Monday, June 13, 2011

The Wicked Witness

Well my 40 day trial has ended and ate the best banana I had in months. I remember my other trial though and how many wicked witnesses were used. The most tragic though were the so-called saints who sold out their professions of faith for the frauds of that courtroom. But in all that transpired their remains one true witness their actions confirm. They reveal to the saints the character and nature of their God. Romans 9 speaks on this.

It is ok for God to raise up men like Alsup and to expose phony Christians even at your personal expense of suffering. Because it proves His longsuffering mercy is real and your hopes in the Beloved are true. In a strange paradox the wicked witness proves by his hatred of God that our God is a God of love. The very fact he is not smashed immediately being one sigh. But think on this pharaoh was raised up with his hard heart to increase the renown of the Lord. Has it not done so? Is the exodus not one of the most famous stories of all time? The sons of God should not fear the wicked witness when he raises his ugly face in front of you. God is just writing another story to increase His renown. Be patient as God has shown patience with the wicked and the future of your promises will approach you swiftly.

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