Monday, June 20, 2011

Objective Truth 2-26-2011

True faith, the faith of Christ, is based upon facts that are all objective to us. That is another indicator that my critics don’t know God. They keep binding their God to the conduct of Scott and me. That would make us the objective to God and Him subjective.

This is beyond a silly notion. What Christ did was and is always objective to us. It is a fact of history outside us; every promise does not find its fulfillment in the believer they are all fulfilled in Christ. What the Holy Spirit does is bring those objective truths to us. Not by bringing Christ to us but us to Christ. When we are in Christ then the objective truths of Christ can become subjective to us. Dorean doesn’t arrive at victory outside of Christ but is assured victory because Dorean is inside of Christ. You don’t hear me profess a victory outside of Christ. That would place me on equal footings with Alsup.

On equal footing he would obviously have the advantage. But when he went to war with Dorean which is inside Christ he took on a victory. All I have to do is follow the lead of the Holy Spirit and I will be taken subjectively into the experience of the objection fact in Christ. If you can grasp what I’m telling you all your trials would become laughable. This is the great joy of the Lord that settles our spirit. We know that there is not a subject in all creation who undo or invalidate the objective truths in Christ. Federal judges, roaring lion, or the devil himself all laughable.

Fact is found in Christ. The faith of Christ trusts these facts. The Holy Spirit brings us to these facts. The Holy Spirit gives us the faith of Christ. The faith of Christ reins over spirits into obedience. Obedience walks us through the experience that allows us to own the objective fact in Christ as a subjective truth. The rest is lies, all laughable.


Joseph said...

It is true that the illusions are all truly laughable, but it isn't laughable that so many lives are affected by these illusions of power that seemingly destroy lives and this is a very sobering thought that many innocent people and even wonderful people are crushed by this evil and don't seem to recover from it. and many are good and strong people too.

Yes, a victory is imminent and sure in the future for anything other than that, defies the Spirit & even defies reason, and even faith in Christ, but the cost is terrible, not something that I totally assessed in the beginning or even presupposed.

To be sure of a victory, but not sure of the stability of a beautiful marriage and endearing relationship that you have/had, just immediately brings tears to my eyes and I believe and consider myself to be a strong person in most respects and ways.

I'm truly sorry that this is the paradigm that you see or the paradigm that possibly you fear the most.

I don't believe fear and love are compatible at all and hence something needs to give at the expense of the other.

I only hope that your desire to save your marriage won't be your biggest and hardest test so far or the most painful thing you've experienced to date, however, you truly are in the Lord's hands. Maybe that is the only comfort that will get you through all of this and keep your sanity in tact.

I think Scott's challenges in his marriage was something that brought me much great distress. I guess I'm just a dreamer, I don't think such good people should be tested so much. I guess it seems unfair, but I guess God does what he pleases, and it seems sometimes he takes us to the edge of insanity, just to make us strong or show us something of value.

I only hope and pray that your trials become easier and that your success and dreams come sooner than expected. That's not exactly a 90 day promise but it is a genuine wish from the heart.

And if I can pray for that, being an evil and imperfect person myself, surely God who is good, fair & perfect, can exceed your expectations and even sooth and change the expectations of your loved ones.

It is only when your expectations don't match your reality, that a person seems to be unhappy and demanding. It is so much easier to change expectations than to change reality sometimes.

OMO said...

Lots of food for thought in this film. ($4.99 rental)

“Corporations, governments and societies will be created and destroyed on the back of the technology that this book describes.”


One thing is certain: Technology is moving much faster than our 12th Century Medieval government.

judge allslop said...

"People are mistaking criminality for economics. They are also mistaking marketing for analysis. Bernanke makes Zimbabwe's central banker Gideon Gono look like a boy scout. We are seeing signs already that the rest of the world is rejecting or bypassing the USDollar, which will turn the tide in a huge way. When they begin to export inflation back to America, it will make the tsunami that hit Japan look small. One should not confuse Deliverance for a romantic movie. We are a long long way into uncharted waters." ~ Rob Kirby (analyst)

A USMint official has declared to CNBC, "Fort Knox is a closed facility" which has caused embarrassment. The fully compromised economics reporter Steve Liesman of CNBC decided to do a story on the topic, the motivation being bizarre. Perhaps on a dare, perhaps hoping to silence Ron Paul.(ask Bill Clinton and Robert Rubin). The financial network requested a tour of Fort Knox to obtain actual video footage as evidence of gold bullion held in volume. A USMint official responded by saying that no one from the USCongress has toured Fort Knox since 1974, and that it has been a closed facility for decades. I've learned that it warehouses nerve gas, a deep irony. The USTreasury recently estimated the cost at $15 million to conduct an audit.I would suggest the event would be short and would cost under $100, like to cut the padlock and flip the lights on, then promptly leave. A crack team could pull it off over a lunch break.

dr. ira gilac said...


The U.S. and gobal government debt cannot be repaid. The Federal Reserve knows that.


u kinda got it haf rite, butt bass ackwords.

its the "principal" that cannot ever be repaid, not the intererst.

the "interest" is bing paid back everday when sum nun uses feral revcerst nots.

dr. ira gilac said...

or ass sum ppls spiel it, "principle"

i no, i da pricipal of it all....

do yo stand on yo priciples back in school? no, becoss it just not good pricipal to do so.

get it rite:

hi skool = principal

amount dat yo borry = pricipal

idea, thought, foundation, sunthins dat yo sit for = priciple

like yo say;ed, it da priciple of da thins

dr. ira gilac said...

an sides...anyways....

Universal debt forgiveness and the imminent global debt jubilee
You don't need a slide rule, a set of log tables or a high frequency trading algorithm to see the light. Everyone on Main Street now knows that the Western cabal's fixation with fiat-paper capitalism is a busted flush. This is what the Greek crisis is all about. Debt does not work as the basis of a global financial system.

Behind the scenes, all the indications are that universal debt forgiveness is set to be announced. A global debt jubilee is waiting in the wings. The Doctrine of Odious Debts has been spectacularly revisited. The default position of the global financial system is about to be permanently reset.

Universal debt forgiveness is on the way as an essential precursor to the planet's new gold-backed financial system. It has deep historical roots and powerful support in natural law. This imminent global debt jubilee is organically related to the disbursement of The World Global Settlement Funds, to the long-planned public NESARA announcements, and to the opening of Pandora's Suitcase.

OMO said...

Believe what-ever you want to believe. You are still a numbered slave.

Joseph said...

Double standard exists between IRS and citizens:

judge allslop said...

US Govt crime syndicate says If you do not like what an Index is saying then the economic cure is to change the Index. Our nation is frickin’ doomed. These dishonest and unethical bastards will do anything to keep the illusion alive. This is nothing but government sanctioned theft of senior citizen Social Security benefits.

Change To Inflation Measurement On Table As Part Of Budget Talks –Aides
By Corey Boles and Janet Hook

WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- Lawmakers are considering changing how the Consumer Price Index is calculated, a move that could save perhaps $220 billion and represent significant progress in the ongoing federal debt ceiling and deficit reduction talks. According to congressional aides familiar with the discussions, the proposal would shift how the Consumer Price Index is calculated to reflect how people tend to change spending patterns when prices increase. For example, consumers tend to drive less when gas prices increase dramatically.Such a move is widely seen by economists as resulting in a slower rise in inflation. That would impact an array of federal programs that are linked to CPI including the Social Security program and income tax brackets set by the federal government.
The proposal could lower federal spending by around $220 billion over the next decade, based on calculations by last year’s White House deficit commission, which recommended the change as part of its final report. According to two congressional aides familiar with the budget negotiations, the shift is being "seriously discussed" as part of the ongoing talks to strike a budget deal, that would be used to ease the passage of a required increase in the country’s debt limit.

OMO said...

I think Ed Parenteau was a Dorean client- the name sounds very familiar.

There are so many layers and angles to government fraud that it is almost impossible to stab them in heart with anything that would actually kill them.

Joseph said...

The Supreme Court has by God’s hand supplied me with all I need to exit this mess. The bond case 564 US (June 16, 2011) and the Krieger case coming out in October assures my exit if they obey their own laws. This is a big IF among the lawless. Bond is a 10th amendment case proving that the feds weren’t supposed to prosecute me. Krieger is a reasonable doubt case reducing my sentence to less than I’ve already done.