Friday, August 17, 2007

A Touch of Heaven (August 8, 2007)

We are in a very unique situation that is very common to those who walk in faith. It is that time where one has to put his money where his mouth is. I have a prophecy that tells me I will be the one possessed with superior financial and business knowledge. This knowledge is forcing me to make certain decisions that to those possessed with ordinary knowledge would view reckless. Now If God is not a liar then I must place confidence in what I see as a path of wisdom. God did not tell me that my critics were the ones possessed with the knowledge and I should listen to them. By the very nature of my calling it has to move me down a narrow path not taken by the masses. Is it not spiritual reason to conclude that a special piece of knowledge would require a special journey? I reason I am on this journey and that I needed this trial to forge the promise into existence. If I could lodge my greatest complaint among my fellow Christians it is how they coward out in the heat of the trial when the heat was designed to promote them.

Most of you are frustrated and repulsed by the injustice you can easily see from the government. Have you ever thought that you are not alone and that the spirit of God might be groaning through you to the throne petitioning God to deliver. Magnify your suffering by all those who have passed through this fraud called justice and just perhaps God has heard and seen enough. That is how I see it and like Isaiah's cry to the Lord "send me." I believe He has. If not me who? I don't know of any others who are possessed with the knowledge and faith I've been given. If they have it they have not been given the opportunity. When one has opportunity, faith and tools he is the mark to get the job done. Now if I coward away from such a great calling what will comfort me. I share this with you so that you will no longer shrink back from the opportunities you've been given. You say you're afraid, for what? Fear is nothing but giving up the helps that come from reason. If you knew the words of promise spoken over you because you have kept your ear tuned to the Lord's voice you could reason like a champion and prevail upon your enemies who are bigger cowards than us all. You see them here on the Blog. They have no hope because it is defeated by their inward weakness and they prefer ignorance to knowing what caused the torment.

As you ask how long O Lord will the wicked prevail over me the question returns how long will you not trust me? Why have you stopped pondering on the majesty of the Lord. He is the baddest dude on the block, bar none. Woe to those who defy the living God. Their fate is like that of Goliath. A bunch of hot air released from a gaping throat severed from a head filled with retarded reason.

Now encourage yourselves and know that our enemies are in a state of confusion. I have received good report after good report lately and most of you would think it bad news. I'll give you one example. Our old landlord Hanover has been placing liens upon client properties. This is a sign of desperation. First off my fiduciary position is separate from the party to which they had a dispute. This is a tort in itself. The lawyer and the landlord are throwing money at me. It also means that they have some real issues with the taking of the property, validating what transpired. They are betting the farm on our conviction otherwise they can lose everything. I love it when a plan comes together. You guys are scared but I wish you could sit in on our settlement conference and watch the chief magistrate judge get embarrassed by the prosecution putting him in an impossible situation. He has to get us to believe that the clients are our victims when he is precluded by his own statutes from making them so. The plea bargain is being negotiated around in circles because they have a political agenda not matching up with their procedural remedies. We will be at this again but I suspect the judge will not be suckered as easily this time around. For the first time though we get to pierce the silliness of assault against us. Think about 2 years passing and not one bit of truth ever surfacing and you are afraid of these cowards? Name one brave liar you have known your whole life and then you can give these men some credit.

Let me give you a heavenly view. God growing weary of the complaints of injustice found two men who were brave enough to trust Him. He set up a sting operation disguising them as bait. He lured, in their best mechanic with the most violations Judge Alsup and caused him to dispose these men and to be aggressive for their destruction. Now He presented this as a trial before His courts in heaven and ordered us to allow them to exact all the suffering upon us as discovery and verification. When they refused to allow truth to be presented and to do all within their power to convict innocence He was able to validate His verdict of guilty as charged before He imposes His sentence. If you are like me in this knowledge you are praying that God has mercy on these wicked men and that they come to their senses and come to them soon. We are just about at the signing of the verdict form and then that judgment will be final. Then they will be standing in front of a real judge who knows real justice. No bribes, no pay offs, no twisting the law, true justice. God is answering your prayers and all hell might be breaking loose because of the pending sentence. Take courage and find the joy in your deliverance. It is closer than you can imagine. Those who have faith talk with the Lord and see if this is puffery and wishful thinking. His "amen" should be enough for you to find the courage to finish this race. It is what I do and we can get those new legs for the final sprint together. I want to say I am very proud of those of you who have prevailed in this battle. I'm certain notice has been taken in heaven. Let us all boast in our great Lord who brought us through to the end, and was gracious and merciful to give us the strength for the journey. If God be for us who can be against us? Wicked men afraid of their own shadow? See that the Lord has made you strong and that truth has girded your loins. The belt of truth keeps our guts intact and shores up our inner strength. The Animal Alsup, Darling Dimples Dimke, the Yeller Feller Keller, will all soon know that they cannot contend with the Lord and His justice. You have done well to bet on the sure thing the immutable word of the Living God. Bless you all. "Amen"


mogel007 said...

"It also means that they (Hanover Properties) have some real issues with the taking of the property, VALIDATING what transpired.

Seems to me the act of Hanover putting liens on properties shows AN AGREEMENT of some kind was come to, otherwise, what right would they have to put liens on properties?

Course putting liens on properties where dorean clients have a beneficial interest puts innocent parties in a damaged situation.

Looks like Hanover properties ALSO took the "bait" and now it looks like the mouse trap snapped back on them.

Hanover properties becomes a co-conspirator to the FBI's illegal seizure of Dorean's bank account monies through their unlawful eviction.

If Dorean prevails, then, the FBI also becomes a party that acted badly too by confiscating of funds that would have paid the rent ontime. However, as I understand it, Hanover properties rejected the bill of exchange that was presented for rent payments to Hanover and evicted anyway since the FBI should have honored payment of the rent timely, since the funds were there to pay Hanover properties when the FBI became a fiduciary of these confiscated bank account funds at the time of seizure.

The bottom line is the money was tendered and rejected for rent, so Hanover properties evicted illegally, so Dorean taking of their office complex was just. A valid tender of payment that is rejected, eradicates the debt: UCC Title 13, Section 3603.
If there is no longer any rent debt, according to the UCC, then Hanover illegally evicted, causing great damages not only to the Dorean Group but to many Dorean clients that couldn't have their bank challenges and all paperwork finished timely and trust booklets sent to them either.

You CAN'T accept rent and then evict anyway!!! Or you can't evict when there is no rent debt any longer.

If Dorean is acquitted of all counts in Federal Court, than validation of Dorean's actions of taking Hanover's building becomes more evident.

Did Hanover KNOWINGLY put liens on properties in Trusts? If so, yes, that shows real desperation doing an illegal act and not caring. Or did Hanover ignorantly put liens on trust properties? If so, they have extremely stupid legal counsel. Either way Hanover Properties are screwed since a tort is created.

near the end said...

Justice77777 and Nemo and Judge Roy etc....

It's a bummer being wrong is'nt it.

Life in prison Pleaseeeeeeee!!!!

mogel007 said...

Justice: The Attorney General resigns!!! Dr. Fred was EXACTLY RIGHT PREDICTING THIS EVENT. And you thought he hasn't been right about anything. LOL

I guess Gonzales's lies & incompetency finally caught up to him:

Now with 4 major officers in the cabinet resigning already, DO YOU THINK SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN DENMARK as the saying goes?

light1rae said...

My wife and I are so very grateful that we chose to associate ourself with you. Righteousness is hard to find in a man these days let alone two righteous witnesses willing to stand.

mogel007 said...

"Nice breasticals said the Judge" as he admired the scenery. LOL

Unfortunately it's a felony for a person to tape a persons voice without their knowledge or permission in the State of Florida & also posting the conversation on the internet is also another felony:

neodemes said...

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” (Isaiah 26:3)

near the end said...

Justice77777 This is all way over your head is'nt it.

You to notrial dissent and you to Nemo.
You guys are getting stomped on but don't feel bad.

Kurt and Scott are way above your IQ'S.

Farrell does not deserve a cent from his clients.

justice7777777 said...

near the end said...
Justice77777 This is all way over your head is'nt it.

Kurt and Scott are way above your IQ'S.

Nah, just sitting back eating popcorn, and continuing to let the idiot brigade of moogie, yourself and a few others set themselves up for a catostrophic failure.

madtowne said...
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madtowne said...

How does the current mortgage industry "fall out" effect your plan?
As I understood, simplistically, the "lenders" involved would be liable for payouts. How can they pay if they have ceased operations?

near the end said...

justice777777; You're not very smart are you.

You said life in prison. WOW were you way off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Caligari said...

You said life in prison. WOW were you way off!!!

Let me know when they get released, and we'll see.

near the end said...

watch for yourself.

mogel007 said...

Justice said: "Nah, just sitting back eating popcorn, and continuing to let the idiot brigade of moogie, yourself and a few others set themselves up for a catostrophic failure."

Sounds pretty positive to me considering this statement is coming from you! At least you have admitted that the plan to date HASN'T FAILED YET since if you are still waiting for a future event of catastrophic porportions, you're still guessing and uncertain as usual.

That's how I like to see you Justice, patiently waiting & guessing. Your "coolness" with no cares of the world, is also becoming or attractive too. I like that!!!

mogel007 said...

Kurt said: If I culd lodge my greatest complaint among my fellow christians, it is how they coward out in the heat of the trial when THE HEAT was designed to PROMOTE THEM."

"You cannot get what you’ve never had unless you’re willing to do what you’ve never done."

notorial dissent said...

Moogey blather follows"It also means that they (Hanover Properties) have some real issues with the taking of the property, VALIDATING what transpired.

Or it might have something to do with Kurt having messed with the title of the Hanover Properties buildings, which they will most likely have to go to court to clear, and let’s not forget the rent the boys skipped out on, no, I don’t see any reason as to why Hanover would be upset. As to believing what dim and dimmer say is happening, not for a minute, but I will bet Hanover is doing everything it can to recover the losses it incurred.

Dream on Moogs, whether the FBI or the IRS for that matter seized their accounts, it was still dim and dimmer’s responsibility to pay their rent, they didn’t, and they ultimately tried to defraud their lessor, big surprise. What you understand is surprising little. Having seized funds from the boys, the govt did not magically become responsible or take on any fiduciary capacity for paying their bills, so you can forget that line of bull. A BOE is not, and never has been legal tender, is not money, and in the case of dim and dimmer is the equivalent of a bad check. The lessor was under no obligation to accept it, the bottom line, is that nothing of value was tendered, and the whole collection of justifications you keep coming up with is a crock. In the real world, they call it fraud Moogs. And once again Moogs, you illustrate in great glowing detail you total lack of knowledge about the UCC. IT DOES NOT COVER REAL PROPERTY OR REAL PROPERTY RENTAL, that falls to the state real property statutes. If you don’t get your rent, in the manner specified in the rental agreement, you certainly can evict, and that is what was done.

near the end made an indistinct noiseLife in prison Pleaseeeeeeee!!!!

I’m sorry, I don’t remember dim and dimmer being released, and so far I see no evidence of a plea agreement, so just what exactly are you crowing about?

Moogs, the only one who didn’t know Gonzales was quitting was him. The only question was how long would he remain as an embarrassment before he had to be told to resign.

near the end blathered yet againYou to notrial dissent and you to Nemo.
You guys are getting stomped on but don't feel bad.

So far I see little evidence of anything but a big mouth. Let me check, gee, I’m sitting quietly at home responding to a complete idiot, and gosh, where are dim and dimmer? Why confined in a Federal prison cell. Yep, looks like I’m losing real bad here, I guarantee you I had a much better dinner than they did for starters, and as to IQ, now where am I and where are they, your math is as faulty as your suppositions.