Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mr. Big (7-1-09)

I have learned a lesson long ago that a man who magnifies the Lord with praise simultaneously shrinks his problems. There are so many great examples from scripture. Moses, Daniel, the three Hebrews, Deborah, Elijah, David and others. If I had failed in this exercise alone I would find myself in despair overwhelmed by my problems. Yet there is something about seeing the bigness of God that gives you hope. I can dwell endlessly on Alsup and his many vicious weapons but he is very small to God. I know I am not the first to face impossible odds and life threatening trials. How many have gone before me as champions of faith proving God faithful over and over again? I consider it a special joy to be called worthy of this great company of saints. God is still seeking testimonial witness today. Their stories are great and strengthen my faith but God is still alive and working. Testimony must continue and not cease with the dead. Faith is for the living not the dead. Every saint who has been battle tested that I know would not trade their new found wisdom obtained through suffering for comfort. My vote agrees with them. I may have lost my reputation, client’s trust, friends, money, time and other joys but I’ve received a larger measure of Christ. If this is God’s wrath and punishment as my critics contend then I say God’s wrath is sweeter than love. Why can’t God use my little trial as a big show of His glory? Is not my generation entitled to a relevant witness. If not me who? Like that donkey in Shrek “Pick me, Pick me.” Pick me as a testimony to your glory. Pick my Dorean plan to bring truth to the mortgage industry as a model of what you can do with the weak of this world. Repeat your pattern of bringing down the proud and demanding justice. Show your resurrection power can pierce any sealed tomb of man’s making. Rebuke those who claim all hope is lost. Reward all those who trust in you. Be God and let us be your servants. Use us wisely. Cause us to dance the dance of victory on the necks of those who opposed you. Take my name off of Dorean and make it your sovereign gift. Let those who contend with me contend with you. Show the world that Dorean was your origin and not of men. As the womb in kindness delivered your savior to this world deliver Dorean. Show them who Mr. Big is.


habakkuk said...

Woooooooo!!! Yeah!!! Great post!

(Just felt a spontaneous burst of praise)

sopsback said...

reading something from anther blog made me think of something....

since when has the strategy of the dg changed?

it has become obvious that it is now concerned with the courts/appeals/atturnme's/etc

when did the dg decide to enter commerce?

ie., what happened to remedies that the court would be unable to stop like the UCC process/admin remedy?

i dont understnad this at all?

and why the dg doesnt learn how to arrest a judges bond and put him off the bench and lost his retriement money too?

maybe mongol can esplain this??

it sure is puzziling to say the least :-O

mogel007 said...

SOP: You brought out an interesting point, however, I really don't think the Dorean strategy or plan has changed, but only the conditions have changed. In the beginning, it was believed that criminal charges would never be filed. That belief turned out to be wrong.

The presentments still stand as truth and all the defaults of the lenders show that the mortgage liens are legally invalid, but since Alsup didn't follow the law or recognize our administrative remedy, other tactics are being used. Even now Alsup still doesn't have jurisdiction because his rulings were based on fantasy, and not based on good law, so hopefully the appeal courts can rule accordingly some day. The clients haven't lost any rights or remedies they still enjoy even now.

Have you ever been right on an issue, but was not recognized as such?

I believe mostly the appeals are mainly to try & get a get out of jail free card issued for Kurt & Scott. The court sentenced them there, so maybe only an appeal ruling can get them out of jail.

If one believes the Dorean plan was of God from the beginning, and not of man, than the "administrative remedy" stands on it's own merits and only needs to be recognized accordingly to be effective.

You see the conditions of the mortgage market have changed dramatically since Dorean came on the scene. Maybe all of the fraud of the lending industry will force the government and the courts to change things and free two innocent men? This knowledge of all the lending fraud going on is much more known today than before Dorean came on the scene. You just have to read the paper or listen to the news to hear some after math of this fraud & how it's affecting everyone's economic life and job security.

As far as arresting a Judges bond and putting him off the bench etc., do you know anyone who has successfully done this? In theory it sounds good, but it seems the Judges stick together and law enforcement agencies seem hesitant to stick their necks out on enforcement against Judges.

sopsback said...

look, you know that from day one gong on years now, that i have never been critical of the dg...and i am not being cirtical now either...however..

having listented to the take no prisoners show now for a few years, i got to agree with tehm on one i mite turn out to be wroing as you say, but, asking "the beast" to let you from its teeth is like asking the 3 bears to let goldilox go aint happenin'; anytime, you have to kick the beast in the teeth if you want to let him go. i just think that they are making an error in judgement. granted, its easy to be an armchair qb not under day to day duress of just staying alive..but this is my opinion.

now, regarding alsup/admin remedy, as i understand it, he has no bearing on it as it would be in intl jurisdictin, so i am not quite sure what alsup has to do with it or how he can preent it as an AR is OUTSIDE OF COMMERCE whihc is outside of his jurisdiction.

reagarding arresting a judges bond, the same is outside of commerce...billy jack shit, not a damn thing that a judge would be able to do..accoridng to TNP, the mere threat of it would have a judge recuse hisself from the bengch.

arresting a bond would be outside of commerce again, filing a lien with the agecny that holds his public bond...whover that mite be..ex. LLOYDS, AIG, etc...render him unisurabel, thus unemployable.

now the catch is that he could defend it, BUT, then he would have to come OUTSIDE of commerce...BUT, then he would be forced to admit that he is a public fiction, as well as you...trapped. he wont do it. its a total notarial process. thier system swallows its tail.

go listen to the aug 16 show of TNP and then come back and tell me what you thinkg???

sopsback said...

sopsback said...

ads you know, ive withheld my comments for a very very long time now...hower, i now feel that my comment is warranted.

assuming that what k says on this blog is true, and it only an assumtpiotn, as i know enuf to know that you cant trust anyone when you take on a task like this..not even your brother, father, wife, etc.

"let not your right hand know what the left hand is doing"

the reason is that you can be "sold out" even if unintentionally by those who are naive.

so if what k says is true, about his actions, then i now feel that he is going off course for what was origianlly intended. the AR etc.

what he is now doing is fine if he wants to be a martyr, and thats fine too, but it is not going to get the beast to let go voluntarily from its grip.

i feel taht a new approach is now required, one that gets back to what he was origianlly doing with paperwork, and not using lawyoers, as lawyers aer sworn to uphold the bankruptcy and first obligation is to the court not the client. the results of this approach will be mediocre at best.

but he is the qb, so obviously he can do waht he wants, but "hitting the books" and learning more about he admin process for dealing with the beast would be better suited in my opinon and get him out faster also.

sopsback said...

and while i am at it. whatever happend to flebag???

ya know, now that much time has passed, when i used to listen to that guy speak on the old audio shows, for some rason i nver trusted him. really.

there was something that just rang out as phony to me...the way he would speak arrogantly and hurredly, as if from a script...same way i bagged al turner to be a rat, same with flebag...way to arrogant...

see, as the mind knows what is true, then informants must cover their fear with "would you dare quesstion me, i am a really tuff guy....turner and flebag..same traits.

see infromants must 'overplay' their hand, wihch is basiclly 7-high in 5 card poker. they got nothing, so this is how they cover it- using bluff, ie., (fake) tuffness, arrogance

i heard k and drf speak, and never got that impression from them. k seemd sincere and drf wuld just do anything to help his son lik any fahter woould

sopsback said...

like don corleen sayed:

"i did bizness with hymen roast, but i never trusted hymen roast"....


"i knew it was brazini all along..."

sopsback said...


former supine coat judge bean sauteed....


judge rehnquist meant that all prisoners waived tgheir rights by "contracting" with the court

from step 1:

judge: "waht is your name?"

defdt: "what is your name?"

jugs: I ask you aagin, what is your name?"

defdnt: "excuse me, are you attempting to get me to confess to being a corporate fiction"?

jugs: "are you xxx xxxxxx'?

defdnt: "no, i am the trustee for xxx xxxxx"

admint nohting. sign NOTHING


anythng you sign will be turned into a evidence/confession of being surety for a corp fiction

all the way down to

defdnt: "judge are you a gambler?

defndt: "would you care to gamble that i can place a lien and seize your public bond and render you uninsurable and thus unable to continue from the bench?"

"would you kindly tell me where the office of RISK MANAGEMENT that handles federal/county judges is?"

"it looks like i have some business to conduct there"

sopsback said...

now obviously, htis is very simplified, and will take some study, but it will take jsut as long if not longer to work thru the court/atty system and probably a whole lot less resluts too.

sopsback said...

bottom line ist to contact an expert like dr. s k for this. and listhen to his weekly shows.

sopsback said...


Special Update:

1:00 EST

Bank Failure Looming?

I've heard from a pretty reliable source that a major regional bank with more than 100 locations is under FDIC control control as of this hour and they will likely be announced by FDIC after the market close today. Not certain and not verified, but I Guaranty this will be interesting. Are there more?

mogel007 said...

SOP said: "i am not quite sure what alsup has to do with it or how he can prevent it as an AR is OUTSIDE OF COMMERCE which is outside of his jurisdiction."

The point is Judge Alsup made the Dorean business his business & his agenda & he ruled on it, that the "process was a scam" as judged by even the Better Business Bureau. Course he had to steal the case from another Judge to further his agenda & issue his opinions.
Judge Alsup said: "Never has he seen such bad faith". Not exactly the words of an open minded person or fair person. I would think Mr. Alsup hasn't seen very much in his life, if he truly believed his own statement.

I believe there were efforts on getting a forfeiture of the courts bond, but that was met with resistance from the court & clerk of court.

judge allslop said...

"People who want to dine with the devil need a spoon with a very long handle."

Referring to the Harry Schultz newsletter (HSL), he said "Conclusion: Stand by for a possible bank run & bank holiday on Aug 26th, after the news breaks on the 25th (from the FDIC 2nd Quarter Report). This is in line
with the HSL prediction of a US bank holiday in August or September. If you live in the United States, obtain 3 to 6 months household expense money out of banks now." The FDIC report could reveal the worsened insolvency of the US banking system generally, causing major ripple shock waves, revealing their broken condition. A number of US Embassies have been instructed to load up on local currencies. Either US banks will not be available to dispense USDollars, or perhaps foreign sources may not accept USDollars.
In the months of September and October, they are ready to sell several hundred billion$ worth of USTreasurys in order to salvage what they can. It is unclear whether a race to the exits will ensue, or an orderly dumping will take place in an organized global insurrection. Creditor sovereigns are totally frustrated, fuming angry, and fed up, no patience remaining. They want a severe event to change the status quo in the financial structures led by the US-UK, to unseat the Anglos from power. They have stated to the USGovt their concerns about lost valuation, lost integrity, and continued threat of debasement. They are frustrated that not only are USGovt deficits enormous and unprecedented in size, but further expansive programs like Health Care are in planning stages. The creditors regard the US political and banking leaders as living in a world divorced from reality. The hidden topic that exacerbates the creditors is the endless costly war, which might be reaching a climax stage in Afghanistan. The NATO troop tension with the USMilitary is growing exponentially. Extending the war into Pakistan has inflamed the region and allied participants, a symbol being the planned $1 billion USEmbassy in Pakistan.

sopsback said...

I believe there were efforts on getting a forfeiture of the courts bond, but that was met with resistance from the court & clerk of court.



the court clerk for exlam;ple would be liable for neglignece. it is not her job to decide what to file. she is merely a clerk.
her bond to can be seixzed.

the main issue is taht any jusge with any brains would not call your bluff.

arersting the bond would be filed with an risk mgt./assurancne agency.

the courst cannot prevent you from doing thsi.

have you listend to the aug. 16 show of TNP??

if not, then do so and then come back and comment.

sopsback said...

how wood one arrest a judges bong?

rember, you dont need to be an atty to do this.

some ressearch, which for public officials can esily be found as its pulbic informatin.

1) find out who holds the judges indemnity bond.

2) file a lein aginst it

how? not very difficult. how do the tax agneciies file a levy/lein agisnt your property?

draft a doc, "NOTICE OF LIEN", "NOTICE OF LEVY", be creative. maybe even take an examp;le form from the tax agiency what they use. copy it and change the headres.

send it certified mail to the bondholder. he cannot ignore it w/o risk to hmself/his aegncy

copY furnish the SoS

if a fed judge, then this may take a bit of reserch to find out who should get copies, but it can easily be done. takes time. yes, but certainly no more tima than its gong to take to wind thru the "legal process"

wehn his bond is revoked, even if temporarily, he cannot now sit on the have one angry jug beans. and a lawyer cannot help him b/c this is OUTSIDE OF COMMERCE

sopsback said...

lawyer cannot help him b/c this is OUTSIDE OF COMMERCE

if you claim to udnerstnd that courts are CORPs, then you understand that you contracted to be there.

sopsback said...

what he is now doing is fine if he wants to be a martyr, and thats fine too, but it is not going to get the beast to let go voluntarily from its grip.


because who is the 'beast'??

you know who it is and this is his kingdom.

sorry to say it, but approaching it from any other way will lead to disaster.

here is where i dont necessarily agree with some ot the postings here.

god will protect your soul agianst the beast, but not necessarily agiasnt the beasts doings agaisnt you on this planet.

rember, god the father abrogated authority for the day to day goings on teh earth to the beast/satan

he is only concerned about salvation, so everyone will suffer and hang on the cross one way or the other as previously stated.

kurts soul is guranteed safe. but gettng the beast to let go of him, may be anther matter....unless by doing so, then anther purpose is fullfilled. but its much to early to say that and we are also dealing with the 2011/2012 issue which i bleive is real whihc at worst is going to put a time constraint on this dg matter once and for all.

rapture anyone?

sopsback said...

ok now. NO EXCUSES!!


download or stream from quicktime player

each hour is broken into 2 parts

aug 16 1st hour parts I & II

part 1 1st hour

part 2 1st hour

2nd hour parts I & II

part 1 2nd hour

part 2 2nd hour


sopsback said...




Ease of Use

Although this lien strategy is explosive, it’s more like nitro-glycerin than hydrogen bombs. You need to be
knowledgeable and careful to use nitro-glycerin, but you don’t need to be a nuclear physicist. However,
nitro-glycerin can blow up in your face if you handle it carelessly!
Likewise, "bombing" government officials with liens is a craft, not a science, that can be used as easily by
knowledgeable pro se’s as it can by lawyers and legal scholars. The commercial lien is simple, inexpensive,
and takes very little time. It requires no court action or judge’s approval. And, it has proven to be very
direct and effective, if it is handled correctly. However, a few careless pro se’s have had their liens "blow
up" in their faces (see Chapter 5), so be meticulous when you use them

sopsback said...

The Helplessness of Judges
The commercial lien, which is authorized both by the common law and by Title 15 of the United States
Code (USC), is reportedly the same lien the IRS uses to take Americans’ homes and cars. However, some
pro se litigants do not depend upon Title 15, but upon the common law of negotiable instruments (a.k.a.
Commercial Law).
Page 6As such, it’s almost impossible to remove a commercial lien without the approval of the individual claimant
who filed the lien. Although a commercial lien can be challenged by a common law court or by a 7th
Amendment jury trial, it does not require a court process or a court judgment for its establishment, validity,
or execution. Therefore, it appears that the courts may not be able to simply extinguish this lien on their own
discretion (or on motion from the lien debtors) without the voluntary approval of the person who filed the
Traditionally, these liens can only be removed by the voluntary decision of the person who filed the lien, by
the decision of a constitutional common-law jury trial, or by waiting 99 or 100 years. Since the common law
has been smothered in the U.S.A., all judges are essentially powerless to overcome the liens.

sopsback said...


listent up jug beans!!

soon you will be facing this too as peple wise up to it!

and like i siad before, billy jack said: "and there aint a dam thing that you can do about it to remvoe the lean"


In August 1992, Mr. Nelson Starr, who lives in Florida, filed a lien on several federal
judges, the Commissioner of the IRS, the Attorney General of the United States, one or more U.S.
attorneys for the Southern District of Florida, and several other individuals, in the amount of $350,000 on
each individual. The officials asked Mr. Alan Diamond, President of the Florida Bar Association, to inspect
the lien and see if it was lawful or not.
In spite of his desire to please his powerful friends, Diamond could find nothing illegal about the lien. In fact,
in a sworn affidavit, Diamond declared that, "...the document causes irreparable harm to the system of the
administration of justice. While some of the harm may be compensable at law, no degree of compensation
will adequately remedy the damage to the appearance of integrity of those named and of the system of the
administration of justice. In my opinion, the filing of this type of lien is a direct attack on the justice system
and on the general reputations of those named in the "lien." It may negatively impact on the financial credit
rating of those individuals. It will probably have a negative impact on their willingness to continue to serve as
representatives of the United States. And, it constitutes an abuse of civil process that cannot be adequately
remedied by an action at law. [emphasis added]" In plain English, Diamond did not like the lien, but couldn’t
find any way to extinguish it. Further, he seemed to say that these liens could drive public officials right
out of office! For libertarians and patriots, that is a powerful endorsement!

sopsback said...

filed a lien on several federal

The officials asked Mr. Alan Diamond, President of the Florida Bar Association, to inspect
the lien

it constitutes an abuse of civil process that cannot be adequately
remedied by an action at law. [emphasis added]" In plain English, Diamond did not like the lien, but couldn’t
find any way to extinguish it.

sopsback said...

see above jug baens.

somenone put a lean on yur *ss, then not even f lee bally can take it off.

how yo like that??? :_)))

sopsback said...

cannot be adequately
remedied by an action at law.

like i said, it cannot be remedied AT LAW or COMMERCE.

so jug, in order to remdy it, like i said earalier you have to come out of hiding (behind cmmerce) but then yo *ss is still cooked becoss then you will have to admit to being a corp fiction


sopsback said...


sopsback said...


it’s almost impossible to remove a commercial lien without the approval of the individual claimant
who filed the lien.


sopsback said...

unless the claimant take it off.

bend ova jug beans!

corse yo like that anyways.....

sopsback said...

wonda if that guy hansen knew that..impsible to estinguish wehn he filled leans for like $9000 trillion ....guess the only way the govt.could do it was to stinguish the claimant altheoggher.....and being evil as they are, maybe that waht hoppens...

sopsback said...

hey jug old aer you??

jsut wndering if you be around next 99-100 years??

Traditionally, these liens can only be removed by the voluntary decision of the person who filed the lien, by
the decision of a constitutional common-law jury trial, or by waiting 99 or 100 years. Since the common law
has been smothered in the U.S.A., all judges are essentially powerless to overcome the liens.

sopsback said...

all yo out there...list up..




near the end said...

Judge Allslop that will never happen your paranoid.

sopsback said...

"OK jug beans...i had enuf of this noncents....i order you to drop all process against me o i gonna file a lean agins yo * fat on it....sizzzzlien shaved wont like it..."

sopsback said...


judge allslop said...

Near the end. Good, pray the information is seriously delusional.

judge allslop said...

Pretty soon Joe’s Pizza Parlor can buy a bank for one large pepperoni.
Meanwhile the banking shares index is on a bull tear. The Wall Street / Main Street disconnect is at a spiritual level.

FDIC Is Set to Loosen Rules to Buy Failed Banks

In an attempt to attract more buyers for failed banks, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. is expected next week to soften its proposed restrictions on private-equity firms buying collapsed lenders, according to people familiar with the matter. While FDIC officials still are hammering out details of the final rule, the agency is expected to back away from some parts of its July proposal, including a requirement that buyout firms that bid on failed institutions maintain much thicker capital cushions than banks, these people said. The FDIC, grappling with 80 bank failures this year, the most since 1992, is trying to strike a delicate balance. It wants to lure more capital into the banking industry but is wary of putting banks in the hands of investors who might promote risky lending practices or ditch the investments if profits don’t quickly materialize. The FDIC’s original proposal sparked an outcry among private-equity firms, which warned that the rules were unnecessarily onerous and would deter them from bidding on failed banks.

near the end said...

Aug. 25th we will see 3 more day's.

judge allslop said...

Near end. What's the hurry,you got a train to catch? Let's see what the crime syndicate has to say next week after a little fly fishing and few fine cigars. This is certainly nothing I care to have happen, but we as a country have certainly earned.

judge allslop said...

What’s the rush? Do they know something?

Buyout Firms Race to Build Yuan Funds to Tap China

HONG KONG — Foreign firms that include some of the biggest names in U.S. private equity are rushing to raise Chinese funds that offer a new route to getting deals done in the world’s fastest-expanding major economy. In the latest example, Carlyle Group LLC is in advanced discussions to raise a local-currency private-equity fund of several billion yuan, according to people familiar with the situation, after already setting up a previously undisclosed smaller yuan fund earlier this year for growth-capital investments. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. also is actively studying setting up a yuan-denominated fund.

sopsback said...

Conclusion: Stand by for a possible bank run & bank holiday on Aug 26th, after the news breaks on the 25th (from the FDIC 2nd Quarter Report).

sopsback said...


sopsback said...

still yet to sea a bank with legs on it! LOLLOOL!

judge allslop said...

The current myth that passage of time will bring the USEconomy out of the recession, with the medicine in the system, as in rescues completed for the financial firms, ultra-low interest rates offered to borrowers for over a year, and stimulus delivered by the USGovt. What patent nonsense! Rescues of banks are reimbursed payouts for worthless bonds and outright bond fraud. That is fraud redemption, not business investment. Low interest rates mean nothing to insolvent households, jobless workers, and businesses in fast retreat. They need new legitimate income sources. The USGovt Stimulus contains tiny stimulus, plenty of plugged holes for state budgets, massive pork projeccts, and shallow energy programs for the future. At a tense meeting in last July, Geithner told USFed Chairman Bernanke, Securities & Exchange Commission Chairman Schapiro, and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp Chairman Bair to end recent public criticism of the stupid plan. The targets decry their loss of authority with full justification. Geithner vented frustration over the lack of progress to seize total bank authority, like an emperor denied his throne from a failed Coup d'Etat. Geithner showed disrespect for the regulators with various obscenities. The political drama centered upon Geithner's unprofessional display has obscured a huge unresolved issue, treatment of financial institutions that are dead but enormous. The Wall Street conmen and the USGovt hack ministers cannot manage large financial firms during a crisis or during normal times.

judge allslop said...

Judge bean , you care so much about the little guy and that bad man Kurt, where's your voice? Up your ass.

By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER, Associated Press Writer Stephen Ohlemacher, Associated Press Writer – 22 mins ago
WASHINGTON – Millions of older people face shrinking Social Security checks next year, the first time in a generation that payments would not rise. The trustees who oversee Social Security are projecting there won't be a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for the next two years. That hasn't happened since automatic increases were adopted in 1975. By law, Social Security benefits cannot go down. Nevertheless, monthly payments would drop for millions of people in the Medicare prescription drug program because the premiums, which often are deducted from Social Security payments, are scheduled to go up slightly.