Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Message to a friend

A man does not have too many friends in a lifetime and even fewer opportunities to offer wise counsel. I have that moment now so I want this moment not to pass by. As a man we are given the opportunity to choose eternity or to choose the temporal cares of this world. I know you are trapped in this matrix at this very moment. I can only advise you as one having been in this predicament many times the success I have obtained by choosing eternity. Logic and reason will betray you because they work against God in these moments. The choice you are struggling with is reasonable and right in that context. In Christ faith is the requirement. Faith is in direct contrast with logic and reason because it will have you at risk. Risk is shunned automatically by our nature but should be carefully analyzed when approaching Godly choice. Faith is the action of taking God at his word. If there were no apparent risk to our carnal nature trust would not have to be exercised. It is precisely in these moments that God's way appearing risking is the safest choice. God is not a man that He should lie, nor the Son of Man that He should repent, whatever He says He will do He will do. Your fist clue is to know that God is honest. You having your personal integrity compromised cannot be from God. Any voice promoting this behavior is not from God either. No matter how loved or respected this person is in your life Satan as a tool to dissuade you from a proper choice is using them. My friendship with you in not comprised by your choice but that is the least valuable commodity at risk. How will you raise your children to trust eternity's voice if you do not? What will you have gained if you keep them but lose their souls? If you knew what I know your choice would be easy, how much more if you go to your prayer closet and ask the living God what He would have you do? Obedience is a safe place for you! No champion of faith in the Scriptures did otherwise. All wrestled with the choice and viewed the risk as men but all said in one way or another at such times I am afraid I will trust in the Lord. Your damage by disobedience is one way. It will not be effective as a device to hurt others. Your integrity, your eternity, your destiny is what is being wagered. Scott and I are diligently praying that your faith fail not. This is all we can do as your friends to show our care for you. I know the choice is not easy for you but be encouraged that God is creator of Heaven and Earth. What sense does it really make not to trust the almighty over the voices of the blind, ignorant, and ungodly? Know that God put you in this position not to see you fail but to see you prevail. I have seen the champion in you and so has God. Come out swinging properly girded with the weapons of the spirit and your faith will be rewarded.


son of a prophet said...

on the war front, two things come to mind as critical failures by both the usa and israel.

1) israel has virutally lost the war with hezbollah by playing right into their hands; by bombing s. lebanon into virtual oblivion, there are now 1 million with no houses/family who may have opposed hezbollah now have nothing to return to, so they may now say..."well, now i have lost my house and two childern, what am i to return to? I have nothing, so i say now, 'f**k it', i might as well join hezbollah."


2) the military decision to bring most troops in iraq to defend baghdad is antoher critical error. whoever made this decision shoudl be courts martialed. by not extingusihing the insurgency, the troops in baghdad little by little, day by day will be surrounded and a massive counterattack will be mounted which they will not be able to defend and will end once and for all any debate about pulling out what troops are left/survive in iraq. this will be a checkmate, no escape, no surrender.

does one need to be a general to see this???

first rule in military warefare:


geez, even custer knew this.

tcob247 said...

Looks like someone is getting ready to jump ship on Kurt.

And Kurt is using the hammer of God to make him feel guilty

Things don't change much do they?

Seen it in Utah said...

Mogel: Matthew 24:24. You are right--I do not know the heart of the terrible twosome--but, as Fruit would say--I have seen their fruits, and they are not very tasty.

WillToFight said...

Kurt Said...

What will you have gained if you keep them but lose their souls? If you knew what I know your choice would be easy, how much more if you go to your prayer closet and ask the living God what He would have you do? Obedience is a safe place for you! No champion of faith in the Scriptures did otherwise. All wrestled with the choice and viewed the risk as men but all said in one way or another at such times I am afraid I will trust in the Lord. Your damage by disobedience is one way.

Well spoken and understood! I am not Christian but respect the Faith although there are many not at your level of "understanding" and "ability" (NeodoWantoobee comes to mind) anyway, I should not use him in the same discussion. Children should listen and not speak, they might learn something.

I have my battle going on due to this process. But as I said before and I'll will say it again, as I am in the middle of this battle with a "Gatekeeper" Circuit Court Judge and have the transcripts to have him removed. I joined this process no matter what happens, there must be a battle and a war or else the children that we claim to protect will truely become slaves.

The elite control every aspect of society. It must be broken down to some degree and even further.

I will continue my personal battle that is a pilot! Yeah, they raise your name Kurt and Scott. However, I will stand with the fact that we are right!

The the Good Fight!

mogel said...

Seen It in Utah: You have seen the fruit of the lenders and the courts. That isn't the fruits of Dorean. This battle is far from over.

newgurl said...

was the judgey recused yesterday?

Yetter said...

A quote from the book The Nature of Goverment."We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion,the stage where the goverment is free to do anything it pleases while the citizen may act only by permission,which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force." We have been there for some time.I'm surprised they haven't sent Kurt and Scott to a chicken coop at gitmo yet.

Seen it in Utah said...

Mogel: If you could back up a little and take a view of this stuff with a less biased eye, I think you would find that, while the battle is not over, the battle from here only goes steeply downhill. I fear you have been deceived, and what you take for godly righteousness is the very essence of what can deceive "the very elect." Truly, what good has come to date? Nothing good has happened. No properties are free and clear. Foreclosures are rampant, and Heineman and Johnson are in jail. How can this possibly from something righteous?

whatdoyoumean said...

Foreclosures are rampant, and Heineman and Johnson are in jail. How can this possibly from something righteous?

Why don't you look at the big picture? Foreclosures are rampant without ANY involvement from Dorean. Look at the statistics. You are in the industry. How many areas in the country do bubbles exist? How can this possibly be corrected without damage? What percentage of the country is deeply in personal debt? Just trying to make a living. To own the average $400k home in California you would be required to make over $100k in income. How many "stated" income loans are being floated everyday by your righteous lenders? Are they committing fraud everyday? Do the banks know it? Please answer Utah.....

papa_dont_preach said...

And I wonder out of all those rampant foreclosures, how many of them where required to show proof of the original note and not an affidavit of a lost or stolen note?

papa_dont_preach said...

...Prior to foreclosing.

mogel said...

Seen It in Utah said: "Nothing good has happened."
That's your bias perspective.

The truth is that the banks have been put in legal default by not answering the presentment. The banks may have well benefited from the dorean bond too, which probably is good for them. They ignore this reality & still they act as if they have a legitimate lien even though in essence they've been paid.

Eventually, this is all going to bite them in the butt. Then, you'll know that good has come out of the seeds that have been planted either when K&S go free unconvicted or clients are paid through a settlement. If the Courts can't convict, then, they have serious problems too. This can only be good for Dorean & their clients.

K&S have been imprisoned for approx. 13 months now without any bail & it seems that the government could drag this out a long time if they have their way. That certainly isn't good, but the actions of the Courts & those that put them there is a 2 edged sword that cuts both ways.

Don't put a time frame on judging this matter. Many have done this including yourself & have become disillusioned & have judged wrongly.

complainers suck said...

If this message is truly to someone who is "about to turn" as tcob247 believes, what "message to a friend" do you have for the two brokers on the run?

It seems to me that they have been called to "champion" the same truthseeking mission/cause, but they chose to flee the country instead. What message do you have for them?

wantobefree said...


Seen it in Utah said...

Mogel: I guess no matter what happens you will continue to parrot the company line. Ifeel bad for you because I genuinely think you are sincere in your belief--and I know it will only lead to a bad ending for you. Mybe you are in so deep that you have to "keep the faith" so that you can cover yourself legally and for potential future criminal liability. At any rate, I hope things go okay for you and wish you the best of luck.

princess said...

i have never posted here before but do occasionally pop in to see what people are saying. After reading this post, i just had to say some things. Kurt, just who do you think you are? There have been many people on here affected by this bullshit, me and my family are included. I see this post as nothing more than you using GOD to manipulate someone. Hopefully the person that you are addressing knows his place with GOD, he will make the right decision and do nothing more than speak the TRUTH. GOD can ask nothing more. Meanwhile you will continue to play little games with the goverment,manipulate people who for some reason believe in you and continue to make promises that never come true.
I cannot say that I am a big fan of TCOB, but I have to agree with him on this one. You are definitly trying to make someone feel guilty.
This whole situation is very sad. To all of you who thought you could get your house for free and walk away with money in you pocket....are you kidding me? I find it so crazy that some of you bash the system that you joined(for your own selfish reasons) and then you get pissed off because it did not work for you. Here is a question for you.. If it had worked, you actually have your house for free and 25,000 in you pocket, would you be bitching or praising. And for all of you who think that in a short time your judgements will be paid...hold your breath, i will check with you when you are six feet under. Lesson to be learned...IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBLEY IS. No matter what side of this you are on, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

whatdoyoumean said...


Please answer.....

How many "stated" income loans are being floated everyday by your righteous lenders? Are they committing fraud everyday? Do the banks know it?

Why is it acceptable for every loan broker and bank rep in california to commit fraud several times a day?

complainers suck said...

General Docket
US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
Court of Appeals Docket #: 06-73277 Filed: 6/28/06
Nsuit: 0
Johnson, et al v. USDC-CAN
Appeal from: Northern District of California (San Francisco)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Case type information:
1) original proceeding
2) mandamus
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Lower court information:

District: 0971-3 : CR-05-00611-WHA
presiding judge: William H. Alsup, Distict Judge
Date Filed: **/**/**
Date order/judgment: **/**/**
Date NOA filed: **/**/**
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Fee status: due

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Prior cases:
Current cases:

Docket as of August 9, 2006 11:22 pm Page 1

06-73277 Johnson, et al v. USDC-CAN

KURT F. JOHNSON Kurt F. Johnson
Petitioner [COR LD NTC prs]
5675 8th Street
Dublin, CA 94568



CALIFORNIA No appearance

Real Party in Interest (See above)

Docket as of August 9, 2006 11:22 pm Page 2

06-73277 Johnson, et al v. USDC-CAN







Real Party in Interest

Docket as of August 9, 2006 11:22 pm Page 3

06-73277 Johnson, et al v. USDC-CAN

INTEREST OF FILING. (MOATT) [06-73277] (wp)

8/9/06 Order Filed: Petrs have not demostrated that effective
post-conviction rev is unattainable. (cite) Accordingly,
the pet for wit of mandamus is DENIED. DENIED. (
Terminated on the Merits after Submission Without Oral
Hearing; Denied; Written, Unsigned, Unpublished. Mary M.
[06-73277] (se)

Docket as of August 9, 2006 11:22 pm Page 4

Seen it in Utah said...

Whatdoyoumean: I am not denying that a lot of bad stuff happens in the world--including by loan brokers and lenders--however, two wrongs does not make a right. When you make a promise to repay-the right thing to do is keep the promise. You should not let wrong doing by others make you think that you can get away with breaking your promise. That is what your own honor and integrity should dictate.

whatdoyoumean said...


Would you agree that a loan officer or broker that has been in the business for several years has committed fraud HUNDREDS of times?

How many is ok?

You are so concerned about the conduct of 2 men. The entire system is corrupt. Your only reason for denying it is it is your income at stake. 2 wrongs don't make a right, and you can't selectively prosecute them but still claim justice.

whatdoyoumean said...

Does gaining experience and becoming a "good" loan broker include learning how to be "creative" and break the law?

Does it include establishing relationships with others that will bend the rules for you?

Do "good" loan officers benefit financially by committing fraud?

I believe that loan brokers have some of the highest incomes of ANY profession.

Seen it in Utah said...

WDYM: I have met people from the entire spectrum--brokers that I would not do business with, all the way to some of the best, hard-working and honest people that I know. But, as you know, virtually every profession has crooks, cheats and liars. There are crooks in evey profession. There are crooked politicians, lawyers, bankers, doctors, accountants, McDonald's employees, and pretty much any profession you can name. I just do not believe that claiming a sytem is rotten gives a person moral grounds to break their own covenants. If you judge your own behavior by the actions of others, are you essentially claiming moral relativism--saying that there really is no right and wrong--just varying degrees of right and wrong. I am not a believer in moral relativism.

whatdoyoumean said...

Me neither.

But you do believe in selective justice?

You can't be an honest loan broker. It is impossible to stay in business in an inflated market.

When people don't qualify they inflate the numbers. You know it and so do I. How dishonest do you need to be to be considered crooked?

Seen it in Utah said...

I may be just lucky--but I would say that the brokers I work with are honest people.

Seen it in Utah said...

WTYM: Are you a Dorean broker or client?

Seen it in Utah said...

WDYM: If you don't want to answer that questions, how about this: what do you do for a living? It sounds like you have personal experience relating to mortgage brokerages.

mogel said...

Utah said: "I just do not believe that claiming a sytem is rotten gives a person moral grounds to break their own covenants."
That's an interesting form of wording that you use when you use the word "covenant" which in essence is a 2 way promise or a bilateral agreement. Each party agrees to certain things. There is no agreement if one party reniggs or doesn't perform according to their representations. That's simple stuff.

The loan agreement is not a legally enforceable agreement by it's very nature and the way lenders do business. Legally they shouldn't prevail in their fraud, and that's fair or moral regardless how you choose to twist things.

In essence the borrower hasn't done anything wrong because he still never got a bonified loan.

The original agreement was never solidified because the borrower was lied to from the very beginning thinking he was going to get a loan, not produce the value for his own loan. How can lenders morally or legally enforce their alleged bogus rights when there is plenty of contract law to prevent banks & lenders from enforcing their agreements done under the guise of fraud, lack of disclosure, and deceit and unjust enrichment.

dgwondering said...

Byron Gashler lies again: "The truth is that the banks have been put in legal default by not answering the presentment."

Sorry, doofuss, legally the banks aren't in default unless someone overturns the court's rulings and it aint happening.

Lies, lies, lies and more lies to keep Byron's clients from suing his sorry ass when they lose their homes.

I hope the feds finally cart your butt off to California to face the same music the other promoters are or the people you scammed come after you.

Why hasn't your church tossed you?

kaz4541 said...

Mr. Johnson

Will this still be over in August??

verboy said...

Hey Princess

Here is something for you to pop in on. You and your family got hurt by this process because you thought you were getting something for nothing. My property is in foreclosure and I believe in what Kurt and Scott are doing 100%.Did you actually think the banks would just lay down. Actually , they did in the case of someone I know . That person hasn't paid a dime on their mortgage in two years and there has been no court action.
Blame the bankers and the judges who are actively trying to stick it to you everey day of your life not a couple of guys that are trying to help you. You obviously don't understand the abuse that banks are administering on people if you think Kurt and Scott are acting in bad faith.

newgurl said...

complainers suck said...
General Docket

...thanks for the update that no one else wants to talk about.

neodemes said...

"Don't put a time frame on judging this matter."

Moogie, the original time frame was 45-90 days (or whatever) be FREE & Clear.


The latest time frame, stated by your boy was August - all settled.

Tick tock.

neodemes said...

newgurl said...

...thanks for the update that no one else wants to talk about.

Oh, we talk about it...

Recusal Denied

whatdoyoumean said...

WDYM: If you don't want to answer that questions, how about this: what do you do for a living? It sounds like you have personal experience relating to mortgage brokerages.

I was going to be a loan broker but I couldn't stomach lying everyday all day. You must not understand how a loan broker presents their packages if you think they are honest. They range from a little dirty to outright crooks.

It's ok though if they are a little dirty right?? Just don't make it to obvious. Make your lies beleivable and the banks will take it even though they know it's a lie. You just have to make it look good.

Yetter said...

Neo..nice site and the comments by you show the same impartiality of Bill Alsup.

son of a prophet said...


these guys know what they are doing.


if you are a beginning chess player, wathcing the moves in a game between grandmasters makes abslolutely no sense to you.

i am beginning to see what is going on here and what they are attempting to do.

indeed, many, many 'traps' are beign laid, one at a time.

this will take time however, but try to be patieint.

mogel said...

Speaking of the many Civil Cases Judge Alsup presided over, here is the so called evidence that Judge Alsup is a fair person and Judge:

"In awarding attorneys' fees to the mortgage company defendants in the civil actions Judge Alsup found that some of the requested amounts "were INFLATED or presented [with] INSUFFICIENT specificity to SUPPORT the requested amount." The Francis Kenny Family Trust, 2005 WL 106792 at *6. In some cases, he LOWERED the requested attorneys' fee by MORE than two-thirds. Id. Such actions are hardly those of one who cannot exercise fair judgment."

Now let's analyze this for a moment. Judge Alsup recognized that the lawyers for the banks lied and purposely inflated their true attorney fees in defending the action as the Defendants. Judge Alsup didn't chastize them, or refer them to the Bar Association for their lies and obvious lack of evidence to justify their alleged costs and bad behaviour on trying to get MORE than they deserve, he just IGNORED IT by covering for the bank's attorney's bad behaviour by lowering the figure that the Dorean Group should pay. Since Judge Alsup assumed that the civil cases were brought in bad faith, the Dorean Group should pay for the bank's costs to defend these actions, however, as usual, and true to form, the GREEDY banks are ALWAYS trying to get more than what they fairly deserve.

The question arises, isn't lying by attorney's & inflating fees something that should be sanctioned too by Judge Alsup and referred to proper authorities to consider sanctions? How objective and fair is Judge Alsup, or is this just another case of showing whose team he is really on? Judge Alsup was quick to refer HIS rulings of his Civil case to prosecutors so that fraud charges could be levied against the Dorean Group. Why didn't he do the same for these lying attorney's that thought they could pull a fast one and make money they WEREN'T entitled to by their work in defending the suits?

Selective prosecution, selective justice, are two words that come to mind. Yea, Judge Alsup is fair, isn't he? LOL

mogel said...

SOP said: "indeed, many, many 'traps' are beign laid, one at a time."
You're exactly correct. Every time the Courts throw out a motion, or deny a motion by the Dorean Group, the whole history of all of this will show the bad behaviour of the Court & complicity of the government and show the agenda to win at all costs and ignore all of the rules that are set up to protect people's rights.

Judge Alsup should have been recused. He was not. Another Judge, ruled as such. Another proof that there's something rotten in Denmark. Judge Alsup's civil rulings did not present any evidence in his court to discredit the Dorean process and rule it a fraudulent process. He didn't consider the dorean bond, or agency by estoppel, or the fact that the lenders were put in legal default, or any of the basic fundamentals at law or even consider the affidavit of truth that challenged the lenders to deny by evidence. No evidence by the lenders were presented, against the challenges the presentment gave, yet the civil cases were still ruled upon against the Dorean Group. Judge Alsup ruling basically defies the spirit and purpose of the FDCPA as if these federal laws don't exist and were never passed as law.

After so many blatant sucker punches, you begin to realize, this is a rigged game, and isn't about justice or getting at the full truth, but to completely discredit the Dorean group and their process, so people won't investigate the message since the messengers can't be trusted because the Court, government, and press said so and so decreed time after time, by breaking all of the rules of decency and fairness.