Friday, December 16, 2005

The Subtile Deception of Nobility

Consistent with our search for truth, one must recognize the subtile deception in nobility. This is the masters of propoganda's greatest weapon. I touched on it briefly in the Robin Hood example. We are known as a religious tolerant nation. Oh how it sounds so nobel being that men can hold to their own beliefs. The subtile deception is that man always being free to worship his maker never needs a license or charter of my toleration, the governments or yours. Who are we to set up between man and maker. Toleration being a grant can always be reversed into intolerent when the definitions of nobility change. Our nobility condemns us because we accept privileges as evidence of freedom; the greatest self delusion. The Pledge of Allegiance placing the nation under God instead of "One People Under God" again converts the one with the right into a privilege by the servent master. God did not create nations, people do. God creates people. In courts, they describe themselves as "Statutory" as to jurisdiction. Sounds nobel but it can't exist. Statutes don't create jurisdiction, they are created by it. There is no such thing in nature as a child birthing parents. Creation and origin is the birth of all rights, title and interest. Behind the subtile deception of the nobility "you must pay all your debts" is an origin or right that is an absolute truth. My opinion is there is no nobility in theft of right by conversion or absent truth. So I will remain ignoble unless your origin has merit.


tcob247 said...

All this high faluting mumbo jumbo.

Wy dont you come down to earth and answer some of the SPECIFIC questions posed to you by YOUR clients who are losing their homes?

If you can read.... there have several posts lately by these people .

It is typical of you and your former defunct/nonperforming customer service.

All talk help and no truth.

tcob247 said...

INFO from DR Fred

Good luck

" December 15, 2005:
Dear Client’s:

The purpose of these updates is to keep you informed as to the what, where, when, why, and whatfore of the experience we are all going through this mortgage elimination process. Would to God it had all worked as it could/should have, and neither of us would be doing this update procedure. Nevertheless we are all here and working through what can and needs to be done. I hope to go over some of the things that need to be done and things that can be done in order to posture you as clients ready to receive a cash stipend and the extinguishing of your present mortgage. There are still things being done on your behalf and you will note in my last update we are still on schedule as to the closing of the settlement, and nothing to date has change that. It is possible that may be expedited if Both Kurt and Scott are returned to California and are bailed out. To date neither Kurt nor Scott has given jurisdiction to the state of Utah therefore they are being held as the bodies only. A fulcrum in their case in Utah will be on December 20, 2005 and that will determine whether or not they shall be returned to California forthwith. Please allow me to go over some of the things you must do to continue the process.
You need to go to the Blog (address is a footnote) often as to seek the website posted for a “Claims Form”, that form will need to be filled out and returned to where it directs you to send it. You needn’t read the comments but only what Kurt is writing as
(Whistleblower) to you as for information and updates. You will need a copy of your trust naming both Kurt and Scott as trustees, so that may negotiate your settlement on your behalf. You will need to establish banking for the trust in order to have a place domestically to move the settlement funds from place to place without it becoming a taxable event, or exposing the funds, or having the funds as a liability rather then an asset. I have a staff of people and myself available who can aid you in doing this in an easy and lawful manner. The things you can do to aid you in the overall process is purchase the DVD’s that will show in a comprehensive fashion all that you’ve done while in the “Mortgage Challenge Programme” and why and what makes the process work. The price will remain on the “Early Bird Special” at $70.00 throughout the remainder of this year and will then in the new year go to their regular price of $250.00. Remember this is the full 8 hours plus of professional classroom training and education in the mortgage elimination/challenge programme. You can always call me with questions concerning your own business and regarding the use of the trust. With regard to those that do call perhaps I sometimes become a bit surly when sharing information with you but it will oft help you to learn the things that will allow you leave a large and lasting legacy to your beneficial interest. If you were offended, please forgive me and give me another chance, I’ll do better the next time. When you hang up just remember I am old and working far harder then I ever imagined I would be at this age.
Now allow me to thank the many, many of you that both call and write expressing your love, prayers, concern, and gratitude for Kurt and Scott. I oft make those make those sentiments available to them and it does bless them knowing of your expressions. If you are receiving this update secondhand you should write me and get on the mailing list and receive all your information firsthand. So much has to be explained when someone else interprets this information for you.
In closing may I request two things of you on my behalf? First, I will you and yours to have the best Christmas and subsequent holidays you’ve ever had? Second, will you continue praying for all of us and both Kurt and Scott that we all make the most appropriate, correct, and wise decisions in your interest?

I remain just another piece of clay on the Potter’s wheel.

Blessing to all,

Dr. H. Fred Johnson
Blog address:

PS: Remember when sending me mail I do not sign for it!
PPS: I am always available for calls and available for calls concerning the trust 24/7!"

vertyu said...

"Second, will you continue praying for all of us and both Kurt and Scott that we all make the most appropriate, correct, and wise decisions in your interest?"

Just give us our money back. That's the most appropriate correct wise decision to make. Is that so hard? We don't want anymore of your 'pat on the back' letters! Show me the money!!

mogel said...

Naysayers say that lenders have no need or legal responsibility to respond to a mortgage challenge. The truth is that the burden of proof when the lenders claim is challenged, rests entirely upon the lenders to prove. As time is of the essence, lenders if they had a real claim would not have ignored the Dorean Presentment which was the trustees notice and demand to the lenders to prove their claim. In regard to the lenders decisions to reply or not to a mortgage challenge, please bear in mind the following quote from the U.S. Court of Appeals:

Silence can only be equated with fraud where there is a legal or moral duty to speak or where an inquiry left unanswered would be intentionally misleading. ... This sort of deception by lenders cannot be tolerated.

[U. S. v. Tweel, 550 F.2d 297, 299 (1977), emphasis added]

[quoting U.S. v. Prudden, 424 F.2d 1021, 1032 (1970)]

Silence is a species of conduct, and constitutes an implied representation of the existence of the state of facts in question , and the estoppel is accordingly a species of estoppel by misrepresentation. When silence is of such a character and under such circumstances that it would become a fraud upon the other party to permit the party who has kept silent to deny what his silence has induced the other to believe and act upon, it will operate as an estoppel.

[Carmine v. Bowen, 64 A. 932 (1906), emphasis added]

Based upon these principles, a borrower should be able to enforce his "free & clear" Title status. Lenders by law are estopped from pursuing a claim by their own silence.

Elmer Fudd said...
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Elmer Fudd said...

Another Scamo Company trying to get money out of people...I Can't believe how gullable they are to fall for this crap.... At least kurt's idea is something to think about for a second and i mean a second...

Tony Tuba said...

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WillToFight said...

Taco woke up again in front of his computer to post something idiotic again.

Thanks Mogel for the info. I believe that Kurt is very clear in what he said. Problem is that, people like

TACO or Vertyu will never understand, it's the Matrix syndrome, which will/has become their problem!

neodemes said...

If that gibberish is clear to you, you must be eating the same mushrooms Kurt is.

Dorean Victims Unite

tcob247 said...


He was clear about what?

He refuses to answer specific questions posed by his clients who paid him money for something he promised to do.

Now they are losing their homes and he won't address their questions.

Am I being clear Willy?

Or are you proud of the customer service of your leader?

WillToFight said...


You really don't deserve an answer from anyone. You have not continued your study about this process or any other. Your desire is to stay an ignorant programmed individual that can not see!

It really is a shame that someone as educated as you say, will not take the time to learn where the scam is really coming from.

You don't get it, you won't get it! Stay forever in darkness!

Try not to give any false information to the FBI!

tcob247 said...


"You have not continued your study about this process or any other."

you are right, I do not want any continued education on this flawed process. I will follow the current system and play by it's rules and stay in my house. Really not a bad life.

"Your desire is to stay an ignorant programmed individual"

My desire is to live my life, enjoy my family in this great country of ours. I prefer this to being in jail like Kurt.

By the way... do you have an answer to the people who are losing their homes and not getting any help from the person they sent money to and signed their house over to his trust and care?
Are you happy with the customer service?
I can see why you don't want to answer.
Typical of Dorean supporters