Monday, December 05, 2005

Why Tolerate

There are only two types of government. One over the people and one of the people. I brought forward a concern of the people. A government of the people would pick it up as a redress and seek out a remedy. They would be my advocate and not my adversary. So we clearly have a government that thinks it’s over the people. Say who? Banking was of the people, not over the people. Why do you tolerate such nonsense? What authority can they quote for their overlord position? None. All they have is the tools of tyranny. You know my view on this. If they are as strong as you perceive, why can two men scare them so bad? Evidence of fear: 9 month indictment vs. normal 18-24 month, cooperation with Utah in any effort to get us off the street, FBI arrest on Utah warrant in California, conspiracy with a landlord for eviction. These are not the actions of those confident in their lawful right. These are the actions of a coward afraid to lose the control gained over the people by ignorance and deception. Excuse me if I do not tremble at their fierce “meow.”


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OK, Kurt, How about our Christmas present? Hope you get a nice one too. Like seeing the satisfaction on the faces of your clients and their homes owned free and clear. What's going on with the website?