Thursday, September 18, 2008

God is Love (4-26-08)

Most people think of love as an attribute of God and ignore that love, as a substance, is God. There is not a love that is not God. How did God reveal Him­self to man? Jesus Christ is the expression of God and the love of God simultan­eously. When we come to the knowledge of Christ we come to the knowledge of love. This is not a cause and effect type relationship that is sequential in time but a concomitant fact. As soon as the revelation of God lights your soul you are lov­ing God. The act of repentance is the only response to the love of God being known. If repentance does not exist the love of God and God Himself is not known. Now many have the idea of love. These can do great sacrificial works. This is not a known judgment only an example. Mother Theresa could do all her works and never know God or His love. Once God and His love is known you are in relationship, fellowship. You are now living far and above your cursed judgment of good and evil. Good and evil is a place of conflicts that must be resolved in judgment. This is seen here on the blog. Dorean by its actions left many here in conflict. They could not reconcile their private law of good with the actions taken by Dorean. This conflict had to be resol­ved in judgment. These modern pharisees possessed with knowledge of God's word but not with knowledge of God were left with no choice but to enter judgment of condemn­ation. They are the origin not God. They don't even realize that their profession of judgment is self-condemnation. It is their confession that they do not know God or His love. Living in the love of God is a spontaneous, contemporary, real-time existence. God speaks and our hearing, proving, and doing are immediate. Trust is faster than a reflex which is sequential. Rather it is man being as he was designed under God as his origin. We are the body of Christ moving without a separate thought than that of the mind. Christ wanting something done makes the loving demand on His body and the body loves the demand placed upon it by the One it loves, which gave it life. Persecution and suffering are guaranteed. The pharisees had no choice but to cruxify Christ because He lived above their conflicts, which created another conflict. I am not the messiah nor conflicted by those accusations. For me to be as Christ is not good or evil. It is not of an origin within myself. Christ is who He is which makes me who I am. Accursed by others and pleasing to God. Because I am in Christ I can say like Christ "if you loved God you would love me." Many of you call your­selves Christians but the Christianity you know is your own good and evil knowledge amalgamated with scripture. It is you sitting in judgment of God and all His cre­ation. It is you in disunion disavowing those living in unity with God. It is im­possible for you to function in your good and evil knowledge and to love God. God is above you and your knowledge and never will He bow at your throne. You will bow at His. You will hear "depart from me I never knew you" and won't be surprised. Those in Christ will hear "you fed me, visited me. etc..." They will not know of their actions because they did not sit in judgment of their actions or of what actions God was taking. They simply moved by the spirit with its origin outside themselves. I cannot predict the path my obedience will take or how painful our suffering will become, since the origin of Dorean was not Scott and Kurt there is no conflict to be resolved. It was resolved by its creator and His love. I'm certain when God issued His decree to enter into the righteous battle it was already a settled matter in the heavens that this was good. No judgment was necessary. Now comes man in his arrogance to challenge the heavens and issue a judgment of fault. Can there be any­thing more foolish? People pay attention to the critics and what they are really saying. If you do you will come away thinking they are retards.

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