Thursday, April 16, 2009

Revolution II (3-4-09)

If you put Dorean in a historical context it is more than two greedy conmen trying to steal a $ 1000 from desperately tardy mortgagees. It is simple for the majority who know very little of absolute truth to condemn because they have the assurance of crowd enthusiasm. Still they place their hopes in hypocritical leaders who lie with every breath without complaint or ridicule. These leaders without any absolutes are without wisdom and are attempting to spend us out of the inflationary credit burst. All this will do is spend us into hyperinflation. This is where the world is headed and the lie they willingly follow. Scott and I did our homework and discovered absolute truth about fraud on many fronts within the mortgage industry. Now we are knowledgeable that the mortgage industry is adolescent compared with the fraud inherent with government, especially the judiciary. This is a modern environment equal to the Boston Tea Party. Most people at that time did not want to upset the status quo of British rule but a few knew in truth that what was status quo was not compatible with the absolutes of divine sovereignty. Human responsibility attached to divine sovereignty will yield different choices with greater fervency than what man will do when trapped relativism. If we are at the brink of a truth revolution as I suspect then Dorean and the like should be appearing on many fronts. As Mordeci put it in the book of Esther “perhaps you’re called for such a time as this.” Where do you stand? Are you content with a status quo that is all lies or are you craving truth? Are you so desirous of absolute truth that you are willing to suffer the foolish majority? What I discovered within me is that the more I stood for truth the more hostility of the majority raged against me but the more it raged the more resolve the truth supplies rises to the challenge. Whether or not I truly want to be a revolutionary and I am merely along for the ride. My only exit from this war called to the surface of men's existence is death. Outside of this I must lie to myself that this truth is a lie to return to the ranks of the majority. This I cannot do, absolutely cannot!


mogel007 said...

2nd largest real estate bankruptcy in history. Course with debt leverage like this, I'm not surprised.

Chicago-based General Growth, which owns such valuable properties as South Street Seaport in New York, Fashion Show in Las Vegas and Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston, listed total assets of $29.56 billion and total debts of $27.29 billion.

Jim Jr. said...
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Jim Jr. said...

I believe the Dorean group has started a major change and exposed motgage robbery in this country.Most people only change when they can not endure painful circumstances any more.From the beginning,the Dorean Group stood for truth .The only motive The banks and mortgage companies have is money and that should disqualify any thing truthful about them.

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