Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Enough of the Retards (2-27-09)

Many of you have thought my adjective “Retards” to be too crass and an insensitive vocabulary choice. More than using it in the moronic intellectual capacity I was using it as a description of regression or being lack in speed to see the work of God. The word of God should make things clear. If you take the cloud between the Israelites and the Egyptians at the Red Sea it was light to one and darkness to the other. How is that we each claim the light without agreement? Is there really a true possibility of this kind of disunity within Christ? If you critics are truly brothers why have you decided to champion the causes of the wicked over me? Do the scriptures of not going to law against a brother, loving one another so the world knows we are Christians, or that God sent Christ into the world fall short of the commands you use to judge me? When I used retard it was to bring this folly to light. It was my hope that my sound presentation of the gospel would ultimately win you over. Though this has failed I do believe that I have exhausted any benefit of continued use of this word. For those I have offended I hope you will accept my explanation and my cease of use as an act of love and respect for you.

As to my critic brothers I’ll implore you to consider these facts as to who I am and not your ignorance about the legal system or the mortgage industry: that the things I know of Christ cannot be known unless Christ reveals them. Therefore you have the proof of Christ that I am His and that I am known of Him. Can you not accept this witness from one who knows all things and is devoid of your ignorance? If you are His as I am His shall we not love one another? I don’t believe in a compromise of holiness as evidence of love but just the opposite. There is a big difference between voicing a holy standard and making yourselves exalted at the expense of another. The goal of my words and heart is that even in the midst of a complicated and perplexing trial all would come to the full richness of the beauty that is in Christ Jesus. So with this I say good-bye to the word retards and hopefully hello to my brothers.


taycamstu said...

Perhaps Kurt can communicate the divine promise revealed and timetable for such?

No update in a while from Dr Fred.

judge allslop said...

Don't go soft and mushy on us Kurt.I prefer the jackass in robes myself.

BigO said...

God bless you my brother fight the good fight !!!

Much Love !!!!!

BIG"O" 1+1+1=1