Friday, November 12, 2010

Fear 5-25-10

Fear is an emotion of great potency. It can spring on you as quick as an hungry lion. Any man honest with himself considers himself a coward at his care. There are times when the coward’s course becomes fearful and we as men appear to be brave. But a man in Christ is quite another animal. Christ as a man could find Himself in God’s word and it gave Him a special courage unique to Him and a gift He shares with His children. Read Isaiah 49:24-26 and 50:4-9. Christ was brave and had no fear of His adversaries. As a man faced with great adversaries I become shocked by the increasing armada of sophisticated weaponry that advance toward me. Yet the brave courage of Christ has held captive the coward within me and cheerfully and boldly sets my face like a flint causing me to advance toward the battle. If I am in Christ then the overarching promise of these scriptures cover the work of Christ in me. I will not be put to shame for He who vindicates me is near. Am I surprised by this courage? Yes when I consider of my partaking of this gift, but no when I think of the character of the giver. Christ has proven sufficiently that God is a reliable character and for those who surrender to His care become more than conquerors. I am learning more of the wicked power of my enemy and still find it a miniscule threat. My question to you is “how do you feel concerning your adversaries?” Is your heart that of Christ or a coward?

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