Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Jurisdictional Thought (4-24-08)

I thought I would take a moment to clarify some truths. The mail fraud statute was created to protect the public from frauds and swindles related to money issues. At the time these were cons of counterfeiting bank notes. Banks issued their own notes and securities. The mails were being used to defraud victims far away from the cities where these frauds were initiated. Now, as 1341, it is being used far outside the in­ tent of congress. For this reason there £s no implementing regulation to make it a positive law. All those arguments about how the feds got jurisdiction are entirely bogus. They don't have subject matter jurisdiction, they never have, and they never will. From the moment they attacked us they were the criminal. Now let's pretend for a moment that the statute is positive law. The enhancement for financial institutions is not a penalty issue alone. If your theory is correct than congress has created a statute hybrid where part can be proven by the standard of preponderance and part by the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt. Explain how this is not barred by their constitution. Look at title 21 § 841 and you will see how there is a separate penalty section. This is how congress addresses their penalty intent. If congress wants to create a penalty enhancement for just sentencing purposes like guns (Title 18 920's) they pass a separate statute. When they change the existing statute like they did in 1989 to 1341 they added elements that if pled would have to be proven. Why did the prosecution always go mute on this subject and Alsup lose all the color in his face every time I brought this up? Why is the FBI trying to develop another indictment if I'm truly going to be down for 25 years? Mortgage and Dorean are irrelevant to 1341. Alsup is the lawless one. All those kissing his ass by following his lead are as lawless as he. You should fear your ignorance not these pirates. I could go after every BoP staff, every clerk, prosecutor, marshal, and judge who has touched this void prosecution if I wanted to. Making them pay the price might be the most loving thing one can do for a person lost in a stuper of ignorance.. brutally enforced.

The conspiracy fails as 1341 does. Neither of these charges can or will prevail. I'm going through this suffering and the motions to protect all of us from crooks while the bankers and their bullies abuse me and confuse you I know right where I stand. I know their weakness and as so as the bullies fail it will be exposed. I wish some of you critics were capable of debate. You don't do any study and merely repeat a fool's retort. You will all disappear when you lose the advantage of deceptive circumstance. Most of you were patriot fans this year but who knows next year. You bet on Alsup be­cause you think he can't be beat. This you do only as a hopeful fan, not one with know­ledge. Prove my comments on 1341 wrong as a favor to all of us. If you can't maybe you should check your own bilge pump, I think it's a little backed up.

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