Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Atlas Colony - 11/27/09

This story comes to me of myth and legend. As to the historical truth, I have no way to verify, but as to the truth taught by the story I am convinced.

There was a great leader in a colony of ants whose name was Alsup (mere coincidence). He was a judge considered very wise and authoritative. All the ants revered his opinion. He reasoned one day that ants as a species were too divided and that under a unification, they could dominate the world. The key was to inspire all to a hope of gain. "It is true that we ants are of all creatures the greatest in number and in strength," he began his speech. "I am convinced if we united in a common goal nothing can stop us. Even God would take notice of us and we can change our station. No longer shall we be viewed as the insignificant, but as a will that must be recognized. I believe if we combine our strength and numbers to move the continents, who could stop us?" One of the other leaders interjected, "Did man not attempt something of this import with the Tower of Babel?" "Our plan is not the same; they wanted to become God's master and we only desire to become our own and to convince God by our feats that we are worthy of a status change. They are weaker than us physically and in that their wills cannot remain unified as ours. My proposal is that we all migrate, under earth to avoid detection, to the San Andreas Fault just north of Simi Valley. There we will use all our combined strength and effort to push the continent apart. We will push west until a new continent is formed and dominated by us. Men will fear and respect us because they will recognize our power to change their lives. God will see all we accomplished and treat us as we deserve."

God did take notice of their pride. Their plan were stealthy to every other creature. Soon all were amassed into what became known as the Atlas Colony. With one accord they began to push west with all their might on the west side of the fault.

In the heavens God was seen laughing at their foolish endeavor. An ant was in the station of being an ant based on superior will and knowledge they could never comprehend. They were not the first creatures to proudly make demands upon God, nor would they be the last. God laughed, but was also offended and decided a course of action. He commanded that the fault part.

On earth, or in earth I should say, the movement was immediately assumed a sign of success. A great cheer went up. The ants were changing one of God's laws and He would honor them for their joint efforts. The earth moving caused more than half the colony to fall down into the new crevasse. It was no issue for the ants who were master of this domain. They simply remained pushing from their new location. At that time, God commanded the fault to close. Violently and rapidly it closed, crushing all that fell within it. A horror shook the colony and destroyed their resolve. Alsup was forever shamed and the ants swore never to join their colonies again.

God laughed because His laws are irrefutable and irrevocable and because every attempt to annul one is as insignificant as the proud ant. Regardless of the humor, justice will always prevail and those who want to put the world on their shoulder will never avail. On earth a small quake was felt but in heaven only the rumble of laughter.


Anonymous said...

"God commanded the fault to close. Violently and rapidly it closed, crushing all that fell within it.

guss yo ant ever herd of choclit cumerd aints...i meen ants?

Anonymous said...

yea, i dun care fo dem much eether...i like the taste of choc covered clits better...

Anonymous said...

btw...on a serious note...condolences to the family and friends of the luge player who crashed and wrapped himself around a pole killing him almost instantly... :-(

looking at this sport of luge,they may be the ballsiest of all, hockey, etc as far as risk getting hurt goes...

i mean, you are travelling almost a buck with absolutely no protections and you cant even see in front of you!!!!

talk about having balls!!!!

in fact, they should give all prisoners of real crimes a choice:

for every year in the can that you got in a sentence, you can have a choice,

yuo can either do the time or take off 1 year for every run you do on that luge track in vancouver, the worlds fastest.

if you got 25 years, if you can do 25 runs on that track ans survive it, good luck!!!

now i know that all crime is commercial, but i was just trying to illustrate a point on how dangerous that track fact theyve changed the track alreddy.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have been patiently watching and waiting for your release from prison. Though we do not chime in every time someone says stupid responses to your blog. We are very supportive of your commitment to us all. I hear Scott should be out by March and you will follow by May is this correct? We pray you are safe and in good health. Hope to see you soon. Woops there goes another rubber tree plant :)

judge allslop said...

"The enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives. Destroy the image and you will break the enemy."
–Teacher to Lee (Bruce Lee), "Enter the Dragon," 1973.

News from the ant colony. Sound Familiar?

Ex-Parte Orders Denying Motions To Dismiss

For the past year and a half, I have been examining the public records of Florida, analyzing all of the fraudulent documents that have been entered into the system since the housing crisis began. I have found employees of lenders assigning mortgages to their employer, I have found companies assigning mortgages to themselves, by themselves. I have seen many variations of financial institutions employees’ signatures on hundreds, if not thousands of documents. I have seen people that are officers of too many banks, and I have been unable to verify the existance of certain notaries who sign millions of these documents.
Now, we are seeing BOGUS assignments all over the Florida public records. At first I thought it was some kind of joke. Well, the joke is on all of us. Doesn’t anyone look at these papers before filing them? Do the courts even care they are allowing peoples homes to be taken away by some BOGUS document?
This is much more than a clerical error. It is outright blatant fraud.
In just a few hours of perusing the public records of this country, we were able to come up with these BOGUS DocX assignments from multiple counties of multiple states. While we were at it, we found some Bogus Satisfactions of Mortgage as well. To top it off, not only do the assignments say they are bogus, most of the signatures do not match from one to the next. Some counties and states do not have their records online and some counties and states require you to pay leaving them inaccessible at the moment. Just imagine what would be found if official audits were performed.
States Examined; Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, and Nevada. Yes, these are on the extreme end of the fraud spectrum, but what if all of those “official” looking assignments were just as bogus as these? One of the most infamous “vice presidents”, Erica Johnson-Seck, who signed thousands of these “official” assignments, confesses the role she (and others?) played in the creation of similar documents in her deposition

judge allslop said...

Excerpt from the Judge... Indymac Federal Bank FSB Plaintiff, Vs ISRAEL MACHADO 502008CA037322xxxxMb

“The Sanction of Dismissal is Warranted in this Case.

As shown in the discussion above, the BANK has filed many documents with the Court in complete disregard of the truth or falsity of their factual underpinnings. Under the Court’s general civil contempt powers, the Court is authorized and entitled to sanction the BANKS’s misconduct. As summarized by the Fifth District in Robinson v. Weiland, 988 So.2d 1110 (Fla. 5th DCA 2008):

Pretrial discovery is not intended as a game. Many trial judges throughout this state have bemoaned the tactics of the minority of lawyers and parties that abuse
the discovery process. See The Fla. Bar v. Miller, 863 So.2d 231 (Fla.2003) ordering one-year suspension of attorney who deliberately concealed his knowledge of client’s receipt of EEOC’s right-to-sue letter); The Fla. Bar v. Rood, 569 So.2d 750 (Fla.1990) (concealing expert’s memorandum and causing clients to sign false answers under oath warranted attorney’s one-year suspension); Mercer v. Raine, 443 So.2d 944, 946 (Fla.1983) (affirming sanctions of striking
defendant’s answer and entering default judgment for discovery violations when defendant “knew what was going on” and had “total disregard for the consequences” of pending action); ….

As this court has stated:

The integrity of the civil litigation process depends on the truthful disclosure of facts. A system that depends on an adversary’s ability to uncover falsehoods is doomed to failure, which is why this kind of conduct [fraudulent concealment of facts] must be discouraged in the strongest possible way. See also Channel Components, Inc. v. America II Electronics, Inc., 915 So.2d 1278 (Fla. 2d DCA 2005).

Trial courts have “the right and obligation to deter fraudulent claims from proceeding in court.” Savino v. Fla. Drive In Theatre Mgmt., Inc., 697 So.2d 1011, 1012 (Fla. 4th DCA 1997). This is because “[o]ur courts have often recognized and enforced the principle that a party who has been guilty of fraud or misconduct in the prosecution or defense of a civil proceeding should not be permitted to continue to employ the very institution it has subverted to achieve [its] ends.” Hanono v. Murphy, 723 So.2d 892, 895 (Fla. 3d DCA 1998). Where a party perpetrates a fraud on the court which permeates the entire proceedings, dismissal of the entire case is proper. Desimone v. Old Dominion Ins. Co., 740 So.2d 1233, 1234 (Fla. 4th DCA 1999).

Here, Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s counsel misled the Court about the real party in interest in the case; and 2) engaged in extensive discovery abuse to obstruct revelation of the
known falsities in the complaint – a “flagrant abuse of the judicial process” worthy of severe sanctions. See Martin v. Automobili Lamborghini Exclusive, Inc., 307 F.3d 1332 (11th Cir. 2002). Dismissal for fraud is appropriate where “a party has sentiently set in motion some unconscionable scheme calculated to interfere with the judicial system’s ability impartially to adjudicate a matter by improperly influencing the trier of fact or unfairly hampering the presentation of the opposing party’s claim or defense.” Cox v. Burke, 706 So.2d 43, 46 (Fla. 5th DCA 1998).

judge allslop said...


The Court is also empowered to sanction counsel for its role in the litigation misconduct. The Court is entitled to expect Plaintiff counsel’s compliance with Section 57.105 Florida Statutes which prohibits parties and their attorneys from presenting claims that are not supported by the material facts. The Court may also expect counsel’scompliance with Rule 2.515(a) of the Rules of Judicial Administration, which provides that “[t]he signature of an attorney shall constitute a certificate by the attorney that the attorney has read the pleading or other paper [and] that to the best of the attorney’s knowledge, information and belief there is good ground to support it…” Id. Additionally, the Court may expect that officers of the court comport themselves with the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar which prohibit a lawyer from asserting an issue without a factual basis. Rule 4-3.1 Meritorious Claims and Contentions. (Comment: “What is required of lawyers…is that they inform themselves about the facts of their clients’ cases…”).

In addition, the above-chronicled misconduct constitutes “unclean hands” on the part of the owner of the subject note and mortgage. “A foreclosure action is an equitable proceeding which may be denied if the holder of the note comes to the court with unclean hands or the foreclosure would be unconscionable.” Knight Energy Services, Inc. v. Amoco Oil Co., 660 So.2d 786, 789 (Fla. 4th DCA 1995).”

Mortgage free said...

Where is updates on Doreon from Dr. Johnson. He used to communicate every month. Now no one can get a hold of him and he no longer communicates. Can't be good.

habakkuk said...

Mortie (Mtg Free), you said that 6 months ago. Stop waiting by your inbox.

Anonymous said...

he mustaf alreddy "bummed up" with scooty or else he cawt an early rap tune an went up!

maybe yo can reech him on a sat fone?

habakkuk said...

I got my settlement, didnt you? ;-)

Anonymous said...

waht settlement??

havent yo herd??

this is a relgius blaaaaggggh...

we only take about relgion here.

yo mus be referring to sum other bog.

try no to get to blaaghed down with it.

dunno why ppls are taking about mortges here???

Anonymous said...

an ho's askin about dr. smith?

they can ketchup with him at lost in space...he still with will robson and 'robart'

they be cumming back from space on 2087 i think to refool they ship?

Anonymous said...

they be cumming back from space on 2087 i think to refool they ship?

in fact on anther mortage bog they said that they would be back just in time for the dg to payut, in 2087.

actually, they said that they be back a year early. taht the dg will pay in 2088, but they wanted to have time to set up there trust dox o fo to crate a fundation.

dr. smith will hep them with that.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

where yo be gong???????

Anonymous said...

"scooty...can yo read me? bem up"

Anonymous said...



Jean Keating Seminar Tape 2

This is the fibonacci numbers. They use this Forex, which is an investment company.

Optional forms 90 and Optional forms 91. You can download all this on the Internet. This is how you get out of prison. 0,11,2,3,5,8,13 Just substitute you’re articles of uniform commercial codes for those – you’ve got article 8 up there, you got article 5, and you got article 2. They are all part of the golden means – the golden means is 1.618 – it is a spiral. This is all mathematical. Everything in the universe is mathematical. The science of mathematics is based on geometry. - - - -. (Talks about pyramids, planet X.)

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Code of Federal Regulations

Title 48 Federal Acquisition Regulations System

Anonymous said...


shoot!! dat why i didn get out from jail...i had the numbers in the wrong places!!!

next time i do a 'quick pick' and let the puter chose the mumbers.

let see...

3, 5, 4, 5,7,7,4,6,7,8,4,....dee dum..dee...dum....

yea, it dum to do this....

Anonymous said...

This is your get out of prison – this is how you get out of prison.


so all i gotta do is call the wordin an start telling him some numbers....he goona call the mental health services dept. of the jail.

Anonymous said...

"yo, wordon, i wnat to get out the can, so listen up....4,5,6,7,7,11,2,2,3,5,4,5,4,3,2,2,2,1,1,1....."

"are yo fukng crazy!"

Tom said...

Does anyone know how to get in contact with Dr. Fred.

I have a potential buyer for my house and need to file a quick claim.


Anonymous said...

I have a potential buyer for my house and need to file a quick claim.


where yo bin the last 7,8,10 years???

yo just dont quit do yo???

they stop doon quik clams decades ago....when they found out it din works...

nwo they just do slo take a while tho so yo bes get started...

if yo over 30 yo, foget it take abot 20-30 yers to do a slo clam...yo gotta keep filing the pot with water as it dry up....

maybe dr. smit can help yo or maby the reboot....

Anonymous said...

maybe yo shud study a few posts above:



Joseph said...

You won't believe the sweetheart deal that the Indymac boys were given by the FDIC.

A good explanation of the deal is right here:

What is even more amazing is that this deal has apparently been given to all the big banks who bought out failing banks, such as Chase, BofA, and Wells Fargo to give a few examples.

So if you have been trying to make sense of why the bank wants to foreclose on your house, then just remember what we explain in our video: bankers want money, right now they've got a deal that in the first phase will make them 10% more than they paid for the loan if they had to foreclose on you.

Forensics can stop foreclosures. It can make insurance policies (such as FDIC) null and void, it can prevent the bank from being able to sell your loan.

Anonymous said...

hears ho yo fill a quick clame.

first, get yoself a good stoopwatch.

then, RUN down to the city reorders offis.

barge into the offs and if theys anynone in lien, jus cut to the frunt of the line. dun worry.

then tell the jerk there that yo want to fill a qick clame and to hurry up with the papaworks.

keep telling her/him to hurry

now if yo get it filled in less than 2 mins and 37 secs yo have filled a quick clame.

if it took longer than that, yo have filled slo clam an will have to wait yers fo it to mature so that yo can use it.

good lunck!