Thursday, September 18, 2008

Your Good Judge (4-28-08)

Everybody knows the motives of Kurt but no one questions the motives of Judge Alsup. This is funny to me since his actions are so obvious to those with wisdom. He is the champion of all my critics. Will he survive a critical ex­amination? How come he is exempted from the judgmental scrutiny of the retards? Let me see if I can help. Will I convince one of these retards to repent? I doubt it but perhaps their ridiculous notions will be a little more obvious.

Who is Judge Alsup? He is a man trapped in his knowledge of good and evil. He is in disunion with God. Even if the infantile Christian types argue here that he is God's agent the point still remains he is in disunion. I have taught you enough on agency that an agent in disunion with the principal is a rogue on his own. He is liable for all his self-interest and breach. If the office is of God the man must still submit to the creator of the office to be God's agent. Alsup living in his knowledge of good and evil axiomatically is in breach. God is above man's good and evil judgments and judges man entirely in a different manner. Jesus demands unity and that the man as judge, as his own god, be overcome. Judgment passed on another man always presupposes disunion with him. Alsup de­clared me a villain and I likewise declared him a villain. Is there a difference? Yes! I seek unity with him in love giving opportunity not to remain a villain. He in disunion only wishes to destroy me. His judgment is harsh not intended for reconciliation. God's judgment is for reconciliation. This is your first big clue of the spirit behind the man.

When someone functions from their knowledge of good and evil they have to be seen. (Think of Neo, Fruity, and Scott) Because they believe their judgment good they must bring it out in the pen so that they can judge it good as a judgment. It was the problem of the pharisee confronted by Jesus. The action taken by Alsup by its very nature of disunity with God and man, good and evil lived in the extreme, is false action or hypocrisy. He condemns himself by his condemnation of me. It ­is not as though Alsup has not taken an action he thinks good, genuine, and pleasing to God but rather that the action he's taken only further increases the schism be­cause it flows from the arrogant heart of a self-willed rebel. Like Cain he has made an offering that he demands God accept because he has judged it good. There is no unity with God by act or intention. These judgments are most severe because the judge recognizes his personal foible in the condemned. It is not out of dark mot­ives that this judgment proceeds. It is not man's wickedness that these judgments are evil. These judgments are evil because they are the apostasy themselves. For this reason evil comes forth from the heart of the judge. "Judging" is not a spec­ial vice or wickedness of the disunited man; it is his essence, manifesting itself in speech, his action and sentiment. This can only be seen and understood from the unity of Christ. Judge Alsup can know himself in his virtues and vices but not in his essence, in his apostasy. He is blind trying to remove the speck out of my eye. He is the perfect champion for the retards on here who don't know their essence. There is a genuine judgment that springs from reconciliation with origin but that judgment is a whole other life. Alsup and his congregation of retards would have to die to themselves which is the very thing they all wish to preserve. One can only become a good judge by surrendering judgment and reconciling with the good judge.

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