Friday, November 12, 2010

Vindication: Lefty Or Lowly 6-09-10

The imagination of my vindication comes under question as to whether it exceeds or fails to reach the reality of God’s promise. I think this is a question ripe for all of us. In the pummeling one is tempted to forget God’s providence in all things. Likewise there is the temptation to forget His love, character, and ways. All my critics with their harsh judgments imagine God crushing me from wrath or righteous indignation. It is true a son gets beat more than the servant but he also has an inheritance. Love is the rein upon God’s good pleasures of His will. Dorean was and remains a righteous endeavor. That is not equal to Scott and I being righteous. As to Dorean we were good men, sound in judgment, loving in our effort. Where no man is free from wickedness is that private place of the heart. If God loved me enough to use this ordeal as a chastisement I mummer and complain not. I surrender to the perfecting work of His love. I am not condemned by this nor is the work of Dorean made unrighteous. The venom of the critics if toxic because it knows nothing of God’s ways or the sweetness of His love. It flows from inchoate theories and the sharp fangs of foolish ignorance. Christ did not call His passion the act of men or the devil but the work of His Father. Joseph did not say his trial was from wicked brothers but by God’s hand. Job said the Lord gives the Lord takes. But equal to this truth is the promise of vindication. When Israel suffered unjustly the bonds of slavery in Egypt Pharaoh became harsher with every prayer and hope for vindication. Yet the day came when this path led him to death by drowning. When Israel suffered the wicked sons of Eli and the philistines triumphed and took the ark the day could be no darker. Yet Samuel was there as God’s provision and the latter state was greater than the fullest potential of the former state. Sual worked into such a despair that he thrust himself, lost 3 sons and saw many killed. Israel was doomed to fall prey to the nations around her. Yet God anointed David and under him and Solomon. Israel did not shrink back in defeat but rose to its greatest state. It is not vanity to imagine that Dorean will have a future greater than the potential of the former state before it was molested by God’s agents. It is His way. The question is are my imaginations too lefty or too lowly. I read of God’s ways, stretch my imagination, and still sense its inadequacy to comprehend the reality of God’s ways. How about you, are you complaining or trusting? Do you think your involvement with Dorean the happenstance of fraud and bad choices or God’s providence? I know what I imagine for you is a latter state greater than the former. I’m so convinced of this I wagered my life upon its truth. Imagine that!

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