Thursday, November 03, 2005

DVD and Webpage Update

The promise of delivering may appear endless, and I must admit with the friends that were helping me, who needs enemies. I have done my best from here to provide these tools which is happening over every hurdle. The DVD master is in the hands of the manufacturer. I’m told two weeks from now they are shipped. Those who have ordered, please post your comments here. The webpage has been dislodged from those who had big checks they wrote with their mouth that their body couldn’t cash. The new party already seems 100 times more diligent. Their promise is 30 days. I can only hope this true. I know my part is always done timely. I apologize again and repeatedly for the delays. I can only hope the product is worth the wait.


Elmer Fudd said...

Holy Cow batman i could've never figured that...What's Super Hero Kurtis to dois? Zoinks

Gforce said...

Kurt------If we missed the earlybird and do not want to wait for the webpage, what is the best way to obtain the DVD?-------Given your trials and desire for Wisdom, I'm sure your growing relationship with our Lord is worth it all! Persevere Brother----your reward is great!!The Guardian of Truth is watching over you!!

yeahrightwhateverz said...

Kurt this is utter bullshit. You don't need a fuckin website to send out a fuckin claim form to get this shit rollin. Can I get an Amen from anybody out there?

I know people who have 15 years experience doing this and can get this shit done in a fuckin week with no fuckin BS and done right blindfolded with one hand tied behind their back. As a matter of fact Kurt, they'll do it pro bono just to see if your not bullshitting peeps.

Point blank Kurt, Fuck the website and send the fuckin claim form out through your email distribution. Unless of course this is just another fuckin sorry ass excuse.

Oh and Imbig "O" you're lucky you added what you did on Kurts last post, cause I was going to call you and your faith on the carpet, sayin shit like, "I Hope." Good catch.

yeahrightwhateverz - just keepin it real y’all

newyorklife said...

Li-Bo has changed their name to "Power and Unity Trust". They have a seminar in North Carolina coming up and the guest speaker is none other than Dr. H. Fred Johnson.


partysecured said...

There goes yeahwrongwhateverz rantings again.

You know so much ..... you have all the answers. Guess it must be nice to be you and have all these smart buddies of yours to hang out with. Bet its a real hoot.

You remind me of someone who was picked on in school by the school bully then hired someone to fight your battles for ya.

When the principal found out what was going on your hired hand was hauled into the principals office.

Meanwhile as you're getting the shit kicked out of ya by the bully you're cursin out the guy you hired to fight your battles for ya.

Yeah well that's par for the course. You seem to talk pretty tough behind that computer screen.

"Oh and Imbig "O" you're lucky you added what you did on Kurts last post, cause I was going to call you and your faith on the carpet, sayin shit like, "I Hope." Good catch."

Betcha big "O"'s really counting his blessings that you didn't call him out. Betcha you got him quakin in his shoes like you had me once you made me realize "my I.P. address has been logged" and that I should watch my back cuz the boogie man's coming.

I can handle my biz...closest scrape you probably ever been in was chasing kids off your front porch with a salt gun as you were stampin out a flaming bag o dog shit.

Oh that's right you don't have a front porch no more. Blame that on the guy sitting in the principal's office.

partysecured said...

Oh yeah I almost forgot here's your "Amen"

Yetter said...

The new DVD is fantastic,ties up the whole program nicely. Great job by all.

imbigo said...

Just for the record yeahrightwhatever...

First things first I would appreciate if you would'nt say my (cybor) name in the same breath along with that filth thats spewing out of your mouth!!!!

That "I HOPE" was for anybody who doest'nt have what it takes to stick this thing out, granted I dont know everybodies situation, If you want out cause you think its taking too long IT FOR YOU, if you want out for other circumstances than thats different.


WillToFight said...

Quiet Some of us are studing.

Take the ball folks

midwesttoo said...

The dvd presentations are excellent! Looking forward to the website. Keep truckin Kurt!

son of a prophet said...


Bush in Argentina

We mentioned yesterday that George Bush is off to Argentina to sell/promote the global agenda. A related item caught our attention this morning ----> 70 policemen attached to security have come down with food poisoning.<----- Sounds like the beginning of a novel, doesn't it? George Bush meantime is the subject of demonstrations - look surprised.

hockeydonn said...

I am one of your freinds in Wyoming. I have an issue That I need to discuss with you. Time is of the essence.

I have kept up with your latest postings. You and I know that what ever is/was/will happen is not happenstance. We have first hand knowledge of that. Remember, our mission here is not to cater to the whims of the naysayers but to forge on in the name of truth. You are a good man with a wonderful oppurtunity to pave smooth roads for the future. Pay no attention to the lyrics of children. I know I won't. Hope to hear from you soon. God Speed Brother Johnson.

acenothing99 said...

I have been watching this for many many months and I just got to comment. Are you people actually sending money to con man?

Do you believe you can buy a house in good faith and ask a person or company to lend you the money in good faith and then think you can cheat them out of it? I see a lot of bible talk but you all are not thinking twice to screw your fellow man if you think you can get away with this.

Kurt, I think you have been ranting and raving too long time and need to quietly disappear into the background with you new cellmate and boyfriend bubba.

No one is going to send you any more cash and this scam is over.

Good luck to all the rest of you and I will continue to watch this comedy and laugh.

Cowboy said...


Cowboy said...

Hi everyone,
This is for all you asswipes out there that don't know what you are talking about, You all sound like assholes with no where to go. If you bother to take some time and do some research on what they (Kurt) are doing for so many of us you would think differant. Look at some of the bank laws and read a little you might like it and would look at the banks as they are the ones that are miss treating you and trying to F--- you not Kurt. All I can say is when all said and done He (Kurt) will come out on TOP

underground fighter said...


First...too bad you and Scott had to forfeit your freedom to take this cause to the next level. However, having also been against the wall, I know that you are in a position to forge ahead without the distractions of normal day-to-day life. I can only hope you use this time to better yourself as a person and to improve the argument in support of the cause you have given up your freedom to fight.
Granted, access to some resources available only on the other side of the wire is difficult. Hopefully, those you considered friends, and some you only knew from casual contacts, will add support for you in getting this outside info to you for the great fight.
Win or lose, you both have given up an enormous aspect of your lives,and by default, will have lost much more than you probably originally anticipated.

I know, having been there and done that.

Good luck to you and Scott.