Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lessons of Defeat (4/9/06)

There is an interesting story in Judges 20 where all the tribes battle against the brethren. They inquire of the Lord to fight and He responds to send Judah first. Judah is equal to praise. Now imagine you get God’s blessing and go forth with praise, would you expect defeat? No and why should you but that is what happened. This is why I love God. He is too wise to fathom. He exceeds all my reason and imagination. His vastness and greatness are risk to me and precisely why He is God. On March 21 I was told to complete a delivery of messages to the court. I did what I was told and had God’s blessing upon it. The side effect was the mental competency and a temptation for doubt. I’m certain these people had the same temptation. I was stimulated by this as a new and deeper opportunity to trust God. In this battle story God used defeat to bait the enemy so on the 3rd attempt they would prevail. God was always in charge and always wiser. Hindsight made it clear. Faith = to trust is using your hindsight as forethought. I don’t truly understand what happened on the 21st or what it means in the big picture but I’m certain of one thing; God caused it to happen for a profound reason. We all may discover this together. It was an important day in this battle and may be just what is needed to prevail. You too may have to lose your house, marriage, friends, or family an apparent defeat before you see God was always in charge and sent you down this path to bring you victory in the end. God is not as obvious as these adolescent naysayers have reasoned. Find opportunity to trust Him individually and let the crowd be damned.


tcob247 said...

Kurt says

"You too may have to lose your house, marriage, friends, or family.

No thanks
I like my family
you go ahead
I'm sure your family appreciates it

"an apparent defeat before you see God was always in charge and sent you down this path to bring you victory in the end"

Victory at your families expense?
What a Daddy and hubby you are.

God bless your family

son of a prophet said...

and who said that we are becoming a 'poleece state'??


House Poised to Grant Arrest Powers to CIA, NSA

The House version of the 2007 intelligence authorization bill would grant CIA and NSA security personnel the authority to make arrests for "any felony" committed in their presence, no matter how remote from the foreign intelligence mission it might be, the Baltimore Sun reported today.

Section 423 of H.R. 5020 " grant to CIA security personnel powers that have little to do with the primary mission of 'executive protection,' and potentially creates a pretext for use or abuse of these powers for the purposes of general domestic law enforcement -- something no element of the CIA has ever been empowered to perform," wrote Danielle Brian of the Project on Government Oversight in a letter to members of the House Intelligence Committee opposing the provision.

Section 432 of the bill grants similar authority to NSA security personnel.

The bill also includes measures intended to increase penalties for unauthorized disclosures of classified information.

See "Congress cracking down on U.S. leaks" by Siobhan Gorman, Baltimore Sun, April

you will know them by their fruit said...

Kurt says "Find opportunity to trust Him individually and let the crowd be damned."

I guess you followers just look past these kind of statements.

Do you guys use "white-out" on your Bibles in order to follow Kurt?

Peanut Gallery said...

Do you believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, and that He does not change?

alexio said...

God Bless you brother
Stay strong, keep the faith and dont traverse
You are the principal
Bought with the price He paid.
Our 21 hours of fellowship (detained in santa rita Feb 9 through 10) was no coincidence

The champ

alexio said...

Kurt has the internal strength to STAND
Bless Him
Faith without works are dead
His works are life
Many are called few are chosen
Seekith and ye shall find and the truth shall set you free

tcob247 said...

"His works are life"

Is he up for sainthood?

tcob247 said...

must be the King Kurt edition

luvthyneighbor said...

I've been reading the posts here and I notice alot of the same people respond the same way after a new post by Kurt or Scott. I may not be the smartest person around but I do believe that none of these complainers would trade places with either Kurt or Scott, nor would they be up to the scarifices made by these 2 men. It's easy to sit at home and type negative things about people and to judge them. I don't post often because I'm not very good at putting my thoughts into words. I however, will not judge anyone and will always give someone the benefit of the doubt until proven wrong. Where or not you like these 2 guys or what they stand for, you should love them just as you are told to do in the Good Book. I to have invested alot of my hard earned money in the program, I did so knowing that I might not get anything back, I think we all did. I'm not bitter or upset, I just wish the best for Kurt and Scott, I will continue to pray for them and no matter what comes of this whole process, I will love them as I love myself.
God bless you all and yes I mean everone who reads this blog.
Peace be with you.

Yetter said...


fixerone said...


mogel said...

Fruit said: "Do you guys use "white-out" on your Bibles in order to follow Kurt?"

Explain the seeming contradiction from your feeble brain or shut up. You answer no specific questions when they are posed to you. There you go again making general statements never backing them up with anything of substance except stupid comments & generalizations.

The only white-out I use is to cross out YOUR SHALLOW PERCEPTION & wrongful interpretations of God's words & will.

Do you ever have anything positive to say that is actually edifying? If you can't see the edification of Kurt's words, then you are part of the "damned ones" who refuse to see & refuse to hear. You're like concrete, thoroughly mixed up & permanently set.

son of a prophet said...

Retired Air Force General Warns Another 'Terrorist Attack' On Horizon As Trotskyites Within Government On The Move To Destroy America

Gen. Ben Parton said America's only chance is for its people to take back the political process before the New World Order takes over.

28 Apr 2006

By Greg Szymanski

A slow, meticulous and patient takeover of the United States is now under way by a group of Trotskyites embedded in the government using terrorism as a means of "fear and control," according to a retired Air Force General.

And the only way to defeat them, said Gen. Ben Parton, is to immediately take back the political process from the treasonous hijackers before it's too late and America is turned into a fascist state.

Gen. Parton added the insidious onslaught on freedom is well underway and the initial groundwork of "manipulation and takeover" is clearly visible with events like Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, the first WTC bombing and 911. And now Americans should brace themselves for bigger and more bloody terrorist acts, as the New World Order is not yet finished with its diabolical plan to destroy America from within.

Coming from a civilian these ominous sounding words may go in one ear and out the other. But coming from a General with more than 30 years of active service, the only real question remaining is not if but when the next 911 will take place?

"They are not finished with us yet and there will be another terrorist attack," said Gen. Parton in an interview this week on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal.

"The one thing that has to be clearly understood about those who have taken over our government and the governments of most every other country in the world is that they are very patient while calculating every move in order to eliminate any chance of failure."

Saying the U.S. government and its intelligence agencies have been infiltrated by New World Order minions and strategists, he warns America's only chance for survival is a quick takeover of the government, not a military coup or revolution as both will fail due to power structure set up by the enemy.

"It boils down to this: the American people need to take back the political process or the New World Order will succeed," added Gen. Parton.

The New World Order program, according to Gen. Parton, is nothing new and can be traced to the writings of Leon Trotsky in the 1928 Program of the Communist Third International.

He said the Trotsky plan has been adopted throughout the world, including by those now in command of the U.S., who are pushing the world towards a one world government, meaning the end of liberty, freedom and the American way.

"The complete New World Order plan was laid out in 1928 by Trotsky in the Program for of the Third International. However, it has been purposely hidden and rarely written about in the Western press, as part of the takeover of America includes a takeover of the free press, which, by the way, has already occurred," said Gen. Parton, adding the proven method of infiltration and takeover of the New World Order has taken place numerous times in other countries of the world with great success.

"Their success rate and proven method of methodically turning a country into a socialist state has almost never failed. Now it is happening here and Americans have to understand that their intention is to globalize the world and remove all freedoms under the U.S. Constitution."

Gen, Parton said Americans need to think of the New World Order program as if it were a well-orchestrated theatrical play with a pre-written script, being followed by the globalists as they march from country to country in their program for world domination.

"Their program has been documented, tested and now being used here," he said. "The globalists have openly said they wanted their plan in place by 2000, but admitted they have fallen behind. Ruby Ridge, Waco, the first WTC bombing and 911 were all geared to orchestrate the eventual changeover of America to be just one more of their global states included in their concept of a one world government."

Gen. Parton said anyone interested in learning about the New World Order Program, as scripted by Trotsky and adopted as the hidden U.S. political agenda, can find it easily by looking up the Program of the Third International.

According to the Leon Trotsky Internet Archive, transcribed by Sally Ryan in 1997 and updated by David Walters in 2003, Trotsky wrote the two documents that comprise The Third International After Lenin in 1928, while involuntarily exiled in Alma Ata.

The text editors went on to say:

"The documents were meant to be used for discussion at the Sixth World Congress of the Communist International. Trotsky's work-a sharp criticism against the opposing program supporting "socialism in one country"-was never distributed to or discussed by the main body at the Congress. The parts of it made available to a committee, but then recalled, were smuggled out of the country by James Cannon, a delegate and founding member of the Communist Party in the United States.

"Cannon-subsequently expelled from the CP-and his supporters formed a Trotskyist organization Communist League and first published his smuggled sections in their newspaper, The Militant. Shortly thereafter, it was published in book form. In the introduction to the first edition, (1929) Cannon wrote, "The publication of this masterpiece of Bolshevik literature, written by the foremost living leader of world communism at the height of his powers, is a revolutionary event of great importance....".

The on-line version of The Third International After Lenin - "The Draft Program of the Communist International: A Criticism of Fundamentals" and Trotsky's letter "What Now"-has been divided into fourteen sections of approximately equal lengths and can be found at

In a section of the document called "The General Structure of the Program", the need to develop a communist international movement becomes quite clear. Although laced in political rhetoric and high-brow ideology, its clear intent is to form a one world order under a communist-based system where freedom and capitalism just don't fit in.

"The international program must proceed directly from an analysis of the conditions and tendencies of world economy and of the world political system taken as a whole in all its connections and contradictions, that is, with the mutually antagonistic interdependence of its separate parts.

"Linking up countries and continents that stand on different levels of development into a system of mutual dependence and antagonism, leveling out the various stages of their development and at the same time immediately enhancing the differences between them, and ruthlessly counter-posing one country to another, world economy has become a mighty reality which holds sway over the economic life of individual countries and continents.

"In the first place, it would have been more correct to say that the entire history of mankind is governed by the law of uneven development. Capitalism finds various sections of mankind at different stages of development, each with its profound internal contradictions.

"The extreme diversity in the levels attained, and the extraordinary unevenness in the rate of development of the different sections of mankind during the various epochs, serve as the starting point of capitalism. Capitalism gains mastery only gradually over the inherited unevenness, breaking and altering it, employing therein its own means and methods.

"In contrast to the economic systems which preceded it, capitalism inherently and constantly aims at economic expansion, at the penetration of new territories, the surmounting of economic differences, the conversion of self-sufficient provincial and national economies into a system of financial interrelationships.

"Thereby it brings about their rapprochement and equalizes the economic and cultural levels of the most progressive and the most backward countries. Without this main process, it would be impossible to conceive of the relative leveling out, first, of Europe with Great Britain, and then, of America with Europe; the industrialization of the colonies, the diminishing gap between India and Great Britain, and all the consequences arising from the enumerated processes upon which is based not only the program of the Communist International but also its very existence."

For more informative articles, go to

Greg Szymanski Greg also has his own daily show on the Republic Broadcast Network. Go to Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist and his articles can been seen at He also writes for American Free Press and has his own site

Listen to my Radio Broadcast live Monday night at 8pm Pacific time on LewisNews, returning Jan. 1 2006 Radio Greg is also regular on the first Thursday of every month at 9-10 pm pacific time.

prov1022 said...

We are currently being foreclosed on and the house has been sold. The confirmation of the sale is on the 16th of May. If anyone has any ideas at this point I am open. I do not blame Kurt or Scott for this development. Someone anonymously paid the fees and put us in the Dorean program. Things did not go as planned but we took the risk of signing the papers and believing this was God's blessing for us. It looks bad but we trust God is ultimately in control well able to take care of us, and all of us. I too tcob like my family and house. I believe Kurts reference to these things "You too may have to lose your house, marriage, friends, or family." could be a quote from the Word of God. I believe Jesus said something like that to follow Him, not the Dorean group. If Kurt means I will risk my house, marriage, frends, family to follow him (kurt) I agree with you Taco. No thanks. But, from someone that doesn't know Kurt or Scott, all I can do is judge by the things I have read and heard. I believe he is a sincere man committed to his calling based on these things that I have read heard and witnessed to. Am I missing something? Kurt says, "Find opportunity to trust Him individually and let the crowd be damned.” I have found that opportunity individually and believe that what Kurt is doing now individually is actually for the crowd, but individually he must not be persuaded or take his orders from the crowd but Him who he says has called him. This is a trust issue and from what I understand of God trust has its is risks. Isn't that one way to look at his quote? God bless you and your family Tcob, and I trust this will soon be over for all of us. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Peanut Gallery said...

prov1022 said,

Someone anonymously paid the fees and put us in the Dorean program.

Did they also anonymously get your notorised signature for the paperwork, and anonymously get you to quit claim your house into the trust?

Nice try, but that ain't gonna fly

drhfred said...

To prov1022:

If you call me perhaps I can help as I have another arrow in my quiver that has been working to stay foreclosures. I can reached at 408-866-8625 or via e-mail

prov1022 said...

Peanut Gallery you need to slow down and read better.

"we took the risk of signing the papers".

imbigo said...


You can not expect any of the naysayers to pay attention to anything!!!

SOP... there you go putting unrelated items on this blog again!, I challenge you again GET YOUR ON BLOG SPOT AND SEE IF YOU GET 165000 HITS. I DOUBT IT!!!!

neodemes said...

drhfred said...
"To prov1022:

If you call me perhaps I can help as I have another arrow in my quiver that has been working to stay foreclosures. I can reached at 408-866-8625 or via e-mail"

So where has this 'arrow' been kept all this time while so many in the process have been foreclosed on?

What is it, another usless paper to file?

Maybe if the promoters hadn't spent so much time denying forclosures were taking place and making one empty '90 day' promise after the other there wouldn't be so many victims.

Good luck, prov, you're going to need it.

btw - how can someone be anonymously entered into this process?

against_the_odds said...

Thank you for calling SoP out imbigo. It sure is frustrating to have to scroll through his crap.

imbigo said...

I've called him out several times, but he knows no one will visit his site so he continues to post these chapter post that no body reads'

mogel said...

Nemo said: "So where has this 'arrow' been kept all this time while so many in the process have been foreclosed on?"

Had the FBI & Courts not have disrupted the business the way they did, there wouldn't have been as many foreclosures. It's difficult to effectively run a business being in jail, especially counting on people you thought you could count on to follow through with things, & having all of your bank accounts seized through illegal levies where you can't pay your rent to have an office where you can get things done.

Most people file bankruptcy & start over & quit for much less. Come to think of it, you did, didn't you? Course, the Dorean Group have never quit, even though they've taken some really tough hits, one right after another. It's not in their mentality or their plan to quit. This quality is very comforting & shows their integrity & is the reason why they will succeed.

It's no secret. Doing a TILA audit through a specialist & finding violations that the lender has committed & filing a claim in Federal Court has been used for quite some time to stop the foreclosure until your claim can be heard. This often brings the lender to the bargaining table rather than having the lender unilaterally do whatever they want & the client so far behind in payments often waits out his fate with little faith without this leverage.

neodemes said...

The foreclosures started long before any disruption by the feds.

And lots of them.

Back then the favorite party line was 'if Dorean is doing something illegal, why are the feds stopping them?'

They happily kept signing up new clients and left the distressed clients twisting in the breeze.

Remember PJC? She is just one of many.

Keep the excuses coming, mogel.

neodemes said...

correction, should be:

Back then the favorite party line was 'if Dorean is doing something illegal, why aren't the feds stopping them?'

prov1022 said...

Mogel said,

"It's difficult to effectively run a business being in jail, especially counting on people you thought you could count on to follow through with things, & having all of your bank accounts seized through illegal levies where you can't pay your rent to have an office where you can get things done."

Makes sense to me.

Imbigo said,

You cannot expect any of the naysayers to pay attention to anything!!!

Makes sense to me.

Fruit says, do you guys use "white-out" on your Bibles in order to follow Kurt?

I haven't yet.

Neodemes says,

Back then the favorite party line was 'if Dorean is doing something illegal, why aren't the feds stopping them?'

I think that is a good question. Does anyone have an answer for that?

Neodemes says,
"Good luck, prov, you're going to need it."

Never have believed in luck but thanks for the encouragement.

mogel said...

Nemo said: "The foreclosures started long before any disruption by the feds."

Oh really? Did you know one of the Defendants in the Federal Case, a Broker, Ms. Magoon, was Dorean's first client and was questioned by the FED very early & was very interested in what she was doing? Sounds like the FBI has been right on this from day one.

Also, the foreclosures are a reflection of the banks continued bad behaviour from day one, not Dorean's neglect to help clients from day one. You're the one that is providing excuses, but you are attacking the wrong source.

The important thing is that the Dorean Process has put into the Court record & public record a paper trail that shows that the banks are the ones that need to fear for their bad behaviour from the onstart of any foreclosure. There's enough help there & proof to bring eventual restoration to all clients that lost property. It's not over. You can't change the public record nor can anyone deny that the lenders were put in default long before a foreclosure started. To say NO help was provided is just to show your ignorance of the Dorean Process.

Your paradigm is just different from mine how events are viewed. & the importance of those events.

Keep looking for excuses why the process won't work. In the end, you will be the one that was shown to be wrong.

mogel said...

The Dorean Process has already filed the "affidavit of truth" in the original presentment. This showed that the banks had no claim in your property, hence, have no legal ability to foreclose. This affidavit of truth, went unrebutted in the record. An unrebutted statement of truth stands as Facts. These facts have been submitted in the Federal Court records & do not go away for everyone to see. A huge reason why the Federal judiciary made a mistake to file criminal charges, now they must consider these FACTS.

Secondly, the affidavit of truth shows that each client is a flesh & blood person, endowed by constitutional rights, not the fictitious entities that the Federal Court is sueing for bank fraud. Clients in the process & Principals of the Dorean Group are sovereigns spoke of in the Supreme Court Case, Yick Wo vs. Hopkins, 118 US 356,370. That is why the Doreanites need not fear. This case concluded, "Sovereignty itself is, of course, NOT SUBJECT TO LAW, for it is the author and source of law, but, in our system, while soverign powers are delegated to the agencies of government, sovereignty itself REMAINS WITH THE PEOPLE, by whom and for whom all government exists and acts." This Supreme Court case has NEVER been overturned & trumps any lower court case telling the lie that banks lend out their own assets. Such cases that we ARE NOT SUBJECT TO LAW include laws built upon presumptions & lies by the Court, including presumptions of Judge Alsup which include: (1) Nixon vs. Individual head of St. Joseph Mortgage Co., 615 F. Supp. 898 (CD. Ind 1985), (2) Theil vs. First Federal Sav. & Loan Assn'n of Marion, 646 F. Supp. 592 (N.D. Ind. 1986); In re Strickland, 179 B.R. 979 (Bankr. N.D. Ga 1995;, (3) Rene vs. Citibank NA, 32 F. Supp. 2d 539 (E.D. N.Y. 1999); & (4) Hinz vs. Washington Mutual Home Loans, 2004 WL 72939 (D.Minn. 2004). These are all cases where borrowers have lost in sueing their lenders, but these cases are meaningless.

Since the banks fail to validate the debt, the bank AGREES THAT OUR TRUSTEES BECOME AGENTS FOR THE BANKS. This is shown by the banks actions or nonactions of silence, ratification, manifestation & affirmance, the elements necessary to legally uphold the mortgages deed of reconveyances or mortgages discharges, hence no bank fraud. A good indication of this is the banks noncompliance to do the things necessary to cash the bond. With no bank fraud, all of the other charges fall by the wayside.

Title 5 USC says the bank can't steal your promissory note without consideration. The banks have never showed their consideration, nor can they show this in the Federal Court. In essence they CAN'T VALIDATE THE ALLEGED DEBT. The whole Federal Court case is based upon this presumption which is false that the lenders have an equitable interest or entitlement rights. This is why collateral estoppel exists since the Judge has no subject matter jurisdiction. The issues have already been settled BEFORE THE COURT CONVENED BY THE LENDERS SILENCE & ACQUIESCENCE OF THE PROCESS. According to the Dorean contract, we have all rights or ownership, titles & possession. There is NO DISCRETION FOR THE JUDGE.

Also there exists no contract or agreement with the Federal Court. Hence no jurisdiction by the Court & Court has shown no evidence to the contrary. Kurt has already made sure of this & has made no mistakes.

The Process has already given the banks a notice of default and time to cure this default. They have not responded. A final default has already been recorded, long before the Federal Court illegally convened.

The prosecutions failure to rebut on a point by point basis of the Dorean Process equates to stipulation of the facts that the court has failed to join an indispensable party, or proper party, failure to state a claim upon which relief may be granted, and lack of jurisdiction, that the Court is employing war powers against it's citizenry contrary to constitutions and Aggrieved Defendant's law is the law of his creator and is severable, not being a party to the body corporate. Wherefore in the interest of justice the court MUST DISMISS the case usa sponte. Any refusals to ministerial dismiss shows bias and prejudice and perjury of oath of office, causing an actionable injury to the Defendants through and by use of war powers.

The Plaintiffs, having received Aggrieved Defendant's Affidavits of Truth and Notice of Defaults and Notices to Cure, as filed in the record, and having failed to plead, with time now expired to do so, wherefore Plaintiff's is in final default. You see, this Federal Kangaroo Court proceeding should not go on and will not go on much longer.

Should things proceed much longer, I see the Principals filing a writ of Praecipe to the Court Clerk respectfully ordering to enter a default judgment against the Plaintiff and prepare a Certificate declaring that the Plaintiff has failed to join the correct party in this suit and therefore the case is dismissed for failure to state a claim and lack of jurisdiction.

Then I see the Federal Defendants filing a "writ of mandamus" if judgment is not entered in favor of the Defendants. This demands that the writ issue forth to mandate the ministerial duty of the clerk to enter the default immediately & the Judge to sign off on this. If Judge Alsup does not do this, due to his superior knowledge of the law, and his witnessing a constitutional wrong through fraudulent violation of rights, privileges and immunities, equates to felong perjury of oath, and injury to the rights of said Citizens consitutes an actional offense with NO IMMUNITY, by failure to act upon a ministerial duty.

Then I see the Principals filing a "motion to dismiss" which will say: "Without any appearance of an adverse party, where the Judge was not an impartial party, but also prosecution, which is a conflict of interests and gives rise to violation of due process rights of the alleged Defendants, who is now aggrieved because of such impartiality, and as such this court has lost immunity and any preconceived jurisdiction.

Further investigations show that there was no probable cause for the arrest and seizure at the time of such arrest and seizure. There was no disturbance of the peace, felony, or valid warrant for such action, leading to another cause against the Plaintiff and Officer for harassment.

Also the witnesses to the Federal Case against the Defendants come to Court with "unclean hands" due to their conflict of interest, so whatever they say is irrelevant. Witnesses are needed to convict, and with no credible witnesses, there is no bank fraud.

Defendants will motion the Court to dismiss the charges for failure to explain the nature and cause of the accusations, thereby leaving the Defendants in ignorance and without aid of knowledge to prepare a knowledgeable defense, and amounts to denial of due process.

So you see, this case will not proceed. The risks to Judge Alsup are too great. He knows that too.

Appearances like all of the hoopla of the Federal Court charges, all 68 of them can sometimes be intimidating on the surface, but when the curtain is opened, you will see that the wizard of oz is an ordinary man with a bald head, with no real power. His power comes from our ignorance of how things really are.

Looking forward to the victory celebration party.

Anonymous said...

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