Friday, November 12, 2010

Grand Weakness 6-10-10

I do enjoy my boast. But my boast has never been in my strength only my weakness. My enemies are far too great for me. My destruction is a certainty absent God. History tells us that the great king of Persia besieged the city of Edessa. The bishop seeing that all human aid was of none effect, and that the city would not hold out, ascended to the ramparts and prayed to God, making at the same time, the sign of the cross, whereupon there was a wonderful host sent from God of great flies and gnats, which filled the horses’ eyes, and dispersed the entire army. Who cannot be in awe of the powerful horses of the federal government? Yet I am comforted that God called Scott and I mere flies and gnats to turn them back. They have their boast for a season and the hope of eminent success, until that moment when God shows His strength through weakness. In an honest way I am proud to be a gnat. For how can a gnat rob God of His praises. Great men boast in their armies, revel in past victories, until God send flies and gnats to blind them. They have no fear of God or His weapons and laugh haughtily at his methods. But the fathom not their demise as they turn in defeat. The weakness of God is grand in its display as babies undo the crafty traps of the most learned strategist. Alsup rode a regal horse of institutional power into a swarm of God’s decree and cannot fathom what he should have easily crushed turned him to show his ass leaving in defeat. Praise God for His strength displayed in weakness. There is nothing so grand.

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