Wednesday, August 23, 2006

You Have a Better Option

I’m willing to set aside my resolve to settle the Dorean debate as an all-stakes poker match upon a presentation of a better plan. Agreeing I’m a fool let the wise men speak their peace. Surely some of you have better options. Go to your keyboards and enlighten us all. In the ancient days men could go before kings and find honor through their wisdom. Think, of all you could help if your concern showed some actionable evidence. You would easily find honor and be a hero to many of the suffering. When Alexander the Great came to destroy Jerusalem wise men came out and reasoned with him and saved the city. Think of how many opinions brought no hope. Don’t be like the numbers of insignificants who are the blank pages of history. Your knowledge of God and His ways surely has netted you His favor. Use this favor to do something to honor Him. Love your neighbor as yourself and God with all your heart. How would you change the mortgage industry to be more honest? Do you have a political solution like TILA or RESPA, a judicial remedy, or a consumer solution? Help us out here. I know I have tested many of you wise guys with truth from both sides of a debate and you ridiculed without reason. Don’t expose yourselves as talking heads make us proud to be associated with you. I’m all ears as are others the platform is yours.


Gforce said...

Prov. 28:8--"He who increases his wealth by exorbitant interest amasses it for another, who will be kind to the poor."NIV----Keep it simple.

comebackfromfantasyland said...

it would have been better to not deceive and have been honest from the beginning, and you would have spared the misery initiated upon so many for an endless "just around the corner victory" device

habakkuk said...


The idiots on the blog dont care what the Bible says about anything.....thats not important. They fear man more than they do
G-d so the Bible is irrelevant.

comebackfromfantasyland said...

I see the future said...
A huge explosion will occur in Iran Tuesday. Intended to hurt others, it will fail and hurt themselves.

oh, futurama, just how big was that explosion on Tuesday?

habakkuk said...

nobody decieved anybody moron!! They read the disclosure just like i did. Their the ones that live in the fantasy world and they think getting rid of their fraudulent mortgage was like getting your oil changed.

comebackfromfantasyland said...

o come now hab, dont be irked by truth, have some man-made faith you so adore,

"just another couple of weeks" for eternity...

when you bat 0 for 18, thats not deceiving, thats called get more faith and religion for the next big thing, and you resonate to it.

Pauligirl said...

KYHOOYA said...
To: Pauligirl

I did answer your question if you look back you would have seen that.

I will answer it again for you with the understanding that you do the same when one is put to you.

The note is stamped after the signing away from you or your agent. this is done so to convert it so that it can be sold and or deposited.

The deed of trust is granted in most cases ,that the lender has the right to transfer the right of trustee aand or serveing to another from time to time.

this how ever dos'nt give them the right to transfer or convey themselfs from the deed. This is a deed of trust givin to the lender only by the borrower

The fact of the matter is that even if there was wording in the note's agreement that stated that they could transfer theere posision on the deed the documents that are and or were intended to be sold or deposited are not persented at the time of signing and there for if altered it must be taken as bad faith.

there you go please in your return statment out line with where I can see proof of you point not just hearsay.

I have copy that wee altered after the signing to back what I am saying.

Paid to the order of:

is that not considered a check for deposit by anyone in the banking arena.

2:05 PM
"Pay to the Order of" on a note is an assignment. It's allowed by the UCC code since most mortgages are sold on the secondary market. That's how banks get the money back that they lent you, so they can make other loans. Your loan terms are not changed, therefore it is not an alteration. All it does is change who you make the payments to. While you may not like your loan being sold, you are not harmed by the action.

Former Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code classified a promissory note as an instrument, and the sale of an instrument was outside the scope of Article 9. In 2001, revised Article 9 ("Revised Article 9") of the UCC was enacted into law in every state. Revised Article 9 expressly includes the sale of promissory notes within its scope. See UCC sec. 9-109(a)(3). However, there are some limitations:
1. Sales of promissory notes as part of the business from which they arose;
2. Assignments of promissory notes for collection only; and
3. Assignments of promissory notes to an assignee in satisfaction of indebtedness
These exclusions typically do not effect securitization transactions.
Here's the rest of the article that explains it quite well.

oksurewhynot said...

Nothing (Defined)
If Kurt and Scot could see the crap on this blog it would surely break them. That's why I'm confident they don't most see it. They are wasting their life on a concrete slab for nothing.
I'm sure the prison library has the book "Much Ado about Nothing". Read it Kurt/Scot, embrace it, because that's what it's about - nothing.

When the Feds are done playing they'll take away the computer toys, separate you and send you off to scary places where you can do , (that's right... nothing).

Then what? yes, you're catching on - you've got nothing. You'll get to know the meaning of a government institution. If you think mortgage and lending institutions are bad, try a PRISON institution, dudes!
Ponder this while you are doing nothing:
Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.
And that's what you've left all of us with - NOTHING.

newgurl said...

mogel, did Freedom club have any settlements resolved and come to pass?
any info?

drhfred said...

Perhaps you would like to share your comments and wisdom!

Kurt F. Johnson
Dublin FDC
5675 8th St. Camp Parks
Dublin, CA 94568

Dale Scott Heineman
Dublin FDC
5675 8th St. Camp Parks
Dublin, CA 94568

laughing lots said...

I live day to day and dont get arrested for "NOTHING", how is what they did legal?. Oh lets see, im gonna cloud and confuse a title because i know alot of big words and make it seem like the debt is paid. Then i have a BETTER idea, im gonna get the same people to borrow money from the bank next door on the clouded title and we can get them to give most of that money to us, hahahaha! And everyone is suprised these scam artist's are in jail!! And anybody who believes those scam artist are weak and brain washed.Tell you what you can join my Jim Jones Camp! If you dont agree with a Institution see an Attorney about it and make sure what you doing is LEGAL!!!!!I dont really like banks or government insitutions but im not robbing them and thats why you wonderful friends are sitting and will continue to sit behind bars... Thats good for both of them and i love it! because they have ruined more lives than you know.There are people going to jail for this crap everyday, i know everyone is reading about it. There are no get rich schemes you have to work for it, not defraud!

mogel said...

Newgirl: FCUSA is very close in finanlizing things so payouts can commence. Things are set up now, other than ordering the software. Once that is in place, they can start payoffs.

"Update: 8-21-06
We have now established our required organizations and expect all related documentation by 8/23/06. Next is submission for our software."

dgwondering said...

Byron keeps trying to keep the brainwashed faithful in line: "FCUSA is very close in finanlizing things so payouts can commence."
ROFLOL! Sure, hang in there people. The fairy godmother is about to swoop down and bless everyone just like she did all those other times. OOOPS, wait a minute. She didn't before, but if one believes none other than Mr. Byron Gashler promoter of the scam of the day, she's on her way just like all the other predictions for the success of the Dorean process.

You paid anyone back yet, Byron? Still wondering if they haven't excommunicated you too. If they still let you be a member that doesnt say much for the mormon church.

mogel said...

DG Wondering blabbered: "Still wondering if they haven't excommunicated you too. If they still let you be a member that doesnt say much for the mormon church."
Another one of your intelligent and fair ideas? Sure excommunicate everyone and anyone that HASN'T been convicted of a felony crime. A mere indictment is enough to excommunicate without a fair trial? What does that say about you? As I mentioned to you before, this ISN'T the policy of the Church, to excommunicate based upon heresay, but of course, you never listen to reason anyway & have probably forgot my previous explanation to you before, but of course, listening isn't your forte, is it?

This is called "hard evidence" in your mind? What a second, I haven't even been indicted of anything, much less convicted of anything. What evidence would you like to submit to the High Council of the Church? Oh wait a minute, you're not even a member of the Church, so really you don't EVEN have any real interest anyway. Oh wait a second, you're not even a witness. You are just "heresay" since you really don't know anything about me, never have met me in person, never have talked to me in the first person, don't know who my clients are, and have never personally witnessed anything of a material nature. Sure--- excommunicate anyone based upon heresay, no evidence, & no indictment, & no conviction. With no evidence & no competent witness. Gee, what does that say ABOUT YOU, who obviously has a bad attitude & prejudice towards the Mormon church in the first place, based upon your posts, let alone the prejudice that you constantly show towards me. Sure, your opinion goes along ways & means alot, doesn't it?

Hey Dorean Wondering, keep on wondering, because you're the stupidest person on this blog & also the most unfair & most prejudice with an obvious axe to grind. Go sharpen your axe on someone that really cares to listen to your rhetoric and B.S.

You're not even a religious person, so why do you even care? And you obviously have a contempt towards the Mormon church to boot!

Why do you mix a specific person's religion with the banking/lending issue when the two aren't even relevant to be discussed as an issue related with any relevance?

I've listened to your posts for over a year & a half now, & all you do is cry like a little girl, the whining piece of nothingness that you are. Go cry on your mother's apron strings---maybe she'll listen to you. I thinks she's calling you to come home now. Be a good little boy & obey her and go home. Maybe she'll wipe your tearing eyes and maybe she can make you feel a little better about yourself. I doubt it, but it's worth a shot.

neodemes said...

mogel wonders:

"Why do you mix a specific person's religion with the banking/lending issue when the two aren't even relevant to be discussed as an issue related with any relevance?"


Well, we have someone willing to believe that Jesus is the brother of Satan AND believes that Dorean will win in court.

'nuff said.

paw said...

Is there anyone out there that can tell me what I can do to clear up my title? I set up a trust with Scott and Kurt as trustees back in 2005. I need to open up a line of credit on my home to pay for home repairs and my daughters braces. When the bank did a title search they found that the property is in trust and that Scott and Kurt are the trustees. The bank said they need Scott and Kurt to sign off on the loan before they can process it. Can I keep the trust and appoint new trustees? Can I dissolve the trust and clear up the title? I need a remedy and fast. Please help.