Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Question of My Judgment

It appears some are impressed with Jackie Aldridge’s ability to obtain a judgment. Anyone can lie to a court and obtain one. Big deal! You think I would take on the largest, richest cartel and be vulnerable to the tail wagging the dog. The naivety of people amazes me. These bankers steal hundreds of homes from your neighborhoods every month with the blessings of the courts and the rest of government and I’m supposed to lay myself bare like carrion to be fed upon. No wonder some of you are so lame; you’d bring a knife to a gun fight. There can be hundreds more of these futile judgments. Ask her how much joy she got from this a year from now or two or five. Everybody call me crook or con-man and send your hired gun, agent, James Keller to prove it. If you don’t, where will be your tea-leaf reading, crystalball-quawking, zodiacal future enchanted idealism. Oh wise prophets, ministers of the obvious, sages of the tyrant, where will you hide your brown nose when truth has dislodged your bully? I did not arrive here today because I feared or relied upon the judgments of others; I tested my knowledge. Own it by experience and with courage challenge those who blabber without knowledge.


partysecured said...

Keep sluggin Kurt

getmeoffthisride said...

All people want is the truth. Are they getting refunds or not? There shouldn't be any big secret here. No beating around the bush saying it's this person's fault or that person's. It's a simple yes or no answer and the checks, money orders, cashier's checks, whatever, should be written out. In all honesty, there should be some, well, honesty here. If you say you're going to do it, then do it. Keep peoples mouths quiet and follow through. It was said by Kurt that people could get their quit claims and refund and if all goes well, they could get back in the program later without having to repay to get back in. Now, people have to jump through hoops to get a quit claim. Write this paper, then take minutes, then find someone else to take over the trust, then assign the trust to them, yada, yada, yada. Hell, it should be simple. Send the quitclaim, Kurt signs it, returns it, we file it, done deal. NO extra crap. But, there's no refund. Kurt claims that he's in it for us yet whines because the money is going to be taken away from him. How godly is that? He knows he can't pull this off. He's trying, but, he can't. If he can, then I'll apologize. But until it's been proven and it hasn't been a proven process, give us back out refund. NOW. No ands, ifs, or buts. Quit jacking us around.

imbigo said...

Speak for your self getmeoffthisride...

Who is us?

If your waiting to see what happens, and you have a vested interest in the program you would think you would be more possitive!!!

I've listened to the same cailms you have. But I'm not going to bash a Man that has given up soo much for this cause.

Hang in there and try to be more proactive on this blog.

BIG"O" 1+1+1=1


imbigo said...



BIG"O" 1+1+1=1


railman65 said...

Imbigo is right on, and do not think that people like getmeoffthisride are in the majority, because they are not. Also, who needs a whinning crybaby like that anyway. Just keep on haulin, Kurt and Scott. Jonboy

Malachi's Hope said...

Rated * * * * *

WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT A REFUND???Get the DVD's "THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE MORTGAGE DEFENSE KIT" and watch them! Then watch them again. Then watch them again! You will not want a refund! You will cheer Kurt and Scott for their sacrifices! These two are hero's to me and those that want to be debt free. I am so grateful for what they are doing. Yes, I have been inconvienced because of the delays BUT UNEXPECTED things happen in life. . .This is a BIG DEAL probably the biggest any of us will see in our life time! And we have front row seats. This is history in the making! Isn't being debt free important! Ignorance comes with a big price and one keeps paying for it. Who wants the banking industry to continue their corrupt practices. The banks should be paying you to do business with them! ! ! Kurt and Scott are paying the highest price. Get the DVD's! The lies in lending are revealed and the truth in lending is revealed. Get the DVD's! You will really enjoy them!

Ace said...

I,m sure we would all enjoy them but unless you are a lawyer with a lot of court experience who the hell can use them?

WillToFight said...

Who is Jackie Aldridge?

getmeoffthisride said...

It's not Aldridge, it's Aldrich. She filed a lawsuit against Kurt and Scott and won a judgement. She asked for some monetary damages including attorney fees and had her trust "quieted" and now her property is out of trust and back in her name.

I don't have another $60 bucks to shell out. Take it out of the $3k and send them to me.

While I want to side with Kurt and believe in what he's saying, until it's absolute proven and sure that it's going to work (remember, we were told that this was a proven process - that means it works and it's a done deal and mortgages are free and clear and people are living in their homes without fear of foreclosure), I want my money back.

I'm not speaking for all, just those who want a refund. Also, I'm not kicking Kurt when he's down. He chose this path, did he not? It's not anyone's fault but his own that he was caught and the process isn't proven.

Let's get this straight, I do understand that there are corrupt things happening. Jesus is coming soon. People will be held accountable including those who take money from others who say that there is a proven process along with the bankers. I will be held accountable for spending the money God has blessed me with, foolishly.

I am held accountable for my own actions just everyone else here including Kurt should be. There's no blame game here. We can't be one another's savior.

By the way, if you start in with calling names and lewd remarks with me, I won't respond. I'd rather respond to Mogel who seems to refrain from such behavior.

Your remarks tell me the kind of person you are.

dgwondering said...

getmeoffthisride said:"All people want is the truth. Are they getting refunds or not?"

Sure they are. When Kurt brings down the great banking empire conspiracy. Just like when he had that deal with Fannie going. Just like when the money from the collateral estoppel thing was coming. Just like when he was going to get the Utah case tossed out. Just like he wasn't going to be in jail for long.

Sure. He's got them all right where he wants them and if you just hang in there you're going to be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

You think you've got trouble now, wait til you start trying to figure out your taxes for this year with this crap hanging over you. Try spending Kurt's promises then and see if the IRS listens.

imbigo said...


First if you read any post I've ever posted here you would see that I've never disrespected any one with name calling, also if you knew the character if this writer you would'nt even have made that statment!

But I must say it does should as if you are talking out of both sides of you mouth. You say you want to "side with Kurt", if you are in this process you have already choosen your side, that being said why would you turn your back on him now, when you've come soo far.

You say that theres corrupt people out there, and JESUS is coming back soon, hopefuly you consulted with HIM before you entered this program, and sence you did, HE must have laid it upon your heart to do so. Listen, GOD is not going to give you a Blessing or Revelation and then take it back, any confusion that your filling is not authored by GOD, so again try and stay positive, and if you really want off this ride contact the parties that be so they can get you off and leave the negative comments for the true naysayers.

BIG"O" 1+1+1=1


lisa eilertson said...

A posting I received said to come to this site to get our claim form.
Nothing has been done for us we sighned up through success training and just want our money back.

lisa eilertson said...

I recently was sent a posting to get a claim form for a refund. We sighned up with success training and nothing was done for us at all. Who out there can give me the info.


getmeoffthisride said...

You can't say that I've turned my back on anyone. It was said that this was a "proven process". People have been told one thing after another with nothing to show for it.

We live by faith in this world as Christians. Sometimes we don't know God's will until we've stepped out in faith. It's not always the right decision when we do this and we find out after the decision has been made that it's not God's will.

You did say to me "KICKING A MAN WHILE HE"S DOWN SAYS A LOT ABOUT THE CHARACTER OF A PERSON!!!!!!!!!" You, as well, do not know my character. Therefore, you cannot judge me if you do not know me and even if you did, you still shouldn't. That's God's job to judge me. I haven't made any promises I can't keep.

Lisa, I haven't been sent any posting for a refund. If you have, please, let me know.

mogel said...

October 31, 2005

The Income Tax Gulag

What Happened in Vegas
Must End In Vegas

77-Year Old Schiff Being Tortured
With Chain Shackles, Mistreatment

Imagine writing a book containing information so offensive and
damaging to the government that the government prosecutes you for
running a "fraudulent tax shelter" and the book is subsequently
banned by a federal judge - without the government ever citing a
single sentence that is false, misleading or fraudulent.

Imagine having your business raided and records seized using a
court-sanctioned search warrant that fails to aver any specific law
that you have violated.

Imagine the raid is conducted by a platoon of well-armed
federal officers that have no delegated or statutory authority to
conduct such a seizure.

Imagine then being indicted for allegedly committing
more than a dozen federal tax crimes - each of which is predicated
upon a crucial, but erroneous, legal presumption that direct,
un-apportioned taxes on the labor of individuals have in fact, been
legally imposed and that the government's prosecution is allowed to
proceed without it ever having to establish for the legal record or
prove before the jury that such a law exists - even though the
Supreme Court has ruled it must.

Imagine filing more than a dozen legal motions over 18
months seeking to dismiss the charges for lack of jurisdiction, each
one citing specific U.S. statutes and Supreme Court decisions
leading to irrefutable legal conclusions requiring dismissal, only
to have the government respond without substance that the motions
are "frivolous" and then have the court delay its denial of the
motions until just hours before the trial begins in order to prevent
any appeal.

Imagine a "trial" where you are not allowed to question your
accusers about the law or present evidence about the law, even
though what the law actually says is the only question before the
court and your entire defense is based on what the law actually

Imagine a "trial" where one morning, you witness the U.S.
Attorneys emerging from a secret, ex-parte meeting in the judge's
chambers about which you and your attorneys have no knowledge or
notice and you have no idea what they discussed.

Imagine a "trial" where the judge refuses to allow any defense
witness to testify as to material facts regarding the criminal

Imagine a judge imposing contempt of court charges totaling
years of incarceration for attempting to talk about the law during
witness questioning.

Imagine a "trial" where the judge - who claims to be the sole
authority and arbiter of the law - deliberately (and repeatedly)
misrepresents the law and even misquotes the words of the law in
order to deceive the jury.

Imagine a "trial" in which during jury deliberations, the judge
denies a specific request from the jury to examine the Internal
Revenue Code- which had already been admitted into evidence -
because, the Judge said, providing the jury with a copy of the law
would be "problematic."

Imagine sitting as a defendant in a criminal "trial", facing a
virtual sentence of imprisonment until death, and the final words
spoken by the U.S. Attorney to the jurors are, "You are breaking the
law if you find the defendants not guilty."

Imagine as a 77-year old, non-violent citizen, in frail health
being incarcerated and denied any bail or medical treatment and
being bound in chain shackles - all for being a "tax protester"
while violent criminals remain free on bail and walk the jail

The Gulag Is Real

All this and more has transpired since September 12 during the
criminal trial of 78-year old tax-protester Irwin Schiff and his
co-defendants, Cindy Neun and Larry Cohen. On October 24th, at
approx. 2:00pm, Schiff and the co-defendants were convicted of
virtually all of the charges. Irwin is currently being held in a Las
Vegas city jail and Cindy in a federal detention facility in the

As previously detailed by the WTP Foundation, these patriots
were charged with tax crimes stemming from their consulting
activities related to Schiff's best-selling (and now banned) book,
"The Federal Mafia: How the Government Illegally Imposes and
Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes".

In his book, Schiff provides evidence consisting of key U.S.
tax statutes and Supreme Court decisions that enable people to
legally assert their income is zero (0) because the high Court has
repeatedly, and consistently, defined the legal term "income" (as
used in the Internal Revenue statutes) as a "corporate profit or
gain" upon which an excise tax applies and further, that there is no
law that actually creates any legal liability for the payment of
income taxes.

Indeed, as reported by trial observers who took copious notes
during the proceedings, the draconian bias and denial of Due Process
exhibited by the U.S. District Court Judge Kent Dawson was so
blatant and outrageous it can leave but one conclusion:

Those that challenge this nation's tax laws will be treated as
"enemies of the state," they will be ruthlessly prosecuted as
political criminals and they will find no safe-harbor in the
protections of the Constitution, the written laws of the nation, or
most alarmingly, the federal judiciary.

In short, the Internal Revenue Code has become the tool by
which our public servants now control our nation and order its most
dangerous political dissidents - those that openly demand to be
shown its authority to tax -- to suffer the U.S. Gulag.

Inside The Gulag

During the months leading to the trial, Schiff filed a number
of concise and condemning legal motions attacking the jurisdiction
of the government to bring the charges against Schiff or submit him
to a criminal tax trial. (Links to those filings can be found at the
bottom of this article)

Although we encourage every reader of this article to read all
of his court filings, Schiff's 13-page (July 2005) pre-trial Motion
to Dismiss concisely explains and exposes the core of the judicial
tyranny leading to Schiff's convictions. (see below for a link to
the Exhibits)

In its legal responses, the Department of Justice failed to
refute or rebut the substance of any of Schiff's citations of law or
Supreme Court decisions, and instead merely parroted Schiff's legal
conclusions, characterizing them as "frivolous."

Just hours before the trial started, the Court, in the persona
of Judge Kent Dawson, denied the motions without substantive
explanation or discussion, effectively robbing Schiff of the
opportunity to timely appeal Dawson's rulings on the critical Due
Process issue of jurisdiction.

Federal Courthouse, Las Vegas Unfortunately, it would
be during the trial itself that Schiff and the other defendants
would suffer the full despotism of the Court.

During the trial proceedings, a large number of highly
questionable rulings were made by Dawson including that Schiff could
not talk about the law, could not question government agents about
their authority, could not present any defense witnesses to testify
about relevant and material facts, and required Schiff, who was
representing himself, to submit questions in advance to the judge
detailing what he intended to ask government witnesses.

Neun's attorney, Michael Cristalli, a well experienced
criminal defense attorney, remarked during the trial, "I have never
seen anything like this. They are preventing us from building a
record. We are not being allowed to put on a defense."

The following is a single example of "blind justice" suffered
in Dawson's courtroom:

One line of questioning by Irwin focused on the government's
failure to provide the Defendants with formal, legal Notice, prior
to any criminal investigations and indictments, that the Defendants
were violating federal tax laws. It is common knowledge that
citizens have a Due Process right to such formal Notice.

In response, the government claimed that Schiff had been
"served" legal Notice of the law and of his alleged criminal acts
because Schiff had a copy of the government's "CRS Report,"
Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the Federal Income Tax the in
the offices of his business, Freedom Books, when it was raided by
IRS agents in 2003.,

During cross-examination of government witnesses, Schiff
established that aside from the CRS report, the government presented
NO other evidence showing that the Due Process requirement for legal
Notice had been satisfied.

Unfortunately for the government, not only is the "CRS Report"
nothing more than the opinion of one man -- a mere staff attorney --
working for the Congressional Research Service (i.e., one man's
opinion of the law), the document does not indicate that it
constitutes any legal "notice." The Report merely attempts to debunk
certain "tax protester" arguments.

Noteworthy, however, is the fact that the Report does correctly
state, (and as the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled) that the
income tax is an indirect, "excise" tax.

In another Motion to Dismiss following the presentation of the
government's case, Schiff argued that if the CRS report is correct
and constitutes legal notice, the case must be dismissed, because
the government's entire legal theory is premised upon the legal
presumption that the 16th Amendment allegedly gives it the authority
to impose a direct, un-apportioned tax (directly) upon the wages of
American workers.

Schiff argued that if the CRS report constituted formal legal
"Notice" to him as the criminal defendant, then the report should
also constitute legal "Notice" to the Court, that the income tax is
an "excise" tax - i.e., not a direct tax - and therefore, Schiff
could not be charged with the alleged crimes.

Without any explanation, the judge simply denied Schiff's

Click here to see a version of the CRS report including
rebuttals of the government's legal assertions regarding the
income tax. (873 KB)

Schiff: "The Judge is a Criminal"

Just before he was convicted and incarcerated, Schiff penned a
partial but detailed review of some of the injustices he suffered at
the hand of Judge Dawson during the trial. He had apparently
intended to use the document as part of a court filing.

The document reviews the criminal denial of Due Process Judge
Dawson committed during the trial and the inability of Schiff to put
forth his defense.

The Exhibit referred to in Schiff's document conclusively
establishes that the IRS Criminal Investigation Division ("CID"), is
only authorized to enforce criminal income tax statutes outside the
borders of the United States and that IRS "pocket commissions" that
authorize enforcement actions are only applicable to Subtitle E
taxes pertaining to liquor, tobacco and firearms.

Also provided is a comparison Schiff constructed for use in
arguing jury instructions which contrasts the 1939 tax code and the
subsequent 1954 code.

In the extracts from the tax statutes, one can see where in
1954, Congress removed all references in Section 61 regarding taxing
"wages and salaries" and also removed the language from Section 1
which specifically referenced "collection" and "payment" of the
income tax.

Schiff has contended that in 1954, Congress brought the tax
code into full compliance with the Constitution and previous Supreme
Court rulings regarding the income tax when it explicitly deleted
the language taxing "wages and salaries" and the language imposing
the liability for the tax, essentially making its assessment and
payment voluntary.

Schiff Being Tortured
& Mistreated

Irwin Schiff and Cindy Neun and Larry Cohen have been convicted
- of non-violent, "white collar" financial crimes against the
federal government. They have hurt no one.

They have suffered at the hands of a despotic federal judge who
did everything he could - ethical or not -- legal or not -- to
insure their conviction.

These brave Americans peacefully and respectfully challenged
the government's taxing authority, putting forth irrefutable legal
positions and evidence that remain un-rebutted to this day- despite
a lengthy criminal trial and a jury's vote to convict and sentence

Irwin Schiff and Cindy Neun, remain behind bars, denied both
bail and humane treatment - even while they seek the protection of
the appellate court to correct this grievous, unjust wrong.

Beyond the disgrace of an abusive prosecution and failed
judicial process, Cindy and Irwin now face the horror of jail, with
"special treatment" being doled out for their status as political
"tax" prisoners.

They have entered the American Gulag.

One of the first people to visit Schiff since his incarceration
was radio reporter Mike Golden. Mike visited Schiff Saturday evening
at the Las Vegas city jail.

Golden reported that 78-year old Schiff appeared almost ready
to collapse, that he was in immediate need of medical attention that
was not being provided, and that he was being held in locked chain
shackles despite the fact that no other prisoner was.

Schiff reported he was running a high fever and that he was
denied a second blanket in the 55 degree jail cell. Schiff had
earlier reported he was being forced to attempt to sleep on a
one-inch thick mattress and had been denied a pillow.

Golden reported that Schiff appeared unstable and partially
disassociated, and could not put on the telephone headset used to
talk through the glass to jail visitors, even after having one hand
unlocked by a jailer. At one point, Schiff, who's never at a loss
for words, could barely remain seated on his stool and could not
form a cohesive response to questions posed by Golden.

Schiff currently without counsel, is being denied access to a
law library and has only a 2-inch pencil available for his use.
Golden reports from conversations with Cindy Neun that she is being
locked full-time in leg-shackles, has no paper available for her
use, and is being denied the medication she takes to combat
debilitating pain from a previous back injury and surgery.

We urge all our supporters to listen to the disturbing audio
blog report of Golden's visit to the Las Vegas city jail to see
Schiff, and the jailhouse phone calls with Cindy Neun pleading for

Go to and listen to the 10/30/2005
audio posting at 1:34 AM by Mike Golden. Cindy's phone calls from
the jail were on 10/28 at 6:58 PM and on 10/30 at 10:55 PM.
Additional postings are being made daily.

What Does A Free Person(s) Do?

What does a free People do now, given the current facts and
circumstances and the menacing indications of the loss of liberty in

That is the question weighing heavily on those of us at WTP.
Bob Schulz intends to address the issue when he speaks at the 2005
Atlanta Freedom Conference on November 13, 2005.

What happened in Vegas last week and in Fort Worth last year
with Dick Simkanin must be confronted. In the shadows of Stalin, Pol
Pot, Mao and Hitler, innocent Americans are being wrongfully
harassed, bankrupted, prosecuted, jailed and tortured in the cogs of
the administrative, judicial and corrections systems of our "servant

The path to the unthinkable is shorter than most realize. We
the People must act decisively or the events of Las Vegas will
continue to grow as a cancer on the Republic until it will no longer
be possible to peacefully restore the Constitution, self-government
and the fundamental Freedoms which had been Divinely bestowed upon

Irwin can be reached by mail at:

Irwin Schiff
C\O Las Vegas Detention Center
3200 Stuart Ave
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101 (do not send $ to this address)

Cindy can be reached by mail at:

274586 Cynthia Neun
2332 Las Vegas Blvd. N. Suite 200
North Las Vegas, NV 98030

imbigo said...


It was not intented for me to judge or put you down, Im just trying to encourage you to hold on, as with Kurt and Scott.

Your right I dont know your situation, all I know is its not costing some people too much to wait this thing out to see whats going to happen.

If its not the will of GOD we will all know it sonner that later!!!

ggggGods Speed my friend...


BIG"O" 1+1+1=1

getmeoffthisride said...

Thanks Imbigo. That was a kind post. I appreciate it. Take care -

imbigo said...

***sooner than later****

imbigo said...


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