Friday, November 12, 2010

The Trusted Voice Among Many 4-01-10

“With secret horror I daily hear them blaspheming the ineffable gifts of thy grace, and ridiculing the faith and fervor of the godly as mere imbecility of mind. Exposed to such impiety, all my consolation, O my God, is to make my crises of distress ascent to the foot of thy throne. Although for the present, these sacrilegious blasphemies only awaken in my soul emotions of horror and pity, yet I fear that at last they may enfeeble me and seduce me into a crooked coarse of policy, unworthy of thy glory, and of the gratitude which I owe to thee. I fear that insensibly I may become such a coward as to blush at thy name, such a sinner as to resist the impulses of thy grace, such a traitor as to withhold my testimony against sin, such a self-deceiver as to disguise my criminal timidity by the name of prudence. Already I feel that this poison is insinuating itself into my heart, for while I would not have my conduct resemble that of the wicked who surrounded me, yet I am too much biased by the fear of giving them offence. I dare not imitate them, but I am almost as much afraid of irritating them. I know that it is impossible both to please a corrupt world and a holy God, and yet I so far lose sight of this truth, that instead of sustaining me in decision, it only serves to render my vacillation the more inexcusable. What remains for me but to implore thy help! Strengthen me, O Lord, against these declensions so injurious to thy glory, so fatal to the fidelity which is due thee. Cause me to hear thy strengthening and encouraging voice. If the voice of thy grace be not lifted up in my spirit, reanimating my feeble faith, I feel that there is but a step between me and despair. I am on the brink of the precipices, I am ready to fall into a criminal complicity with those who would fain drag me down with them into the pit.” Jean Baptiste Massillon 1663-1742 translated by Charles Spurgeon. In this quote I find a tre humility that seems to be lacking in the proud hearts of the super righteous that criticize my character. How quickly a tongue can be let loose to glory itself above God and others. Are we all so forgetful of our fragile place in the spiritual world that we fall confident in a foolish boast and cowardly to ward truth? I’ve made a stand against sin and though condemned cannot muster a regret for I do hear that strengthening voice and that voice has set my course. Yes I hear all the ramblings of arrogance but they do not steer me. What steers you? Can you identify with the heart of this author and the interfacing between him and the world? If not you are far too confident in your weakness.

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