Friday, August 17, 2007

The Traveler (August 2, 2007)

There was a traveler who passed through a small village every year during his journeys. This village was a curious place for him because it served as an enigma. Though it was civilized, he could function there, and was always treated cordially it was unique to all his destinations. For many years he would spend the day doing his business and then would leave the next morning, early. During the heat of the day their was an elderly woman who was constantly about the town square and the market places. She was slightly hunched over and appeared to be known by every villager. She was constantly turning over rocks, lifting tablecloths, opening drawers, and peeking around corners. She was in a constant search for something. It had been about 5 years and finally the traveler could not restrain himself from questioning her. "Madam" he said "What is it you have been looking for all these years I have been visiting?" She responded "Oh young man I have been looking for this all my life, long before you ever visited our fine village. In fact all the villagers have employed me for this search. I look all day while it is light and I consult them in the darkness. This has freed them from doing the search on their own and they can concern themselves with the cares of the world." "OK! But what is it you are looking for?" "I'm looking for what everyone desires to find but I cannot tell you what it is until I find it. All I can do is consult with you in the evening as to my progress. If this is the information you seek you will have to see me in the darkness." Well this had always been the problem for him since he was always sleeping to leave early. This is the way it continued and why he could never reconcile this village and the elderly woman. Finally after 20 years he was forced by his business to stay in the village 2 nights. He thought to himself tonight perhaps I can get the answers I seek. The woman was not getting any younger and she was becoming more frail. What would they do if she died? Was there someone to take her place or would they quit on their search? No more questions the answers would be had tonight. He completed his business, had a good meal, and relaxed himself to freshness before he sought out the woman and her answers.

In the cool air he walked to the town square and asked a couple of people where he could find the woman who searches all day. They gave him some direction he followed until he arrived outside a building with a beautiful stained glass and gothic architecture. As he entered there was a short line of villagers in front of a curtain that he suspected shielded the woman. Each villager took about 15 minutes behind the curtain and then exited with a smile on their face. It was his turn and he entered to see the woman sitting at a table with cards, a crystal ball, lots, sticks, a Ouija board, a small library of religious books, and a crucifix. He sat down and eagerly asked his belated question. "Woman what is it you have been seeking all these years?" "What is it you are seeking young man?" "I'm seeking an answer to my first question." "I see" she said "you are not like the villagers who want me to give them answers for their lives and not of mine. I have always been a spiritual person from my youth and have always sought to find God. I have looked throughout the village, and through every writing. This search has won me a certain fame and employ with these people who long ago asked me to continue my search on their behalf and to give them a report on what I find. This has been my only work." "What size is God, can He be found under a rock, or around a corner?" The traveler had been many places and seen much of the expanse of this land and knew that God was bigger than this world but did not want to disclose this to the woman. With a couple of more questions he discovered that she had no idea what God was or could be and that the villagers were content with her search as apposed to her progress. "One last question before I leave. How will you know you found God when you find Him if you don't know what you're looking for?" "I'm sure there can be nothing like God so when I find that which is like nothing else I will know I found Him." With this the traveler left wearing a smile but for what he perceived a different reason. As he went home to his wife he told her the story but added this comment. It is vanity to look for a God you do not know and one that does not know you for your search must first begin with knowledge that He exist and that He is the rewarder of them who diligently seek Him.


justice7777777 said...

near the end said...
justice7777 and nemo and judge roy beaner head and notrial dissent all said they were looking at life in prison;

Oh how disappointed they must be now. "

Ya'll arn't really very smart are you?

You may want to look in the mirrow, "rear end".

Not even Moogie can control any of the defendants taking plea bargains. If the duo takes the case to trial, they will get the book thrown at them, you can take that to the "bank", no pun intended. lol lol lol lol

near the end said...

justice77777 You said Life in prison.

Oh what a disappointed Troll you
must be.

Your not real smart are you?

mogel said...

The FED today cut the discount rate. Looks like interest rates are headed for a downturn in the next 12 months:

And who is really surprised with
the economics right now & poor liquidity that most people have.

mogel said...

Justice 777 said: "If the duo takes the case to trial, they will get the book thrown at them, you can take that to the "bank", no pun intended. lol lol lol lol"

I'm not so sure that will happen, and I'm not SO SURE they will have to go to trial or that they will even want to decide to even get up in the morning the date of the trial. LOL Might be a nice day to sleep in out of pure protest. Hey, I understand Mr. Brown STILL HAS HIS HOUSE in protest. He hasn't had to shoot anyone yet, nor has the government tried to shoot him dead either. Kurt & Scott are still alive and not dead like President Kennedy.

When it's plain obvious that FACTS DON'T MATTER and you are playing in a rigged areana, do you really want to go into the Lions den unarmed? You can arm yourself with the truth, but the truth doesn't matter according to the prosecution WHO HAS BEEN ABUNDANTLY CLEAR & the rigged game that this court trial has become to be more & more each day.

There's already PLENTY of evidence in the Court record for a dismissal of all charges for ALL Defendants, but will that really happen?????

What should happen according to law & what will happen (business) don't always become the same or amount to the same.

There's still plenty of time for some "twists and turns" to take place that no one has really anticipated.

mogel said...

"There is a law irrevocably DECREED IN HEAVEN before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated, and when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated."

Kurt & Scott, you've paid the price by your faith, courage & obedience already, & have been recognized by God, so the blessing of a Dorean victory is sure. How it all plays out is of a secondary nature.

Even God, CAN'T WITHHOLD your earned promise and victory.

God bless you both in all ways that are important for you to have and need, & especially in all ways that you have earned for it is your heritage and right and the decree of the ALMIGHTY HIMSELF.

Looking forward to the day of your release!!! We'll all have a couple of laughs together.

justice7777777 said...

mogel said...
Kurt & Scott, you've paid the price by your faith, courage & obedience already, & have been recognized by God, so the blessing of a Dorean victory is sure. How it all plays out is of a secondary nature.

...and it will be at this stage you speak of moogie, that they truly obtain their martyr status in the dorean archives.

mogel007 said...

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mogel007 said...

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mogel007 said...

Countrywide is laying off employees, despite their billions of dollars they accessed recently. Maybe their financial stability and viability to stay in business long term really is at risk right now & isn't all rumors. If the value of their stock is any indication, investors aren't buying Countrywide's story of their continued financial strength:

mogel007 said...

Justice said: ...and it will be at this stage you speak of moogie, that they truly obtain their martyr status in the dorean archives.
"Those whom God reveals Himself to can seek Him and find Him"

Justice777 is your conclusion based upon God's revealing of things to you, or is it based solely upon your own understanding, belief or experience. If it is not based upon revelation, then certainly you are subject to error, human weakness, and subject to the limits of your understanding, extrapolation and experience.

I think in the most current post the mercy of God is mostly definitely understood by some, and under-estimated by most that do not understand God because they simply haven't had the experience of God's mercy in their life or they simply don't recognize his grace. Either way these people cannot find or define what they don't understand or see or what isn't revealed to them.

I'm not buying into the martyr ending of the story in the dorean archives. I believe, such a dismal ending serves no real divine purpose and also would be mocking or contradicting other promises already given & most definitely makes God a God of NO mercy AND a God of NO justice too. Such a being would not be worthy of worship. Such a perception of an ending is an acknowledgment of little to no faith whatsoever.

All I was inferring by my comment was that it wasn't important to know how and in what time frame that all things will play out in order to feel safe and comfortable and optimistic.

I think also it would be considered evil to seek martyr status if it was only about self. I don't believe either Kurt or Scott ever wanted everything they've received thus far as far as the difficult tests of suffering and denial of certain freedoms. I get the impression by your comment, Justice, that you believe they seek for this position of martyrdom as a symbol of self and vain and proudful ambition.

If God is truly sick and tired of the financial system and has decided to do something about it, and has heard the sincere prayers of those that have been a victim of it, certainly a martyr ending doesn't seem congruent when a victory party has been the hope and prediction that has never changed.

mogel007 said...

Justice: "He is the rewarder of them who diligently seek Him."

My question to you Justice is, how is matrydom a reward? Matrydom being defined as RECEIVING great suffering by sticking to your beliefs & thus causing your eventual death, or causing a longterm of lifeterm jail sentence with no REAL HOPE of escaping or taken a great punishment or taking the fall for others?

Or maybe you just dismiss all the words of Kurt as frivilous and untrue without any thoughtful consideration whatsoever?

neodemes said...

Philippians 1:21
For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.