Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am the unbred poet

with no pedigree to boast

fresh as the green twig

that whistles before it stings

You recoil from the thrashing

though there may be correction in this rod

while the stupor of complacency

thickens your skin

An iron will rusted into corruption

ignores the common element

that flows in the veins

of dogs and their masters

Thrones and robes of hypocrisy

proclaim benevolence for all

while misanthropic hearts beat red with envy

for the last hope of the common slob

Justice a mere dance of folly

law a weapon of deceit

morality a path for wandering feet

and an ass the seat of power

Where are the children who shed tears

who heard the whistle and felt the sting

have they outgrown the truth


judge allslop said...

And you thought the CORPORATE strawman was "fiction". Wether it's the supreme court or billy alsup, you need only follow the money. Let "every vote count".

Supreme court opens floodgates for corporate, union political contributions
By Kenneth P. Vogel
Updated: 01/21/2010 12:21:24 PM CST

The Supreme Court on Thursday opened wide new avenues for big-moneyed interests to pour money into politics in a decision that could have a major influence on the 2010 midterm elections and President Barack Obama's 2012 reelection campaign. The long-awaited decision overruled all or parts of two prior rulings by the court that allowed governments to restrict corporations and unions from spending their general funds on ads expressly urging a candidate's election or defeat. But the decision upheld disclosure requirements for groups like the one that brought the case.

sopsback said...

→ History Lesson of the Day:

What most people do not understand is the relationship between the Federal Reserve and war. The Federal Reserve is responsible for every economic difficulty that afflicts our nation. Without a Federal Reserve creating fiat paper currency out of thin air, an empire could not wage continuous war. There is no clearer proof than evaluating major U.S. military conflicts prior to 1913 versus after the creation of the Federal Reserve. Between 1791 and 1913 (122 years) the U.S. engaged in only four major conflicts:

* War of 1812
* Mexican-American War
* Civil War
* Spanish-American War

Only the War Between the States can be considered significant and it was fought solely on U.S. soil. The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 by bankers in collusion with politicians in Washington DC. This private central bank, run by a cartel of major banks, has encouraged politicians to wage war. Continuous conflict enriches bankers, as all the money used to wage war is borrowed from them. This may explain why between 1913 and 2010 (97 years) the U.S. has engaged in eleven significant foreign conflicts:

* World War I
* World War II
* Korean War
* Vietnam War
* Grenada Invasion
* Panama Invasion
* Gulf War
* Somalia
* Kosovo War
* Afghan War
* Iraq War

Above and beyond these actual conflicts, we engaged in a 46 year Cold War with the Soviet Union that involved funding opponents to communism, coups, and assassination of foreign leaders. This Cold War was used as an excuse to station troops in over a 100 foreign countries, creation of the military industrial complex and creation of a secret spy agency, the CIA. Conveniently, when the Cold War ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union, a new amorphous war was created by politicians and their bankers. The nebulous War on Terror has been exploited to create the Department of Homeland Security and passage of the Orwellian Patriot Act, which allows the government to violate Americans’ right to privacy in the name of National Security.

The War on Terror is used as the reason for invading foreign countries and using predator drones to blow up whoever our leaders feel is a threat. The cost for the War on Terror thus far has been $2.3 TRILLION. There are trillions more to be wasted because you can never win a war on terror. Who benefits from a never ending war on terror? Every dime of the $2.3 trillion has been borrowed. The beneficiaries of debt are bankers, as they reap billions in profits and pay themselves millions in bonuses. The money that is loaned to the government is then paid to the companies that constitute the military industrial complex. These companies then buy the support of Congress for their new and improved killing machines. This is the circle of death encompassing Washington DC. From James Quinn

sopsback said...

and with all dose cuntries on that list, they forgot to include newly invaded cuntry of hate me.

"...yes, were here to bring you releef supplies...and we(usa) alwasy bring our releif supplies on aircrap carriers and frigates..."

thats just what they should tell the usa... "we dun want yo hep...friggit"!!

sopsback said...

Lawyers Wanted!

Not normally, but this ain't normal:

People everywhere need your help.

A law firm in Nevada has begun a Class Action Suit against an electronic mortgage registration service and 60 million homeowners have their mortgages through it.

It does not matter who services the mortgages - that could be Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Litton Loan, etc.

The Supreme Court in Kansas has ruled against them along with the Ohio Supreme Court and Federal Judges in many states, saying they have no right to foreclose on anyone.

They are not the owners of the mortgage - they separated the Deed from the Note. No one knows who the owners are, because one mortgage may have been sold in many different bonds.

Here is the problem. The law firm in Nevada - NEED lawyers in each state, willing to file in that state and be part of the class action - it is the 29 non-judicial foreclosure states for the class action suit.

They also need a representative in each state, who has had foreclosure papers filed against them.

I have been desperately trying to find a lawyer in the state of Tennessee - but have had no luck (the papers have been filed against me and they are fast tracking it - it seems)

PLEASE, for the sake of Millions of people out there, who have lost their jobs and are not able to pay their mortgages - Please, put out a plea on your site asking for Lawyers in all non judicial states to come forward and be part of the foreclosure class action suit. We are talking about Millions being helped!

You can give them the lawyer in Nevada's email and phone number, who has started the class action suit:

Treva Hearne

Hager & Hearne (775) 329-5800

A chance for there to be good lawyers for a change, huh?

sopsback said...

The PlaIntiffs in the biggest Fraudulent Finance case in world history, who are now suing the US Securities and Exchange Commission [S.E.C.] and its Commissioners et al. for $3.87 trillion in the United States District Court, Central District of California [CV10-00031 JVS MLGx: see this website: Archive, 9th January 2010], which reveals that the S.E.C. under George W. Bush Jr. marketed some 2.25 trillion CMKM/CMKX PHANTOM SHARES, are expected to be interviewed on NBC-Dateline, which normally airs on Friday night during the 10:00 pm timeslot on both coasts.

• This programme may be broadcast this coming Friday 22nd January 2010.

sopsback said...

this story remine me of that alvin hansum guy...and the chimpmuks....

tell me nothin'....ho yo gonna collect almost $4 trillin doolas?

tell me?

even if yo win the case, yo relly think yo gonna cleckt?

the S.E.X. will peel that all the way to the sublime cort an then yo will loose.

sopsback said...

an now i will tellyo sumting so funny, that yo wont bleef it.

i actully owned some chairs in that stock.

it now trades with 5 "0"s before the digits appear

about 3 moths ago,i get a notice from my sockbroker that they no longer will be making a makeit in this security LOL!

and that this screwit me is now listed as a "toxic secruty" by the SEC (Screwing Every Client)

i axe my breaker what dat meens, a tocktit sectury??

he said that it mean, "yo f**ked out of yo money"


judge allslop said...

Productive? Sure Al Capone was productive, what's your point Lloyd?
Enjoy your bonus.

Goldman Sachs Had Bomb-Sniffing Dogs, Police Barricades At Its Headquarters Before Earnings Announcement
First Posted: 01-22-10 08:59 AM

As Goldman Sachs prepared to announce its fourth quarter earnings and employee compensation levels yesterday, the bank had bomb-sniffing dogs and police barricades on hand at its New York City headquarters, the New York Post reports. The decision to boost security as its offices was apparently driven by growing fervor over the bank’s huge profits and bonuses. Yesterday, the bank announced that it earned $13.4 billion for the year, and set aside $16 billion for employee compensation. Goldman was widely expected to set aside approximately $20 billion for employee pay, but CFO David Viniar suggested yesterday in a call with reporters that the bank wasn’t blind to the "pain and suffering in the world" and "wasn’t deaf to the calls for restraint." Viniar’s remarks indicate an abrupt change in tone among Goldman Sachs execs. In November, CEO Lloyd Blankfein — who had previously bragged that the bank was doing "God’s work" — said the following at an industry conference: I often hear references to higher compensation at Goldman. What people fail to mention is that net income generated per head is a multiple of our peer average. The people of Goldman Sachs are among the most productive in the world."

sopsback said...