Saturday, January 20, 2007

Trial Preparation (12-29-06)

This is kind of funny when one actually thinks about the game that is being played out. Originally they moved us to Dublin FDC to defend ourselves. We will skip all the procedural flaws to get to this place. Scotty and I are given computers to view discovery, a word processor, and printer. Not the BOP, US Attorney, and Judge don’t like the paperwork we prepared. Of course they don’t understand what we wrote and won’t until the end. First they took away the printer, then they took away the copy machine, then they took away the phones, and last started tampering with our mail. You would think they had enough advantage over two little old guys with their complete law library, the internet, staff and new equipment. Now that they have stripped us down to pen and paper I began contracting. This frustrated their plans to abuse us unimpaired. Well they soon got over their heads and scared so they split us up. Now we have no communication, no law library, no document production, no phone and a trial on the horizon. You would think I would be scared. Well quite frankly they are planning a victory around a future that doesn’t exist. All the histrionics is actually quite fun to watch. Grown men acting like children acting like adults. Can you believe these are the fools revered in our society? I think it speaks to the degradation of our culture. Even behind this suffocating siege of resources Scott and I prosper. Everything they do to hurt us somehow gets turned into an advantage. We will be changing up strategy shortly to trap them in their own nets.

I think one of the most amazing things I’ve seen to show me God is in charge has been the maturing of Scott. He has become an amazing champion of the faith on his own. It was a blessing to share space with him but in our separation I realize what a courageous man he is. Most of you can’t imagine the cost we suffer to obtain victory for we share very little of it. I know for certain that most men would have been crushed by what Scott endures. Having backbone, and integrity is most of the battle with this fraudulent judiciary and both of us have a full measure. I’m proud of Scott and many of you will be blessed to meet him and to hear his testimony. Dorean could not have succeeded without his willingness to be obedient to Christ. He is his own man not my lacky. Those who have met him or worked with him know how true this is. Timing seems the last mystery and both of us have resolved to just endure until it is finished whenever that is. We don’t want to go to trial it is an honor not yet earned by the opposition but just maybe God is looking for a very public display. We are open to His will. Keep us in your prayers that God strengthen and give wisdom. Thank you all!

Note: There was a couple that recently wrote me that I intended to respond. You wanted to discuss Revelation 12. Your last name began with “B” I recall. I accidentally packed your letter away in an outgoing envelope. Could you please write again so I can respond? Thank you and sorry!


light1rae said...

Scott and Kurt,

The complexities of this long drawn out drama are to say the least taxing on us all. However, what you are going through on our behalf is nothing less than extraordinary in the times we live in. My wife and I and many others are with you in spirit and in truth! STAY THE COURSE as always we our so proud of you both. May our heavenly FATHER continue to bless and protect both of you.

R&P 

justice77777777 said...

You and Scott would probably still be together if you did not print bogus checks and stuff the the other "redemption" guru's have tried and failed. Barton Buhtz was arrested for what you submitted to the court. You should be glad another count wasn't added to either or both of you. That's why you lost your, printer, word processor, etc.

To quote Paul Harvey, "and that's the rest of the story".

god said...

Justass 7777: To quote Paul Harvey, "and that's the rest of the story".



tcob247 said...

god said...

You should say

"let there be light"

dgwondering said...

"Dorean could not have succeeded without his willingness to be obedient to Christ."


Only in screwing up hundreds of peoples lives with a bunch of lies.

mogel said...

Speaking of Barton Buhtz & trial preparation, I found this:

How to Prepare for Court - a teaching lesson
Discussing what he shares in his various educational 'packages'
(Travel Package, Property Protection Package, and 3 DVD seminar from
Mar 2006)
Write: Barton Buhtz, 8050 Le Berthon Street, Sunland, California 91040

Started with some personal comments about Christmas, and some
schedule changes.
Said he is only taking calls now on Wed and apologized to those he
hasn't answered by email. Said he is getting overwhelmed with
responses of support, encouragement and can't keep up with all the
email he's getting if he hopes to take care of the business at hand
re his own ongoing court action.

Art. 7 of Bill of Rights requires courts to deal with the common law.
We must settle case with fact and truth BEFORE ever 'appearing' at a
court hearing.

Your affidavit must state facts and truth ONLY - cannot make any
Must be signed under penalties of perjury. The way to do this is in
accordance with
USC 28, Sec. 1746 (1) "without the United States".
(Places you OUTSIDE the jurisdiction of the U.S.)
If you maintain you are the 'secured party' your affidvait MUST be
signed from "without the United States".

Affidavit must be signed in presences of (before) a Notary Public if
it is to be used in Court.
(If you use two witnesses, instead of a notary, both witnesses must
also be present at court if needed to verify your signature)

Need to determine who are the Respondents, principles and those who
are only going to receive (cc)- courtesy copies. All Respondents
must be served with copies directly (or you can use certified mail).
Courtesy copies can simply be mailed 1st class stamp.

Need to give them a MINIMUM of 10 days (to allow for the mails,
weekends and 3 days in which to respond).
Must use some form of confirmation they have received the affidavit.
(certified w/ green signature card or Registered Mail are two options).

If they fail to respond....then a Notice of Default and Assent needs
to be prepared. (put certified mail # you will be using to send this
notice at the top-right of this Notice).

In the Affidavit you are giving them a notice of rights (e.g. UCC
References that require them to rebut point-for-point within a
certain amount of time. And if they don't that their silence is
passive procuration (i.e. consent).)
(PROCURATION - The act by which one person gives power to another
to act in his place, as he could do himself. A letter of attorney. 2.
Procurations are either express or implied; an express procuration is
one made by the express consent of the parties; the implied or tacit
takes place when an individual sees another managing his affairs, and
does not interfere to prevent it. Procurations are also divided into
those which contain absolute power, or a general authority, and those
which give only a limited power. The procurations are ended in three
ways first, by the revocation of the authority; secondly, by the
death of one of the parties; thirdly, by the renunciation of the
mandatory, when it is made in proper time and place, and it can be
done without injury to the person who gave it.)

The Notice of Default will include a Second Notice of Rights. In
this notice you re-iterate their rights. In accordance with:
1. Art. 5&7 of the Bill of Rights
2. Public Law 93-579
3. 5 USC 522(a)
4.. UCC 1-103.6 as administrative demands were made of you with
Notice & Demand, respectfully made to _____________ to provide
disclosure re his/her actions. Failure to respond and rebut point-
for-point, and/or failure to provide any kind of information or
disclosure document required by law & demand by respondents. By
failure to do so, now and forevere, you and your offices yield to
estoppel, waiver, fraud, etc. under UCC 1-103 & 1-103.6 and your
willful refusal may subject you to civil liabilities or criminal

Include copies of proof of mailing.

To bring this into a court use "Notice to Include and Augment the
Record" (2 pages in its basic form). Barton said he has a 1 page
instruction sheet with an 8-step procedure for doing this. You would
attach your exhibits to this Notice to get them into both the clerk
and judge's evidence file so the must take notice of it.

You must do this as a NOTICE, so the court cannot see it as a
motion. If it is seen as a 'motion' the judge will think he can make
a determination re it. You need to understand this distinction so
you can stop the judge from interpreting your Notice as a "motion".

Always ask judge for more time to perfect and exhaust your
adminsitrative remedies.

mogel said...

Justice777: "The rest of the story" hasn't been completely told yet. Sorry to disappoint you.

mogel said...

Justice777: Here's the "rest of the story":

"We will be changing up strategy shortly to trap them in their own nets."

neodemes said...

"Dorean could not have succeeded without his willingness to be obedient to Christ."

Counting them unhatched chickens, eh?


Hey, use your paper and pen to make another sight draft. That will be good for a few laughs.

mogel said...

Nemo: I got a better idea for some good laughs. Why don't you post your photo for laughs or give everyone the link to your picture on your website. Let everyone see who spews such nonsense.

Counting chickens before they hatch is alot like having strong faith---- EXPECTATIONS based upon nuturing the GOOD seed. Even Tony Robbins talks about visualization techniques of success and goals of what you want. Visualization and verbalizing the success before final realization, it's not a new concept, but the concept is revered by the experts. All successful people do this. Losers don't do this because they already see themselves as failures & losers are always ready to accentuate the negative, much like you, rather than to be solution oriented.

Faith is the 1st principal of the gospel. Without it, you can't do anything. Kind of ironic, a man of professed faith like yourself, that would mock faith of any kind.

KYHOOYA said...

I don't know if anyone has cought this yet but it seem's that the court's are now using the court case law by person's like judge Alsup to back up their denials of appeals or any other case that has to do with stoping the banks from froecloing or going forward to so as I read in one case that was shoot down in Dec 06 that and because the wording might have been i little off. How nice for the banks that they are now geting to use the one sided view of judge alsup to their advantage and all before the REAL case is yet to even goto pretrial .

Make's it a little more clear as to why they might be delaying thge two in and cutting all their right to defend themselfs .

To Neo & Justdon'tnojack 7777
You have know brains at all do you? Maybe you might want to run for an opening in the Whitehouse your onesided view and narrow minded thinking are a go example of just what has been there screwing things up for the past 87 going on 8 and soon to be gone thank God in there now.

If you want to post the crap about how the dorean group was'nt telling the hole story when the said there was oprove cases or they miss lead in add's for it then so be it but don't sit there and say that they should have told the whole truth or that they should have not drummed up business by false adds (By the way that almost every add you see do day from brokers and banks are the same way ie: 'Your perapproved' and the rest of their crap lies ) but you don't seem to mind those do you not when there bring you business and lining your pocket Right ?

If the truth is what your after then say it your self or say nothing at all I refer to thge fact about the stight draft and all the doc's that were done and why not just your onesided OP and just like how Bush camapined when he new he could'nt win a straight debate with Kerry he went to the old stand by and picked out little nitpicking thing that Kerry said and then might have clarified later this is the kinda campain your suited for instead of talking about the real issuies you would have to do the same as ZBush let's not forgetthe Cocain arres in the 70's and the fact that Bush lost in the $$mill$$ of investers mony and was almost brought up on charges for that if it wer'nt for the big daddy Bush saving his dumb ass all the time how about the only cowboy in Texas that could'nt find oil with his little faling company that all of a sudden got an off shore contract to drill for oil . I mean shit he can't find it on dry land why in the hell would someone give him an a contract to find it underwater? Let me help with that Can you say Daddy to the rescue again.

All of that and to think he carried a great big 'C' average at Yale UN and then you would have a two time GOV former vice Pres. and enrgy conse. that would loss to that dipshit and of all places where do you thing so close but no win for Kerry Close but if you just happen toi have a brother who is in the state that the votes are in question then your as go as in there right? It must be nice for people like that and yopur selfes to be able to pick and choose what it is you want to show everyone that is wrong with someone else tha way your sure to be looking good (NOT!) the facts are there why not post the real story around that sight draft or the why they called the BOP head their Legal advisers why I tell you why cus if you did you would have nothing to back up you bitching and winning andknow good resoan for all the people you screw everyday under the guies of being a help or needed business to the arae you serve in. It just piss is me off to watch how all the supporters for the system and banks are the ones who have to pick out just the part's that will show the bad and not pick the whole fact based story and show why the the things being done to these guys and for the real truth of it. What could they have done uhnder the watchful eyes of the BOP and all that was going to amount to anything ? You must think everyone suchthe fool to buy into your crap and part and pieced stories why don't you stand up and be a man about your doings and then tell the real truth about things or is that to hard and counter productive to your line of JUSTASS.

if you can't say anything like the truth don't oppen your PIE WHOLE salrighty ? Then good!

Oh and hey F(*&%ck off if your thinking about using my spelling to say once again the lieing two step from the real piont being made here It's getting linda old don't you think?

Get some thing new why don't you or is that to much to ask?

tcob247 said...

mogel said...
Justice777: Here's the "rest of the story":

"We will be changing up strategy shortly to trap them in their own nets."

Yah it's worked well so far

Take some blood pressure pills man your going to have a heart attack

Close your eyes and say "goosfrabaa"

Hey, which Vegas conference did you go to?
First or second one?
I think I saw you there

neodemes said...

Faith is often misplaced, moogie, as you so clearly demonstrate.

False prophets abound!

neodemes said...

keepsheadupass sez:

"It's getting linda old don't you think?"


Who is linda??


mogel said...

Nemo said: "Faith is often misplaced, moogie, as you so clearly demonstrate.

False prophets abound!"
If charges are dropped and Dorean fulfills a settlement for clients, would that make me a true prophet?

Yes, or no?

neodemes said...


That would make you a lucky idiot rather than just an idiot.

And I mean that in a nice way, of course.

Let me know if you get lucky.


justice77777777 said...

neodemes said...
Let me know if you get lucky.

Are you talking about his personal ad or getting lucky from something else?

mogel said...

So in other words, according to you, Nemo, "events" clearly have nothing to do with labeling a person a true prophet or a false prophet. Interesting.......

CLEARLY speaking, I think your judgments are a little bit hazy. Clearly your prejudice and judgments have nothing to do with events or history. CLEARLY, it must just be based upon a clear prejudice.

Thank-you for clearing that up for me.

mogel said...

Nemo: What's the difference between an idiot and a lucky idiot? Seems to me that there is no difference, so why would you want me to inform you of something of no relevance? Or maybe it's just indicative of your own thoughts and how you think---- things of no relevance. Maybe things of no relevance interests you--- is the only conclusion I can draw from your idiotic request. I guess the mundane and irrelevant is something you live for. Maybe someday you'll get lucky and change your perspective.

neodemes said...

moogie sez:

"blah, blah, blah"

neodemes said...

justice77777777 said...

Are you talking about his personal ad or getting lucky from something else?


We're talkin' luck not miracles, justice.


mogel said...

"blah, blah, blah"

Sounds like some of your best thinking & definitely your best summary to date. Simple and concise and to the point.

mogel said...

Luck: "Happening by chance or accident with no rhyme or reason."

You're right Nemo. I concede. It was the "blah, blah, blah," that finally made me see the light. The Dorean Group were put in jail by just incredibly bad luck and will also come out by the same luck of the draw if it happens. :o)

That's what all clients paid for; just a chance to be lucky, even Justice666. That will probably be the next count added to the court, operating a lottery without a license. :o)

Course, you can't attribute any miracle or miraculous event to it because that might mean that God played a hand in it or that some well orchestrated and intelligent plan caused the victory and of course that is unthinkable in your mind even as a possibility for that might mean that you would have to rethink your prejudices, for such an event like that is inconceivable to you, one who professes to know so much about luck.

So win or lose in your mind, you are still protected from any embarassment. How safe you must feel!!

tcob247 said...

mogel said.....
False prophets abound!"
If charges are dropped and Dorean fulfills a settlement for clients, would that make me a true prophet?

Yes, or no?

I'll say yes
Have you had any other prophesies Mogel?
Were they true or false
If this doesn't come true that means you are a false prophet and are not of God
Are you willing to take that stance?

son of a prophet said...

"That would make you a lucky idiot rather than just an idiot.

as terry bradshaw winner of 4 SB used to say....

"i would rather be lucky than good" when responding to how luck played a part in the 4 SB wins by bradshaw.

son of a prophet said...

on anther note, the continual effort to create a "choke point" for all money movemetn trasnactions continues....

A recent posting in one of the forums regarding large currency tranactoins and how they are being restricted:(by the PTB who dont want the little guy to enjoy the same benefits)

Re: Important Update and Information:

Since the inception of XXXXXX and the XXXXX group, it has been the objective and goal of XXXX management to provide a mechanism through which average citizens of the world could participate in the development of successful and profitable business enterprises beyond what their individual circumstances would allow. To achieve that objective, various programs and projects have been pursued. Some have proven to be exemplary examples of our goals while others have failed to achieve the ultimate success we have sought, not necessarily because of our efforts but because of outside influences we could not control.

XXXXX is a real world enterprise and, as such, is subject to the influences and circumstances of the real world. Over the past several months, there have been a continuing stream of these influences and circumstances that have negatively impacted our ability to do certain things we used to take for granted.

Most recently, the loss of our server access due to the consequences of the forces of nature – the recent Asian earthquakes – have been our plague. Finally, that issue has now been resolved and full server access, including email has been restored.

With that, however, has come the discovery of other issues. These revolve around the central issue impacting virtually every enterprise dealing with international financial transfers today: the unobstructed transfer of funds through the international banking system.

As was announced in earlier updates, XXXX had to curtail monthly distributions of profits and delay payment of some withdrawal requests to regain control over the company’s cash flow after the failure of other financial programs put increased demands on our system. Outstanding withdrawals were to be completed by year’s end, and we were able to complete portions of those. Movement of funds from our cash accounts at various banks around the world to the DGC accounts involved several transfer transactions. Some of them were completed as expected before January 1 st and the DGC distributed. Unfortunately, the larger block of funds which had been accumulated in the primary account to complete those payments has been further delayed.

When we finally regained access to the server, something we had to achieve before we could access of DGC accounts, we discovered that transfers we anticipated had already been completed were, in fact, still pending. We expected to be able to immediately login and complete payment only to find funds not there yet.

In tracking the transactions through the various bank facilities processing the transfers to the DGC, we found they were being held at an intermediary bank in Eastern Europe. When inquiring as to the reason for the failure to complete the transfers, we initially got very little information. After more intense inquiry, we were told that due to new anti-money laundering regulations which took effect with the New Year (during which time the funds were in transit) that to release the funds to their final destination would require the submission of considerable documentation as to the origin of the funds, corporate identification documents from both the sender and recipient, as well as documentation explaining the purposes of the funds. For many obvious reasons, we cannot and will not provide this documentation. Instead, we have requested the transfer to be rescinded and the funds returned to their origination point. That process is now underway, but we do not have a specific time frame under which it will be completed.

To facilitate completion of these payments as quickly as possible once the funds have been returned to our accounts, we have made alternative arrangements to acquire DGC through a few trusted exchangers, as opposed to dealing directly with the DGC itself (which requires transfers to obscure banking locations). The major issue with this and why it wasn’t pursued initially is the amount of DGC required. Most exchangers do not have the capacity to meet our needs individually. We now have made such arrangements, although that process too will take some span of time as we have to get the cash funds to them as well.
Interim Payment Solution For Outstanding Payments:

We understand the hardship these payment delays have placed on many of our Partners, and the impact that has on the Partner’s confidence in XXXX. For that reason, we are providing an interim payment solution: physical gold.

Through XXXX’s involvement with the XXXXX, we have inventories of gold and will provide partial payment of any outstanding withdrawal request to those desiring payment in this manner. XXXX will ship gold equivalent to a maximum of 35% of any outstanding withdrawal request.
The XXXX pieces are .9999 fine (24 karat) gold and come in 1 ounce, ¼ ounce, and 1/10 ounce weights. As with any piece of physical gold, whether bullion or coin, a premium to the spot price of gold is factored into its value. Although the XXXX has a higher established premium, XXXX will not use that premium level for this option. We have analyzed the average premium price for a variety of gold coins (Krugerrand, American Eagles, Maple Leaf, etc.) and have arrived at a median average for the various weights. They are as follows:

1 ounce : Spot plus 4% premium
¼ ounce : Spot plus 9% premium
1/10 ounce : Spot plus 12% premium

For any Partners wishing to receive a Gold payment (outstanding payments only), a ticket must be entered at the Help Desk indicating the amount of any outstanding withdrawal request that you wish to be made in gold. This ticket should also include full name and address details of where you would like the gold sent. The current gold spot price, as determined by the closing price quote on the New York market on the day your request is received at the Help Desk, will be applied to your payment. XXXX will include various weight gold pieces to come as close to your request amount as possible, using the largest weight pieces first. A shipping charge will also be deducted from your payment. Shipping for U.S. destinations will be $12.00. International destinations will be $25.00. The actual amount of the gold shipped, as determined above, including shipment costs, will be deducted from your outstanding withdrawal request balance.

Fuller Norton and Debit Cards:

As most of the Partners are already aware, shortly after the first of the year a major problem arose with debit card programs. This problem has affected BestGoldCard as well as many other card issuers. One of those other issuers is Hatfield Oak International, the company through which Fuller Norton was to provide banking services and debit card payment solutions. Because HOI uses the same North York Credit Union programs as BestGoldCard, et al, and all those programs are now defunct, the usefulness of them to Fuller Norton, and ultimately to XXXX and XXXX, as a viable payment option has been moot. Combined with other aspects of the venture that have proven to be problematic as well, XXXX management has made the decision to withdraw from its agency arrangement with HOI and will not be going forward with Fuller Norton’s planned Payment Solution Account offering for future XXXX payments. We are looking at alternatives, but it is anticipated that XXX will stay with a DGC based payment solution for the immediate future.

The Future:

As mentioned in the first paragraph of this update, since the inception of XXXX and the XXXX Partner group, it has been the objective and goal of XXXX management to provide a mechanism through which average citizens of the world could participate in the development of successful and profitable business enterprises beyond what their individual circumstances would allow.

Through the experiences of the past year, it has become clear to management that despite our best efforts to achieve the goals and objectives we seek, there are forces in the world much larger than us that do not want us, or any similar organization, to reach them. It is not in their best interest to allow those kinds of things to happen. We do not feel there has been any direct action taken to thwart our particular plans. We are not the only group out there trying to achieve the same or similar things. These larger forces have the power to put their thumbs down and make things happen in the geo-political climate that thwart us all in our efforts. Unless, and until, an entity who wants to make a difference is in at least the $2 billion or up category, they simply will not be taken seriously and will continue to be squished under the thumb of those in power. We aren’t there.

The management of XXXX, after some very brutal experiences this year, has made the decision that continuing to buck the winds and tides that seem to constantly hold us in our tracks or push us backwards just isn’t worth the effort, risk, or potential reward at the present time. Accordingly, effective immediately, XXXX is discontinuing operation as a vehicle for participation by non-direct Partners.

What that means is that the XXXX Partnership is being dissolved and liquidated. Each Partner will receive the total amount currently carried in their Partner Account as a return of principal.

The balance of each individual XXXX Partner’s Partner Account has been determined as of January 1, 2007.

Partners may log in to their accounts to view their balance. Any outstanding withdrawal requests from the Shares Accounts are not included and are being handled separately as discussed above.

The Partner Account balances will be returned to each Partner as XXXX liquidates assets and interests to provide funds availability. This process will have to be done in installments as XXX’s interests are wide spread and in a variety of industry segments. Assets must be sold or otherwise liquidated, all of which take time. It is anticipated to take at minimum one year to complete. If we are able to do it quicker, we will.

Installment payments will begin being made in March 2007. Installments will be made monthly, with amounts based on current cash availability. As each payment is made, the paid amount will be deducted from the Partner Account balance until the balance has been reduced to zero, at which time the account will be considered paid in full and closed. A complete account closing statement will be provided to each Partner at that time.

As mentioned, we are currently working to provide a viable and stable payment solution for the future. XXXX will post any news in that regard in the members area as it is determined. The most likely scenario is that payments will continue through 1MDC or other DGC.

We wish to thank all of the XXXX Partners for their confidence and support of XXXX and our efforts over the past year.

We wish you good luck in the future with whatever endeavors you undertake.


son of a prophet said...

"....there are forces in the world much larger than us that do not want us, or any similar organization, to reach them. It is not in their best interest to allow those kinds of things to happen."

there are forces in the world that want to keep people in poverty and not let them use the resources that they themselves use to enrich themselfs

they dont want the "little guy" to make easy money like they do by sitting on their a** and doing nothing.

no. they want you to slave fo yo money.

that why the UCC is no use anymore, because it has been figured out and they cant steal anymore and the prostitutes that protect them.

justice77777777 said...

This calendar was last modified: 01/22/2007 09:41:36 AM
US District Court, Northern District of California
Judge William Alsup
Courtroom 9, 19th Floor
Dawn Toland
Scheduling Dates

Tuesday 01/23/2007
02:00 PM (r)CR05-0611 USA v. Charles Tobias (custody)--Sentencing

mogel said...

Are you willing to take that stance?
Ask Nemo. I have made myself PERFECTLY CLEAR TO HIM. He has already labeled me a false prophet. He's the expert.