Friday, April 17, 2009

Revolution III (3-5-09)

There are a couple of streams of prophecy to consider when trying to understand God’s current work. First there is the Israelite National stream and second there is the church as a bride. When Israel, speaking of the Northern tribes, was taken into captivity they were to be punished for 7 times according to Leviticus. That was 2520 years. This season ended with the signing of the Constitution in Philadelphia. The migration of the tribes and the forming of the western Christian nations is a subject worth study if you are ignorant of God’s control over history. There are many clues of why our nation is a product of promise. I will leave the large quantity of proof for debate another time outside this revolution discussion. The promises to Manasseh are fulfilled by the founding of this nation. Though God is very much about the perfection of His bride it is not at the expense of His promises to national Israel. If one reads the books of the prophets both major and minor the theme of rebellion – punishment – vanquishing – loss of identity – restoration – and relationship is clear. This stream is not in conflict at all with Christ work with His body. In fact when one is studied in both their symbiosis only confirms God’s control of history. In type of God’s work with this nation Hezekiah's son Manasseh was evil, punished, and restored. Manasseh the King is a shadow of Manasseh the tribe nation. This nation having lost its soul these last 3 generation has set the stage for God’s coming restoration as a side effect of His bride being glorified. The economic troubles have a two-fold benefit. One in that they humble a nation arrogant in its sin and two that out of suffering the liars will lie more and the people will become malcontent with the lie and the liars. This is an opening of the heart and eyes at the time a bride is loved and glorified. Though most will still hate God they will not lack a true witness and answer to their despair. We are being prepared by God both nationally and spiritually for a revolution of truth. Are you tired of living under the father of lies? If so what sacrifice are you willing to make for truth? Most want the status quo without change but the status quo is changing to be uncomfortable. When eagle chicks are ready to fly mom makes the nest uncomfortable. God is doing the same for this American Eagle. It’s time to Fly or die.


judge allslop said...

“Corporations have been enthroned, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.” – Abraham Lincoln
The biggest tragedy is not the crash, but the forces attempting to keep the old regime in place.
One must give a tip of the hat to the Wall Street conmen for engineering a reasonably robust stock rally. The Dow and S&P were led by financials. The Financial Times out of London claims 'no real money' was behind the stock rally of over 20%. They must mean huge short covering, enhanced by pressure tactics from Wall Street brokerages themselves. They must mean Working Group For Financial Markets putting to work some of their 'Black Bag' money. They must mean influenced arbitrage games from preferred versus common shares, which harmed the public but enriched the insiders. A movement pervaded Lower Manhattan offices to formally call in all Citigroup shorted shares on loan. Whether legal or not, it helped cause a big bank stock rally. Other 'C' share games were played that enabled preferred shares to serve as collateral on common share shorts, as the plebeian shares descended to $1/share value. Never lose sight of the fact that Plunge Protection Team funds came in large part from missing $1.5 billion in Fannie Mae funds from 1988 to 2000. Then you have all the absurd giant steps backwards to permit big banks to ignore Mark-to-Market and just conjure up asset values from fraudulent and indefensible models, with blessing from Financial Accounting Standards Board and the USCongress. This is reform? The new Public Private Partnership Investment Program (PPPIP) is the next sham put forth by Treasury Secy Geithner. It is a revamped TARP Plan disguised with deep benefits for five big banks, who are just about the only financial firms to qualify as ‘Fund Managers’ for the program as designed. The banks who caused the crisis are the privileged to participate in a massive churn carry trade, subsidized by the USGovt. They are also largely responsible for the great majority of the bond fraud and its export, a dirty secret. What bonds they buy at 30 cents, they sell to the USGovt for 80 cents. Fund managers even profit from other big bank participants in the PPPIP. The financial firms must have $10 billion in specific securities in order to qualify, which eliminates all but the guilty Wall Street firms and even the majority of hedge funds.The Obama gang preaches water but they drink wine, talk of change but continue the same gigantic Elite welfare programs. Their promises of change are shattered when they install the same syndicate figures as key administrators who both caused the global financial crisis AND profited heavily from it, without even a hint of fraud prosecution or dismissal. Their calls for regulatory reform are empty and vacant, since the new harbormasters are from the same moldy ships as the previous. They babble about stimulus but order massive pork and the same junk meals off a failed menu. What a pack of extreme hypocrites!

mogel007 said...

Administrative Law

by Clyde

I have heard that your rebellion has been bogged down. What to do next is the plateau that stops you. This is of interest to me by the fact that I have heard numerous times; "How so you get them to accept this?" Well the key is if they respond, then I am sunk. I depend on them not responding. Remember how to cook a frog. You start with cold water, not hot water!

There seems to be a problem with what may be called "force and effect" of the Law. No matter what subject you approach, you are left with the tyrant turning a deaf ear, or even worse ridiculous statements made to make you appear as though you have the problem. This is a problem that dates back probably 7,000 years.

I may have a solution to this problem that we are now facing. We have been trained to focus our efforts in the big three arenas; Legislative, Executive, and most especially Judicial. The big three are only concerned in keeping their scams moving forward. They look to us for our wealth to be used for their purposes. We must find a process that uses these characteristics, instead of trying to buck their system and get them to admit their evil ways and them believing that they will knowingly correct to those evils. We have one main weapon in this assault, and that is We the People. The creativity, imagination, American ingenuity, loyalty, truthfulness, and honesty rest with us and not them. It has been programmed out of government a long time ago. But we have been our own worst enemy in redress of our government. We have always depended on the government to do the right thing, and we have reached a time when the right thing is what is best for the government and we do not matter. P.S. look up the definition of communism.

We are not helpless. Government may be sneaky, but it can never be accused of being intelligent. It is always in the self survival mode, and must maintain an appearance of invincibility. There are gapping holes in their armor, and that is their law. It must have the appearance of being made for us, while supplying the protection for the ignorant masses of government.

In my opinion, Administrative Law is the best approach. Administrative Law is older and more established than their law (admiralty/maritime on a military footing). Administrative Law is well defined, well settled, and well established throughout the entire World.

Did you know that a rendered Administrative Award is unassailable? The process that I use is expressed at Title 5 United States Code (U.S.C.) Sections 551-559. Specifically at Section 556(d) which states; "... the proponent of a rule or order bears the burden of proof". Well, the IRS is definitely the "proponent" and therefore "bear the burden of proof".

Of course, what happens is the IRS depends on the big three of the UNITED STATES and its subdivisions to protect and defend them. And thus far, this has happened without fail. So they frustrate us by ignoring our writings, documents, evidence, proof, etc. Just because your opponent doesn't answer your questions is no excuse to go crying to the military, maritime, admiralty courts of the UNITED STATES. We have not yet exhausted our Administrative remedies. Instead of crying, hit them over the head with another one of their rules.

Rule 301 of the Federal Rules of Evidence states; "... a presumption imposes on the party against whom it is directed the burden of proof [see Section 556(d)] of going forward with evidence to rebut or meet the presumption." So, if the IRS refuses to participate in your Administrative Hearing, expressed, just answer your own questions, and this will square the "burden of proof" on the backs of the IRS. It is in the interest of the IRS to "come forward" with proof equal or greater than you have shown. But, the IRS can't, can they?

Now, if the IRS refuses to answer your questions, and then refuses to disprove your presumptions, then the IRS (acquiescence, silence) and you (affidavit), by joint agreement, have rendered an Administrative Award in your favor. You now according to their law have the upper hand and must continue to pummel this tyrant into oblivion.

Wait it gets better. Using another of their rules, Rule 55(a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which states, in whole; "When a party whom a judgment for affirmative relief is sought has failed to plead or otherwise defend as provided by these rules and the fact is made to appear by affidavit or otherwise, the clerk shall enter the party's (IRS) default." Administratively this is called a "Default Judgment on Award".

If we, by expression (affidavit);
1) Ask questions knowing we will receive no answer, we will then be rendered an unassailable Administrative Award, by joint agreement.

2) When answering our own questions, knowing we will be ridiculed and ignored, we have made our presumptions "established fact" of Law

3) We can then go to any of their courts, and force that court to enter our Default Judgments on Award into that court's record. And

4) Upon presentment (invoice), by affidavit, we can also have entered a judgment concerning a sum certain and costs.

We are almost there, but we need to get the approval of We the People. Rule 55 has some disclaimers in it that can give rise to the ugly heads of the big three. We need to make what we have done, Official! Guess what? There is a simple remedy that is available for all that takes your signed document and makes it an Internationally Certified, Authenticated, Official Record and Public document of the United States of America . The procedures for this is found in International Treaty Law called the Hague Convention (Convention # 12) of 5 October 1961 , and again on 15 October 1981 . For you researchers; TIAS 10072; 33 UST 883; 527 UNTS 189. This treaty was about the "Legalization for Foreign Public Documents". The way it works, is that you must have the "primary signature" attested (notarized), then take the attestation (notarization) to the state official charged with the certification of the attestor (notary). In most states, this is the Secretary of State who is standing in place of the Secretary of State of the United States . The cost for this varies, but most are between $10 and $25.

Let's go get one more 2 X 4 to hit them over the head. Their Rule 44 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, recognizes this process and labels it as "Authentication of Official Records". The document that we are seeking, and I have never been refused, is called an "Apostille". It is very powerful. It is on all Public Records of all of America , and the big three are powerless to stop it, unless they want to defy their master, the United Nations. This will plug all the holes in Rule 55, and "they" will be forced to accept. And all that is left is for us to bring in the most powerful force, that being "We the People".

You may all be wondering if I am an attorney/lawyer, and the answer is no. I am recognized by the federal courts as a Counselor, though. I am an Internationally Certified Public Minister; that's an auditor of government. And I have been using the Administrative procedure for over 30 years and have found it to be almost infallible. With the application of the Apostille, this process becomes very formidable.

It may interest you to know that on 7 November 1997 I conducted a verbal Administrative Hearing with the IRS on the subject of the creation of the IRS. It was audio taped, a Certified Court Reporter made a transcript, and it was witnessed by ten of my fellow Americans. The result was that the IRS's only response was nothing. I have yet to hear from them in any matter. I had not filed a number of years before the hearing. I have entered this "Default" into the Federal District Court . I also apostilled this hearing and the Federal District Court has received this as "authenticated" evidence in their court. I am in the process of invoicing the court, pursuant to Volume 26 U.S.C. 6551, for restoration, replevin, and costs for the tyranny and fraud of the IRS.

By the way, our hearing in 1997 determined that the IRS is a Pure Trust of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and has never had the authority to "tax" any man, woman, child, or business within the boundaries of the United States of America, and never will.

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Lindsey Springer audio of his experience deposing RA Mitchell and other IRS criminals

Audio starts automatically

Part 1 http://www.zshare. net/audio/ 589334750bfa2d7b /

Part 2 http://www.zshare. net/audio/ 58933758543490f2 /

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Here is Lindsey Springers website:

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Correct link for audio: