Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fasting and Prayer

For those of you who have no faith or can easily condemn those who do, you can skip this one and we’ll see you at the next one.

We are coming down to crunch time just me and my big mouth accuser. I had begun a regiment of prayer and fasting in anticipation of this event over a year ago. The battle has always been larger to me than the American Mortgage Industry. That is a victor’s conversation shared with those of like faith in the future. I encourage all who understand to ask God what role as an intercessor you can play. In Esther, all prayed and fasted just three days to obtain their victory. What will history say of you? I know I have given my all and so has Scott. He too is fasting and praying continually. Most of you won’t recognize my new Ethiopian appearance but there are seasons of joy and feasting and seasons for diligent prayer and fasting. The key is to be alert and responsive to the season. I will deliver you all to the merriment of victory and excess but that season is soon, just not now. If the sun comes out too soon the harvest is lost for the blossom is early. The timing is the Lords and He has proven a master at it so far. Join me in this last preparation to triumph and let’s make it known at the throne that though this house is not our home in truth we’re the only entitled to own. When this is over let’s all go get something to eat, my treat!


Solvo said...

I don't pass up free meals, so count me in!

imbigo said...

I'm in also, I beleive the time I saw you I told you about my fasting regement, I will remember you and Scott on the next one, and the next, and the next....

Will have to discuss the place of the "Feast" when you get back to Cali. I'll come to see you as soon as you get here!

BIG "O" 1+1+1=1


Zup solvo, you know I like to eat, by the way I've lost about 27lbs. sence you last seen me!!!!

imbigo said...

the last time*****

verboy said...

I wish you guys the best and I'm behind you all the way. If there is anything I can do to help don't hesitate to contact me. That also goes for anyone else that is involved in this (including those of you are constantly bitching).
I can't believe that someone was crying about their title being "messed up". Did you think that an officer from the bank was going to come to your house and congradulate you on successfully paying off your morgage.
Having everyone but you handling your affairs and your money can be expensive. Sometimes you have to take the time to learn how things work and fix them yourself. The process of settling an account with a bank without the expenditure of your labor is easier than you think and there are many variations that will work.
I'm no expert, but I'm learning. I started with credit cards and have had some success and no failures.
If you don't have a foundation of knowledge you won't have the balls to do any of this stuff.
Try to pull yourself away from the the fucking mind eraser in your living room and learn something that might benefit you and your family.

Dave D'Antona

~~The Swami~~~ said...

How about eating at Der Weinerschnitzel? That way we can go by and visit Neodemes at his place of employment.

getmeoffthisride said...

"Most of you won’t recognize my new Ethiopian appearance"

Ahahahahahahah!!!! Are you darker in color as well?

I'm sorry, but, that really is an insult to Ethiopians who don't have any choice as far as food goes. You made the choice to fast and pray (good choice, I'm not condemning it, I believe in fasting) but don't use Ethiopians as a comparison.

Matthew 6:16-18 "When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show men they are fasting. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. But when you fast, put oil on your head and wash your face, so that it will not be obvious to men that you are fasting, but only to your Father, who is unseen; and your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Have you ever eaten Ethiopian food? When Squash is the best thing to eat, you know you're in trouble. Bounty, the quicker picker upper, has nothing on that sponge bread they serve you! Not sure which is ex-wife's cooking or Ethiopian food - tough choice. My advice to all my Ethiopian friends is best stated in one word......."Swanson"! Happy Eating!

Ace said...

Good post verboy, That thing in your living room will destroy you. there is nothing on it but disinformation and being disinformed is 10 times more dangerous than being ignorant. I turned mine off 15 years ago and only turn it on to watch video tapes. Peterless Jennings, Tom Brokenjaw and all the rest of the journalistic whores who sold their souls to the new world order can check out the Mistletoe that is hanging over the seat of my pants. Oops, Sorry Peterless I forgot you are no longer with us. You are now in the presence of the god you served for your whole career. How does it feel to know you will spend eternity with a blowtorch up your ass? You are now reaping what you have spent a lifetime sowing. Don't feel too bad though, The men who controlled you are now up on deck putting on their asbestos underwear. Guess what guys, you are riding in the back seat of a Ford Pinto and you are about to be assholed by a screaming Mack Diesel.

tcob247 said...

And how is it that we can contact you Verboy?

Ethiopians don't have a choice with being malnourished.

As much as I hope Kurt wins, I believe it will go the way of the Irwin Schiff trial
He thought he had all the bullets too.

If President Kennedy got knocked off by the bankers, Kurt is small potatoes for these guys

son of a prophet said...




Unfortunately, MANY Christians fall into this trap mostly sprung from so called 'Christian' churches where pastors make a living calling out the so called 'condemned'.

How many so called 'pastors' will find themselves sitting right next to their 'condemned' friends??

REMEMBER, Teachers will be held to stricter (higher) account and as ALL Christians are teachers, we will ALL be held to higher account.

God doesnt need any of our help figuring out who to judge, even it if appears that someone is lost.

Remember the thief on the cross, who was saved at the last instant?

So, it is with 99.99% of Christians. They will be saved at the last instant before death.

There is a difference between the 'elect' and actually being saved. The elect are irrevocably scheduled to be saved before they die. The saved are already saved and possess and understand the power of the Holy Spirit and the wisdom that it gives.

Remember, that we are all trying to better our life in what is satans Kingdom on earth, so there is a limit to how much can be done here.

In fact, it is those who do not understnad this 'limit' who believe that peace and tranquility can be achieved on earth (the PTB) and are trying to desperately achieve it....the Millenial Kingdom. When the false Prince of Peace will appear to those without wisdom who dont understand.

Just when everything is good, very good in fact, is just when it will be hard for all of us to want to leave this planet to go with Yeshua.

Think about....the war ends, energy gets cheap, the estopple comes thru and you get say $200-500K, my one million Iraqi dinar go one to one and now I have a million $$$$. Life is GOOD!!!

It is at this point, that if Yeahua walked up to any one of us and said, 'take all that you have and go give it to the poor and follow me...'

How many of us could do it???

Honestly,I dont know if I could do it and yet I am fully aware of what the correct response would be......

Peace of Yeshua be with you always.

Starfish Prime said...

I wish Kurt would be more specific.

WillToFight said...

Here Here to all!

I will meditation as I have seen the outcome. It has been visualized, and is now becoming actualized.

Victory and Triumph.

The good Fight!

WillToFight said...

As Always TacoBoy247, you do not understand the significance of much that has been going on here!

If you'd done just a bit of study on your own, instead of listening to every negative asswipe that comes and tries to denagrate this site and what it stands for, you might never have turned against us.

Judas, Jezabel, idiot!

Your forgiven. Just don't say anything. Listen for once!

tcob247 said...


What was your visualization of the Irwin Schiff trial?

Who turned against whom?

imbigo said...

Hay tcob...

Did you ever respond to Kurt busten you out on his lastest blog?


BIH"O" 1+1+1=1

Zup willtofight, fight the good fight, call you soon!

freedom fighter said...

kurt, we are with you and are praying for u as well! we speak favor 4 U & psalms 91 protection! Divine protection!

tcob247 said...

yah boy he REALLY busted me

Had all the wrong info

That boy knows how to bust

when is he gonna bust outta jail?

Silent200 said...

Hey Kurt,

Hang in there. I will be sending you a letter soon. God Bless

Elmer Fudd said...

Hey Tcob what i notice is all these idiots attacking ya are prob Dorean Agents. So by trying to beat you down is a way to justify ripping so many people off in their greedy and money lustful eyes. Who me i didn't do anything wrong all i did is try to help my clients and NOW THEY HAVE THE BALLS TO QUESTION ME AND DOREAN HOW DARE THEY....