Tuesday, December 07, 2010

God’s Love Endures All Things 10/30/2010

This trial lingers and is prolonged far beyond human fortitude. Trials like this are embraced by children of God because they separate and prove, they prove that God loves us; that His love is trustworthy; that His promises are irrevocable; and that His grace is sufficient. All this comes to those who surrender their wills to the actions inspired by the “amending” faith of Christ. Sheep and goats, wheat and tares righteous and wicked are identified and separated by these rough trials.

It is impossible for a man to choose the course laid by the promises of God. All human efforts will fail. But with God all things are possible. With His power expressed first in love, accepted by faith and delivered by hope what was impossible was made possible with His power expressed first in love, accepted by faith, and delivered by hope what was impossible was made possible. My critics talk a good game of human wisdom with religious overtones but betray their hearts with their words. God’s view is expressed by a very different vocabulary that reeks of courage and perseverance.

If they could grasp God’s plan or His ways they would have no fear in their prophecies, judgments, or expectations. The saint made alive by the power to trust God’s love overcomes every trial. It can be no other way. There is no power greater that God’s expressed via His love. No power in heaven or earth can withstand it. That is not to say it will bowl over every hard hatred rebel. Love limits itself to truth and that is a respecter of freedom of choice to love. Heaven is not the reward of those who seek the blessings of God for themselves It is merely the habitation of those who preferred dwelling with God over any other desire. As that victory awaits the saint so does every victory along your providential journey. Scott and I know the faith of Christ in us will deliver the justice in Christ and no power arrayed against that promise will survive. If you know Christ as we know Him you would already be at “AMEN”. If you’ve not you’re living less loved. Less assured, less aware of whom loves you.

Does my talk of Christ during this trial bore you? Well there is nothing more boring than hearing foolish whimpers, worries, and doubts by king’s children ignorant of their inheritances or lineage. We could be joint heirs if we shared the same faith. Christ would bring us all to victory and make the difficult journey joyous. If you are mourning you are justified. If you are relaxed in God’s trustworthy love you have been given the spirit of gladness for the spirit of mourning.

I may never have the joy of seeing that pig headed wicked judge Alsup delivered from sin and death but his turning from deliverance does not endanger mine. His father the devil cannot displace me from the promises made in God’s love. Wickedness has its day but the Lord laugh’s at it with derision and sees another day coming. Scott and I see it too and not as far off as wickedness intended.

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