Saturday, December 05, 2009

Administrative Changes (9-21-09)

I saw a comment on the blog I would like to address. It seems some understand that Dorean was an administrative process. That it was and still remains. Though you hear me talk of court remedies now you wonder if I’ve changed tactics. That is a well thought out logical question.

Dorean completed its claim by the completion of the paperwork. That claim was a simple repudiation of fraud in the mortgage contract. Beyond that claim rose damages for perpetuating the fraud once exposed. This was our commercial process of developing judgment liens. If left unmolested this process would have proved out. But powerful men had designs to alter our course. Now we have passed through criminal accusations and commercial slander. The nature of this tactic is no less administrative yet it cloaks itself in a robe of deceit. What has really happened is in exposing the servant we enraged the master. Same deceit only greater force. As to the actors we faced we have exhausted all the administrative remedies not thwarted and available to us under these conditions to preserve our rights. This is an elevated claim of piracy and trespass upon the other commercial rights we were defending.

This charade is very complex. You are dealing with confidence. Though one can be completely aware of the truth you’ll still have to reconcile with the confidence of the markets.

What became clear as I layed in this trap was a divine opportunity was developing. By playing their game better than they play it I could reverse their slander fest into a sanction. This is my goal now. Much of my commercial efforts can even expire. I can resurrect them all by tying all their evils into a collective commercial damage claim. Once I have exposed the righteous as aiding and abetting criminals the flood gates of spoil open up to us all. No statute of limitation affects us yet because the damages have yet to cease. Only then does the tolling stop.

Hope this helps a little. The grand detail of my actions await the book on the other side.


judge allslop said...

"This charade is very complex. You are dealing with confidence. Though one can be completely aware of the truth you’ll still have to reconcile with the confidence of the markets."
Well said brother Kurt.They can't drag this out forever, other very "powerful men" are on to the deep US Govt corruption. There is a saying: Watch out or you become shit before your own shovel. That is what is happening to the BOYZ right now. The people in the driver seat of the bulldozer have clear instructions what to do. Now comes the report of SALTED gold bars delivered to Chinese vaults via London CME and the crimex (comex).Not a very nice thing to do to your creditors,delivary of tungsten bars while massively shorting the market with naked paper shorts is a no no.Unless your doing "God's work" within the Goldman temple. Gross global pressures grow,between the old broken insolvent corrupted powers of the West versus the new wealthy ambitious powers of the East, led by China. The future chapters will possibly involve the Intl Court in The Hague for prosecutions against the Wall Street firms and former USTreasury officials. Consequences of when a syndicate loses power,it tends to unleash a holy hell upon its former hosts in resentment.Will banker heads roll and bankers be found hanged at home and bankers seek asylum in foreign nations with stolen funds (like Marcos of Philippines, like Shah or Iran, like Selassie of Ethiopia)? Or will retaliation come in the form of viruses spread, and supply chains cut off, internet access jammed, curfews imposed, FEMA camps filled, vaccinations forced, and martial law ordered? Americans have no idea who controls the nation. The syndicate would prefer that the public never know of the control, frauds, wars, theft of federal funds, and destruction of the middle class, perpetrated by bankers, the extended military, the security establishment, and even presidents.
"And as far as [Goldman Sachs] doing God's work, I think the bankers who took government money and then gave out obscene bonuses are the same self-interested sorts Jesus threw out of the temple." -- Maureen Dowd (New York Times)

Joseph said...

Sanctions are penalties or other means of enforcement used to provide incentives for obedience with the law, or with rules and regulations.[1] Criminal sanctions can take the form of serious punishment, such as capital punishment, prison time, or severe fines. Within the civil law context, sanctions are usually monetary fines, levied against a party to a lawsuit or his/her attorney, for violating rules of procedure, or for abusing the judicial process. The most severe sanction in a civil lawsuit is the involuntary dismissal, with prejudice, of a complaining party's cause of action, or of the responding party's answer. This has the effect of deciding the entire action against the sanctioned party without recourse, except to the degree that an appeal or trial de novo may be allowed because of reversible error.

As a noun, the term is usually used in the plural, even when it refers to a single event: if a judge fines a party, it is not said that he/she imposed a sanction, but that he/she imposed sanctions.

A judge may sanction a party during a legal proceeding, by which it is meant that he/she imposes penalties. In the United States federal court system, certain types of conduct are sanctionable under Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Conversely and to some surprisingly, the word may be used to mean "approve of," especially in an official sense. "The law sanctions such behavior" would mean that the behavior spoken of enjoys the specific approval of law.

Joseph said...

"By playing their game better than they play it I could reverse their slander fest into a SANCTION."

Sanctions = (1) financial penalties, (2) punishments, (3) incentives to induce obedience to law.

Many people I've discussed this situation with, believe that the powers that be, played the game better than the Dorean Group since they are in jail & appear to be subserviant & the powers that be seem to have gotten what they wanted & planned.

Putting sanctions against those that have cheated to win is very ironic.

The ability to create sanctions on others insinuate that the person giving the sanctions has authority & power and even the upperhand.

Joseph said...

"What has really happened is in exposing the servant we enraged the master."

The master is going to be sanctioned?

This is all too ironic.

judge allslop said...

OTC derivatives have been and are so clearly flawed (your mortgage "contract" as the vehicle),under any degree of pressure they will fail.
The Chinese are not happy.


A senior Chinese official who oversees China’s largest state-owned enterprises has publicly slammed western investment banks for “maliciously” peddling complicated derivative products that caused huge losses for Chinese companies. In Beijing’s strongest criticism on the matter to date, Li Wei, vice director …

judge allslop said...

sanctioned? how about smoked!!

U.S. Treasuries’ Biggest Overseas Buyer May Sell
By David Wilson

Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) — Speculation that the Japanese government plans to sell $100 billion of U.S. Treasury debt to pay for domestic spending may impede the Obama administration’s borrowing plans.

sopsback said...

think 9/11 was bad, then try this:


sopsback said...

fitting atricel for today as its 12-7

68 years ago toddy perl harbinger was a tax.

Joseph said...

Executives of New Century Mortgage charged with fraud and wrong doing:

Jammed-up Client said...

Greetings All, I am a Dorean Client. I am trying to get information on how to get control of my property again. Kurt and Scott are trustee of the trust and power of attorney. I can't refinance or sell the property!...I can't contact Dr. Fred for some reason???...PLEASE HELP!!!!!