Monday, December 19, 2005

The Sinking Ship

I think one of the greatest memories I will take from this experience is of the rats leaving the ship. It is why men like Scott and I are called. It is the captains at heart that stay with the ship who experience the calm after the tempest. Captains are not tossed by every wave as their ships. They know the capabilities of the craft and have experience. Many of the friends who loved the ship when it looked like the Love Boat have discovered they have not confidence, experience or wisdom to trust. Sometimes a captain gets lucky and finds a few sailors among the passengers which I have; Welcome aboard. I regret to inform you that the hired help took their lifeboats under the cover of darkness. They have chosen their own reward but have most definitely forfeited the glory of arriving in port. I won’t lie to you in that I have suffered much loss and it will affect the schedule of arrival, but I know my vessel and how sea-worthy she is. I also know that the gusting of this storm is a bunch of hot air reacting to the cold steel resolve of man and mission. The collection of statements left behind by those abandoning post are what captains have placed in their excuse log for generations and it will never change. “I didn’t sanction this”, “I didn’t authorize”, He didn’t have my permission”, “He wouldn’t let me do my job”, “He’s a control freak”, “there’s nothing that could be done anyway”, “he wouldn’t listen to me”, “He doesn’t have all the facts”, “you didn’t pay me for this”, “pay me first and I will work”. A captain’s ears are calloused to the vocabulary of the quitters. If their words have any merit to you it will be to your own folly. For they are there for the battle breaking and confetti on every fantastic voyage but you like them if you heed their words will be on an endless journey without a destination. Dorean has a destination, a voyage marked in history and in opposition to the Titanic which sank. We which were supposed to be destroyed arrived safely in port. And all who despised her precious cargo of truth and courage are forever shamed. The inhabitants of the land spent that delivered truth for many years to come. Then the battle worn parties of concern drank the warm cup of comfort in a quiet toast to achievement with their captain and friend and never spoke the names of the quitters again.


Gforce said...

Does anyone have Kurt and Scott's current mailing address. I need to verify. Thanks in advance.----Concerning prophecy, the Bible ALWAYS takes precedence over a prophetic word if there is a cotradiction. Banksters and prophecy---read James 5(among others). The word of the Lord through Kim Clement falls directly in line with Scripture written thousands of years ago. That word is a heads up for this generation.(

verboy said...

what happened to all the swimmers? I can't hear them anymore.

If you need their address email me at

Peanut Gallery said...

Hey utah, long time no post. If memory serves you were going to provide iron clad evidence that the Dorean bond was worthless and had no monetary backing. That was more than a week ago. Did you get lost in the storage unit while retreiving your "copy"?Speak up we can't hear you.

getmeoffthisride said...
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getmeoffthisride said...

"it will affect the schedule of arrival" - I suppose this means that the restitution is going to be delayed again?

neodemes said...

"It is the captains at heart that stay with the ship who experience the calm after the tempest."

Hey, Popeye, in case you didn't notice, you are in the Brig.

How are those refunds coming along?

tcob247 said...

aye aye captain crunch
avast me mateys

hangingin said...
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hangingin said...

For those who seek debt elimination
readng this blog start elminating your debt one debt at a time, starting with the smallest one. Throw out your credit cards, stop
giving your money away. Bank on yourself.

hangingin said...

Kurt and scott I have been reading
this blog since it got started. I believe your mission is true, but as captains you are up against a fleet of ships!! How can you overcome this battle? This fleet doesn't play fair. Our fore father
would be turning in there graves if they new what this fleet was doing with the laws that govern this nation. Laws that were suppose to protect the peoples
not the banks. I hope your journey
takes us to the promise land.

railman65 said...

Aye,Aye matey, I'll second hangingin's post, the fleet(Banks) does not play fair, so lets torpedo them all.

son of a prophet said...

This story could have been written for the movie "Its a Wonderful Life."

George Bailey vs. MR. POTTER.

Bailey owned one small savings and loan and POTTER owned the big bank trying to buy out the little savigns and loan so he could then bankrupt and own all the property in the town for peanuts.

OF course, in that story, Bailey won. We'll see what happens here.

HOwever, I have been noticing on the net that groups are starting to form mutual savings banks where people can deposit and get loans at reasonable rates. This looks to be the future trend to submarine the banks.

WillToFight said...


Many of us knew this was a tall mountain to climb with many possible parrels along the way.

Many of us have been erudite before the Dorean process in other areas of this society the need better regulation and truth of its apparent corruption in many sectors.

I can ride the storm. I will not speak for others on that.

I believe it a worthy voyage. I want to see the new land!

Stay strong Kurt/Scott

WillToFight said...

Hey Peanut that was two weeks ago.

See people like that think by just say a thing without proof enough time folk will follow. And in fact that does happen, like in the case of

TacoBELLnoseearingwearingidiot. But many of us have our own minds. We critically think about what is told to us. Then we study the fact and search for truth.

We that are hanging in realize the reality of the power and forces that we wage this battle against. We've seen and experienced it in other sectors of economic first hand.


The naysayers do not want to see truth. Seeing truth and standing up for what is right is against somes moral compase and others have a definitive conflict of interest and are not able to sleep at night!


Justice7777777 said...

Ahhh . . .

Son of a Prophet

I don't remember the part in Its A Wonderful life where George Baily cost people their homes, wifes, families, etc; While scamming in millions. You must have purchased the DVD from Kurt "Its A Wonderful 30 years to Life".

Whatever evil banks represent Kurt and Dorean are far worse.

Please don't defile such a great movie with such slime.

Wait & See 2 said...

I have been in several attempts to rid my mortgage, IRS, Equity Recovery, HYIP and barter over the last two plus years. I can say after spending almost $25K I am still waiting for one of them to do what they said they could do. I for one will be extremely surprised if anything comes of this. I will be happy if it does but please understand if I am not jumping up and down because according to someone we are suppposed to have some finality by the end of the month or the more popular phrase, 30 to 90 days. Every program I mentioned above has said the samething. Give a date and push it back 30 to 90 days. All of the programs appear to be going in the same direction but can't seem to clese the deal. I feel they are all on track but lack the final steps to finish. Just my thoughts and I'll wait & See

preacher77 said...

Is there not a cause? A question King David asked when a giant stood up and defied the armies of Israel. While others had fear and doubt in their heart this 17 year old ruddy lad stood and slew the giant. This scenario is all too common throughout history as men of valor and great courage stood head and shoulders above the crowd and the status quo, to try and turn back the advancement of evil. Our forefathers pledged their own lives along with their families and their fortunes to stand against a government of TYRANNY. They were so tired of a government of TYRANNY by over-taxation and the centralized banking of the day, that they stood against all odds to give us what at that time was a great country. All through history men that were pioneers and operating out of the so called proverbial box of the established system, were considered right wing extemeists, religiuos zealots and many other labels. But as time went by many of them won Nobel Prizes and are heroes for the changes brought forth. It takes courage to be different. Anyone can follow the crowd, but our Lord said "That which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of the Lord. We need more men like Kurt and Scott who have sacrificed more than what most would ever consider to sacrifice. That's why this country and world is in the horrible shape we find ourselves in. Our head has been stuck in the sand for so long and we have lost sight of the very things that gave us our rights and freedoms a long time ago. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. We have allowed the enemy of freedom to intimidate us and now are afraid to rock the boat. I know a little about what Kurt and Scott are going through. For the last 10 years as I have been blessed to get informed of what is going on in this world. I have stood and fought against the Federal Reserve banking system and almost lost everything I had. The church I pastor has become very small as many members could not handle the changes and the fact I was no longer a status quo preacher. The relationship with my wife suffers because she does not understand why I stand for what I stand for. So to all of you who give Kurt and Scott a hard time it is time you look at yourself and ask "What do I stand for"? Do I have the spirit of my forefathers to stand and make a difference in our world? Or will I just stay in my comfort zone and be happy with the little they allow us to have as their care-takers of what they call thier earth. Let us all support these 2 men with encouraging words and prayers. Let us all speak our heart in standing against A government of TYRANNY and a most evil institution in the Federal Reserve banking system. If we do not get our country out of the United Nations and the Federal Reserve this country is gone forever. I know this is long but I am tired of so many railing on these men when in reality you are the ones guilty for not standing with these men. I close with what David said again " Is there not a cause". Kurt and Scott, you are to commended for your courage and vision to stand as you have. God richly bless both of you and make up the differnce of what you have lost. Remember all things work out for the good of those that love the Lord. Job lost all but in the end God gave him back double.

you will know them by their fruit said...

You have been fooled. You, like others, have tried to twist His scripture to justify that "God is on my/our side!"

Be on God's side and surrender to His will.

WillToFight said...


What the hell oh your in hell!

you make absolutety not a bit of sense.

Go look up the DTCC on your google search. You'll find there some startling information. Try not to stay in your current program. Become human for a moment, long enough to see who is causing the most problem in this economy. about 64T worth. I do understand that study on real info is not your main suite. Any questions ask.

yob erewhon said...

fraud cloaked in cheesy, pseudo-religious libertarianism is still fraud.

the presumption of fraud in the lending business is not the same as the presumption of honesty or fair play by these monsters.

this isn't even a good or interesting fraud, just fraud. it was fun listening to the mealy-mouthed conference calls, though.