Sunday, October 09, 2005

We Are Close to the Finish

I have been in negotiations with the executives of the Feds, California and Utah. I am close to settling with all to put an end to this little charade. I would say about 85%. There are still a few terms left to come to agreement but I am very happy with the progress. Don’t worry, the prosecutors will be the last to know. They were just the puppets in a game way over their heads. Once finalized, they will be informed and have to act accordingly. The details of this settlement will appear on the disclosure webpage under the “client’s corner” section. Once you complete your paperwork, all credits supplied by you for our process will be returned. Please tell all clients to read this blog regularly for the future announcement. My gut feeling is about 2 more weeks to finalize the deal and 2 more weeks to set up the escrow account. This does not mean the immediate release since there is still the public propaganda version of the story, which is different than the private settlement. As I told you in my seminars, everything is open to negotiation. The reason I implore you to get an education is so that you will always be in the power position to negotiate your victory. For most of you, my service to you is short-lived and what you know will be what counts. For a few, you will understand the mystery of what I really did and will choose to pursue a longer relationship. I look forward to these friendships. I’m certain they will be the treasure worthy of all the stupidity I had to pass through.


partysecured said...

Did any of you out there even have a doubt?

diggs said...

Question is the DvD ready yet and how does one get this?

Solvo said...

Rock on, Kurt! Like "Big O'" says, "see you at the top", where we'll all be celebrating.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Looking forward to the Disclosure web site!

getmeoffthisride said...

Wonderful post Kurt. Thanks again.

jackmack said...

All you have gone through for all of us points to the quality of man you are and I would count it as an honor to call you friend.

neodemes said...

Yeah, right. Just 2 more weeks. And another 2 weeks, for good measure.



provb1022 said...

Thank you Kurt and company for all you have done for all of us.

whataboutjere said...

Kurt, this is exceptional news. Curious, wasn\'t there money already in an escrow for the first 500 at risk clients? What\'s the status for those clients, any payouts? Rock on brother.

Nemo, no one wants to hear your bullshit. Don\'t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Clueless Fudd said...

whataboutjere said...
Nemo, no one wants to hear your bullshit. Don\'t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

I'll take it a step further.


imbigo said...

Very, very, very, exciting news.

imbigo said...

And yes Solvo I'll say it again, "SEE YOU AT THE TOP"

Zup Dude LOL

Big "O" 1+1+1=1

Ace said...

What a coincidence, I just listened to a program that claimed the year 2006 is a biblical jubilee year in which we will all be released from our debts per order of the Man upstairs!! Stay tuned, we'll see.

Ace said...

son of a profit, You are correct. That site sells dynamite products. I think I will treat myself this month and max out my credit card there. I see lots of dead birds in our future!

Peanut Gallery said...

Ace said.

What a coincidence, I just listened to a program that claimed the year 2006 is a biblical jubilee year in which we will all be released from our debts per order of the Man upstairs!! Stay tuned, we'll see.

If you believe that Jesus did away with/fulfilled the law(Torah) The Jubilee year does not apply to you.

son of a prophet said...

From HH archives:


>"Now I am going to tell you this and many of you are not going to believe me right away, and I can understand that. It is hard to take, and most of you would not want to believe this. Who wants to believe our government is actively spraying us with toxic biochemicals and possible biotoxins. Friend, this nation is getting sprayed by planes of an unknown origin. Thousands of us have watched it all year. We have thousands of witnesses not only to the spraying but to the illnesses it causes. As you will see when you investigate into this, the spraying is not just being done in the United States. I have given web links about the sprayings below for you to read.

I was severely sprayed by airplanes flying over Herbal Healer Academy in late November. This spraying went on for a week. In early December, my son and I were critically ill. He had a life threatening pneumonia which contributed to a collapsed lung and I had the same but had developed pulmonary edema (Lungs filled up with fluid) and I had renal malfunction (kidneys) and complete bladder failure. I nearly died. We did not go to a hospital. We both chose to handle this critical crisis at home with natural medicine. I did have to borrow an Oxygen tank because when the lungs are full of fluid you don't get enough O2 to the brain and you start to suffer severe brain problems. Did you know the government has made Oxygen a prescription drug. At any rate a friend gave me his. Understand that we did not just have a common flu, we were both critical care and according to orthodox medicine and thinking required immediate surgery to drain my lungs and an invassive procedure to re-inflate my son's lung. We simply said no, we won't go!

I want you to know that when fighting for your life using natural medicine it is important to INCREASE the doses. I took COLLOIDAL SILVER 500 ppm (natural antibiotic) - 1/2 teaspoon in any liquid 4 to 5 times a day. This took care of the bacterial pneumonia. I also took 9 capsules of OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT a day. - That is a total of 4000 mg. a day. Colloidal Silver and Olive Leaf Extract are the ones I staked my life on! I also took 9 - 12 capsules daily of HHA Natural Detox to help my body get rid of the poisons that had over toxified my body. I took 4-Herb Tea (flush liver) and Dr. Chi's Asparagus Extract and KB formula to work on the kidneys and get the fluid levels down. I used our Mother Earth Cough Syrup, various Homeopathics as needed like Asthma Formula, Sleep Formula & Bryonia 6X for the cough. I also took 9 -12 Oxy 5000 to help neutralize the free radical damage that was being done by the toxins. (Oxy 5000 made by American Biologics is one of the best anti-oxidants available and is used in the cancer clinics in Mexico to fight free radical damage.) The list above are the ones I took religiously. There were others I took sporadically, like First Responder, Oregano Oil, and Radical Raiders capsules. Remember, you must keep the bowels moving and keep the fluids going in. I took Super II everyday.

If you get sick and you have a fever, remember NO FOOD. Hold all solid food until your fever is gone. Liquids and soups are OK. My son ran a fever for three weeks! Mine only lasted a few days and they were low grade - 99 degrees to 101. We are recovering, but it has been a slow battle. There was a great deal of damage done to our organs by the toxins we were exposed to.

I wanted you to know this because some of you may have to lay your life in the hands of natural medicine and I want you to remember, for critical situations don't be afraid to increase the dose of the natural medicines I have told you about. The ones I have at Herbal Healer Academy are used by me and I stake my life and the life of my family and patients on them, and I have for many years. They are truly a gift from God.


Chemtrails Continue to Sicken Many International Uproar Brewing

Chemtrail Christmas Points to Y2K Disaster One Man's Opinion From Houston

More Graphis Chemtrail Photos These are from Idaho

son of a prophet said...


son of a prophet said...

Interesting articleby Mark Hazlewood

Posted By Mark Hazlewood
Another huge Asian Disaster, this time a quake

Rapid earthchanges one after the other is what we are experiencing now on this little blue ball of ours. With the current reports of tens of thousands having died from admittedly just one area effected by this latest huge 7.6 (8.6 old scale) quake you can bet that there are hundreds of thousands if not more going unreported. This area in and around Pakistan is a place where a 6.5 quake will take down most buildings. The buildings have no quake codes. They are admitting that it is the worst quake in over a hundred years to this area. How many times have we heard that statement in the last 5 years? Worst storm quake etc... in over a hundred years until we realize we are in unprecedented times of major earth changes. The only thing we are missing are the true death counts which are constantly being covered up.

For those who've had it in the back of their minds to move or prepare when things started heating up and regular earth changes started getting real obvious, well what more do you need? Does California really have to have their huge up and coming disaster before it hits home? The Dec. '04 9.3 quake/tsunami and Asian disaster took out tens of millions. It'll be the same for California.
Don't be lookin for an exact date for these things to take place. The overall picture of what is happening currently is all that is needed to know what part of this solar system cycle we are in. And of course Planet X's passage will dwarf anything we are seeing now.

A note to the ptb. I've talked to some of the best and brightest on this planet again as of late. People who know of most all of your multi-layered plans and who've heard about Planet X and or the up and coming Major earth changes from dozens of sources. Doctors with IQ's off the scale who've run in and out of your circles. You've got to know that your underground cities (about 132) and tunnels in the USA alone will not hold up to the stresses of what is most likely going to happen during the PX passage. Your duality consciousness will hold you to a specific sort of outcome tied directly to that level is. That is where the perfection of everything comes into play. Everyone experiences only the level of perfection/consciousness they tune into.

If you, the ptb, continue to think in terms of duality (me vs them or above/better than them lol) the likelihood that you'll experience anything different overall than the next person of similar consciousness that is unprepared and not born into your so-called elite class is nil. The only way to change your destiny is to raise your consciousness past duality on Hawkins scale to 600 plus. Then everything you've been taught about being better than and being different than the masses will fall away. You'll then have a great chance at survival by virtue of that consciousness level and what it attracts no matter where you are or whether you've prepared or not. Otherwise your looking at the true chances of you going to the toilet and dying are just like the rest of us, no matter what illusionary ideas or objects of form you think you possess.


getmeoffthisride said...

Jesus says that these things are a shadow of what is to come. There will be all sorts of natural disasters, earthquakes (Pakistan, California and other areas-even other areas of the US), hurricanes (Katrina and Rita and more), volcanoes, and other types of disasters. If our hope is in Him, then we know where we'll spend eternity. If any were to die today, do you know where you'd spend eternity? Smoking or non-smoking? Sure, natural disasters are scary, we can't control them, but we can change our destiny if we don't already know Christ.

That's not to say don't take care of your body either. It was a homeopathic doc who first diagnosed my disease. I do believe in herbs although they take a lot longer to heal than what the doc will give you. Western medicine doesn't get to the "root" of the problem. Herbs do. I hear of people coming back from Mexico healthy and alive because of the herbs they use to heal. I'm not saying don't go see the traditional doc, I see an endocrinologist regularly, but, I choose to use herbs for my treatment. He's perfectly fine with it. You have to find a doc who's willing to back you up on using herbs as well. Not many do. I'm going to order the colloidal silver. I also want to know how this company gets it to be the 500ppm strength. I have a cold right now and I could've used it already. I'm out of colloidal silver here at home.

habakkuk said...

Hey, has anybody heard from Tcob??;)....i'm worried about him;)

habakkuk said...

What did Kurt mean when he said: "Once you cpmplete your paperwork, all credits supplied by you for our process will be returned." ???

Robin Hood said...

Hey partysecured; I'm sure many tire kickers did. As for me, I knew it was a wrap before it began.

tcob247 said...

Hey Habakkuk...
Thanks for caring
I just got back from the Bahamas
4-day weekend birthday bash
I missed you too
Carry on
I'm more of an observer now instead of a participant

Starfish Prime said...

Learn Hebrew and read the real TORAH.. then learn the Kabbalah.

Jesus was a good man.. we've been lost in the translation and misconceptions just like the Creatures from Jekyll Island have done with our finances.

The mortgage contract.. read the words and you will see truth staring right back at you in the face. But many still do not understand what has been hidden. Same with the Bible.


Starfish Prime said...

And eat only living foods. :)

Starfish Prime said...

Learn the ZOHAR!!

Starfish Prime said...

Peanut Gallery said...

Starfish prime said

Learn Hebrew and read the real TORAH.. then learn the Kabbalah.

Don't just read the Torah(law for you Christians) live it to the letter.

Jesus(Yeshua)was more than a"good man" he is the Messiah who lived out Torah perfectly, he did not break it Christian theology teaches. Nor did he do away with it. God does not change!!!!
The cute little saying WWJD(What would Jesus Do?)means nothing with out Torah. So how about DWYD(Do What Yeshua Did)live Torah.

Starfish Prime said...

Seems like anything from 2006-2012 is nothing but one shitstorm after another.. would someone tell me who said 2006 would be a "special" year??

Chapter 1: Introduction

* Nostradamus and the secret manuscripts
* How did Nostradamus do it?
* Simultaneous Time
* Free will

Chapter 2: Cast and Characters of the Time of Troubles

The Antichrist

* Background/overview of the Antichrist
* Political/religious philosophies of the Antichrist


* The Celtic legend of the great orator

The Popes and the Catholic Church

* Death of the three popes / Catholic Church & the Antichrist
* Assassination of the current pope
* Second-to-last pope "swallowed" by Antichrist's scheming
* The treachery of the final pope
* Demise of the Catholic Church

The Cabal and secret conspiracies

* Cabal's teeth in the international power flow
* Cabal involved in military and economic conquests
* Cabal destroyed by the Antichrist
* Fundamentalist fanatics' infiltrations into governments
* Manipulation of the IRA in Ireland by the underworld
* Wealthy U.S. businessman a closet revolutionary and Nazi

General international political climate

* Fundamentalist censorship
* Terrorist assassinations

Chapter 3: The Antichrist

* Antichrist's rise to power in Middle East
* Antichrists' unified monetary system
* Antichrist's seizure of Asia
* Antichrist's cultural eradication & European campaign
* Antichrist's ravage of the Catholic Church
* Antichrist's invasion of Turkey
* Switzerland alarmed by Antichrist's Nazism in Germany
* International (non)reaction to the Antichrist

Chapter 4: The Time of Troubles

Prelude to the Antichrist and WWIII

* Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, droughts, famines, rioting
* Crazed leader launches nuclear bombs on Mediterranean and Europe
* Fiasco from communication breakdown between two superpowers
* Death of world leader and revolt coincides with comet
* Russian/American submarine/naval confrontation
* Third world country leader creates strife
* Antichrist profits from radar research in Europe

International political and social incidents

* War-game simulation by Britain in Europe leads to disaster
* American Electoral College voting stalemate
* Earth abuse causes agricultural devastation in U.S. and Britain
* Underwater Russian submarine base cancelled by diplomacy

Chapter 5: Scientific Achievements in the Time of Troubles

Technology accidents

* Nostradamus on the dangers of weaponry mixed with natural disaster
* Weather modulation devices go awry, cause ice and hail
* Nuclear reactor meltdown near city with underground chambers
* Space shuttle accident releases microorganisms into atmosphere
* Devastating accidental weaponry explosions from earth tumult
* Ruptured earth energy fields cause meteorite storm
* Research into warping time leads to disaster

The weapons of WWIII

* New, horrific, secret, radical weapons monstrosities in WWIII
* ETW unleashed on San Andreas and New Madrid faults
* Antichrist obtains ETW through espionage, bribery, treachery
* Death by radio waves


* Human eugenics research advanced by the King of Terror
* Eugenics scientists meet grisly deaths from public backlash

Chapter 6: World War III

* Overview: horrible battles, weapons, devastation, death
* Nuclear confrontation in the Middle East
* Mediterranean campaign and the battles of Gibraltar
* Bomb sent at New York by the Antichrist, France retaliates
* Bacteriological warfare strikes New York and London
* Antichrist conquers Europe
* The Antichrist invades Britain
* The crucial meeting on the naval carrier
* Seas, rivers, lakes boil; famines lead to insane cannibalism
* Antichrist's commander succumbs to key strategic failure
* Russia breaks free of the Antichrist
* North Pole Alliance of North America, Europe, and Russia forms
* Ogmios confronts the Antichrist, fate of world in balance
* Antichrist eventually dethroned

Chapter 7: The geological and spiritual earth shift

* Timing
* The end of civilization
* Geography
* Preparations/Survival
* Old vs. Young Souls
* The New Age of spiritual rebirth
* Reawakening of freedoms an rights
* Peace after WWIII
* Spirituality transcends technology
* Feminine aspects of God revered again
* More open, frequent contact with aliens
* "Green" revolution, return to the land
* Scientific discoveries reaffirm Eastern religion
* Great Genius unifies religion and science
* Great Genius discovers the science of miracles
* Astonishing feats of medicine
* New philosophy of the Age of Aquarius

Chapter 8: The Great Genius

* Past events
* Cover-ups
* Atlantis
* Great Genius
* Far Future

Peanut Gallery said...

The anti-christ will be the Blue Eyed pork eatin, sabbath breakin, Easter/Christmas celebratin,Torah breakin "Jesus" we all were tought in Sunday School

Starfish Prime said...

There is one dogma of Christian theology that is crucial in the success of any missionary. This dogma gives justification for their notion that Jesus is God Almighty. It provides the basis for the missionaries' belief that Jesus was sent to be the ultimate sin sacrifice that saves all humanity. It is the pillar that supports their worship of Jesus the man. It is indeed the key strategic theological and philosophical crossroad within the missionaries' network of doctrines and beliefs. This aspect is very sensitive and successfully countering it will leave the missionaries at a serious disadvantage. This is the doctrine of the perfection of Jesus, where he supposedly observed the Torah (“Law”) of Moses perfectly in every detail that was relevant to him. If it can be demonstrated that Jesus failed in this, even once, the missionaries who set out to catch you like a fisherman trying to snag a prize salmon may find themselves pulled into the drink. Many knowledgeable people who are approached by crusaders attempt to counter their claim that Jesus had perfectly observed the Torah but do it badly, since they have not given the Matthew er proper forethought or are not familiar enough with the New Testament and the rationalizations that Christians bring to bear. This author has learned well from his many errors made in dealing with this subject and the following is offered for those able to benefit.

When one distills the essence of Christian theology, the perfection of Jesus plays a central role. This theology says that God gave the whole world the Torah, the “Law of Moses,” as the standard to live by and that God created man as imperfect. They insist that this Torah was impossible to observe perfectly and man's failure to live by it resulted in sin, the consequences of which are eternal torments, called “hell.” To rectify this appalling situation, God disguised Himself as a man named Jesus, who allowed himself to be murdered and hung on a cross. They say that since Jesus lived a perfect life, he was therefore the perfect sin sacrifice and with that, God forgives all the sins of everyone who believes this story. As a reward, they avoid hell and get into “heaven,” where bliss and eternal life is the fare. Despite a few minor variations from one denomination to another, this is the very foundation of Christianity. Note the crucial role perfection plays in their belief system. The ramifications are pivotal for one trying to counter the missionary. For if Jesus did not live a perfect life, he could not have been a perfect sin sacrifice and Christians would see themselves as still being bound in sin. Also, if Jesus failed in this, it would be hard evidence that he was not omnipotent nor omniscient and so, could not have been God masquerading as a human being - then all the claims of Christianity would be for naught.

Before plunging into the issue at hand, mention must be made of the faulty assumptions they frequently display, so you can be ready to counter them if the need should arise. Many Christians prefer to assume that Jesus was perfect and so, by definition, everything he did or said was above criticism and virtuous. Christians should be aware that anyone can be proclaimed to be God incarnate and then, by definition, everything they do is perfect and beyond reproach. The Roman Caesars were in this category – they could do no wrong. Lucretia Borgia could be regarded as perfect too. She was the wife of the 16th century Italian aristocrat who had a jolly time poisoning everyone that seemed to get in the way of her husband's political ambitions. One could justify her actions by saying that she did not really poison people - those were just lies spread by those jealous of her virtues - she actually added vitamin and mineral supplements to people's food in the days when nutrition was at a low level! On the other hand, one could admit that she did poison rivals but that was only to punish those who were not living a proper moral life! With this rationale, anyone could hold Hitler and Stalin to be perfect and paint portraits of them with benevolent smiles and halos around their heads.

Fortunately, a minority of missionaries use the above rationalization. Yet, a greater proportion says that Jesus never deviated from the Torah standard of perfection. If it seemed that he did, then it was only because Jesus had changed the standard – if only momentarily! As one missionary told me, ”… Jesus is God and it is his privilege to set the standard of perfection. Jesus decided what was right and what was wrong and he will do as he pleases, even if it means changing the standard once in a while – and who is going to argue with God Almighty if He does?” The blatant irrationality of this position is easy to deal with, by using the missionarys’ own logic against them. Simply say, “If God is really so changeable, then any promises made to Christians about what it takes to get into heaven might have been changed too. If believing in the sacrificial atonement of Jesus got one into heaven last year, perhaps God decided to change the conditions of entry into heaven, even momentarily, so that the same belief gets one into hell - and who will argue with God Almighty if He chooses to be this way?” Actually, there was one Bible figure who did argue with God over His standard and method of dealing with mortals. This is found in Genesis, Ch 18, where Abraham challenged God to be consistent with His standards and act accordingly, when he argued on behalf of the people of Sodom and said to God: “Shall not the Judge of the earth do righteously?” God's words and actions that followed indicated that His standards are consistent and even He acts according to them.

In the final analysis, a vast majority of Christians have never entertained the idea that Jesus could have possibly been less than perfect and so, have placed this out of the realm of consideration. Their reaction to someone who introduces this as a possibility is typically disbelief, then staunch denial, coupled with weak rationalizations.

Christian theology insists that God is uncompromising in His demand for human perfection of Torah observance and this point comes out in their proselytizing tactics. A typical approach missionarys use is to point out the sinfulness of their “mark,” the non-believer, whom the crusader tries to convert to Christianity. The missionary asks the mark if he has ever violated any of the Ten Commandments. Even if the mark had led a spotless adult life, the missionary will attempt to jar the memory of the mark to reveal some small indiscretion committed as a child. If the mark admits to an insignificant childhood wrong, like sticking his tongue out behind a parent's back or beating up a friend, the missionary is quick to point out that the mark is a sinner and that even the tiniest wrong condemns one to punishment eternal. “There is only one solution,” says the evangelist. “Put all your faith and sins on Jesus, who lived a perfect life and who died for your sins and you will be saved!” However, here is the crux of the matter, for if Jesus failed even once in his attempts at perfection, then the mark's reason to convert to Christianity is no longer there and the basis of the missionary's faith is like a house built on sand and easily blown away.

One does not need to be a brilliant scholar to determine if Jesus failed to live up to the demands of the Torah. One can easily make do with a good working knowledge of the Ten Commandments, although it would certainly help to apply the other laws found in the rest of the Torah. The Torah says that the judges are the ones to decide in the case of civil as well as religious disputes and a Jew is to follow their directives to the letter (Deuteronomy 17:8-13). The Rabbinical Court known as the Sanhedrin was in power in those days and even Jesus was bound by their decisions. In addition, Jesus himself insisted that his followers abide by the words and directives of the Pharisees (rabbis), as he said that they sat in the seat of Moses and were to be obeyed (Matthew 23:2-3). For Jesus to insist that all others obey the Pharisees, himself being the sole exception, would make him one who says “do as I say but not as I do.” This would be blatant hypocrisy and we all know that Jesus denounced hypocrites in the strongest possible way!

The key here is to apply the same standard to Jesus as Christians say that God applies to the rest of humanity. Now, what Christian would make excuses for one who dishonored a parent or threatened another with a whip? Would the missionary say that these actions were justified and proper in any human being? Never! Christianity says that even the smallest infraction condemns one as a sinner. If this is the standard for mortals and Jesus was 100% mortal, then Jesus too was under that same standard – and no rationalizations or excuses should be accepted just because the believer claims that he was also 100% God. We must be as uncompromising in our judgment of Jesus as Christians claim that God is uncompromising with us mortals. Anything less would be an unfair double standard. We too could be judged as perfect if allowed the benefits of imaginative rationalizations.

Now we are ready to embark on a critique of the deeds and words of Jesus. One of the first and most basic expectations that both Jewish and Christian children learn is the commandment to honor parents, as found in Exodud 20:12 and Deuteronomy 5:16. An example of Jesus having dishonored his parents can be found in Luke 2:41-50. On this occasion, Jesus' whole family was returning home from a trip to Jerusalem and his parents assumed that he was with the rest of the clan, when he had actually stayed behind. When it was discovered that Jesus was missing, his parents returned to the city in search of him. The text tells that they were extremely worried about him, as every good parent would be - and searched for him for three days - no doubt frantically, fearing that all sorts of horrible things might have happened to him. They finally found him sitting among the rabbis in the Temple, discussing matters of importance. Christians like to point to the verse that says that those in the Temple who heard him were astonished at his intelligence and replies (v. 47). Though the rabbis must have been impressed at his mental abilities, they were probably astonished by the interchange he had with his parents – for when his mother confronted him with “My child, why have you done this to us? Your father and I have been looking for you!” Jesus' only response was, “Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I must be busy with my Father's affairs?” Jesus' answer showed that he had no understanding of the effect his actions had on his parents and he was not the least concerned about their anxiety and the three days of frantic searching on his behalf and so he made no gesture of sorrow or apology. These are the words of a boy who was quite self-centered and immature; incidents of this kind are to be expected once in a while in the raising of human children, despite the fact that they create a few more grey hairs on parents! However, Jesus, the missionaries insist, was God incarnate and all-knowing. Since Christianity makes these claims for Jesus, in no way can we accept the excuse that Jesus was unaware that he had caused a problem. Jesus would have known that his folks were running around Jerusalem in a tizzy, worried sick, making every effort to locate him. This obviously did not bother Jesus. If he was the all-knowing and all-powerful God, it would have been no effort at all to have made contact with them, with a message that would have saved needless anxiety and heartache. Jesus might have left them a note in the caravan, to be discovered after they were on their way, assuring them that he would be fine and not to worry - or he could have folded the note into a paper airplane and sent it to them on a favorable wind. Why could he not have sent an angel to tell his folks of his safety? Both Joseph and Mary had taken seriously heavenly messengers in the past! However, Jesus did none of these things and allowed his parents to be put through the anxiety and even terror of a pointless three-day search. It would be the height of cruelty to knowingly put an ordinary caretaker or babysitter through this sort of trauma but to subject his parents to this only added dishonor to cruelty.

Another example of Jesus' failure to honor his mother occurred when he was addressing a group and someone informed him that his mother and brothers were outside, asking to see him. Jesus only replied, “Here are my mother and my brothers. Anyone who does the Will of God is my mother, brother and sister.” (Mark 3:31-35) Part of honoring a parent involves having a place in one's heart and honoring a parent above all others. If a person elevates others to the same degree as his parents, there is no honor given to the parents. Jesus erased the distinction between those who do God's Will and the special honor due only to his mother. Although this may feel good to the Christian, who would like to be on par with Mary in Jesus' eyes, the fact is that by Jesus doing so, he left his own mother lacking. The supreme irony of this is that Jesus called upon others to obey the Will of God, yet Jesus himself violated this commandment in the process.

It is inevitable that legions of Christians will rise up and say: “Hey! You missed the point! Jesus really meant that he who does the Will of God is honored, just like he is a member of Jesus' own family!” To this, one could reply: “Well, if that is what he really meant, why did he not say so?” Actually, if Jesus was only slightly clever, he would have given full honor to his mother and then call everyone who does the Will of God to be on the level of his own family. He could have easily fulfilled this important commandment and gotten his point across at the same time.

Jesus had no concern that others dishonored their parents. In Matthew 4:21-22, Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee and came upon two brothers, James and John, the sons of Zebedee, who were mending nets with their father. Jesus simply said to the sons, “Follow me” and they at once left their father, without a word of farewell, consolation, concern or comfort. Furthermore, their father was left with the burden of completing the work by himself, having been abandoned by his own flesh and blood. Are we expected to believe that the mission of James and John was so pressing that not even a loving word could have been directed to their father, not to mention time taken to arrange help, so that their father may not suffer under the burden of fishing by himself?

There remains one more point to discuss on the matter of honoring parents. Jesus lived only 30-odd years, a short life even in those days. Life did not go well with him: “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head,” said Jesus about himself in Matthew 8:20. Christian theology says that he suffered like no one else before or since. Could the reason for such a sad, short life have been due to Jesus having dishonored his parents and for having encouraged others to follow suit? The connection between these two matters is quite direct, as the following reward for honoring parents is found in the Torah, in Ex 20:12, .”..that your days be prolonged and it may go well with you in the land.” Surely Jesus had no portion in this reward!

The Sabbath is a pillar of Judaism. It is not only a day where restrictions in behavior are in force but it brings an opportunity for study, rest, regeneration, enjoyment of life and freedom from even the closest encounter with toil. Jesus permitted his followers to harvest grain on the Sabbath, even though the rabbis (Pharisees) decreed this to be a prohibited act and the Sanhedrin supported the rabbis in this and all Jews are obliged to follow this ruling (Deut 17:8-13). Christians typically respond with the words of Jesus, when he said, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” and that Jesus was the “master of the Sabbath.” If Jesus was put on earth to observe the Torah perfectly, then these are strange words indeed, for no one can expect to observe it and at the same time, claim to be master over it. How would today's authorities react if I drove as I wanted and then defended myself in traffic court by saying that “traffic laws were made for man, not man for traffic laws”? The judge would say I was acting presumptuously and this is exactly the way the Torah describes one who goes against the decisions of the Sanhedrin, in Deut 17:13. Many Christians insist that Jesus was obeying a “higher law” than the Torah. If this was so, he should have taken his point of view to the Sanhedrin for judgment in the case of a dispute or difference of opinion in the practical observance of any commandment.

Another area of the Torah that Jesus violated was when he physically assaulted people and damaged and destroyed their property. Many missionaries flaunt the verse in Isaiah 53, where it says, “he had done no violence” and claim it to be a prediction of Jesus. It is very easy for them to forget that Jesus made a whip of many cords and used it to drive people out of the Temple and overturn tables upon which their goods were on sale (John 2:13-16). The rabbis had decided long before this that even raising one's hand to threaten another was a serious transgression. Christian apologists quote Jesus as saying “Is it not written, 'My House shall be called a house of prayer for all nations but you have made it a den of thieves!'.” (Mark 19:45-46) Even if there were grounds for Jesus' objections, when does one who is aspiring to observe the Torah perfectly take the law into his own hands? There was a judicial system that functioned to dispense justice and Jesus again failed to use it. If the judges of the Sanhedrin were corrupt, as many Christians insist, Jesus still had no justification for assaulting a crowd and damaging property, for two wrongs never make a right!

In the case of the adulterous woman (John 8:1-11), Jesus again was a law unto himself. The Gospel states that a woman was caught in the act of adultery by witnesses and a crowd gathered to carry out the death penalty of stoning. Jesus addressed the crowd, calling for all those who had not sinned to cast the first stone. All potential stoners crept away embarrassed, as they were sinners too. Jesus then said that since there was no one there to condemn her, neither would he condemn her: “Go, sin no more” were his final words to her. The problem here is that both Jesus and the crowd were in the wrong, for the Torah demands the death penalty for both parties in the adulterous union (Leviticus 20:10) and Jesus just sent her away. The crowd and Jesus were both wrong because the Sanhedrin, the Rabbinical Judges, were empowered to investigate this case, hand down judgment and carry out the sentence. Judaism has never permitted lynch mobs. Many Christians have objected to this, saying, “Hey! You missed the point! Jesus really meant that no one has the right to condemn others because we are all sinners.” From a close reading of the text, they are quite right, for that seems to be the very point that Jesus was making. Yet, if Jesus was really clever, he could have made that same point and then delivered the woman (and hopefully, her partner) to the Sanhedrin for judgment, as the Torah requires. Jesus did not need to be almighty and all-knowing to have observed the Torah in this matter. He only needed to be a bit more clever.

Another major transgression on Jesus part was when, in one breath, he demanded that the Torah be upheld and said, “the man who infringes even the least on these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be considered the least in the Kingdom of Heaven but the man who keeps them and teaches them will be considered great in the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 5:19). One of the commandments in the Torah is the prohibition of adding to or subtracting from laws found therein (Deuteronomy 4:2 and 12:31), yet, in Jesus' next breath, he launched into a list of changes he made regarding observance! For instance, in the Torah, adultery is a physical act but Jesus created a new prohibition called “adultery in the heart,” which was committed with only a lustful thought (Matthew 5:27). Jesus then declared another new law, saying that divorce was permitted only in the case of adultery. Afterwards, Jesus demanded non-resistance to evil (Matthew 5:27), which directly contradicts the Torah in at least eight separate places. Matthew 5 concludes with Jesus pronouncing another new law, the impossible demand that “you shall be perfect, just as your Heavenly Father is perfect” (v. 48), a thing that was not commanded in the Torah and neither Jesus nor his followers ever fulfilled! Jesus also encouraged the disobedience of the prohibition of castration. The Torah states, “an animal must not be offered to the Lord if its testicles have been bruised, crushed, removed or cut. You are not to do that in your country...” (Leviticus 22:24). Yet, Jesus said, .”..there are eunuchs made so by men; there are eunuchs who have made themselves that way for the sake of Heaven. Let anyone accept this who can” (Matthew 19:12). Jesus also violated the rabbinical injunction to wash his hands before a meal (Luke 11:38). He contradicted the Torah when he declared all foods to be ritually clean: “Can you not see that whatever goes into a man from the outside cannot make him unclean because it does not go into his heart but through his stomach...thus, he pronounced all foods clean” (Mark 7:18-19). Yet, the Torah explicitly says that certain foods are unclean and a list is provided in Deut 14:3-20. In addition, Jesus chided one of his followers who picked up a sword to defend Jesus when a band started to take him away for crucifixion. The rabbis say that saving a life is one of the most important religious obligations and even Sabbath observance is put aside to save a life. In this case, one noble individual tried to save his life and Jesus rebuked him for his trouble in Matthew 26:50-53.

This brings us to the last, but the most serious of all Jesus' transgressions: that of his “sacrificial death on the cross.” Missionaries claim that Jesus' role was to live the perfect life and die as a sin sacrifice so perfect that it was sufficient to atone for every sin imaginable. The problem here is that theologians, clergy and missionaries alike insist that he went willingly to his death and even passively cooperated with his executioners. This is supported by the New Testament text in Matthew 26:54-55. If it is true that Jesus fully cooperated with his murderers, this made him an accomplice in the murder, which would make his death self-murder or suicide. Suicide is condemned by the rabbis as the worst form of murder in Jewish Law and if Christian theology is correct, Jesus violated this prohibition as well.

What is more, the Torah explicitly forbids anyone from dying as a substitute for someone else's sins: “fathers may not be put to death for their sons, nor sons for fathers. Each person is to be put to death for his own sins” (Deuteronomy 24:16). This sentiment is echoed by Ezekiel 18:20, “The man who has sinned is the one who must die; a father is not to suffer for the sins of his son, nor the son for the father. To the upright man, his integrity will be credited and to the wicked man, his wickedness.” It is astounding to realize that the very essence of Christian doctrine, that of Jesus' substitution sacrifice on the cross, is a most serious violation of the Torah. Ironically, this alone would keep him from claiming to have fulfilled and observed the “Law of Moses” perfectly!

With this, our expose into the non-perfection of Jesus is finished. However, it should be made abundantly clear that the failings noted above are not a complete catalogue of the wrongdoings of Jesus. There may well be many more to be found if one wants to investigate further, but why bother? It only takes one tiny transgression to make anyone imperfect and more than enough have been noted here. What is most important to realize is that Jesus was as fallible as you and I and no missionary need convince you to deify this ordinary fallible human being.


1. Often, Christians object, saying that the rabbis violated this and added commandments too. Even if this is true, it is an irrelevant Matthew er and should not be allowed to distract us from the issue of whether Jesus violated this.

2. See Deut 13:5, 7; 17:7; 12, 19:20; 22:21, 22, 24; 24:7

Peanut Gallery said...

The anti-christ will be the Blue Eyed pork eatin, sabbath breakin, Easter/Christmas celebratin,Torah breakin "Jesus" we all were tought in Sunday School

Starfish Prime said...

Almost since the inception of Christianity, some Christians have made it their life's work to convert others, including Jews. At times, these missionaries have used torture and other coercions to gain their goal, such as during the Spanish Inquisition. More recently, Christian missionaries have employed different techniques-using friendly arguments and slick propaganda-for the same purpose. Missionaries have aggressively confronted Jews with misleading arguments and incorrect Biblical quotes. Lately, they have even resorted to using Jewish names and Hebrew songs to mislead Jews into thinking that they, too, are Jewish. Thus, we have the rise of the "Jewish Christians" who claim that the only "fulfilled" Jew is the one who believes in JC (called by them, "Yeshua").

Judaism respects the right of Christians to worship as they please. It, however, condemns those who try to impose Christianity on Jews through deceit or any other way. The missionaries show a dangerous degree of intolerance towards Judaism, implying that it is a false religion. Jews should therefore be ready to defend their religious beliefs, and to counteract missionary propaganda. Jews must know that missionary arguments can readily be answered, for they are misleading and based on false premises. Jews cannot sit idly by watching missionaries misleading their fellow religionists. There are too few Jews in the world today for us to afford defections to Christianity.

Missionaries say that JC is both the son of G-d and the long­-awaited Messiah. Jews reject both claims, for the following reasons:

a) No Man Can Be a G-d. The Torah makes it clear that there is only one omnipotent, indivisible G-d: "The L-rd He is G-d; there is none else besides him" (Deuteronomy 4:35)." G-d is unique unto Himself, and does not consist of a trinity: "The L-rd He is G-d in heaven above and upon the earth below; there is none else" (Deuteronomy 4:39). JC himself accepted G-d's uniqueness: "And he (JC) said unto him, 'Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one, that is, G-d." (Matthew 19:17). How, then, could a mortal man-one who was born and who died on a cross-be a segment of an immortal, indivisible G-d? There is no concept of infinity possible if G-d is a man or a Trinity. The Torah states clearly: "G-d is not a man" (Numbers 23:19).

b) JC did not accomplish the tasks of the Messiah. If JC had indeed been the Messiah, he would have fulfilled the Messianic prophecies mentioned in Tanach. For instance, the Moshiach (Messiah) will bring about universal peace and tran­quility: "And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation; neither shall they learn war any more" (Isaiah 2:4). The Moshiach will bring about universal respect for G-d, and lead all people to follow His ways: "The knowledge of G-d will fill the earth. The world will be filled with the knowledge of G-d as the water covers the sea" (Isaiah 11:9). He will cause an ingathering of the Jewish exiles: "Then the residue of his brethren shall return with the children of Israel" (Micha 5:2) and will bring about the rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdosh:. "In that day will I raise up the Tabernacles of David that is fallen" (Amos 9:11). He will also bring physical cure to all who are sick: "Then the eye of the blind will be opened, and the ears of the deaf will be unstopped. Then the lame man will leap as a hart, and the tongue of the dumb will sing" (Isaiah 35:5-6). Furthermore, he will accomplish these tasks within his own lifetime: "He shall not fail or be crushed until he has set the right in the earth" (Isaiah 42:4).

The clear-cut fact is that JC did not fulfill any of these tasks. The Beis Hamikdosh has not been rebuilt, and the Jews are still in exile. (Incidentally, it is hard to see how JC could rebuild the Beis Hamikdosh or return the Jews to Israel when the Beis Hamikdosh was still in existence and the Jews were still in Israel during his lifetime.) Suffering and pain still abound, and the world is certainly less religiously-inc lined today than it was during JC's day. Immorality, corruption, and crime are definitely in evidence to this very day, and the past 2,000 years have seen one war after another.

If the Messiah has already come, why is the world in such a sad state?

Christian theology has come up with the explanation that JC will reappear during a Second Coming, when he will finally fulfill the Messianic prophecies. But there is no reference to such a delayed second coming of the same Messiah anywhere in the Torah. JC himself promised his followers that he would succeed in his own era: "Verily I say to you that there be some of them who stand here, which shall not taste of death until they have seen the kingdom of G-d come with power" (Mark 9:1); "Verily I say to you that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done" (Mark 13:30). But the things were not done, and JC was instead killed.

c) JC did not keep Jewish law. The Moshiach is expected to keep all the laws of the Torah, and to inspire others to do likewise. (See Deuteronomy 13). However, at times JC considered himself to be above the law: "For the Son of Man is master even of the Sabbath" (Matthew 12:8). He broke the laws of the Sabbath ­part of the Ten Commandments-and reviled the Rabbis, who are accorded great respect by the Torah. JC did not even always espouse peace: "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth; I came not to send peace, but a sword" (Matthew 10:34). Can one who denies G-d's sacred law be His Messiah?

d) Lack of Jewish support. JC lived at the time of Roman suppression of the Jews. The Jewish people eagerly looked forward to the arrival of the Moshiach. They were certainly well-versed in the requirements to be filled by the true Moshiach, and would definitely have accepted the Moshiach if it was clear that he had appeared. Yet the Jews of that time—and especially the learned Sages—rejected JC' claims to be the Messiah. They knew and saw JC in the flesh, and found him wanting; on the other hand, Paul of Tarsus, who established the Christian religion, never knew JC personally. If JC were indeed the Messiah, why did his fellow Jews, who had every reason to want a Messiah, almost unanimously reject him?

Missionaries often say that they have Biblical proof of JC' divinity or Messianic role. However, these arguments often rely on misquotes and faulty reasoning.

One such "proof" comes from Isaiah 7:14, which they translate as follows: "Behold the virgin is with child, and she will bear a son, and his name will be called Immanuel." The unsus­pecting individual might think that this is a prophecy of the New Testament's account of JC' birth. However, one who studies the verse in its original Hebrew will note that the term used is “almah”, which means "young woman", not "virgin". (The Hebrew word for virgin is “besulah”, as mentioned in Leviticus 21:3). In any case, the verse refers to the birth of King Chezkiah, and has nothing at all to do with the Moshiach.

Another supposed "proof" is the verse in Micha 5:1: "But you, Bethlehem Ephrasah, which are little to be among the thousands of Judah, out of you shall come forth ' onto Me that is to be ruler in Israel, whose going forth are from old, from ancient days."

Missionaries claim that this refers to JC, who they say was born in Bethlehem. But the verse really refers to the fact that the Moshiach will come from the lineage of King David, who was born in Bethlehem. And Christians cannot claim that JC came from King David, for the lineage follows the father, and they say that JC had no earthly father.

Finally, there is the so-called "proof" from Isaiah 53, which refers to a "Suffering Servant". Missionaries will say that this means JC, who suffered on the cross. But the term "servant", when used elsewhere in Isaiah, refers to the Jewish nation, whose members are G-d's dedicated servants. They have certainly suffered throughout the years-yet they have survived for a long time, unlike JC, who died childless at the age of 33, and the verse refers to the servant's prolonged days and "seed" (children).

There are other such arguments, with accurate and concise Jewish responses to each. All Jews must be aware that missionary claims should not be taken at face value, and that the Jewish rejection of the Messiahship of JC has a sound Biblical basis.

Rabbi Eliezer Gevirtz is author of L'hovin U'lhaskil - A Guide to Torah Hashkofoh (Feldheim 1988)

Updated: 2003

Starfish Prime said...

Moses warned Israel in Deuteronomy 4:2:

"Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you."

These words you read above in English were originally written in Hebrew of course and it was only THOSE WORDS which contained the special meaning. Nothing is has always been there.

Peanut Gallery said...

"Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you."

Yeshua said to not change the Word one jot or tiddle. If you understand Hegrew you would know that a Jot or Tiddle is a very small vowel marking, it is sometimes easy to miss it is so small. This fact makes the remark even more meaningful.

Ace said...

Nostradamus was a communist spy. tcob, how was the Bahamas? Glad your back. It started to get boring here with out you. Elmer Fudd, your slowing down. Come back more often. You might be able to have cousin clueless arrested for stalking.

Starfish Prime said...

To peanut head: a re-run in cased you missed it the first time:

Another major transgression on Jesus part was when, in one breath, he demanded that the Torah be upheld and said, “the man who infringes even the least on these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be considered the least in the Kingdom of Heaven but the man who keeps them and teaches them will be considered great in the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 5:19). One of the commandments in the Torah is the prohibition of adding to or subtracting from laws found therein (Deuteronomy 4:2 and 12:31), yet, in Jesus' next breath, he launched into a list of changes he made regarding observance! For instance, in the Torah, adultery is a physical act but Jesus created a new prohibition called “adultery in the heart,” which was committed with only a lustful thought (Matthew 5:27). Jesus then declared another new law, saying that divorce was permitted only in the case of adultery. Afterwards, Jesus demanded non-resistance to evil (Matthew 5:27), which directly contradicts the Torah in at least eight separate places. Matthew 5 concludes with Jesus pronouncing another new law, the impossible demand that “you shall be perfect, just as your Heavenly Father is perfect” (v. 48), a thing that was not commanded in the Torah and neither Jesus nor his followers ever fulfilled!

Peanut head said, "Yeshua said to not change the Word one jot or tiddle. If you understand Hegrew you would know that a Jot or Tiddle is a very small vowel marking, it is sometimes easy to miss it is so small. This fact makes the remark even more meaningful."


Peanut Gallery said...

you certainly are a jackass. Did I call you a name? No I did not. My last coment my be a "yawn" to you (master of the cut and paste) but it was in my own words not the words of someone else I cut and pasted. I see you are demonstrating your 'Christian" love.
I will no longer waste my time with you conspiracey nutjob kookburgers.

mogel said...

Starfish Prime: The Old Testament or Torah as it is called, was a schoolmaster to bring people to Christ, the "higher law". The Old Testament teachings are a lower law for people of lesser spiritual advancement that weren't ready to understand the higher law yet. One must realize that Jesus is the author or lawgiver of both the New Testament & the Old Testament & knowing this it gives you perspective. The Old Testament for example, says, "an eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth". The punishments of breaking some of these laws, may even seem quite harsh. They would stone people to death for say violating certain laws like breaking the Sabbath. Not much mercy or forgiveness there. The Old Testament doctrine gets lost in justice & judgment doctrines & ordinances & rites. The higher law was: "love your enemies, do good to them that hate you...." Mercy & forgiveness seems to be more important & a higher virtue than justice & judgment, although those are attributes of God too. Sure Christ violated the lower law & even changed things to bring in something better for more spiritually receptive minds.
When Jesus left for three days, to teach in the temple, he was "about his FATHER'S business." Jesus's first priority was to his spiritual parents (Heavely Father & Heavenly Mother), not his earthly parents (Mary & Joseph). Jesus always honored his spiritual parents perfectly. Jesus's knowlege of his priorities & his ability to act on more important things, shows vision & maturity, not sin. Besides Mary & Joseph both knew he was the Son of God literally. They both knew from a very early age, they had a special child to rear. I don't think they were too upset when they discovered it was God's will that Jesus had left them temporarily for MORE IMPORTANT things. Life is all about priorities. Life is all about priorities & decisions & deciding what things are MOST important. Beating up the moneychangers in the temple, doesn't make Jesus a sinner either. Jesus took the law into his own hands & had that right, because he IS THE LAW. That act doesn't make Jesus imperfect or less of a person. No one in his day condemned him for throwing out the moneychangers, even the Pharisees & Saducees never made mention of this act because even they being the hypocrites they were, knew he was correct in what he did.

Elmer Fudd said...

Ace said...
Nostradamus was a communist spy. tcob, how was the Bahamas? Glad your back. It started to get boring here with out you. Elmer Fudd, your slowing down. Come back more often. You might be able to have cousin clueless arrested for stalking.


Starfish Prime said...


You intrigue me. Tell me more mention the heavenly Mother & Father..what do you say then about the Kabbalah? I think there is certianly something to it..enough to scare some people. The Golden Ratio.. even though they may not be the LAW OF GOD..aren't they pointing in the right direction. The TORAH (in Hebrew) WAS written with some sort of code that eluded to many believing that it was indeed inspired by the Lord.