Monday, June 27, 2005

Intro to the battle

I have decided to start this blog since people want to hear from the founders of the company what it is we are doing to make a change in the American Mortgage Industry. We formed the Dorean Group (Scott and I) in late 2003 as a response to our studies. Since that time we have been raided by the FBI on Feb. 2, 2005 and had $300,000 seized. On May 27th 2005 we filed a whistleblower complaint with the Federal Grand Jury in Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco. One hour later we were made criminal fugitives by the State of Utah. I am currently a fugitive as I write my first posting and my partner Scott remains in jail on a fugitive warrant without bail. This is the perfect example of the government abusing its powers to protect the elitist banker cartel. Both Scott and I have not committed any crimes in Utah, or been convicted of any, or fled any form of justice, from that state. (Scott has never been to Utah) Somehow we have in the imagination of a corrupt judge and insurance investigator (Doug Ledouex). This reaction by the state of Utah was a by a direct solicitation from the FBI after we filed our Grand Jury documents with the clerk's office and the clerk Rickard Weiking. As of this posting Mr. Weiking has withheld our complaint and the evidence therein from the Grand Jury Foreman and in essence has tampered with evidence before the Grand Jury.


firefighter said...

Can somebody please help me?? I entered the Dorean process approximately one years ago. To this date, I have been issued my re-conveyance, but unable to get re-financed. Due to circumstances surrounding my job, I need to sale my house immediately. However, I am unable to locate the appropriate party to convey the property back to me from "The Trust". Dorean has been no help in this matter. I have contacted on numerous occasions Tela and Becki Holtzer, with no resolution. According to my contact, a injunction has been issued against Dorean's process forbidding them to issue my Quit Claim Deed. In summary, my life, my job and my entire future hinge on the quick resolution of this matter. If anyone can help, please contact me @

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