Monday, January 22, 2007

The Brawl (12-29-06)

My pod consists of 18 two men cells. 20 of the 36 got into a brawl. Basically 16 blacks on 4 hispanics. Fortunately my celly and I were out of the frey. It was no accident one of the men at our table acted the ass so we left a little early. It is little events like this that make one think that the footsteps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord. These little incidents are really quite revealing because they shock you and speak about the character of the players. If violence turns your stomach these are not the best observations. Half my pod is here for murder so they don’t have the same appreciation of others. What is funny is the jailhouse code on ethics they fight over are so much more trivial than the standard they’ll ignore. Man of this generation is a blind self-absorbed creature. “ME” is the subject of every sentence or thought. This happened on a Friday afternoon which night they hand out commissary. Now a real thinker would take commissary, fight on Saturday, plunder the victims food and enjoy the lockdown retaliation. Thinking is not the abundant commodity. The guards of course cancelled commissary for all including my celly and I who were not involved. What I found an interesting study more than the brawl is the class maneuvers. First was the blacks an hispanics. Then it was the deputies against the inmates taking away privileges. Then it was the deprived and hungry responding to the loss of privileges. The logic in all this is dense. Men dependent on privileges with expectation of their uninterrupted flow. Punishing all by location like it will net you compliance though it never has. These behaviors seem reflexive like they have been planted deep in the psyche without a reasonable delay or review. I also noticed the victim minority did not offer any offense as a defense and suffered greater and more severe injuries. This also seemed reflexive. Do we really take the time in our lives to understand all the pitfalls, dangers, and battles around us? Have we ever checked our reflex responses in advance to reason if they are the best response options? A giant brawl is not necessary or a hostile milieu. It is your mind and soul, your decisions. You can give yourself a check-up anytime. Have you fasted to see how you might respond to a loss of food privilege? How about imagined or practiced physical responses to violence? What would I do if the bank makes a claim? I think most people live in a state of reflexive unpreparedness with the vain wish the brawl will never find you. I used this event and lockdown to question many things about myself. I do this in court and in this brawl called Dorean. I want to encourage you to do some introspection and see what you can do to better the odds. I have been very calculated in Dorean and not reflexive. My opponent has really been disturbed by this. They are very dependent on your reflexive responses to choose their course of action. Men are basically conditioned to please authority no matter how bizarre the statute is from those who dispense it to us. Maybe sometimes you should flex instead of reflex.


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tcob247 said...


You are so wise

You have them right where you want them

You are the victor

justice77777777 said...

Today is the day for the first of 6 defendants.

This calendar was last modified: 01/22/2007 09:41:36 AM
US District Court, Northern District of California
Judge William Alsup
Courtroom 9, 19th Floor
Dawn Toland
Scheduling Dates

Tuesday 01/23/2007
02:00 PM (r)CR05-0611 USA v. Charles Tobias (custody)--Sentencing

I hear that Julian's spouse and child are back in the US, so he's either here, in-route, or getting ready to leave.

son of a prophet said...

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yah! good luck!

let me know when you funeral, i will bring the flowers....

question? are these people just playing "dupes" or do really think they can stop the NWO???


maybe they really work fo the nwo and they can "flush out" and exppse those who would oppose the nwo by pretending to be against them. so whoever joins them becomse themselfs a target of the nwo.

son of a prophet said...

....while you wait fo yo dg money....gasoline too espensive fo yo???

then run you car on water...

The HydroStar System - How to run your car on water

What is the HydroStar System, and is it for real?

A water - fueled engine conversion system is a very simple, but precise definition of the fantastic HydroStar System. The engine operates entirely on hydrogen and oxygen, generated by the electrolysis of water. No petroleum derived fuel or external electrical generating system is used, or even required. The exhaust from the HydroStar System is actually cleaner than most outside air!

The HydroStar System is for real!

It is the end result of many years of testing and experimentation with a multitude of hydrogen generating systems based on the principle of electrolysis of water. Water electrolysis is simply the breaking down of water into its basic hydrogen and oxygen atoms by passing an electric current through it. The HydroStar is the first, and so far only, practical system developed for
use in vehicles.

Is the HydroStar a perpetual motion machine?

The HydroStar is not a perpetual motion machine. It is a high efficiency, water - fueled, electro - mechanical system capable of producing hydrogen and oxygen in sufficient quantity to power internal combustion engines.
Is the HydroStar safe?

Vehicles powered by the HydroStar System are inherently safer than existing gasoline powered vehicles. Gas tanks have to hold many gallons of gas in order to allow vehicles to travel great distances. Such large volumes of gas hold tremendous amounts of combustible energy, as is often demonstrated by the fiery results of an accident severe enough to rupture the gas tank. Very little hydrogen has to be stored within the HydroStars' hydrogen generator. The only necessary fuel stored in quantity is water; which, of course, is not combustible.

Why is the HydroStar called a conversion system?

The HydroStar is called a conversion system because it doesn't require removal, modification, or disabling of any of your vehicles' existing systems. Therefore, it allows you to run your vehicle on either its existing gasoline system or the HydroStar System. In the unlikely event that your HydroStar fails, you can easily switch back to gasoline power. But, you'll soon be getting this simple system back in working order again. Once you've driven with the HydroStar you'll never be happy with anything else!

How well does the HydroStar Perform?

A vehicle powered by the HydroStar is theorectically capable of getting 50 to 300 miles per gallon of water. However, as is true for any engine, actual efficiency depends on driving habits, terrain, vehicle weight and shape, and ability to tweak the system. Exact efficiency is, of course, a moot point since water is basically a free and inexhaustible resource.

Can the HydroStar be used in other ways?

Yes, the HydroStar can provide fuel from water for just about any home appliance that normally uses natural gas or propane as a source of heat; thereby saving valuable and diminishing natural resources. Space heaters and furnaces are excellent candidates. Stoves and other cooking units such as barbeque grills can be fueled by the HydroStar as well.

Can I buy a ready - to - install HydroStar System?

Right now the HydroStar System is not being commercially manufactured. Planning is in the initial stages for producing the HydroStar conversion kits for most popular vehicles and eventually manufacturing the entire system, or its' major components. We're hoping to have some prototype kits by the end of 2007. And delivery of ready - to - install kits should begin sometime during 2008. Such a venture requires tremendous amounts of time and cash; something such a small group of enthusiasts simply does not have at this time. So, if you want to have your own HydroStar System right away (and we hope you do), you'll have to do what I'm doing myself; build it using the plans and step - by - step directions contained in this book.

son of a prophet said...


Steve Watkins - 02.11.2006 - 04:41
Please, Please, please!!

Whatever happens, let's get this out as soon as possible, and not have it go the way Stanley Meyer did!

Pentagon get's interested.
Inventor get's bumped off
Patent goes underground
Invention get's lost.
Oil compnies continue to profit from monopoly.

This is not new technology, although the patent process may be different from Stans method. Water for cars is nothing new.

How can I conert my own car to this process?

Brad - 02.11.2006 - 09:50
Same old BS from the electrolizer crowd. You won't hear from this guy again because it does't produce enough hydrogen to run much of anything.
Richard Lee - 07.11.2006 - 00:28
Dear Sirs!

It's incredible.Would you please let me know that your few more specificzrion by mail first

We're looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks & b. Regards
Richard Lee/President
MR.M - 08.11.2006 - 07:20
how fast does it go, top speed?
STAN JONES - 05.12.2006 - 14:48
Have a look at web-site no strength needed, but still interested in running car on water.
Sensei Stan.
Richard Porter - 06.12.2006 - 10:50
I hope you succeed. My web sites have been advertising "water fuel technolgy" since 2000. The best way to find my web sites in the USA is to type madwebtvscientist into a search engine window. If you are allowed to continue to exist please consider joining my free energy WebRing for some good advertising.
Mel Hollinger - 08.12.2006 - 09:17
Very interested. Wish to stay informed.
- 08.12.2006 - 12:53
i gearonte it disapears off the market some car company will buy it and itll disappear like many other things of its kind that have come before
mike santo - 09.12.2006 - 03:13
I am interested in hydro energy
Dewey Bowser - 10.12.2006 - 20:07
I have been a machanic for 35 years and do know how to make small amounts of hydrogen oxygen from water. Now that gas prices have gone up. i will be working on the inboard hydrogen generater again. looks like i be light years away compare to your success keep up the good work!
DJB - 14.12.2006 - 10:06
I was told about this by someone and I doubt this is possible.
For a start, the 1st Law of Thermodynamics says that nothing can be 100% efficient, meaning the electrolysis would need more energy than the burning gives out (the burning would give out as much energy as was put in by electrolysis, but some energy would be lost in the wires as heat).
Also, you would get two gases (Hydrogen and Oxygen), not one.
To add another problem, there is a simple explanation for the 'safeness' of this: he only put his hand through the for a short time, not for as long as he did for the other things. Your hand would also be burnt by it.
Plus, the "stability of water" would not be there, as you basically have a mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen.
DJB - 15.12.2006 - 04:30
A correction to my previous comment: it is the 3rd Law of Thermodynamics which states that nothing can be 100% efficient. The 1st would be broken if you got more energy out than you put in while still ending up with H2O, as you would have to create energy, which is not allowed.
tayyab - 19.12.2006 - 00:28
actually i have already sent you mail and want some info about hydrostar conversion kit actually i m interested to get it.
if you have any manual then post me at my postal address
598/A peoples colony no.2 Faisalabad Pakistan.
i will be thankful to you.

Barış Can - 19.12.2006 - 09:06
Thank you very much from sernakplywood
KIP - 28.12.2006 - 01:27
This is not new. but is still exciting. do a search for Stanley Meyer and Daniel Dingel there is a video of these two inventors making water power cars. also search Joe Cell. That is what is truly amazing.
Steve - 29.12.2006 - 04:37
My dad was a police officer in Dallas, TX in the 50's, he knew a mechanic that had developed a carburetor that would allow you to run on water. The reason it didn't go to market, Big Oil came down and bought everything and didn't threaten him that if he said anything, it would be a matter of National Security!
Steve - 29.12.2006 - 04:39
didn't threaten him, sorry mistake on that

That was suppose to be DID threaten him!

Leslie Neilsen said...

the next big announcement will be a machine that turns horseshit into ice cream.

Or better yet, something that turns SOPshit into something intelligent