Friday, November 12, 2010

The Other God 6/12/10

It is the proselyte of the other God that has plagued me as a critic. It is also the other God which deceives you. Now my critics are Christian-like in that they use the name of Christ to disguise the attributes of their God. But that is one of the most obvious displays of their allegiance to the other God. They can go throughout their entire life married, respected, a good father or mother, ethical and in all ways aesthetically pleasing. Because he be born in a Christian nation he has made himself familiar with the customs and traditions. This is far from following the way it is more akin to bring in the way of the Being that is the way. This person takes no first step but always observes the others to see if his act will be pleasing. Imagine him sitting at a meal he is not sure how to eat, before he embarks on the endeavor he will observe the others. Only upon their sanction will he move. My critics are Christian in name only because it is the others whom they wish to please not the Lord. It is custom they are familiar with not the Lord. It is their relationship with others that is sacred not the Lord. He bows his head in prayer and can even recognize God in nature when in the company of these who do, but nothing about him is original. Christ on the other hand is perfecting us into our original design. All our moves may be instructed by customs and tradition but our will will always act upon faith. Faith that comes from the Being that is the way or better said is the truth which is the way. No others concern us and because our faith is not of this world it will always be displeasing to the others. Christ remains always on offense.

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