never sanctioned these arguments or participated in their development. They were the sole concoction of lawyers paid to keep us defeated. The only thing worse than an appellant lawyer is a trial lawyer. After their debate was over I have a path to regain control of the appeal. This has been implemented with a new ruling of O’Brian from May 24, 2010. I now have to submit a sentencing brief. Something the lawyers said cannot be done. Lord help them. This is not a brief that leads to vindication but makes clear that our case had a sentence range of 27-33 months if we were guilty of that indictment. This trims a lot of the fat off their theories and opens new avenues of attack. These updates are fast based but have little influence on m faith choices. I consider the work of God for more important than the machinations of a wicked intuition. I merely follow God’s lead and know that the end of this trial was fashioned with its beginning. God’s sanctifying perfection being the tracks to ride between them. The appeal in the normal course should take about another 9 months. That is if my filings delay it not.

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