Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Government gone crazy

Yesterday an agent for our company in South Carolina was arrested without being charged and released. All of the attorney generals for the states are on a frenzy to put the Dorean Group out of business. Too bad we are not breaking any laws! No matter to them, they have some big fat banker's ass to kiss and we are getting in the way. This is the type of frenzy they will all practice until we have embarrassed them into honest behavior. They have no moral compass and must be scared straight by the shear magnitude of the people waking up to their fraud. Our voice is getting stronger and our determination is too great for their shallow character to resist. The hardest thing for them to overcome is the truth. They love their banker buddies but they also know they are crooks; here lies the gentle balance of the corrupted soul for self preservation when both ends lead to your demise. Who would want that job? Everyday you look in the mirror it gets pissed off having to reflect such a worthless coward. I have asked for all the participant's names but none want to come forward, perhaps the law will not protect them. They proclaimed we are crooks involved in an illegal scam. This libel will not be tolerated. If you got the goods, put me in jail for breaking a law! Sticks and stones don't exist, only the words of a blow hard deceptive government gone crazy trying to balance the applecart with vain statements.


TBlazer said...

I always did say that the gov't was too big for their britches. It is not a government for the people, but a tyranny of the people. Keep up the good work Kurt.

firefighter said...

Can somebody please help me?? I entered the Dorean process approximately one years ago. To this date, I have been issued my re-conveyance, but unable to get re-financed. Due to circumstances surrounding my job, I need to sale my house immediately. However, I am unable to locate the appropriate party to convey the property back to me from "The Trust". Dorean has been no help in this matter. I have contacted on numerous occasions Tela and Becki Holtzer, with no resolution. According to my contact, a injunction has been issued against Dorean's process forbidding them to issue my Quit Claim Deed. In summary, my life, my job and my entire future hinge on the quick resolution of this matter. If anyone can help, please contact me @