Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Not Neglected In My Thoughts

A client brought up a good point that I address the lazy critic client and not the faithful. It is true and I think not to address you in word since I do my deed for you. I suppose though it is time for me to address you with the heart of thankfulness I have for you. I appreciate you few who have taken the time to educate yourselves and to let truth find its safe harbor. If all were like you, this arrogant bank-ass-kissing government would fear the request of the bankers for the power of the people being of one mind. I know you are out there and have received many a letter from you. To finish the race is all I know I can do to show you how much I adore you. There is no equality of reward. I promise there will be a large disparity between the murmerer and the valiant truth seekers. Our relationship will not be severed at the end of this story. Friends are hard to find and courage even harder. Friends with courage and truth change the world for the better though they offend all in the process. For your sake I find the added comfort to the joy of a justified battle for truth. Thank you all again, it is my pleasure to serve you.


Memcco346 said...

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complainers suck said...

Just in case you missed these questions.

Q: Am I bothered that copies of Dorean are appearing?
A: No, I wished that all of you understood the power of our process and duplicated it. Believe me, the bankers understood.

Are you bothered that that copies of Dorean are claiming to have the same bond you use, when they in fact they do not have the backing of that bond?

Are you bothered that the same group stated recently that money is currently in escrow for the first 600 clients, when in fact it is nowhere near that stage?

Starfish Prime said...


Starfish Prime said...

Irwin Blog

Trial Blog


Starfish Prime said...

Kurt you're next !! Bring the house down.

mogel said...

Let's hope Ted Cornwell is wrong & that the FL ruling won't be reversed in the higher court & that the trend to ignore MERS alleged authority will spread to other States.


MERS Confident Florida Rulings Will Be Reversed

By Ted Cornwell

When a Florida court recently blocked lenders from foreclosing in the name of MERS, it might have looked like a dreadful setback for the electronic registry that tracks ownership of mortgage loans and servicing rights.

The leaders of MERS, formally Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., say they have a fix ready, and they also believe that appeals of the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court in Pinellas County as well as a similar ruling in Miami-Dade County will be successful.

Last week, MERS has asked its members to temporarily suspend foreclosure actions in the name of MERS in Florida pending an adverse ruling from the circuit court in Pinellas County. In the meantime, lenders can get around the ruling by having the investor assign the mortgage back to a party other than MERS.

And MERS CEO R.K. Arnold believes it is only a matter of time before an appellate court reverses the circuit court decisions in Florida. He has some reason to be confident. MERS has prevailed over challenges to MERS acting as the mortgagee of record in other states, including New York.

MERS executives say that Judge Walt Logan challenged the pleadings filed by local foreclosure attorneys due to a lack of clarity in those pleadings regarding ownership of the promissory note. MERS said Judge Logan was in error when he denied MERS an opportunity to amend the complaints in order to eliminate any inconsistent allegations concerning ownership. Instead, Judge Logan categorically dismissed the cases with prejudice to MERS based upon an "inaccurate conclusion" that MERS cannot foreclose unless it actually owns the underlying promissory notes.

Mr. Arnold said the organization called for the temporary suspension of foreclosures in Florida to help members avoid additional costs and delays because of the ruling. In the meantime, MERS will appeal the decision.

MERS believes that under the Uniform Commercial Code, which has been adopted by Florida, and under applicable statutes, MERS is not required to be the beneficial owner of the debt to act as a party in the foreclosure suit.

Mr. Arnold told MSN Bulletin that he does not believe the controversy in Florida will spill over to other states. Instead, he expects the courts, along with some fine-tuning from Florida foreclosure attorneys, can solve the issue.

"We've got some confusion down in Florida because the way that things are pled in Florida is different from what has been going on in the past and different from what needs to go on in the future," he said.

He said the Florida circuit court rulings seem to be at variance with both case law and applicable statutes.

"We are very confident that we can foreclose in Florida," he added.

He hopes the appeals will eliminate the need to assign the note back to the lender or an agent for the lender in foreclosure proceedings. After all, the rationale behind MERS is that it eliminates the cost and inconvenience associated with paper-based assignments. Litigation that raises costs will filter back to homeowners.

"Ultimately, the homeowner is going to pay all these costs. Any delay in foreclosure will fall on the back of borrowers ultimately," he said.

Starfish Prime said...


Dorean is Dorean..forget copycats..Kurt's in jail right now could he inspect and keep track of the copycat companies and the details and whether or not it is in line with Kurt's approach?? Forget about that.

As for the escrow.. you'll just have to wait and be patient. You signed up so we'll have to see what happens.

Ace said...

I'm predicting 10 to 20 years for Erwin when the dopey jury finds him guilty.

Starfish Prime said... haven't been paying attention.

Starfish Prime said...

Ace you are CLUELESS. You don't know shit about Irwin's position or what the tax code says. Screw you and he will NOT be found guilty.

Starfish Prime said...


Iraq has WMD's too don't they? Yeah..


Starfish Prime said...

The war was based on fraudulent information I don't care what anyone says.. the CLUELESS Americans deserve to rot.

Starfish Prime said...

Same with the fraudulent INCOME TAX..

Starfish Prime said...

Ace what you don't get is that even IF he (Schiff) were to be found guilty..he still is RIGHT..don't you get that or are you just relying on your STUPID IGNORANT self!!

Tell me why he is wrong.. that facts!!

*you will never show where anyone has to pay income tax..never. fucker.

complainers suck said...

Starfish Prime said...

Dorean is Dorean..forget copycats..Kurt's in jail right now could he inspect and keep track of the copycat companies and the details and whether or not it is in line with Kurt's approach?? Forget about that.

As for the escrow.. you'll just have to wait and be patient. You signed up so we'll have to see what happens.

This has to do with honesty and integrity. If Kurt is ok with the MIS-representaion of this product and the fact that they are also claiming that 2500 free and clear titles are NOT making monthly payments and no foreclosures are happeing, Kurt should put a stop to it, since a Dorean broker BILL JULIAN is behind the lies and deceit, which are two traits he possesses.

My broker reports that Kurt and Scott were visited in jail by Bill Julian and Bob Locke, two of the principles behind this operation, and therefore he has the communication channel to stop them from misrepresenting this process. That's how he can stop it.

If Kurt really cares about the truth, he has the ability to make Li-Bo Enterprises tell the truth!

Starfish Prime said...

Complainers suck,

I agree with you to a certain extent. But BILL JULIAN is going to end up where Kurt is and maybe WORSE if he doesn't do it right (as we believe Kurt to be just the: RIGHT). He seems to be a liar and will pay the consequences eventually. Hell, call the government on him! Let him fight just as Kurt is..let's see who wins. Kurt has enough crap to deal with other than tell BILL "NO" (which is all he really CAN do).. Kurt should address BILL and what he is doing and his take on the situation. Write him a should have his address.

Take care.

Starfish Prime said...




Starfish Prime said...

This Jury is a lot smarther than both the Defendent, Plaintiff and Judge gives them credit. They are seeing through the deception and now that the Judge will not give them what they are asking for in evidence, this bodes very poorly for the Gvt.'s case and I believe we may see an acquittal of all charges against the Defendent's soon.

Starfish Prime said...

The judge said that the code book for the jury would be "problematic"..


In your face ACE. (you TOOL)

Starfish Prime said...

Moses (of the Bible) said...

What else is new, is this a surprise to any "TPs" that the judge won't allow the jury to view the IRC. All those who keeps saying Irwin is guilty, must be missing some brains, something that this jury apparently has.

They are going to acquit him because they will be pissed off that the judge won't allow them to see the law. Irwin already told them in his closing argument, that the IRS is the most dibolical contrived scheme (organization) ever to embark mankind. Well something to that effect.

You can't diss jurors like this judge did without some consequences. This jury seemed bright to me and they are probably haggling with one IRS plant AMONGST THEM. Nevertheless, IRWIN WILL BE ACQUITTED and this jury will set us all free. GOD BLESS THIS JURY.

10/20/2005 5:01 PM
Anonymous said...

What a farce of a trial! What a joke of a judge! To deny the jury access to the law is to deem their judgment inferior, an insult to all of us Americans who have given these tyrants their power.

10/20/2005 5:02 PM
The Tarquin King said...

A petition for Dawson's impeachment sounds good. I'd sign it, if my signature would mean anything since I don't live in Nevada.
But that petition would just be the beginning. I think there should be an huge effort to publicize it (even if not successful) along with the outcome of this trial.

10/20/2005 5:02 PM
Anonymous said...

News for Judge Dawson,

If you deny evidence that is requested by the seperate body (Jury) that has the ultimate say in a criminal trial, then you should only expect an acquittal of all charges against the Defendent in such criminal trial.

This has to be the most bonehead move by any Federal District Court Judge. This is the Jury challenging the 'good faith' of the Judge and the result of the challenge is that it has proven that Judge Dawson is biased toward the Plaintiff.

No worries, all the better for the Defendents case. Acquittal on all charges is next.

10/20/2005 5:03 PM

mogel said...

Hopefully possession & ownership of the note issue is going to be an issue in the months ahead in more States. If someone files bankruptcy, maybe, they should also mark the "disputed" column against a listed creditor, when they list the debt or maybe add some sort of disputed statement. What if the lender is listed as the debtor instead of the creditor on a bankruptcy filing? Why wouldn't the trustee accept that if the filer is unsure or if the item is in dispute? Could that buy the person more time against an imminent foreclosure after bankruptcy is filed?


Daily Development for Monday, October 10, 2005
by: Patrick A. Randolph, Jr.
Elmer F. Pierson Professor of Law
UMKC School of Law
Of Counsel: Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin
Kansas City, Missouri

BANKRUPTCY; AUTOMATIC STAY; RELIEF FROM STAY; STATUS OF CREDITOR: In Missouri Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the debtor cannot defend a petition for relief from the automatic stay by a foreclosing mortgagee by arguing that the mortgagee has not produced the note and is not the original mortgagee.

In re Martens, 2005 Westlaw 2417653 (8th Cir. BAP 10/3/05)

The debtor, acting in pro per, perhaps had gotten wind, through the internet, of the problems that MERS is having with foreclosures in Florida. In the DIRT DD report of 9/16/05, it was noted that a Florida state court judge had dismissed a number of foreclosures where the record did not disclose that the party seeking foreclosure was in fact the mortgagee.

The debtor in the instant case claimed that the creditor here, a well known secondary market purchaser, was not the original lender who had loaned money to her secured by a mortgage on her home. She further alleged that the creditor had not produced the note. She claimed that seeking to foreclose without producing the note is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and also a violation of Missouri law.

The bankruptcy court held, and the BAP here affirmed, that these defenses were not relevant to an action for relief from the automatic stay. It noted that the debtor, in its original filing (Debtor at time of filing was represented by counsel), had listed Countrywide as a creditor, had acknowledge that the debt was in default and that there was no equity in her property. Hence, the debtor’s own acknowledgements made a case for granting relief from the stay under the Bankruptcy Code standards.

The court went on to note, as dicta, that there is nothing in the FDCPA or Missouri law that requires production of the original note, so long as the mortgagee can show that indeed it is the lawful holder of the right to foreclose the mortgage Here, of course, the mortgagee had acknowledged that Countrywide was a mortgage creditor.

Comment: Holdings of this sort will move along a lot of bankruptcies that might get held up by this new focus on production of the note as the key to the foreclosure process. Although, indeed, many lenders do get possession of the note (and MERS did obtain the note in the DD referred to above), it is a fact that many secondary market purchasers move very quickly to move portfolios around very quickly and often do not complete the follow up to obtain the note. The note may be with the originator, may be with MERS, or may not be anywhere that any knows for sure.

This holding at least gets the lender past the bankruptcy. It is also fair warning that the pro se filers are onto the “note thing” and that secondary market mortgage investors are going to have to contend with that issue in a variety of manifestations over the next few months.

tcob247 said...

Starfish Prime said...
The war was based on fraudulent information I don't care what anyone says.. the CLUELESS Americans deserve to rot.

Are you an American Starfish??

Is everyone wrong except you?

I have a son going to Iraq next month.
He is proud to go there to combat terrorism and assist with the Iraqi people

He is 20, just about your age

getmeoffthisride said...

TCOB - Please tell your son "thank you" from me. Clueless Americans saw the Twin Towers being destroyed on live, national tv. So, we're supposed to sit here and take it? I guess Starfish is ready to get beheaded by the offenders and have them take over America. But, maybe he's not American, perhaps he's a terrorist as well.

tcob247 said...

I will pass it along to him
Our service men deeply appreciate the gratitude of their fellow citizens

Thank you so much

Starfish Prime said...


I certainly support our troops..they don't cause the war. They do one thing which is most important: DEFEND THIS COUNTRY.

I hope that your son will be safe and free from harm I really truely mean that.

I stand apart from you and getmeoffthisride because you don't realize the problem with this war. Iraq and 9/11 have nothing in common . Iraq is not THE reason why 9/11 happened poeple. The Bush Administration wanted this war..the neo-cons wanted Clinton to do it...Bush got em their war.

Able Danger...look into it. You might get upset. Don't blame me..join me. This war was sold on LIES. And tcobs son is putting his life on the line for a fuitless war.

You people are STILL DUPED into thinking that 9/11 is the reason we are in Iraq..but in REALITY..just what exactly should have been done to prevent this (Able Danger)..what is the Bush Admin thinking (consult P.N.A.C. for an answer plainly for all to see) ..why did they want this war so bad, who are the real threats and are we doing all we can to stop this "them"?

Who is "them"? Where are these supposed terrorists?


Starfish Prime said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Starfish Prime said...

Powell regrets it.. he sure does.

Because he'd been lied to just as the rest of us and knew very well that he played a HUGE role in this war in addressing the UN.

He said it plainly on CNN..I alerted you guys about it on this blog a couple weeks back.

But that's just one speck of the evil in the White House.

Vote libertarian or conservative (if you can find one).

Starfish Prime said...

Jury Asks To See IRS Code Book

Judge denies jury from seeing the IRS code book.

Telephone conference call was put together by the judge, the judge's clerk, and all the attorney's of record including Irwin Schiff. The jury asked to have Cindy Neun's dog-eared IRS code book brought in so they could take a look at it. The judge absolutely denied this request saying that it would be "problematic".

Listen to latest report from Mike the Radio Rebel at

Starfish Prime said...

I swear to all and for the record that our children and their children will read in our history books that the Bush Administration was one of the most corrupt, deceiful, treasonous, criminal, and embarrasing Administrations the White House has ever seen. The outright lies are simply unexcusable but many don't know what the lies were. But everyone who does a little research will find the truth. The GOP is getting thrown behind bars and getting what it has been asking for.

I am so sad for our country. I hope that this is the "worse" that makes it get "better".

What is ever more insulting is to hear those in support of Hilary Clinton in '08.. OMG.. I heard one of the dumbest things at work today, someone said, "I'm a Republican and I can say that this war was a mistake, but you know what?..I'd vote for Hilary. [he started to see the look on my face] But here's why: because Bill will be running the show and Clinton was a good president."

I just walked away.

tcob247 said...

Everyone has their opinion about the war

Mine differs from yours....greatly.

You said...
"And tcobs son is putting his life on the line for a fuitless war."

Thats odd. My son sure doesnt think so. He's been over their once already. He wants to go back. He's sees the evil being wiped out and the good things we are doing for the people.
You wont see that on the prime time news
Sure it is messy. war is hell. we fight an enemy with no uniforms.

Starfish Prime said...

Every one will know the truth someday though. That's why I should get so worked up about this. The lies will be exposed. Listen to Congressman Weldon on Savage Nation (it's an interesting show..I'm not a Savage worshipper) the other day???

Did you hear how passionate he was for our country and how upset he is over the issues surrounding Able Danger. Clooney will be releasing a film called "Good Night, and Good Luck" .. talking about the media and where did the real news go? I saw Clooney on Charlie Rose on PBS the other day and he was very obviously letting everyone the importance of those to always question authority. Because if a government can do what it wants will the full support of the People (who know are liek the "battered wives that support the one they love) then it will corrupt. Rose added the old saying "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"

and our taxpayer dollars funded this mess!!!


Ask not what America can do for you but what you can do for America.

Good night, and good luck.

I recommend two books right now:
"The Al-Qaeda Connection" 2005
"Liberty in Troubled Times" 2004

Starfish Prime said...

Tcob..hope your son will continue to "change the world" He is seeing progress but then he would find that there are a TON of countries that need our help because it sucks being Third-World. He is winning some of the battle..but if you would only see that it creates a whole new set of problems in the Middle East. And no one can see that this early will take time and then we will be making the comparisons to Vietnam.

Starfish Prime said...

Letter to the Editor:
I am a staunch conservative from Eastern Kansas and a
supporter of Hagel in '08. Ron Paul, a member of the
House (R-TX), always seems to know the right answer
when I have questions about certain issues. What
happened to conservative Republicans? I am disgraced
by the Bush Administration. I also do not think you
get what Hagel is trying to tell us. I did not take
well to your article about Hagel.

"Supporters of the war in Iraq, as well as some
non-supporters, warn of the dangers if we leave. But
isn’t it quite possible that these dangers are simply
a consequence of having gone into Iraq in the first
place, rather than a consequence of leaving? Isn’t it
possible that staying only makes the situation worse?
If chaos results after our departure, it’s because we
occupied Iraq, not because we left.

The original reasons for our pre-emptive strike are
long forgotten, having been based on false
assumptions. The justification given now is that we
must persist in this war or else dishonor those who
already have died or been wounded. We’re also told
civil strife likely will engulf all of Iraq.

But what is the logic of perpetuating a flawed policy
where more Americans die just because others have
suffered? More Americans deaths cannot possibly help
those who already have been injured or killed.
Civil strife, if not civil war, already exists in
Iraq-- and despite the infighting, all factions oppose
our occupation.

The insistence on using our militarily to occupy and
run Iraq provides convincing evidence to our
detractors inside and outside Iraq that we have no
intention of leaving. Building permanent military
bases and a huge embassy confirms these fears.

We deny the importance of oil and Israel’s influence
on our policy, yet we fail to convince the Arab/Muslim
world that our intentions are purely humanitarian.

In truth, our determined presence in Iraq actually
increases the odds of regional chaos, inciting Iran
and Syria while aiding Osama bin Laden in his
recruiting efforts. Leaving Iraq would do the
opposite-- though not without some dangers that
rightfully should be blamed on our unwise invasion
rather than our exit.

Many experts believe bin Laden welcomed our invasion
and occupation of two Muslim countries. It bolsters
his claim that the U.S. intended to occupy and control
the Middle East all along. This has galvanized
radical Muslim fundamentalists against us. Osama bin
Laden’s campaign surely would suffer if we left.
We should remember that losing a war to China over
control of North Korea ultimately did not enhance
communism in China, as she now has accepted many
capitalist principles. In fact, China today
outproduces us in many ways-- as reflected by our
negative trade balance with her.

We lost a war in Vietnam, and the domino theory that
communism would spread throughout southeast Asia was
proven wrong. Today, Vietnam accepts American
investment dollars and technology. We maintain a
trade relationship with Vietnam that the war never

We contained the USSR and her thousands of nuclear
warheads without military confrontation, leading to
the collapse and disintegration of a powerful Soviet
empire. Today we trade with Russia and her neighbors,
as the market economy spreads throughout the world
without the use of arms.
We should heed the words of Ronald Reagan about his
experience with a needless and mistaken military
occupation of Lebanon. Sending troops into Lebanon
seemed like a good idea in 1983, but in 1990 President
Reagan said this in his memoirs: “…we did not
appreciate fully enough the depth of the hatred and
complexity of the problems that made the Middle East
such a jungle…In the weeks immediately after the
bombing, I believed the last thing we should do was
turn tail and leave…yet, the irrationality of Middle
Eastern politics forced us to rethink our policy

During the occupation of Lebanon by American, French,
and Israeli troops between 1982 and 1986, there were
41 suicide terrorist attacks in that country. One
horrific attack killed 241 U.S. Marines. Yet once
these foreign troops were removed, the suicide attacks
literally stopped. Today we should once again rethink
our policy in this region.

It’s amazing what ending military intervention in the
affairs of others can achieve. Setting an example of
how a free market economy works does wonders.
We should have confidence in how well freedom works,
rather than relying on blind faith in the use of
military force to spread our message. Setting an
example and using persuasion is always superior to
military force in showing how others might live.
Force and war are tools of authoritarians; they are
never tools of champions of liberty and justice. Force
and war inevitably lead to dangerous unintended

On Federal Judges--

"The Constitution above all is a document that limits
the power of the federal government. The fundamental
point that has been lost in our national discourse is
this: the Constitution prohibits the federal
government, including the federal judiciary, from
doing all kind of things. Until we have federal
judges who understand this, it matters little what
political stripes or experience they bring to the
bench. The Constitution does not empower government
and grant rights, it restricts government in order to
safeguard preexisting rights. When federal courts
disregard this principle, acting as legislatures or
failing to enforce constitutional limitations, we get
the worst kind of unaccountable government." ~Ron Paul

No neo-cons liberalist Democrats..moral
cowards such as Clinton or Condaleeza

Think before you write. Out of all the options on the
table only ONE speaks up about the war. HAGEL. And I
will never forget the lies that led up to this war.
You and most others seem to continue to underestimate
the Middle East. We are only creating different

Elmer Fudd said...
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Elmer Fudd said...

Not Neglected In My Thoughts
A client brought up a good point that I address the lazy critic client and not the faithful. It is true and I think not to address you in word since I do my deed for you. I suppose though it is time for me to address you with the heart of thankfulness I have for you. I appreciate you few who have taken the time to educate yourselves and to let truth find its safe harbor. If all were like you, this arrogant bank-ass-kissing government would fear the request of the bankers for the power of the people being of one mind. I know you are out there and have received many a letter from you. To finish the race is all I know I can do to show you how much I adore you. There is no equality of reward. I promise there will be a large disparity between the murmerer and the valiant truth seekers. Our relationship will not be severed at the end of this story. Friends are hard to find and courage even harder. Friends with courage and truth change the world for the better though they offend all in the process. For your sake I find the added comfort to the joy of a justified battle for truth. Thank you all again, it is my pleasure to serve you.

Hmmm I wonder of Kurt has any relation or Roots of Middle Eastern Decent? And i know some of you know what i'm getting at?

Starfish Prime said...

Hagel was honored with not one but TWO purple hearts in Vietnam; is that not a man who cares for his country??

The decorated veteran or the corporate kissass?

And to think I actually VOTED for Bush...

Starfish Prime said...

Only bad mark for Hagel so far has been his support for CAFTA.

getmeoffthisride said...

You know, Bush had to clean up the mess left around by Clinton, including the White House (literally, Clinton and his ilk trashed the place physically)and all the bad ties. People were sick of democrats. Clinton lazily sat around and watched America get attacked by these terrorists. Where do you think the terrorists come from?? They come from and reside in Iraq and surrounding countries such as Afganistan, Pakistan, etc. Now the terrorists are moving into other parts of the world. These men have some crazy idea of what they believe that God should be. We are the infidels, YOU are the infidel. Whose life are you trying to save? Yours? They will cut your throat in a New York minute. They don't care about you. That's one of the reasons why TCOB's son is out there. Protecting us from this garbage. The bible says that there will be wars and rumors of wars. Do you really honestly think that the bible is wrong here? It's prophecy, it's going to happen. You need to get some good information about all this. Bush didn't want this war, Clinton did. So that he could make Bush look bad and then we'll vote demo in the future. That's why he didn't do anything when the terrorists tried for a first time, second time, and other times to destroy America. I don't want some person whose campaign is funded by Nazi groups and Communist governments. That's who supported Kerry. Look it up. Kerry is highly regarded by the likes of Castro. Bush isn't. In my book, that gives me everything I need to know when I'm voting.

I'm proud of our men out there. I'm not happy they have to be there. No one is. But, I will be the first to shake their hand and give them my seat. No matter what the media gives you, it's not the whole truth and it may even be twisted around. My own friends who serve come back with great stories to tell about how the people there are grateful the Americans are there. Nothing like hearing it first hand and not from the media.

Starfish Prime said...

Clinton wanted the war?

Did I not agree that the terrorists are not in Iraq anymore?

I sure as hell did not want Kerry or the Democrats. I enjoy this shift to the right but someone steered the boat into an iceberg.

Both are unacceptable.

Nothing I relied upon in regards to our discussion about this war on this blog had anything to do with the media.. I heard it straight from Powell through the media and the others were from Congressmen.

I think you've missed the point again and are dead wrong as to who is responsible for the war. The neo-cons wanted Clinton to start the war but Clinton refused..Bush gave it to them and should NOT have.

Compare the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) whose members include Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and their view for a US led PAX AMERICANA to rule the world with military might.

then look at the CATO Institute and see who makes more sense. Ron Paul and others with similar views (true conservatives and libertarians) vs. Bush and Neo-Cons (including Rice)?? Which is more dangerous.

People just can't bring themselves to accept the truth.. it hurts.

Starfish Prime said...

Why is Texas Republican Rep.
Tom DeLay using a defense attorney who not only represented a Waco cult leader David Koresh and helped a cross-dressing millionaire beat a murder rap, but is also a Democrat?


getmeoffthisride said...

So, what you're saying is that Bush told the terrorists to go ahead and topple the Twin Towers, we want to go to war somewhere, I don't care where, just somewhere. Then, we'll attack your country, and you can attack us. This way we can get rid of all of our militia and the US will be an open target for me and I will have all the power. What sense does that make??

It doesn't. The people WHO DO WANT WAR are the terrorists. They killed hundreds of people. If we don't stop that from coming here, it will be here. Do you want that? Do you want to live oppressed as the people do over there? That time may come soon enough. Are you trying to rush it in?

Starfish Prime said...

Like the terrorists will take over our country?? HAHAHA.

They are really not a REAL IMMINENT danger.

Only WMD's are a danger. And those who have them we already know about and keep tabs on. We also have the advantage of having two oceans on either side of the country.

Bush did not "tell" the terrorists to attack. They let it happen via negligence. It could have been prevented. You guys think that somehow the terrorists are gonna sail over here and claim America as their own...get real.

The US is just that right OPEN TARGET. And the war is making it worse. You people actually think that if we fight the war long enough that terrorist activity will vanish?? FOOLS! That countries around the world will suddenly adore the US?? NO! This is only making things worse in the long run.

I know you want to believe that the White House had "good intentions" but really they had their own self-serving and short-sighted agenda about a war in Iraq.

You're a battered wife to the White House.


Starfish Prime said...

and most of the American public is a SUCKER. The truth will be exposed in time.

In time.

Starfish Prime said...

Ask yourself: who profits from this FRAUDULENT war?? Who stands to gain?

Not us. Not the People.

Starfish Prime said...


Oddly enough before 9/11..PNAC made the suggestion that its policies and agenda will never work unless a major catastrophic event occured.

That's what happened and without 9/11 there is no war people.

And the only way to get war was through alleged WMD's and "mushroom cloud"s (thanks to Condy Rice).

FACE IT AMERICA. The main reason to go to war turned out to be a farce.

Americans don't care though. They start to rationalize justification for the war.. just as a battered wife.

Starfish Prime said...

Meanwhile..Iran has a terrorist as a president and whose country might actually produce a nuke if we don't stop them.

But the focus is on Iraq. We should call the troops back and focus on Iran.

Recruitment for the Armed Forces will continue to go down and down and down. The neo-cons have an agenda that cannot work in reality. In the end: we lose.

Play again?

Starfish Prime said...

When are we going to realize that this "war" will never and CAN NEVER be fought on American HOW? HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW?? What, have the terrorists ammassed an army capable of defeating our mighty military?? NEVER. Not even close.

(crickets chirping, unfortunately)

getmeoffthisride said...

You said it yourself "America was negligent". The Clinton Administration and Clinton himself was negligent and purposely so. They wanted this to happen. They also wanted it to happen so that they could make Bush look bad. Bush isn't negligent. He's taking it head on and making progress along the way.

If you think Americans deserve this, then you must not be American, but a terrorist.

Those who believe in Christ know that there will be wars. Christ himself predicted that. This world can't be without them unless the whole world comes to know Christ.

The terrorists claim that this is a "jihad" or holy war as they call it. The infidels are those who don't believe the way they do. That would be me. This is based on anyone who isn't a Muslim. Even Muslims get persecuted by the terrorists.

The WMD's play a part, but, for now those WMD's are suicide bombers thinking they're doing something great for "Allah". They are coming to this country. They have arrived. Do remember 9-11? I do. They thought they would receive the greatest reward. Yes, the greatest reward for not believing in Christ, an eternal hell.

If you think that Bush started this whole thing, go back and look at the videos from 9-11. You are media bound, I don't believe everything the media tells me. If you were to die tonight, do you know where you would spend eternity? I hope that you will look at the bible further and educate yourself on this stuff. Jesus is our only hope for a peaceful world.

Starfish Prime said...


Bottom line you moron is that this war was based on lies..and the Bush Admin CONTINUES to lie to Americans.

Thanks to him, our constitution is in danger!

This war will only cause more INSTABILITY in Iraq. I don't care what you ignorant beliefs may be. One thing is for certain: this war will be labled a mistake and the Bush Admin will be called LIARS and the Constitution vote will do NOTHING as far as progress in the Middle East but set the stage for a Sunni Civil War. This whole thing will be a MISTAKE.


getmeoffthisride said...

Quote - "You moron" . Your Christianity is showing again. Bush didn't start this war. You want to start a war though.

Scriptures tell us that we will be held accountable for everything that comes out of our mouth. How can you call yourself a believer and slander someone you don't even know? You slander God's creation.

That is what the terrorists do. They think they are doing God a favor but they are not. They face hellfire.

Check your facts carefully. You are the instigator and you are the one who hates Americans.

Starfish Prime said...

YOU are the one ignorant of the facts. YOU are the one who thinks that we are fighting "GODS" war.

You should be ashamed. I am divided against those who support criminals. You are one of those people.

This war was not God's bidding. Only Satan's.

getmeoffthisride said...

I'm not ashamed of anything. How about saying Americans deserve this? Now, is that not supporting the terrorists? It sure sounds like it. If you support the guys who dove those planes through the twin towers like it was theirs to destroy, then you have something to be ashamed about. If you think Americans deserve this, then you are definitely a terrorist. You are not American. You have convinced us for sure now.

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