Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whoring Around 11/22/10

Ezekiel Chapter 23 describes the northern tribes (Aholah) and the southern tribes (Aholibah) of National Israel as women God entered a relationship with. Their names each colloguialism of the day for loose women. Women who preferred to wear their skirts over their heads as opposed to their loins.

I know a little of this type of women. My 2nd love was a loose woman I was too stupid to avoid. As much as I desired to domesticate her I could not change the way she wore her skirt. 3 decades later she had not changed. My frustration and demise were certainties though I knew it not at the time.

God goes on to describe these women as chasers of every lover they could find. Even to the perversion of bestiality. Yet His love is professed an evident. Of course the parallels. Between these women and ourselves is easy to own. All of us have hated God desiring the promise of every lover we could see.

Today I am married to a virtuous woman. One whom love can be freely exchanged. I can entrust my love to her as easily as I can trust her love. I have known in type both the whore’s idea of love and God’s love. The one thing about human nature that amazes me is how much effort we’ll place in trying to domesticate the whores of our lives while with the same vigor we’ll repulse a true and genuine love. How much longer will we hate the Virtue of a righteous lover?

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