Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Revolution I (3-4-09)

In the book of Revelation chapters 2 and 3 is a prophetic statement to 7 churches that existed at the time of the writing. Also though there is a double fulfillment angle in that these prophetic church statements are a type that reflects the course God would take His church through history. If that is the case then we would currently be in the church age depicted by the church of Philadelphia. Coincidentally (not) this age began with the signing of the Constitution in the city of Philadelphia. So what you have; I believe, is an age that began with a civil revolution but will end with a spiritual revolution.

The last 3 generations are very different from those that proceeded them. These current generations are post-Christian in their being. Prior, this nation in particular had a belief system that was inherently Christian in its theology. This is not a confession that we were a Christian nation or that many were true Christians in their relationship. What I’m saying is that though they were not Christians their psyche was Christian in thought. They still had a belief in a Creator as an absolute as their view of this world though they did not serve Him in spirit. When the world through the arts and sciences began to suggest humanism as a vehicle to sooth their conscience and rid them of the big Ogre in the sky. Man was eager to be unshackled. Philosophers said God is dead and offered capricious, arbitrary, circular reasoning to man for ethics but left man unmoored to the significance of his being. Despair took center stage and various and progressive forms of hedonism were used as escapism. The result now is that those who claim to be our leaders are all hypocrites and men have become hopeless and apathetic without answers. The state of affairs as tragic as it is, is not an accident. God has allowed men to exalt their folly and climax at the exact time He plans to display His truth in a glorious array before His return.

Revolutions are not a majority accomplishment but occur when the minority are possessed by a truth that exceeds the lies that subject the majority. We are here today.

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