Sunday, April 12, 2009

Absolute Courage (3-1-09)

Battles and warfare call to men to unveil their weapons. This battle I can use the constitution, taxes, UCC, contract law, security agreements, liens, levies, intellect, and any others the imagination can entertain. The only thing lacking for most people is not an arsenal but the courage to wield them. Imagine unsheathing a sword without the strength to control it. Its sharp edge now becomes a danger to you. Where does one find the courage to fight regardless of the weapon? This cannot be a passing courage that could fail but must be an absolute unfailing courage. The only absolute available to man is God. Not a god of imagination or the no god of rebellion but the true God who is there. What you have witnessed from me is a courage of my own but one supported by the strength of God’s absolute strength. This is not something that can be faked. The battle automatically exposes if you have the strength to wield your weapons. Look at the difference between clients or codefendants. Human responsibility must be based upon Divine Sovereignty. In our world today truth has become an arbitrary, capricious, relative, subjective thought. There can be no absolutes because the God who is there has been rejected. Only He can give a command that is authoritative and absolute. Only then does it become a truth binding upon all creation. If a man recognizes the God who is there he will subject himself to the commands as absolute. Out of this relationship an absolute courage can arise that will wield weapons of warfare against all that defy these absolutes. Included therein will be a confidence that all the power of the Almighty is with you. Decisions are not measured by personal cost which is arbitrary but on the attributes of an absolute. I have seen more failure for want of courage and disregard of absolutes than by being conquered. If God is for us who can be against us? This promise is of no value if you don’t know it absolutely. If you do you will find absolute courage to face any foe with the power and confidence to wield the weapon you’ve selected for battle. Learn this and give it priority over the technology of weapons and you shall become a force to reckon with.


mogel007 said...

"This battle I can use the constitution, taxes, UCC, contract law, security agreements, liens, levies, intellect, and any others the imagination can entertain."

Aren't most of these weapons the weapons of the enemy and the very things used against us? is this how the enemy is defeated by using their own weapons against them? I do like the thought, but is it really practical? I can't help here the echo of "those that live by the sword, will die by the sword." Where is God' secret weapons and plan in this statement?

The constitution is not adhered to by the courts it seems. The UCC was ignored in the criminal trial and as a matter of fact, could not be brought out.

The liens in CA that were filed were expunged, were they not, so levies and security agreements may not be the answer in winning the battle. At least that was the attempted goal to accomplish by the enemy.

"Intellect" is not necessarily God's weapon because "our thoughts are not his thoughts."

When it comes to mortgage challenges, what cases can be cited where the courts have listened to "contract law"? Speaking of contracts, the courts and lenders define a loan "as an extension of credit". Where is contract law in that definition? The contract law you refer to has been labeled by the enemy as a "scam" and the courts have agreed and the appealate court denied your appeal, so where does that leave things? Phase 1 has been sabatoged, but what does Phase 1 have to do with the original intent of the mortgage challenge & presentment? One does not have to be a dorean client to reap the benefits of that process. How can Phase 2 be accomplished with the Courts expunging those administrative liens?

"Levies" have only given you more legal battles to fight but hasn't to date achieved your objectives.

No one has ever questioned your courage although the naysayers seem to have questioned everything else.

These weapons don't exactly give me that "aha moment" that would be nice to feel. It couldn't have been said better than you: "As clients we all deserve that celebration party", and I agree.

No one wants to see you victorious as much as I, but is it enough to be right or even righteous? I don't question your rightness, or even your righteousness, but without accomplishing your objectives and promises, it is still an empty thing in that the battle is not over and the victory party is not yet set.

Is the Dorean story, going to be like the movie Rocky 1 where the protagonist gets the hell beat out of him real badly, due to the overwhelming odds against him, only to barely come out victorious in the end simply through unwavering stamina & outstanding will and rare courage only to barely eeek out a win in the final minute of the fight?

taycamstu said...

Rocky lost the fight in Rocky I. Let us hope for victory.

mogel007 said...

It has been said by some that there will be a "public victory and a private victory" both victories opposed to each other as far as the perception of the people. Those with a "private victory" will be financially rewarded, and the public victory will have the information and events to justify this thinking, "most of the world" believing in what they have believed all along, that the Dorean Group was a scam from the beginning. I see the public victory, through imprisoning the Principals and shutting down the business, and many other things, but where is the private victory for clients?

It has been said by some that maybe it's God's will that the Dorean WITNESS to the truth about lending & banking is enough and was all that was intended & that a private victory is not in keeping with God's will ever necessarily, but just hopeful and positive selfish thinking.

After all, most if not almost all clients weren't in the most difficult battle fields and there is a "difference between the clients and the codefendants", with maybe the exception of Sarah Magoon. It appears she escaped all the tensions of the court battles by completing ignoring and running away from it completely, and it appears to date, she probably thinks she made the right decision for herself. She accomplished her objectives with no price of force or loss of freedom to pay.

Makes me wonder if the Court System really cares at all that she left and became a no show and if she'll ever face any repercussions from that? The System could label her as a fugitive, whether deserved or not. Was a bench warrant ever issued? Maybe she can outlast any statute of limitations. The worst she would have gotten anyway would have been 2-3 years & fines anyway. I bet she thought worse things, so she left. Not all codefendants got jail time, so not even all the codefendants are the same, or should I say they certainly weren't treated the same.

I think history has shown many times, that many must suffer first before the next generation can be truly blessed.

If anything most of us get caught up in dates and times that in the long term scheme of things, may be totally irrelevant to the divine plan anyway.

Or maybe not?

I see the term "hope" bantered about. Should we hope for the will of the Lord or financial gain? Should we hope for what the Lord wants for us, or what we want for ourselves? Isn't it great when those two things coincide and isn't it a learning & teaching process when they don't?

Yetter said...

The real battle ground has always been in our hearts and minds.Our understanding has never matched God's. We are left with only our faith.