Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rearview Mirror 2-26-2011

Reflections are one of our most useful gifts. I think because I talk so much of faith’s future, look I might be misunderstood. Faith most certainly has a future look. It is like human expectations in this sense alone but far different in true aspect. Faith looks to the future but drags with it a very heavy anchor. That anchor is from the past. It is the substance of thing hoped for. In Christ there is not future victory. In Christ all His promises are yes and Amen. They are settled facts of history. All faith does is look into the landscape of humanity for pockets of deceit. In this faith sees a place to drag this anchor and settle the fact in the present. Because God’s character is patient instant results rarely occur. Faith will diligently and tenaciously maintain its grip upon that anchor until the true facts finish there work.

I may have misled you when I speak of our victory in the future tense. I should have been clearer. The manifestation awaits arrival but the victory has long since been a settled matter. Scott and I have been dragging victory with us by faith’s grip from the moment we said “I do” to God’s offer of Dorean.

If you study God’s word even prophecy is in Christ. Christ has always been, this little exercise we call life is a small silver of time that changed nothing of the facts that preceded it. In all humanity is just another display of the immutable fact of eternity. The curious part being that most of mankind have smashed their rearview mirrors and abandon themselves to the uncertain future of human expectation.

You will see victory not because it’s in Dorean’s future but because it is Dorean’s past. Christ founded us, keeps us, delivers us, and secures His facts for us. He’ll do the same for you but to see your future you have to look in the rearview mirror.


judge allslop said...

"No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us."

judge allslop said...
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