Friday, November 12, 2010

Democratic Tyranny 3-20-10

There is a folly upon the lips of men, that shows their foolish hearts. As though numbered crowds can decree truth, ignoring the lie made obvious in our youth. We are new among the living, yet, our eyes can see we shall not remain for there are more graves than houses for dwelling and the absent share the secret they’re telling. Death is the tyrant infesting the living and democracy is his voice for wide is the path leading to destruction while “the living” is a misnomer of seduction. Listen to the promises every election cycle, read the judicial opinion as codes, they are laws material benefits are given eternal significance by religious oration and philosopher’s wax eloquent on the meaningless meaning of life in contemplation. Death cast his vote upon every man and has poisoned all alive with his bitter sting, but one resurrected into victory and the few who claim their truth joyously sing. Sing of truth, of knowledge, and of all possession of life, sing of the defeat of the democratic tyrant and his strife, sing like a beloved, chosen, cherished wife for her husband is the giver and champion of life.

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