Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Jack (April 7, 2008)

It appears the old temptation of confessing my sins to the world still remains hard for you to resist. Perhaps it may be cathartic if you show no restraint. You have my permission to express all you desire. I should very much like your inner thoughts on the matter. Faith I guess is the great divide wedged between us. I think I possess it and you think I don’t. That is probably something proven to you by the discovery channel. I do remember how sins and faults were so content upon your lips and how praises so contrived. It could have been just my undeserving perception. If my demise is the source of your happiness I am glad to oblige. I only wish you had told me sooner instead of pretending it otherwise. Remember that promise from God you mocked. Well that is still the one I hold on to. Your glee must be in that your faith and wisdom have been confirmed by my circumstance. Did you think me so foolish in the Lord when I cried and prayed over you at your baptism? How about when you encouraged me to teach bible study? Yes I truly am blind toward myself and others. Have you progressed so in the Lord these three years that you can offer me some hope of salvation? Will you be mad at God when my case is overturned? What if God should elevate me in the business world as one who told the truth at great expense when no one wanted to hear it? Maybe it is best if I fail on all fronts and do the remainder of my life tucked away from causing harm? Pray to your God who apparently answers your prayers for what is best. Please though do it here on this blog so that I will have fair notice of God’s will an yours. I do not recall you as one happy so I am very glad for you now Jack. And do give pepper and all my love.


Anonymous said...

Benjamin Fulford

The son of a Canadian diplomat, Benjamin Fulford rebelled against his upbringing and at the age of 17 made his way by boat into the heart of the Amazon to live with a tribe of former cannibals. Continuing to seek answers and better understand Western society, he spent time in a self-sufficient community in Argentina before heading to attend university in Japan.

Principled, brave, and still a diehard idealist after all these years, he resigned as Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief of Forbes Magazine after investigating a scandal which the editor refused to report. As he researched global affairs further in his own time, he uncovered for himself the complex web which is global financial control at the hands of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds - and also the existence of racially targeted bioweapons such as SARS.

It was these plans for global depopulation that upset some important and powerful factions in Japan, Taiwan and China. After being approached by a real-life, present-day Ninja, matters came to a head in 2007 when Benjamin became the first Westerner for 500 years to be admitted into the ranks of the Eastern Secret Societies, a vast group with six million members. Acting as their spokesman, he stepped up to the plate to deliver a simple message to the Illuminati:

Recognize that your time is over, step down without a fight, and allow the world to thrive as it should - or face the consequences from up to 100,000 professional assassins for whom no love is lost towards the self-styled ruling elite of the planet.

This was first communicated through Dr Henry Makow and Jeff Rense in July 2007. Project Camelot has now traveled to Japan to meet with Benjamin Fulford personally. Our comprehensive interview presents the far-reaching and literally incredible background story - and will also enable the Illuminati, who we have every confidence watch our videos carefully, to be reminded that the ultimatum is real, serious, and still in force.

Armed also with a contagiously optimistic vision of the future, Benjamin is fully prepared to be the next Finance Minister for Japan. His plans for how he would spend Japan's $5 trillion of foreign reserves to eliminate global poverty are plausible and inspiring as practical steps, way beyond rhetoric, to repair the generations of damage done by a ruthless ruling elite. This is a man with a deep understanding of both East and West, a global economic historian who thinks way outside of the box, a lover of peace who is unafraid to speak warrior words.

In this comprehensive three part video, Parts 1 and 2 focus on global financial history and Benjamin's most interesting personal story leading up to his approach by the Ninja. Part 3 contains the details of The Ultimatum itself.

Click here for a transcript of Part 1 of the video

Click here for a transcript of Part 2 of the video Click here for a transcript of Part 3 of the video



4 May

• Benjamin Fulford: epilogue to our recent interview

We asked Benjamin Fulford for a status report on the current state of affairs regarding whether there had been any change as a direct result of the public stand he took speaking out on behalf of the Asian Secret Society about the world situation. In answer, he wrote the following in an email dated today:

For the reaction, you will notice that Asian countries have stopped buying US government bonds. The US secret government has retaliated by artificially raising food and oil prices.

We are in the middle of World War 3. The US and Israel have been taken over by Nazis and the rest of the world is trying to take them down.

The reason the society has not started assassinations yet is that the Nazis in the Bush/Clinton administration want any excuse to start all out world war. However, if starvation begins in earnest, there will be assassinations.

Benjamin Fulford


Anonymous said...

yo, jud bean, list up fo yo own good....be carful...dun take the same road home from the coathouse everynite....chagne up....

"or face the consequences from up to 100,000 professional assassins for whom no love is lost towards the self-styled ruling elite of the planet.

Anonymous said...

"However, if starvation begins in earnest, there will be assassinations.

pay attntion beans....they got 100K assins out there....

with all those assins, yo get too close the end.....yo mite find yo assout...assin out of here.....get it? just like the computer....garbage in/garbage out...

same deal....assin/assout....

Anonymous said...

whooooo.....jud beans....wahcth out...


hiyaaaa! hoooooo! chop! chop!

baens, how good is yo kung-fu???


Anonymous said...

yo can alays hide behing yo bench in yo ranicoat....

Scott from Vineland said...

Me thinks Doc Ira just likes to hear hisself talk. But as long as we're posting random thoughts today...
HUD Says Bush Plan Will Help Homeowners; House Plan Falls Short
Wednesday, May 07, 2008 - HUD

WASHINGTON, D.C. - According to HUD, the Bush Administration implements a targeted, financially responsible plan to help homeowners while the House counters with a reckless approach that could leave taxpayers footing the bill.

Risk Exposure

RESPONSIBLE: The Bush Administration's plan will give the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) greater flexibility to insure mortgages and reduce monthly payments for borrowers with adjustable rate mortgages - without forcing taxpayers to foot the bill. Expanding FHASecure, the government-backed mortgage refinancing product, creates a more viable option for American families who are in the right house but the wrong mortgage, and will help break the cycle of price depreciation and foreclosure.

RECKLESS AND COSTLY: The House plan is financially risky, rewards irresponsible behavior, and mandates a loosening of FHA's underwriting standards, which would put taxpayers on the hook. The FHA Housing Stabilization and Homeownership Retention Act, H.R. 5830, would permit FHA to provide up to $300 billion in new federal guarantees for risky mortgages. According to the Congressional Budget Office, "the new loan guarantee program would cost $1.7 billion." Taxpayers - those homeowners not participating or receiving any help - would be forced to pay if the House expands FHA to cover extremely risky mortgages. Currently, borrowers pay premiums for the help they get through FHA insurance, allowing FHA to operate without taxpayer subsidies.

RESPONSIBLE: The Administration's FHASecure expansion continues the agency's responsible underwriting standards, including documentation of income and ability to repay the loan. Borrowers must have sufficient income to make payments on their new FHA-backed mortgages. They must also show a reasonable credit history; show employment history; and fully document and verify their income. The new flexibility will only permit borrowers who have no more than three delinquencies on their home loans over the previous twelve months. To further protect taxpayers and control risk, FHASecure would not allow borrowers' total monthly debt to exceed 43 percent of their monthly net income and, in certain cases, would only insure 90 percent of the value of the mortgage.

RECKLESS: The House plan completely disregards borrowers' payment histories and credit scores. Borrowers could have missed the majority of their monthly payments over the life of the loan, yet these borrowers would still be eligible for a government-backed mortgage - and taxpayers would be on the hook. A borrower's debt-to-income ratio would be allowed to go as high as 55 percent, leaving very little income to meet daily living expenses and cover unforeseen emergency costs.

Incentive Structure

RESPONSIBLE: The Bush Administration's plan offers strong, market-based incentives for lenders to reduce ("write down") the principal value of delinquent mortgages. FHA will permit lenders to make arrangements to "fill-in-the-gap" between existing loan balances and the FHA-insured loan amount, such as issuing subordinate liens.

RECKLESS: The House proposal, H.R. 5830, offers little incentive for lenders to write-down mortgages. It mandates principal reductions and does not permit new subordinate liens to be used to pay off some portion of the existing mortgage debt, even if that debt were secured by the value of the property. Existing subordinate lien holders, in particular, are highly unlikely to agree to release liens at a complete loss.

Who Will Be Helped

RESPONSIBLE: Since September 2007, FHASecure has helped more than 180,000 homeowners refinance their loans and avoid foreclosure. With this expansion, FHASecure is expected to assist about 500,000 families by the end of the year. Homeowners using FHASecure are, on average, saving $400 a month compared to their previous loans.

FHASecure has also had a significant and positive impact on the housing market. Since September 2007, FHA has helped pump nearly $68 billion of much-needed mortgage activity into the housing market, $28.5 billion of which was through FHASecure refinancings.

RECKLESS: For two years, Congress has ignored President Bush's call to modernize FHA and allow it to offer safe, affordable mortgage products to more first-time homeowners and families trying to stay in their homes. Congress still has not sent a final bill to the President's desk. The House Financial Service Committee estimates 1 million to 2 million credit-risky borrowers would be eligible for its plan, but the Congressional Budget Office estimates only 500,000 families will be helped - and at a huge cost to taxpayers.
Apparently the Dems once again want to cure all our nation's ills by throwing money at deadbeats. What a surprise. Considering their overpowering desire to redistibute wealth, I don't know why they carry on the charade of calling themselves Democrats... the two major political parties in Congress today are the Capitalists and the Socialists. Where do you stand?

I can't wait to have Hill or O'bomber in the WH... you think things are bad now?

Scott from Vineland said...

Happy Jack, any comments on Kurt's post today?

near the end said...

Yeah; If either one of them gets in were all done for!!!!!!!!!!!!

judge allslop said...

Happy Jack wasn't old,but he was a man.The kids would all sing, he would take the wrong key,so they rode on his head in their furry donkey........and they couldn't prevent jack from being happy.Who's next?

near the end said...

Ya'll pray that Obama wins cause McCain will walk all over that Negro.

habakkuk said...
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Anonymous said...

coming soon to a city near yo!

Vallejo CA, declares bankruptcy

(05-07) 00:12 PDT Vallejo --

The Vallejo City Council voted to declare bankruptcy Tuesday night after months of last-ditch wrangling failed to rescue the city from financial catastrophe.

The North Bay city of 117,000 now heads into largely uncharted territory, as no California city of this size has ever opted for this route.

"This has been a long frustrating process for everyone," said City Manager Joseph Tanner. "There are no winners here tonight."

After about four hours of discussion and public comment from the standing-room-only crowd, the council voted 7-0 to approve Tanner's recommendation to declare Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection as a means to reorganize its finances, which have been shattered by spiraling public employee salaries and the plummeting housing market.

The move allows the city to freeze its debts while maintaining city services. Police, fire and other unions and many in the audience were outraged at the move, accusing the council of poor leadership.

The city suffers from mismanagement and has less debt than it claims, said a union spokesman, Ken Shoemaker, a representative of the electrical union.

Vallejo faces a $16 million shortfall and no money in its reserve account for the fiscal year beginning July 1. In March, the city shaved several million dollars from its payroll, museums, public works, senior centers, libraries and other services to avoid bankruptcy, but needed to make further cuts to meet increased expenses in the next fiscal year.

The city and its police and fire unions held a final contract negotiating session Sunday but failed to reach an agreement before Tuesday's City Council meeting.

The city and its public safety unions have been at the bargaining table for about two years. The city is asking for its police and firefighters to take salary, benefit and staff cuts, while the unions say any further cuts would endanger public safety as well as the safety of the police and firefighters.

Vallejo spends 74 percent of its $80 million general fund budget on public safety salaries, significantly higher than the state average. The generous contracts are the result of deals struck in the 1970s, following a police strike that left the city in turmoil.

The City Council had been split on whether to declare bankruptcy. Some, including Mayor Osby Davis, said the stigma would threaten the city's long-term economic development and discourage investors, while others said it would give the city time to restructure its budget and offer protection from creditors.

What's unknown is whether bankruptcy will dissolve the city's labor contracts, which most City Hall staffers say is the primary reason for the city's financial mess. A judge will have to decide whether to dissolve the contracts.

Vallejo became the second California city to declare bankruptcy, but the first to do so because of long-term economic woes. Desert Hot Springs (Riverside County) declared bankruptcy in 2001 after losing a lawsuit brought by a developer. Orange County declared bankruptcy in 1994 after losing $1.6 billion in bad investments.

Cities and counties throughout the state are in a predicament similar to Vallejo's, and many are watching to see what happens in the North Bay city over the next few months.

If the regional and national economies suffer another down year, numerous Bay Area cities - especially those highly dependent on the housing market for property- and transfer-tax revenues - are likely to be investigating bankruptcy options.

E-mail Carolyn Jones at carolynjones@sfchronicle.com.

Anonymous said...

antoher corrup jud like judg beans....anti dg judge calls cousin, another judge to rule against freedom of spech...

(jud, dun lite any mathces in yo house, it mite burn down, jus like the san dogo judges)

May 8, 2008

"Judge's order stifles a basic right"

Newspaper's editorial board supports WTP

Yesterday, May 7, 2008, the editorial board at the Post Star in Glens Falls, New York published an editorial titled, "Judge's order stifles a basic right." We have the editorial posted on our home page alongside the Judge's order that was the target of the editorial.

The order of U.S. District Court Judge McAvoy not only bans the further distribution of WTP's "instructive" forms challenging the Government's (alleged) authority to force companies to withhold pay from worker's paychecks, but orders WTP to turn over to the Government the identities of a small number of identifiable individuals who had specifically requested that a copy of the educational materials be mailed from WTP.

Beginning in 2003, virtually thousands of copies of the withholding related Petition documents were shared with unknown members of the public -- all for free -- via distribution at public WTP meetings and anonymously over the Internet via the WTP website.

WTP has mounted an aggressive legal defense to overturn the Judge's order (which was issued contrary to well-established law of civil procedure and without any adversarial public hearing or trial). The appeal is currently continuing at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

WTP remains free to disseminate its otherwise unchallenged First Amendment protected educational and Petition materials, including those seeking Redress regarding the federal income tax fraud and the Iraq Resolution, Federal Reserve System, U.S. Patriot Act, Illegal Immigration, North American Union, Gun Control and Election Integrity.

The editorial support of the significant First Amendment issues at stake came as a complete surprise to WTP, not only because the newspaper directly spoke up against the Judge's order, but because it did so quite forcefully.

Among its many warnings:

1. "[W]hen it comes to speaking about taxes, the government's first reaction is to stuff the Constitution in your mouth and wrap your face with duct tape."

In other words, the Government has acted as though there is a tax exception to the Bill of Rights.

2. The Judge's "obtrusive action is designed . to make others think twice about even reading what [Schulz] has to say. The last thing any taxpayer in this country wants is to get themselves on the Internal Revenue's Service's radar, much less on its bad side.What we have here is a government that's going too far to shut down a citizen's right to exercise his right to free speech. If they succeed in .threatening anyone just for listening, then who do you think they'll go after next?"

In other words, there is a real danger if people abandon WTP and its efforts to question and legally change the way Government operates simply because they are afraid of the IRS.

Click here to read the full editorial.

Significant News From WTP Coming This Weekend

We at WTP have been so busy with "The Plan" for this summer's activities, the National Clean Election Lawsuit against the 50 states and the Government's "6700" case against our distribution of the information on Withholding that we have not been able to post Updates to keep you properly informed about the developments.

We will post a series of very significant updates over the next few days. Please look for them and spread the news.

Please remember, the operations of the WTP Foundation

are funded entirely by your generous support.

Our Home Page is www.GiveMeLiberty.org

Anonymous said...

overturn the Judge's order (which was issued contrary to well-established law of civil procedure and without any adversarial public hearing or trial).

seem like anther judge did just teh saim thins....total disregard for the rool of low....i meen, disreegarding the statues compleetely...

yo, judge! wtf yo think those statues are there fo???

just to look pretty?

if yo dont follow yo own, how yo expecct the peeplss to foolow 'em?

Anonymous said...

Hello folks,

What do Wesley Snipes, ZYA and Bob Hurt have in common?
We will also explore the sudden appearance of a $300M bond in the Snipes case and some other provocative hot-off-the-presses information.

Attendance is by invitation only. Attendees must pledge to “pay it forward” by mentoring at least two patriots without charge during the year following the meeting. As the last retreat was filled within a few weeks of announcement, early application is advised. The exhaustive curriculum will include BIC Essence, BIC Turbo, BIC Turbo-9, BIC for Dummies, BIC Suite, BIC Lien, the ZYA, 1099-A and Three Round tax remedies, a variety of commercial methods and various enforcement strategies for securing the return of funds, closing cases, quashing defective process and enforcing our remedies. However, the greatest blessing is the wonderful network of like-minded righteous law merchants which each attendee forges during the five days and nights.


Anonymous said...

We will also explore the sudden appearance of a $300M bond in the Snipes case

is this like when yo buy a bong and then yo take a sissors and snips to coopons off it?

or when yo take jud beans and arrest his bond.

yo arrest his STRINGMAN and take jus beans an become creditor to his TINMAN.

happy Jack said...

Hi Scott from Vineland.
What does that mean??????
Judge slop commented ....
Happy Jack wasn't old,but he was a man.The kids would all sing, he would take the wrong key,so they rode on his head in their furry donkey........and they couldn't prevent jack from being happy.Who's next?

So.... What were you saying Kurt?? I feel so special to have you direct your babble my way.
Geez I thought you didn't notice/// . Faith .. Hmmm is that what you say I do not have ? What are you talking about with a Babtism and praying and crying..//That was contrived if that is what you mean by/// Contrived??!!! Did you actually believe I could be a liar like you??? I had the upmost pride and praise for you until you decieved me with the worse deception of all.
What you did at the last with your lies and half truths destroyed all the Christian love and compassion I had for you. The last thing you did just almost destroyed me .I said ALMOST.Ha
You are a fool and self posessed.( heavy on possesed)
What Promise from God did you mock???? All of them especially the covenents you broke !You made up your own rules to fit the occasion to make you sound like the good guy .Give me a break Kurt! Reality isn't so great is it! I can go for Pizza anytime I want.Can you?
If you think what you brought on yourself made me HAPPY ...YOU are TRULY the BIGGEST FOOL of ALL.
Happy Jack
Signin off
PS Later Scott from V.

judge allslop said...

You know what they say "jack", If the music is too loud you must be too old.What were you doing in 1970? Hanging out and eating pizza?

near the end said...

Hey Berry thanks for the info. That's great news about the Appeal. Call me later tonight.

Anonymous said...

announcements ... my newest release is coming out in the next few days so keep posted ... it is something i know everyone will really appreciate and a great addition to my growing library of books DVDs - CDs etc etc ... also join me on my May 22 weekly radio show when i interview Tommy Cryer ... the Louisiana attorney that was acquitted in a federal court on all charges of not filing income tax because the IRS could not produce a law stating that he had to file or pay federal income taxes ... i will have a new topic to discuss with him ... you will not want to miss this live interview ... join us May 22 on my weekly radio show ... jim mccanney

Anonymous said...

Tommy Cryin???

ho he?

ho ever yo is, starp crine.

Anonymous said...

----- Original Message -----
From: "Laura Bush" laurab@whitehouse.gov
To: bellringer@fourwinds10.com
Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 12:22 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

Siterun Contact Request from Laura Bush.


Sender Message:

I can no longer stand by and watch my husband [President G.W. Bush] destroy our world. So, I'm writing this note to you in the hopes that this will get out. This trip to the Middle East is a complete sham. He is going to Israel to finalize the war with Iran. As soon as my husband and I get back to the US, he will attack and destroy about 80% of the country [of Iran] and it's people. My consciousness to God and my country is telling me something is terribly wrong here. God, I pray that this man I married will not try to kill me or those people. I know that this may sound crazy , but from reading your site, I think you can understand. I realize now that he has gone insane, and I worry for me, my daughters, this country, and the world. Please help me in getting this message out to the world.

Laura Bush

near the end said...

dr. ira gilac; Your a Nut.

Anonymous said...

thax....but yo dun nedd to be fromal about it....yo can jus call me "nut"

Scott from Vineland said...

C'mon doc, that Laura Bush e-mail is clearly a fraud. Everyone in the Bush White House knows that Laura personally does most of the black ops wet work for the administration. They say she has more one-shot kills than Carlos Hathcock.

Anonymous said...

well, yo mite be rite, but appartly, it bother somenone, becoss they pull the post down...eether that or a cia hack job.....lets make a bet....ill take the side yo dun want.

Anonymous said...

has more one-shot kills than Carlos Hathcock.

that the travellin' gigolo assassin who like to use his pistol?

wasnt he had a motto?

"hathcock, will travail"

Anonymous said...

corse, it cold be a totally fordulent email, but still be xactly correct too!

scarry aint it!

Shrirang said...

Mr. dr.ira gilac,
Please let me know how & where should I listen to on May 22 Re. this IRS business!