Friday, April 24, 2009

Revolution V (3-8-09)

This revolution will effect all men. It is bigger than a race or nation. On two major fronts it will be fought. The truth will be displayed to the man without knowledge of the word of God. This is the man of Romans 1-2. The other front will be those who claim a knowledge of the scriptures and of the God who declared them. In each case it will be the bride of Christ that is used as the vehicle of the truth. Many will think that the bride is like a tool in the hand of a Master craftsman that is not a part of him but a vehicle of his expression. This is not the case with the bride. The bride is Christ in the truest sense of the word. It is Christ chosen expression of Himself at this time. In the same way He reduced Himself into humanity by putting on a tent of flesh He is limiting Himself to His bride. Not like a tool but like a wife. The two shall become one flesh. Though they each entered into the relationship individually that has now been lost into a new creation. Christ says that to be in Him He must be in us. This oneness is a true, though not complete, expression of our creator. To the world without the word it is the invisible attributes of God made manifest in the visible church. To the man with the word it is the invisible church being made manifest into flesh. To both it is truth. To the questioning world in despair the answer to the significance of man and the purpose of historical existence . To the church (loosely) the truth that there is no fraud in the marriage bed. That only faithfulness is tolerated in this relationship. To both a cross of hope or judgment. This revolution is upon us like it or not.

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