Sunday, December 18, 2005

Just as a Man

It appearing that I will be held hostage by the four letter word “Utah” a little longer, my resolve remains. I really can’t consider my cost nor can I allow it to be used as a persuasive tool by my enemy. If I remain until the finish, there is the chance (slim some perceive) that I will win. If you study all the accusations against me, they are detractors from the subject matter; all are on “criminal”. Never do they address accounting, UCC, contract law, securities laws, and fraud, only what a bad guy I am. If they can’t prove it, they are forever barred from sidestepping my questions. Even in a civil railroad case they lose the tracks they build their presumptions on. I believe with all my heart someone has to be wiling to bring this test to history. Do I wish someone else would do it? Of course. Many of you critics have never spent months away from your families, handled your own battles, been publicly ridiculed. The first hint of pain you would crumble. I don’t’ know if you ever take the time to analyze what Scott and I are doing. You figure I’m greedy because that’s the only justification for you doing what I’ve done. Even this is foolish; my operating expenses were 200K per month for 20 months. That is 4 million of the 5 I might have took in. I drove a 10 year old car, have no boats, planes, or vacation houses, no evidence of lavish living. Scott sacrificed home and family for greed? How foolish an accusation. Some men do believe in honor, virtue, truth, things bigger than a man, longer than a generation, so worth living for that death is acceptable. Just as a man I continue to stand.


Solvo said...

Amen brother! The end will justify the means, and then we'll see how the other side handles character assinations that are actually true in their case.

What up Big O and Will to.

Gforce said...

Some recent major IRS cases have been handled by the government in a similar way. Only evidence and "tax code" that supports gov positions have been allowed in courts.------Be patient(everybody), God is working things out in our favor. Timing is important. Thanks Kurt and Scott for being willing to fulfill your God-given mission.

Gforce said...

GOD has spoken through the prophet Kim Clement ( BANKING SYSTEM WILL CRASH, BUT SOMETHING BETTER WILL BECOME OF IT. Praise God!!!!!! (prophecy Dec.3 Tampa FL)--------

Judge Roy Bean said...

"Never do they address accounting, UCC, contract law, securities laws, and fraud, only what a bad guy I am.

And it's because they don't have to when they are dealing with a criminal who lured people into a scam.

There's nothing really new to this; it's the same old crap that hangs people out to dry while the promoters take in money and keep the faithful on the edge of their seats (and promoters like "Dr. Johnson and Byron Gashler) at their keyboards).

It's as if some wave of divine intervention will cripple the supposed tyrant, but in the mean time, send in your hard-earned money to learn more about why you're supposedly doomed to a life of slavery.

All while 99% of the population moves on and enjoys the fruits of their honest labors.

The Christmas holidays are upon us and those who choose to wallow in the despair of the promoters of ignorance like Johnson deserve their fate; the rest of us are going to relish in the fact that no matter how many years the conspiracy thoeorists have predicted our iminent doom, we're still having the time of our lives and looking forward to our children and grand-children doing even better.

Sorry, but the gloom-and-doom nonsnese has never overcome the power of good tidings and the good will among the VAST MAJORITY of people of this nation.

We can weed out the scammers and corporate crooks while we're at it, so we have to toss the Johnson's and their ilk into the prisons to keep them from ruining it for their victims.

Come out from behind your paranoia and work to help victims of REAL corporate predators instead of lurking in the background of mythological demons you are paying scammers like the Johnsons to supposedly teach you about.

They don't have anything new to bring to the table, and you'll buy all kinds of old, bogus tripe and fall into the smae serious REAL legal misfortune their other victims have.

Yetter said...

"Professing thmselves wise,they beacame as fools."

imbigo said...

merry CHRISTmas Bra.

BIG"O" 1+1+1+=1


tcob247 said...


What a load of crap

Is this guy 100% right in his prophesies? If not, you know what that makes him right?

Here is just one of his recent foretellings

"The Spirit of God says, I'm looking for the same passion that Elisha had when he struck the Jordan with the mantle of Elijah. God said, do you realize that many have given way to religion, afraid to step out of the boat, afraid to declare the miracle power of God. But God said, not so, and not anymore. There is one more attempt that shall come against this Nation. For the enemy has declared before Christmas we will do something, a simultaneous attack in Europe, Great Britain and America. And God said, I will reveal through My prophets that this shall be stopped. For I shall show you, My people, that this day, enough is enough. There shall be a swift end and many shall be captured and many shall be caught over the Christmas season. And they have said, let us remove the name Christmas, and God said, they cannot do that. For it shall come to pass that I will make sure that this Christmas, My name is declared throughout this Nation, says the Spirit of the Lord.

For the people shall rise up and they shall say, how is it possible that so much could be revealed in such a little time? God said, I promised you that when the hurricanes came, at the end at that season, and at the end of that time I would bring upon America a four year period of great harvest and a breakthrough and a revival and a great move of My Spirit for four years. Your economy is swiftly changing because God said, I have made a declaration that every state that was hit with the hurricanes will be the first to receive the wind of My Spirit that is about to come."

After you read these you can click on the link on his website marked "donations" and choose credit card or online check.

Gforce, how much money have you given to this charlatan??
Kurt should hook up with this guy.

WillToFight said...

Yeah Kurt

Sounds like kiddnapping has become state statutory law! Stay strong Kurt, we know this is right!

What up Solvo Big O?

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habakkuk said...

I promised myself i wouldn't address you again but when you start to slander and bad mouth God's prophets i gotta say something. #1 I need to WARN you with a scripture...I Chronicles 16:22 "Do not touch my anointed ones, and do my prophets no harm". God was speaking in that scripture.

#2 I want to present you with an opportunity once you repent from your slander....Read this scripture: Matthew 10:41 " He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophets reward".

What you dont know about Kim Clement is that he was invited to a special dinner by President Bush which included dignitaries and important people....He prophesied to President Bush face to face and the President received it. Before that, im told that Kim Clement was even raided by the FBI because they figured he must have known about certain terrorist attacks beforehand because his prophetic words came true. Hmmmmm, sounds a little bit like Elisha in the Bible who they tried to "raid" because he was prophesying everything the King was saying in his private chamber.

So as a person who has also moved in the prophetic, let me warn you again careful when you make comments on things you know nothing about. The good news is....if you repent the Lord will receive you, and forgive you, and reveal the truth to you and put you on the right path.

getmeoffthisride said...

Be careful yourself, Kim Clements has also prophesied and many of those things HAVE NOT come to pass when this person has prophesied.

tcob247 said...

So you are a prophet too?

You do know that Gods test of a prophet is 100% accuaracy.

I will not repent.
I did not slander anyone.
I'm asking a question.

Are you and Kim Clement 100% accurate on every single prophecy you have made in your whole life?????????????????????

Or can't I question you because you are God's annointed?

Thats a pretty high pedestal you are on

nofollowers said...


Shut the fuck up with your prophet bullshit, your a fucking idiot that stills lives with their parents and wacks off to dirty magazines under his bed!!! Don't you realize that people don't care about all your religious predictions and you telling people what they can and cannot do. So why don't you shut the hell up for once and for all.

habakkuk said...

To tcob and nofollowers,

I like what Bill Cosby said recently...."The truth will either do two things....#1 set you free(as stated in the Bible) or #2 piss you off. Jack Nicolson's character in a Few Good Men put it a different way...."You cant handle the truth!!!"

What you dont know tcob is that was old covenant.....we are now living in the age of Grace introduced by our Lord Yeshua (Jesus). Although you are correct....The test of a true prophet in the old covenant was that he had a 100% track record. The old testament also tells us that children who disobeyed their parents and adulterers and other Law breakers be why dont we still do those things? Hmmmmmmm. I dont know about you but i'd probably be a dead man if i lived in that system.....So no, i'm not perfect and neither is Kim Clement and neither is Kurt Johnson. Oh yeah, and neither are you.

I hope that answered your question. Of course i should know these things since i've been in the church since i was 5 and i am now 36.

neodemes said...



I have SOCKS older than you.