Friday, November 12, 2010

Enough 5-13-10

Enough seems to be a measurement very confused in a man’s soul. The prophecy I’m relying upon might even be tainted by it. That concerns me as I pray through this. But one thing that resounds through the scripture is that God is precise with this measurement. I think of Jonah; being 3 days in the belly of that great fish. Why not longer? Why not shorter? Why not fatally? Jonah could never perceive the answer without revelation. He had no idea that this instant was a sign the Messiah would claim as a proof. A proof that had to be 3 days . I think of Daniel who spent 7 days in the lions den (Apocrypha). On the 7th day the King came to liberate him for God had shut the mouth of the lion who could not overcome him the 6 days of trouble. When is enough in this Dorean trial whether for me or the client? Do you really think you can calculate that measurement or do you trust God with His measurement? I have chosen God. I truly do not know when enough arrives but I am convinced that it is a fixed and precise moment completely known, measured, and decreed by the Lord for purposes greater than I can imagine. He has proven this time over again through the lives of those who trust Him. So with you I watch, wait, and learn without a worry or concern. And that is enough for me!

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