Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ziklag – Bitter loss to Victory (4/9/06)

In 1 Samuel 30 there is a story you all can relate to. Before we get to the story let’s first look at the back story. Saul was ordered by God to kill all the Amalekites. (chpt. 15) He presumed he could please God without obedience. He failed and had to pay a heavy price. His rebellion did not only cause him to suffer but is a core to our story. David and his men return to their camp Ziklag to find the Amalekites have taken all they loved. If Saul would have done his duty we would not have the Ziklag story or the suffering of innocence. David was in danger because the bitter people wanted to blame him for their pain. (Where have I seen this before?) The blame belonged to Saul but none of these men cared to know history or do their homework. Those who have lost home, family, reputation or anything of value understand their bitterness of soul. David was not absent of suffering he had lost all in the same raid of the enemy. What he did though to separate himself from those in pain was (v.6) strengthen himself in the Lord. He besought God and His will. An answer was available. Pursue, overtake and get everything back plus some. David asked the priest for the ephod-breast-plate of righteousness. Today it is Christ the King of Righteousness and High Priest that supplies this need. All of you who think you know my righteousness study an irrelevant subject. You blame me for the sins of another because you suffer and ignore mine though I battle beside you and when I go to be strengthened by the sufficiency of Christ you ridicule me like it makes a difference. If all my shortcomings were true than Christ is even more sufficient and magnified.

Now on the journey to victory out in the country is an Egyptian. Egypt has always been symbolic of bondage in scripture. All David’s and David’s men have all they love under bondage at this meeting. Notice though that this Egyptian fell sick 3 days. This is the number that represents resurrection. Resurrection is new life. Victory is new life and can easily be considered new life when compared to the tragedy of theft, bondage, and pain of our journey. These tears were real as are yours and no discount of your pain is justified. The question is can you learn from their lives? This Egyptian was a slave to the enemy who only exist because our predecessor failed to kill him. The Egyptian brings aid in knowledge and direction. Upon reading this story we asked God to send us an Egyptian. This should be part of your prayer life. The Egyptian we imagine is someone sick of his master (The Banker) who sees us pursuing and gives us what is needed by way of knowledge and direction to prevail. You disgruntled clients who wish to stone me because of your pain, don’t you think you would be better served by this prayer and soon victory? David did get his victory and nothing was lost of that which was taken and spoils of abundance were added that blessed all his neighbors. This is the promise but faint not. If you are exhausted don’t curse your champions but man the supplies and pray. Your part returns with the strong. Ziklag is real today in Dorean and so is your restoration.


WillToFight said...
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WillToFight said...

As Tehuti Samaaukhui Ausar er Kefta-f

Kerh Pui en Auba

Au en arit saut Sebau.

Huru pui en Hetem-tu-Kefta Nu Nebertecher.

Kerh pui en seahu Djed em Djeddjedtu.

Anetch Haurtem Atef-Mut Neter
Ita em Tehuti
Tua en Metu Neter
Pai-a Ab ani Tu
Ab ani tu.

imbigo said...





BIG"O" 1+1+1=1



imbigo said...

I was trying to be first to comment Will I guess I type too slow!!! LOL

zup dude!

imbigo said...

Is that a secret message Will, translation please.

against_the_odds said...

Kurt, we are seeing evidence that some banks are retreating (regardless of what their supporters are saying). Many blessings to You and Scott!

son of a prophet said...

Yeshua said....

" your weakness, is My strenght..."

what a profound statement...when we are at our weakest point, is exactly when yeshua is witnessing to us...because what we consider strength, ie., earthly strength, is what to yeshua is weakness, as it shows what is strength is satans kingdom in satans kingdom that is valued by the world, not the values in His kingdom.....

"for love of the world, IS enmity to God..."

willtoflght said...

This is DEMONIC jibberish , so just leave me alone , while I babble. Pleeeeeeeeeeese !!!!!!!!!!.

tcob247 said...


I understand it better than Kahooya's posts

oksurewhynot said...

Kurt -What a wind-bag.

oksurewhynot said...

Kurt is talking about something he knows nothing about. Great example - it almost sounds like he does know. And then common sense sets in - he couldn't possibly know.

Sound familiar?

imbigo said...

hay oksurewhatever....

be careful my friend!!! maybe you should read Matt.7:1-6, pay close attention to vs.6 ruff ruff...



BIG"O" 1+1+1=1



WillToFight said...

Yeah Big O

Had to get my prayer out. Just seemed appropriate at the time.


So Will To Flight is back again!

Demonic jibberish. Flight must have coffee with a few demons of his own!

KYHOOYA said...

As always, with the good advise not only with regard to this fight but to live by day in & day out.
It reminds me of that old phrase “ If you want a job done right the first time, you just have to do it yourself “
So many time this can be seen as to true.

Kurt & Scott keep up the forward march your pace is strong and steady, as we seen in your protesters steps weakening in there hope to keep up.

As always your efforts do not go without my Thanks,
I can never say this enough to equal what you have exhausted without losing you stride.
Again Thank to the both of you.

What’s up! Imbigo hope you & yours had a good Easter.

I wish everyone had a good Easter as well. As we watch April come to it’s end it might have brought some time for you to reflect or not for myself the messages I have heard is simple and I will share it with you as we move forward into March with the understanding that this is just something that I think of and on a Take what you want and leave the rest forum.

CHANGE This is the heart One of the message I get in this month of April and the time of great change in the story’s I’ve been told.

Change for some coma’s in the form of the loss of another and so brings pain and sorrow. For others Change may be the loss of material form or thing that is the cause of there sadness and anger. Yet for still others Change might be the loss of one’s Faith and so with it brig’s what I think is the biggest of all pain. There are those that are not effected in a negative way by Change and is for these few source of energy that they embraced and sometimes may bring pain or joy. It is these people that I must admit I’m not part but I think have a better understanding of the following.

For the most part, I do not like Change. I believe that many feel this same way, do to what I’m sure is experiences we have all had through our life’s. They have shown us that with change comes some form of pain sacrifice, loss, and fear of the unknown in most that is, so we have by Cause & effect been so programmed not to like, want or accept Change without some force to do so.

The big difference as I see it is that of the change that in it’s course you lose your Faith on the good that is promised by the change. Now don’t get me wrong it take’s a little more than a strength in your faith when you are in lose of your house and such but never the less the Faith comes from you and only you that is
Faith that you made the right choose when you started
Faith that although it look’s bad and all that the promise of results are still going to happen
Faith that when it is all done and the Change has stopped that what was will now be even better.
Faith knowing that the wrong will not over come the right and that it was more than greed that brought you to this in the first place.

Faith is one of the scariest thing to except and pour all one has into with no sign of the outcome to be seen.
Faith is just that faith knowing that when you have been faithful the promise will happen it will come to light you will over come the wrongs that you have suffered.

Faith is that when someone you have come to care love and rely on is dieing in front of you and everything and every fibber of your self tells you “That is it” “There is no hope no way there could ever come bake from that” Faith Knowing that the impossible is going to happen and you know what it did .

I’m not in any way tiring to say here that Dorean or Kurt and Scott are to be compared to that of a resurrection or any such thing all I was hoping to convey was that in all thing that are worth having there is more than just hard work one has to have Faith that what they seek is the right thing the and that it will be no matter what!

The faith is something that carries you through when everything looks to have failed . these are the one who have through out our history been the winners the one’s that say to them self’s that they know it is going to happen or they know that they will win they know that even though they have been a prisoner for ever and all around have long sense past that they will make it out .
It’s these people that have the Faith no matter what it is we are to compare it to that is what makes them Strong and keeps them that way and guides them to the finish. What ekes could it be ? I ask you

I as you can see think that it is Faith all the way from faith in them self’s or the out come or there HP to see them through

When faced in the story of the death and resurrection what else could carry those trough in site of what was in front of them without tears only the Faith in knowing that what there were told was going to be what happened and there was nothing to be said about.

So I guess what I’m saying here is have a little faith in your self . I mean you made a choose to do this witch was hopefully one made not out of greed and was for the change to bring something better for the future if so you did that because you saw that there were some that were willing to put up there ‘s and that with your and many others there was what could bring the change and I’m sure that for what ever reason you made that leap of Faith you did it with a lot of thought it is a big jump the biggest so have faith that you made the right chose and see it through to it end to find that your faith was placed in the right spot. Sometimes hard to keep I admit but it what would have been like to keep it if you our I was faced with that of the story would you have been able to believe he would rise up in days or would you have lost faith.

Peace \/ all

KYHOOYA said...

tcob247 said...

I understand it better than Kahooya's posts

Tin Cup
Ass, always your sharp pointed head .. i mean witt is no match for me

Nice to see your understanding something more than that two dimes sound dfferent than a quarter when they hit your cup. Nimm-Rod!

I hope that you were sitting down when you came up with that little zinger so you did'nt fall down from all that blood rushing to your head to help with that the quick rise in thought, You might want to start off with some liter brain excersise next time, try some short breathing first then move up to some thing like your Name and then gofrom there .

Your lucky you did'nt have a complete melt down with that stunt

Now take your time and go ahead and hit me back with a go one this time ... but don't hurt your self just go slow

aaaaaaalrighty then ...

KYHOOYA said...

You know you would think that they could get someone with alittle more going on than you Tin CUP to be a plant (but they have about the same IQ) I think the plant would be a more interesting writer of post than TIN CUP is.)

I mean it the goverment is willing to spend 170m on armed prv. gaurds for the nex yr that's ($300,00 per day for 300 men) to gaurd the rebuild of New Orleans

paid by yourlocal FEMA and there endless money supply the Kash-rina rebuild and dis-alogened special committy on the secial reinactment of what could or might of well were not checking it anything that might pisss off the nut case we mean the head chesse ... i mean cheif cuse were getting paid way to much to find something like this party boat ( Oh did I say that out loud , darn I don't know what I was thinking) but at least I was thinking 170m for armed gards were is all the army air force , navy ,ect resv. I would hope they could do just as good of a jod as the priv.gun's and train some of those out of work people that are there and need the money to do the job.

Just a thought but hey that Idea you got going sounds good to .... NOT

Who the fuck is running this train wreck anyway cause I want my money back!


son of a prophet said...

.....they are going to OPEN....theyre NOT going to open....they will....they wont...they will.....

now its going to have to be like the movie for me to believe it..."SHOW ME THE MONEY".....

i will only believe it now when they say that its open for trading...or i see gasoline selling for $5-10 a gallon. taht will also tell me that the story is true and not propergoose or propergander....

Iran's Oil Bourse

While the "big boys" of international finance are sorting out the one-upsmanship of interest rates, we notice there's a report this morning that Iran will be opening its oil bourse next week. This places extreme pressure on the US neoCON faction to blast away with all possible speed for a number of reasons. One is that Israel may not be willing to take the first swipe at Iran on our behalf, and secondly, the currency/BOT/dollar future are all being tossed around by events out of direct US control now.

son of a prophet said...

even tho i am pro-dg, i couldnt help but get a laugh out of this one with all the stuff neo puts out about latvia and all....

from one of the HYIPs forums that i read....


I just received this e-mail:

Dear members,

This is the message regarding Baltic Dividends Inc.

We received huge ddos and flood attacks last month so we were offline.
We tried to establish protections and SSL secured website, but we have again other problems.

We received complaints from our country embassy (Latvia) and some other authorities. Some people wrote complaints regarding our website, so we had an order to stop our activity until this issue will be solved. Someone told them we are not legit, not paying promissed income and other things.
So thanks to some people, our investments are ON HOLD.
Latvia Government people are checking our legitimacy and all the process of our money making. We show them all stats and histories regarding Forex, Metatrader, Futures, Nasdaq trading.

I am sure that once they end this analysis, we will receive a permission to continue our website activity. Some people still cannot believe that our website is legit, no matter that we have everything registered and working.

There is no timeframe of website renewal. But i think we will go online once everyhing will be solved (1 month or so). With new host, new protection, ssl security. All accounts will be valid same as before. Now earnings are on hold also, they will be started to pay once Baltic Dividends Inc website will be online.

All we need is TIME.
Please do not email us, because host and email is on hold. This is just a newsletter.

Kindly Regards,
Janis Vingris

Baltic Dividends Inc

Looks like this one is a goner now


ed. note: maybe those HYIPs players should have invested in the dg instead of the

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Baltic Dividends? Looks like Rasmus Lonbro may have struck again!