Thursday, March 03, 2011

Westside Story 12-15-10

In England they used to have a soap opera called the East Enders. The show focusing on the seedy part of London, human nature and human wisdom has mankind functioning like East Enders. Their thoughts always on the east, the sun rises in the east and men only want to judge a thing by its beginning. They seem to forget that the sun also sets in the west. Rarely do we ponder the setting of our lives, our mortality. The habit of judging by first look and first impressions permeates East Enders.

I feel like most have used east ender logic to deduce Dorean and the facts. They are certain by the way it began that they know its substance. I hope that they way it sets shock all you East Enders. I think England suffered from east enders ignorance when dealing with the colonies of the west. God encourages us to look at the full measure of a thing to count the cost. Further His promise that may appear upon the eastern horizon always focuses our faith toward the west and how they will set into reality. The course of hope and the circuit the promise rides to its accomplishment steers our hearts away from just the beginning. Christ was proclaimed by a star in the east but that was hardly the complete story. If those Wiseman did not travel west to see Christ Himself how could they have judged rightly?

Dorean has a finish that cannot be known by its beginning. If you have refused to travel with the wisdom of God the finish will surprise you. Only a vigilant ear and a keen eye working in unison with a supple spirit discovers God’s wisdom confirmed in the west end of a thing. East Enders has long since turned their backs to the west and never sees truth until it hits them in the back of their head.



dr. ira gilac said...

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dr. ira gilac said...

if yo haf da holey sprite, den the da sprite give yo the sprite of trooth, so yall no dat the zonists are sponsable fo all dis and 9/11 to.

so is some nun clame to haf da holey sprite in dem, but they dont no dat da zonists do 9/11, den they dun haf da holey sprite, then dat meens dat they are not christains ether.

no wah arm sayin'?

Joseph said...

"The federal system limits the ability of the federal government to use state governments as an instrument of the national government, according to Printz v. United States, 521 U.S. 898"

Seems to me if the State of Utah had no real interest in prosecuting their case, but only filed false charges quickly with no merit, with the sole purpose to get Kurt & Scott off the streets, and to ruin their business interests, then, the federal government has violated their position of authority or interest or power. Is this more evidence to show how corrupt the process has been?

The 10th amendment basically states that all powers not relegated to the federal government are reserved to the States & to it's citizens.

I'm still trying to understand the leap to the conclusion a person has the choice what jurisdiction (Federal or State) in order to be tried under.

Either the Federal Courts either had the jurisdiction to try the criminal case against Dorean or they didn't.

If they didn't, then, only State charges could have been brought and put them away in prison for a long time upon winning.

Is that where the decision where to be tried comes in; the plea that the (States or the individual) has the powers not specifically reserved to the Federal government, since such criminal charging powers don't belong to the Federal Government if it's proven that the "mail fraud statutes" were in fact not violated since the statutes are vague & they don't refer to the Dorean Group's activities since the elements of bribes or kickbacks don't exist to support any alleged scheme or criminal activity?

As I remember, the State of Utah did not put up a fight at all to try Kurt & Scott first. What would have happened if the State of Utah fought the extradition of Kurt & Scott and wanted & insisted on having the first crack at it? Could they have been successful? Could the State of Utah have used the 10th amendment as leverage to keep Kurt & Scott until the finishing of the trial in Utah? Isn't the State of Utah not exercising this power, proof that they were cooperating with the agenda of the Federal government, making them a co-conspirator in damages suffered by the Dorean Group? What would have happened if the State of Utah insisted & were unsuccessful at convicting?

Anyone care to comment?

Joseph said...

"The mere fact that a matter arises under the laws of the United States or even involves the question of constitutionality under the Federal Constitution, is, in itself, insufficient to give jurisdiction to the federal courts. Jurisdiction does not exist unless, at the same time, the plaintiff CAN SHOW AFFIRMATIVELY THAT HE IS INJURED IN THE JURISDICTIONAL AMOUNT.
Gaitor v. Peninsular & Occidential; Steamship Co., 287 F.2d 252 (1961).

The Dorean clients can't be the victims of the mail fraud statutes since the original intent of these laws were to protect the banking interests, so the clients can't show any damages since the statutes don't apply to them.

The banks can't be the victims either because the bank fraud charges were dropped. They can't show any monetary damages because they foreclosed on all Dorean clients that stopped making payments.

If there is no jurisdiction, the charges and damages are imaginery or false.

Joseph said...

Congress is constitutionally free to make an administrative determination final and immune from judicial review where it gives the aggrieved party a right to elect between administrative or judicial relief. U.S. v. Interstate Commerce Commission, 337 U.S. 426

Rather than choosing between State of Federal jurisdiction, I like the idea of choosing "administrative relief" over judicial relief.

Administrative relief was already decided in favor of the Dorean Process before court ever began. So why can't Congress just say so & overturn the criminal convictions? They're the one's responsible for drafting those vague mail fraud statutes in the first place that got Kurt & Scott convicted anyway.

Joseph said...

"Jurisdiction may be defined to be the right to adjudicate concerning the subject matter in the given case. To constitute this, there are three essentials. First, the court must have cognizance of the class of cases to which the one to be adjudged belongs; second, the proper parties must be present, and third, the point decided must be, in substance and effect, within the issue. Reynolds v. Stockton, 140 U.S. 584 (1891)

The Federal court falls short on all three areas. On the first issue, there were no bribes or kickbacks involved by the Dorean Group, so the class of cases doesn't fit the mail fraud statute, secondly the proper parties were not present. Many lenders were not even considered "financial institutions", the class of plaintiff needed in the indictment, not to mention many of these lenders like Greenpoint could not be present or have any financial damages as they were "out of business & defunct, at the time the court proceedings began, although these "dead entities" were considered to be victims according to the prosecutions arguments. Dead corporations cannot sue for damages or be included as victims to be rewarded. LOL

Thirdly, the points must be in substance and effect within the true issues. In other words, all the elements of the crimes must fit together in harmony and they don't.

In a murder case can you convict someone if there is no opportunity to commit the crime? Or can you convict someone if they didn't have the means to commit the crime? Can you convict someone of murder if you can't find the body, (the damages)? Can you convict someone of a crime if they had no motive to commit the crime? Has a crime been committed if there is no evil intent? Wasn't the intent to help the clients challenge the lenders interest in their homes? Where's the malicious intent here? If the elements don't fit in substance, there can be any crime committed.

Joseph said...

Speaking of the 10th amendment:

Citizenship, when spoken of in the Constitution in reference to the jurisdiction of the courts of the United States, means nothing more than residence. The citizens of each state are entitled to all the PRIVILEGES AND IMMUNITIES OF CITIZENS IN THE SEVERAL STATES, but to give jurisdiction to the courts of the United States, the suit must be between citizens residing in different states, or between a citizen and an alien. Cooper v. Galbraith, No.3,193, 6 Fed.Cas

OMO said...

"Is this more evidence to show how corrupt the process has been?"


"Either the Federal Courts either had the jurisdiction to try the criminal case against Dorean or they didn't."



OMO said...


OMO said...

"The essence being that the 10th amendment is an individual right to choose the jurisdiction you to face."




dr. ira gilac said...

Anyone care to comment?

yea...da zonists are dun. period. like yo sista haf.

dr. ira gilac said...

da zonists are dun jus like poopcorn kernal gaffy is dun in libby yo.

to bad, he not a bad guy, but da zonists haf filtrated his rajeem so now he gotta go to.

same thins wit salty hooray be a. they all bin filtrated by zonists to, sop they will cum tumlin down to and they zonista rajeems.

what kind of jeens are dose, levys??

OMO said...


Joseph said...

Planet X is a hoax:

OMO said...

Too lazy to do your own research I see.

ExitMundi doesn't know the difference between a fact and an opinion. Most of what he writes in response to the 'Evidence' column are not facts at all but merely opinions because he provides no proof or evidence (citations of authority) to support his so-called "facts" thereofre they are merely his opinions.

OMO said...

Red lights in the sky:

Fast foward to the 3:57 mark in the video below and see the same red lights:

OMO said...

It's actually the 4:03 mark not 3:57.

OMO said...

Here's a better link to the flashing red lights:

OMO said...

Coast to Coast interview Doomsday and the Brown Drawf Star (aka Planet X)

More info at:

OMO said...

This article is so good, ya just gotta read it. It talks about our half human/ half alien origins and the Anunnaki.

"We have an abundance of information and evidence that demonstrates the alien presence in general on this planet. The suppression of the entire topic by the government has severely retarded the academic and scientific communities, an artificial problem. We have as much or more evidence and information that we are half alien, a bicameral species brought about through Anunnaki (alien) genetic engineering. But the suppression throughout western history by the Roman Church of that entire paradigm has created the other artificial problem for scholars and humans in general.

Joseph said...

How did we go from Planet X to a half alien/half human race?
Are you inferring some connection here? Both ideas are whacky with no basis.

Even if aliens existed, you know these seemingly evil entities that kidnap humans in their sleep (encounters of the 4th kind) & do these awful experiments on them against their will? I don't believe the necessary plumbing would even fit between us & them. These "aliens" sound more like creations of Satan to me if that is even allowed. `

There's a scripture in the Old Testament that Christians misinterpret where it says the "sons of God" mated with the daughters of men, and produced giants in the land. This is where people first came up with the idea that aliens or angels mated with human beings. First of all, at this time, all angels were spirit beings, not even having a human body, so how would that even work, this sexual union? So it couldn't have been angels & angels are suppose to be messengers for God, not some being that lusts after the flesh against the purposes and will of God.

"Daughters of men" or "sons of men" are terms that refer to "unbelievers". "sons of God" or "daughters of God", refer to true "believers" of God.

This was prior to the Lord flooding the earth & only Noah & his family were saved because wickedness was everywhere & God was displeased.

"Sons of God" did not refer to angels or even "aliens" as most misinterpret, even though "sons of God" might mean "angels" in some scriptures, but was not intended in this particular scripture.

This scripture, "Sons of God" are just those that took upon the covenants of the Lord and were true believers of God & the same covenant that Abraham took upon himself & were nothing more than real human beings. The "sons of God" married outside their culture & religious beliefs & married "unbelievers", Caananite women, black women. Cain was a giant man as were many of his descendants. Thus their offspring were also giants in the land, men of "renown", so they obviously were wealthy too.

The Lord was displeased not because an alien race or angels had mated with humans, but because it has always been against God's rules for believers to marry unbelievers & was displeased, as when this often happens, a persons beliefs are sacrificed when they marry unbelievers or associate intimately with them. Sampson & Delilah is a good example of that where a man of God loses his favor with God by lusting after the wrong kind of woman.

Since when are "aliens" giants? LOL Don't they always seem to depict these little beings with big heads & big eyes and small frames? They don't look human at all. You might as well mate a buffalo with a lion & see if that works for you. You might as well believe in the theories of Darwin too.

Joseph said...

If you find aliens from other planets, I suspect you will find that they look like us, as they too, would have been created in the image of God, especially since if they are an advanced race culturally & academically ahead of us, I would also suspect that they would also be spiritually and intellectually ahead of us too, meaning they would be more like God, & less like the Devil and his devilish ways.

I'm not opposed to the idea of the existence of aliens, just not the depiction of them that is so often thrown at us by those that believe in them.

Joseph said...

We were created "in the image of God", not the product of some image of some alien grey freakish lizard type of creature or midget, big headed, big eyed, genetically engineered entity.

Joseph said...

Speaking of academia, that is suppressed or ignored, how about the vision of Moses that was translated for us in modern times for a greater understanding.

Writings of Moses:

Moses 2: 33-35, 38:

33. "And worlds without number have I created and I also created them for mine own purpose; and by the Son, I created them, which is mine only begotten."

34."And the first man of all men have I called, Adam, WHICH IS MANY."

35. But only an account of this earth, and the inhabitants thereof, give I unto you. For behold, there are many worlds, that have passed away by the word of my power. And there are many that now stand, and innumerable are they unto man, but all things are numbered unto me, for they are mine, and I know them."

38. "And as one earth shall pass away, and the heavens thereof, even so shall another come, and there is no end to my works, neither to my words."

"For behold, this is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."

So we are talking about "man", not "aliens" that are not man or human like ON THESE OTHER WORLDS.

Beings that are not created in the image of God are not going to be the creations of God, at the highest end of an earthly food chain,(man), but the ENGINEERING of some other power that purports to be a god, but in fact, is not one.

There has to be a limit to the advancement of Satan or his creations, otherwise, evil could overcome good at some point which is not possible if you read the book of Revelations because good triumphants over evil & Satan is thrown in the pit in the end along with all that follow him.

Doesn't the Bible say that God has created ALL THINGS in the books of the New Testament? Isn't that a basic Christian doctrine that all believers admit, that understand the scriptures?

John 1: 1-3

"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him, and WITHOUT HIM WAS NOT ANYTHING MADE THAT WAS MADE. IN HIM WAS LIFE; AND THE LIFE WAS THE LIGHT OF MEN."

The Book of Moses indicates that these "other worlds" are not only men too, created in the image of Him, but the first human being, of all these worlds are also called, "Adam".

So if you find real intelligent life on other planets, you are going to find that they are like us, not freakishly different.

If you find aliens here on this earth, I suspect they have to do more with the agenda of Satan than the works of God.

OMO said...

"Are you inferring some connection here? Both ideas are whacky with no basis."

That's your opinion. I'm not here to argue or debate the information with you. The information is clear in my mind, and I don't want to disturb yours.

Yes, Anunnaki and Planet X are connected. I thought the connection was obvious. Obviously not.

We were created "in the image of God", not the product of some image of some alien grey freakish lizard type of creature or midget, big headed, big eyed, genetically engineered entity."

Again, that's your opinion and I'm not here to try to change your beliefs about religion, God, creation, etc.

The Anunnaki were not alien grey freakish lizard type creatures. Their picture is on the stone tablet shown in the Anunnaki 2012 video I posted. One can clearly see they are not lizard type creatures.

Neo: The Matrix?

Morpheus: Do you want to know what it is?

Morpheus: The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, or when go to church or when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

Neo: What truth?

Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch. A prison for your mind. (long pause, sighs) Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back.

Morpheus: You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. (a red pill is shown in his other hand) You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. (Long pause; Neo begins to reach for the red pill) Remember -- all I am offering is the truth, nothing more.

Joseph said...

The American dream:

Joseph said...

Yea right, it's all so simple & obvious. Here is a clip from your website which is a bunch of nonsense. A person discovers some artifacts, and then they think they know how to create life & know all about the origions of life. It's all "new age" thinking which is not God based. The information is clear in your mind?????? This is clear to you:

"When electrons are placed in Sacred Geometry, a coherent electron beam is provided by the superlattice network. The coherent light is laced throughout and between each row of the superlattice grid structure. This superlattice acts as a beam splitter, resulting in a multitude of coherent photon beams. All wave form patterns are pinned down in this superlattice, remaining in place as the superstructure of this dimension. Photon emissions are then under control. The wave addition therefore will up-shift the amplitude and the similitude from the blueprints of life." -- Dr. George Merkl, SUMER-TECH, Cosmic Bio Machine, 1995

This website information is about as obvious and easy to understand & accept as the connection of Planet X and alien ancestors as our lost link, that you accept as facts.

Sorry, but the stuff on this website is not facts or anything that can be substantiated. It's all theory and subjective interpretations. You don't know the difference obviously.

And the government is not suppressing this information OF OUR ORIGIONS, AS IF THEY ARE TRULY ENLIGHTENED ABOUT THE TRUTH AND SMARTER THAN WE ARE, and the Catholic Church is not as smart as the US government also suppressing this knowledge either. And I don't think the matrix movie had anything to do with Planet X and alien life as the lost link. Give me a break!

Joseph said...

You know at one time, it was taught by scientists and believed by the intellectuals, that we descendant from Ape like creatures, and that scientists were always trying to find "the lost link" to totally prove this hypothesis. Course if you believe in Darwin's theories we started off as a one celled creature in the ocean & evolved from one species to another, a lower form to a higher form in many stages, over millions of years & finally became what man is today.

If the Sumerians were so advanced, and so smart why did they not survive? There is no evidence of their living existence today.

Joseph said...

"According to Babylonian myth":

So you take a myth, & you readily accept it as undisputable facts & blame the government & Catholic Church for suppression of this knowledge as if the myth is not a myth but based upon factual truth?

Joseph said...

Just as I expected, this doctrine & website is Anti-God & tells us that we were intended to be slaves for the purposes of the Anunuaki:

I’ve used the word godspell to characterize the subservient, submissive attitude, the deepest dye in our cultural fabric that is the residual slave mentality from our beginnings as a genetically engineered slave race brought into being by the Anunnaki for their own practical purposes, primarily mining gold.

Over time we have sublimated one of them, Enlil (Jehovah/YHWH) a rather disagreeable, harsh, peevish individual, cruel toward humans, into a cosmic being with infinite characteristics. This metaphysical cosmification process through the Roman Church‘s scholastic theologians has caused a great deal of confusion and obfuscation. When we, individually and racially, become genetically enlightened, we are empowered to break the godspell and become our own independent race and, individually, to become our own person, our own evolutionary artist, ready to go one-on-one with the universe.

Joseph said...

Here's more nonsense from this website:

"Genetic enlightenment shows us that we are all our own credentials, our own authorities, that we are really capable of determining the truth, KNOWING CLEARLY for ourselves, are not dependent on some authority for the truth."

This philosophy is not only anti-religion, but anti-Christ.
In other words, no need for the Holy Ghost which is basic to Christianity since through the Holy Ghost you may know all truth for this Spirit reveals all truth & we are dependent upon that. And no need for God either, for God only suppresses one's freedom to discover the truth, according to this website, for "you are the only credentials you need."
Or as one famous new age thinking actress once said, no need for God, for we ARE GOD.

Doesn't that make you proud of their heritage and genealogy, that you were bred ONLY FOR THE PURPOSE to be a mining slave for another race in the beginning? LOL

If you had a choice to believe your destiny or purpose was to to be a slave or a son of God, which would you choose to believe? Slave or "joint heir of Christ" and inherit all that Christ has & promised us?

Which makes you feel better or rings of truth or enhances your self esteem? That you were bred to be a slave from a selfish race in the beginning, or that you have parentage (A common heavenly Mother & Heavenly Father) that never intended you to be a slave, but a joyful, free/ glorified & powerful & intelligent being as your destiny?

OMO, all I can say is that you must be so proud of your perceived beginnings of your ancestry which is so clear to you and which you have so much evidence of!!! LOL

I guess you also believe that the aliens were financially bought out by the Donald Trump of that day too, very long ago, since it's obvious we are no longer "mining slaves" for this alien race.

OMO said...

"If you had a choice to believe your destiny or purpose was to to be a slave or a son of God, which would you choose to believe? Slave or "joint heir of Christ" and inherit all that Christ has & promised us?"

Well, the thing is, I now know I do have a choice, whereas before there wasn't. Having choice gives you freedom to believe as you wish, not as the establishment wishes you to believe.

I choose to believe in the Anunnaki theory of human origin vs. the religious God created man theory simply because there is more evidence of the former. Can the establishment prove that God created man in his image? Sounds silly from a scientific point of view.

Terrence McKenna on belief, which I totally concur:

"I don't believe in belief. I think belief is a tremendously stultifying force. What I am interested in is freedom. Belief absolutely precludes the possibility of holding to its opposite, therefore if you believe something, you have signed away its opposite."

dr. ira gilac said...

yes, there is a plant-x or sunthins like it, maybe a cumet or sumthns like gonna cum soon.

OMO said...

This is a little more to that quote:

"I don't believe in belief. I think belief is a tremendously stultifying force. What I am interested in is freedom. Belief absolutely precludes the possibility of holding to its opposite, therefore if you believe something, you have signed away its opposite and limited yourself. This comes close to the ideal but not the fact of how science is supposed to be waged. So I am impression and fact collector."

OMO said...

Human Racial Origins and the Anunnaki of Planet X Nibiru

OMO said...

Fast foward this video to 8:03 to see more of the same unidentified flying objects as seen in the first two videos I posted earlier.

OMO said...

The mark is actually at 7:45 not 8:03. Why it changed I don't know.

Joseph said...

yes, there is a plant-x or sunthins like it, maybe a cumet or sumthns like gonna cum soon.

So you are saying these Annukui people are coming with their planet to crash into earth, thus killing both races?

That sounds like an intelligent thing to do.

Joseph said...

OMO says: I choose to believe in the Anunnaki theory of human origin vs. the religious God created man theory simply because there is more evidence of the former.

So you admit that you believe the Bible to be a farce and that you are Anti-God/Jesus Christ?

I suppose you also believe that Kurt's faith in a God that has made promises towards the Dorean Process and it's outcome are also ill based too because that God is not a true God according to your views.

Like I said before, these beliefs border on Satanic things if they aren't Satanic based.

Joseph said...

"If the Anunnaki show up here again, depending on their attitude toward us or which faction among them is represented, we could be respectfully approached or we could find ourselves being issued gold mining tools and/or directed to Enlil’s harem."

OMO, you talk about freedom of thought, but you believe your ancestors were slaves from the beginning, enslaved by this race. Hey, you might become one of the lucky ones & become part of Enlil's harem?

You believe in a superior race where even their own intentions towards us earthlings can't even be distinguished & understood. LOL

Where's the freedom in that mentality?

OMO said...
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OMO said...

"So you admit that you believe the Bible to be a farce and that you are Anti-God/Jesus Christ?"

I never said the Bible is a farce. I inferred that it probably is simply because there is no factual evidence in it proving the existence of God vs Neil Freer's claim that there is an abundance of evidence that demonstrates the alien presence on this planet.

"I suppose you also believe that Kurt's faith in a God that has made promises towards the Dorean Process and it's outcome are also ill based too because that God is not a true God according to your views."

I don't believe anything about Kurt's faith. Kurt's faith is what it is- blind faith.

Like I said before, I don't believe in belief and that doesn't make an atheist or believer in Satan.

"You are not living according to existence, according to the living principles of life. You are living according to fictions, theologies, religions. None of them have any evidence of whatever they have been preaching. No religion has been able to prove god. And the whole world believes in god. The communist world does not believe in god, but nobody has been able there even to prove that there is no god. Both are in the same boat –the believers and the unbelievers. There is no difference.

When the first Russian, Yuri Gagarin came back from a roundtrip of the moon, he was the first man to reach closest to the moon. The first question that was asked in Soviet Union was: “Have you met god there?” And he said, “There is no god.” And in Moscow, they have made a newsreel of all the findings of astronauts and in front of the date of the newsreel is the sentence of Yuri Gagarin: “There is no god… We have looked into the space and we have not found it.” But who has told you that he is in the space? He is within you. And Yuri Gagarin or anybody else who says “There is no god” has not looked in. Those who have looked in, those who are astronauts of the interior sky have always come not with a belief, but with Truth. That Truth goes against your beliefs. Beliefs are cheap. You get them free. Your parents are forcing beliefs on you; your teachings are forcing; your politicians are forcing; your priests are forcing – everybody is to condition you and program you according to Christianity, according to Hinduism, according to Mohammedanism, according to communism. Nobody cares about the Truth and nobody cares about you."

OMO said...

OMO, you talk about freedom of thought, but you believe your ancestors were slaves from the beginning, enslaved by this race. Hey, you might become one of the lucky ones & become part of Enlil's harem?

I don't believe our ancestors were slaves from the beginning. I would however like to see the information which Mr. Freer has claiming they were slaves, but until then, I think I'll keep an open mind.

Joseph said...

"With Sitchin's evidence we free ourselves to create a new paradigm, a paradigm unfettered by the 'Godspell'. Godspell is philosopher Neil Freer's word for the yearning of Earthlings for the return of their Nibiran Lords, the good faction that is. The yearning for such 'divine' lead created alternative and competing religions which mandate murder of millions -- murder seen as service and duty to Gods, worshipped by the competing faiths.

And the Gods, remember, are merely long-lived, technologically advanced humans with a wide range of individual quirks and a hierarchic, largely patriarchal, warlike culture. The Gods were, by and large, obsessed with genealogical precedence and male superiority. Most Gods were petty, homicidal slavers, contemptuous of Earthlings' consciousness. . .genetically we're half Nibiran, with their genetic propensity to violence, greed and genocidal competition."

These gods apparently sanction murder & violence & greed? And believers of this doctrine yearn for their return? Huh?

Joseph said...

You said: "I don't believe our ancestors were slaves from the beginning." I have to laugh at what you are saying as I thought you don't deal in beliefs but only facts? The facts are that these gods according to this website YOU GAVE, created genetically engineered human hybrids FOR THE SPECIFIC REASON OF SLAVERY TO WORK IN THE MINES OF AFRICA. According to this article, they must be our ancestors because they appear to be the oldest civilization recorded.

Too lazy to do your own research & challenge your own beliefs? LOL

"Zecharia Sitchin claims to have translated Sumerian tablets referring to an alien race which created a race of humans to work as slaves in their mines in Africa. This [alien] race is called the Anunnaki and Sitchin claims that the 'Black-headed' people of Sumer were created by these beings by mingling the 'life-essences' of 'man and beast'. According to Sitchin, the 'Black-headed people' were considered slaves in the Sumerian caste hierarchy beneath their creators. The Sumerian Tablets refer to the creation of the Black-headed people in the geographical area called 'AB.ZU.', which is said to correspond to West Africa.

The royalty was said to be a combination between 'dragons' and humans, or to be direct descendants of the Sun God, Shamhash. Contrary to the claims of David Icke, the Draconian Sun-God aspect of the royalty does not correspond to the Anunnaki, but to a different set of gods and their lineage. Anunnaki comprised only 23 gods in the Sumerian pantheon, including Enlil (lord of wind/air) and Enki (lord of earth). Other gods were not Anunnaki at all, but were personifications of the Sun, or what were described as 'Sir', or Dragons, in Babylonian. This word, 'Sir', also apparently meant 'great serpent', and is related to the Sanskrit word 'Sarpa', which was also used to describe great 'Dragon-Gods' who ruled over, and created, the original Dravidian culture. Sitchin also suggests that the Anunnaki probably still exist in some form or another, with some degree of influence over humanity.
"Doctor George Merkl once stated that they still do exist among us, but were able to miniaturize themselves and slip into the 4th dimension. There they continue to influence our culture. One faction chose to continue to control us and keep us as a slave race while the other faction chooses to assist us in our re-genesis" -- Amarushka

Hey what's that cologne you are wearing? Well it's the "life essence" of a beast called a skunk and the life essence of human perspiration and suffering, dabbled with the "life essence of the Dragon people." It has an aroma that you can't forget & the chicks love it because it's an Anunnaki product from the gods called "Beastly". It's in all the finest stores sold in the 4th dimension under the earth, but the Catholic Church & the government don't allow for the distribution of this product as it holds the key to eternal life according to Dr. Frankenstein.

Adolph Hitler was right, the bigger the lie, the easier it is to believe.

Joseph said...

OMO said: I don't believe anything about Kurt's faith. Kurt's faith is what it is- blind faith.
Yet you still believe they will be successful in the end, in that they will get out of jail prematurely & be exenorated? Is that a "blind faith" conclusion you make that appears to be contradictory to your very argument?

Then you must be very bored each time Kurt posts when he talks about a spiritual insight that justifies his sacrifices to date and explains his faith & belief in a supreme creator that fulfills promises. If you think that Kurt's faith is "blind" & that he has received no divine promises, or divine guidance to start the Dorean Group, I also think you are also being very ignorant.

You couldn't be further from "the truth," the commodity you say you treasure so much.

First of all, "blind faith" is based on nothing of substance. The Dorean process or challenge was never based upon nothing. That's the lie the courts want you to believe, the lie the media wants you to believe.

You are saying that the Dorean Process & everything it represents is based upon nothing or "blind faith".

That is very insulting to say the least, deameaning in that it diminishes their purpose, and is another uninformed comment by you. What is the purpose of a gift if the person can't receive it or even understand it? What's the joy in that?

Faith means: not to have a perfect knowledge of things, but you do have a knowledge of certain if not many things. To have faith, means to believe in things that are true, but still can't be proven beyond all doubts.

Joseph said...

So what that you made mistakes, or didn't know the beginning to the end in all things. To know this would make you God. Faith is the first principle of the gospel and only through faith can you spiritually grow.

You have "trophies" as Kurt put it, miracles of assurance & victory of a divine blessing that tells you that you are on the correct path & will in fact be rewarded in the end. Trophies are experiences where your faith was blessed by seeing the promises of the Lord fulfilled in your life on certain matters in the past. These "trophies" are not blind. They are real experiences, real intelligence, character building spirituality.

There is nothing here in their assurance that is "blind".

Having faith doesn't mean you are unintelligent, as in "blind faith", or a gamble with fantastic odds against you that you never can overcome.

If you know certain things, and if you know if you input A, that B is always the eventual result, based upon the end behaviour of the creature or situation, this is not considered "blind" as you can predict the results even though you don't immediately see them. Blind means what it infers, to see nothing, to have no hope to be able to predict nothing.

To say that Kurt & Scott see nothing is to say they have no insights, no revelation from God, no faith, no hope, no belief in miracles for their own lives, which isn't true either.

Do you really think a person could talk about "regrets" & say that a man of faith cannot have them, as it is not in keeping with the faith that He requires, when faith in the past has provided rewards to show that God is faithful and will honor his bargains always?

A person with "blind faith", I can assure you could have never taken on the legal system & banks because such blindness would never give one enough courage to do so, let alone the immence courage & integrity to stay true and never compromise your mission or beliefs.

Courage is enhanced by knowledge and experience and facts. All of these things increase your faith.

Why do you think many admire Kurt & Scott? It isn't their "blind faith" I can assure you.

Why do you think others bad mouth them?
It is because they want to perpetuate the lies.
It is because they see qualities they could never attain to. This jealous, insecurity & envy of good men cause them to judge wrongfully and not see clearly.

To say that there is no evidence of God is also quite a childish comment to make. First of all, the Bible & other holy scriptures are filled with testimonies & experiences where prophets have seen and talked to God "face to face" as Moses did & have left an account of this for us to profit from. After the resurrection of Jesus, there were hundreds that witnessed his resurrection. The testimony of the 12 apostles that touched the imprints in his hands and in his feet after he was crucified, was evidence of a factual nature it was Him. When Jesus comes back with his destroying angels at his 2nd coming, coming from the heavens, to annihilate the wicked with fire, from the earth, I seriously doubt if there will be any doubts in anyone's mind who he is at that time & the proof of his Godly existence, to those people by his very acts, it will be a personal witness that they won't be able to deny.

You are so caught up with only seeing the facts that you lose insight.

"Even the Devils believe and know and tremble."

Having a perfect knowledge of who God is, or having a perfect knowledge of a certain fact, doesn't necessarily tell you anything about the character of that person.

Rather than seeking for knowledge or facts, why not seek for the truth to build a character that no one can take away from you or the freedom that comes from that?

OMO said...

"If you had a choice to believe your destiny or purpose was to to be a slave or a son of God, which would you choose to believe? Slave or "joint heir of Christ" and inherit all that Christ has & promised us?"

Why believe anything at all? What purpose does it serve?

"Beliefs are cheap. You get them free. Belief is fear-oriented. Belief is the cheapest thing in the world. The believer is not a seeker,. The believer does not want to seek that's why he believes. The believer wants to avoid seeking, that's why he believes. The believer wants to be delivered, saved; he needs a savior. He is always in search of a messiah- somebody who can eat for him, chew for him, digest for him. But if I eat, your hunger is not going to be satisfied.

Let me tell you not to believe. Even when the truth is told to you, don't believe it! Explore, enquire, search, experiment, experience: don't believe. Even when truth is conveyed to you, if you believe in it, you turn it into a lie. A truth believed is a lie. A truth believed is a lie, belief turns truth into a lie. " Osho

Joseph said...

Why believe anything at all? What purpose does it serve?

I agree beliefs & faith are wasted on people like you that are too lazy to find a purpose for such things, for you would turn something of value or of truth into a lie if you could. You are fear oriented, so you're right it's wasted on some people.

You can never accomplish a dream or a goal without first having a belief in it. But since you can't see that, nor can you believe that, & since you are omnipotent, not needing any help or even a Saviour, or a God, the discussion is wasted on you for it's all meaningless to you.

OMO said...

"You can never accomplish a dream or a goal without first having a belief in it."

That's what you believe. You can accomplish a dream or goal without first having a belief in it. All you need is an idea and the intention to create it.

But since you can't see that, & since you are so full of beliefs that you can't see the forest for the trees, the discussion is wasted on you for it's all meaningless to you.

Joseph said...

"All you need is an idea and the intention to create it."
I'm happy for you that life is so simple. Sorry, but I don't believe that anything is that simple. Why don't you create life than? There's an idea. Now go create!!!!!! According to you, that's all you need. You didn't say you needed a good idea or an idea that works, just an idea.

What is an intention? Isn't that a belief?

You wouldn't intend to do something you don't believe in, would you?

You wouldn't get out of bed in the morning if you thought by doing so you would break your leg would you?

If your intentions are not serious, and if you don't believe in yourself, you won't get very far in life.

OMO said...

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language (1755) defines intention:

Intention. Eagerness of desire, closeness of attention; deep thought; vehemence or ardour of mind.

Intention is when the mind with great earnestness, and of choice, fixes its view on any item, considers it on every side, and will not be called off by ordinary solicitation of ideas. John Locke


Did you see anything about belief in there?

A synonym of the word 'intent' is enthusiastic. Maybe the problem is that you just don't remember the last time you were enthused about anything. LoL.

Just remember.. I'm not your shrink, I'm not your teacher, I'm not your guru and I'm not your philosopher....

All of your answers are within you. Seek and ye shall find. In other words, DON'T ASK ME.